January 23, 2017

Day 4: Goodbye Sagada

We started our first day of the year in Sagada, as much as we wanted to extend our stay. We had to go home so we could still rest before going back to work and school. 

We’re so glad that electricity was back to normal so we can take a bath any time of the day. (kung kelan pauwi na, hehehe!) Since this is not a hotel, we had to wait for the staff to open the lobby so we could check-out. While waiting, we just ate cup noodles and we planned to eat breakfast at Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant but unfortunately, closed sila. 

Waah! We did not expect this na sarado lahat so we have no choice but to continue with our journey. We cannot afford to wait because it will take 11 to 12 hours before we reach home. Going back to Manila is not easy because of the fog and drizzle. It was so cold that I cannot even feel my fingers.

After 3 hours of traveling, my son vomited, we took bonamine before our trip and he did not vomit when we went to Sagada so I was not expecting that he will vomit on our way home. I’m not sure if it is because of the zigzag road, pagod or puyat. Good thing that we were close to Highest Point so we had stop over. 

Yehey, we had our chance to take a photo with the Highest Point Marker. Walang kaagaw at mga tulog pa tao. Hehehe! Smile kahit nanginginig na kami sa sobrang lamig. There is a mini sari-sari store here so we ate balut. 

Highest Point Marker is situated in Atok, Benguet, this highway is 7,400 feet above sea level and it is the highest altitude highway in the Philippines. You will see this if you choose the Hanselma Highway route or Mountain Trail

Check the video of Hanselma Highway here

We had a quick stop at Good Shepherd, ube jam is our favorite so we will not go home without buying one. Drive thru for our lunch and we met my brother in the church so we could pick up our gifts. 

After 11 hours and 30 minutes, finally, we’re home. This is the longest land travel that we have experienced, lahat na yata ng expressway dinaanan namin. TPLEX, SCTEX, NLEX and SLEX. Hmmm, carry na rin kaya namin ang pa-Bicol.

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  1. Surely a trip with a family will always be cherished. Even if our first option seems not possible (in your case sarado pala), there will always be new plans that will emerge but in time the disappointment will vanish because again, you are with people you love.

    1. Agree, it is one thing that you learn when you travel, expect the unexpected. hehehe! And sometimes those things make the trip more memorable.

  2. Napangiti ako, nadaanan nyo nga lahat ng expressway! haha! But wow at the fog! Ako, mabilis ako lamigin kaya for sure kung andito ako, punong puno din ako ng balot sa katawan. That was a long trip, no? And the rainbow is AWESOME! ♥ nice shot!

  3. ang ganda talaga ng bansa natin! wala tatalo! I hope to visit Sagada too- someday!