January 24, 2017

Where to Eat in Sagada

Sagada is just a small town where you can explore the tourist spots even just for a few days. You will never go hungry too because there are so many restaurants in the town proper. During our first day, we asked the tourism staff what are her recommendation for restaurants and she said, “lahat po masarap”.

Although there are several choices, we have our own preferences when it comes to food and one thing that concerns me is the rice. I prefer white rice and most of the restaurants served red rice. Well, the taste is not bad but I like the texture of white rice. 

It was funny because when we ate breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio, I was really surprised when they served red rice. Wala pa ko sa Sagada, umpisa na ng red rice. Hehehe! If you are not a fan of red rice, don’t worry because there are restaurants that serve white rice too.  

Sharing with you the restaurants that we have tried during our 4 Days Trip in Sagada. I have a list of restaurants that I wanted to try but the problem is some restaurants open so late and some are only open during dinner time. Take note that cash payment only so make sure you bring enough cash for your food trip. 

Masferre Country Inn and Restaurants 

This restaurant is just a few meters away from the Tourism Office so this is the first restaurant that we have tried. It is like a fastfood where you order and pay your food first. We ordered liempo, nilagang baka, vegetable, rice and iced tea.

P100 - meat 
P80 - veggies 
P20 - rice 
P50 - iced tea 

We were all satisfied with the food and I wanted to try their desserts but we’re so full already so I told myself that we will go back na lang but when we went back last December 31, closed sila for lunch. Waah! 

Salt & Pepper Diner 

After our Echo Valley Walking Tour we ate our lunch at Salt & Pepper Diner. My son was very happy because there is pizza on the menu. We ordered Longganisa meal P150, Kid’s Pizza P390, Sinampalukang Manok P180, Rice P25, Coffee P25 and Hot Choco P30

It took them 15 minutes to serve the drinks and almost an hour to serve the meal. So if you want to eat here, make sure that you are not that hungry because it takes time to prepare the food. You have to consider that they only have a small kitchen and few staffs so manage your expectation. 

We were surprised when we saw the pizza, I thought kid’s size lang so we were not able to finish our order. If we only knew that they have a big serving, we just ordered Sinampalukang Manok and Rice. We take-out our leftover and nakain pa namin ng dinner. Hehehe! We liked the food here, actually my son wanted to eat here every meal because of the pizza. 

Cafe Bodega at Rock Inn and Cafe 

Most of the time, we just ate breakfast in the lodge. We brought cup noodles, bread and coffee so we can save money. But for a change, we went to Rock Inn and Cafe to eat our breakfast. The cafe is so far from the town proper and if we don’t have a ride, I will not go here.

Rock Inn and Cafe is a farm, lodge and restaurant, so if you will stay here you can enjoy bonfire and orange picking activity. But during our visit, no more orange picking activity, ubos na ang orange. 

Here is the Cafe Bodega Restaurant.

Upon seated, the staff gave us the menu. We ordered Homemade Ham P220, Farm Rice with Pork P205, Pancakes with Maple Syrup P115, Brewed Arabica Coffee P40 and Hot Chocolate P30. I’ve read before that it takes time to serve the food so we were surprised when they served our order after several minutes. The taste is just ok for us. 

Opens at 6:00AM to 10:00PM 

Sagada Brew

When we went to Sagada Pottery, we saw Log Cabin and Sagada Cellar Door sign, but they are only open during dinner and by reservation only. Sayang! So we went back to Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant for our lunch but it was closed, we walked all the way to Sagada Lemon Pie House and same fate, closed din so we ended up in Sagada Brew.  

We ordered Roast Beef P200, Pork Sinigang P200 and Extra Rice P25. Again, there is no white rice. The taste of the food is just ok for us. 

French Crepes 

The owner of this store is French so you will really enjoy their crepe. We tried the Milk Chocolate Crepe for P100 and the serving is big so my son was not able to finish it. I'm happy to eat his leftover, yummy crepe!

Sagada Bilza Resto 

We stayed in Sagada Bilza Lodge and they also have a restaurant so even it is far from the town proper, you will have no problem with food. We tried their breakfast meals for our New Year’s Eve dinner. Hehehe! They have New Year’s Eve buffet dinner but since we will sleep early, we just ate dinner. 

We ordered TocinoSilog P100, LongganisaSilog P100 and Beef Tapa Silog P115. Taste is good and I think this is the cheapest meal that we had in Sagada. If ever you will explore Sumaguing Cave, you can eat here after the caving. It is just a few minutes walk from the cave. 

The two restaurants that are on my list but haven’t tried are Yogurt House and Gaia Cafe and Crafts. Remember that there are restaurants that are closed during December 31, in preparation for New Year’s Eve and there are restaurants that are open during dinner and by reservation only.


  1. Good luck naman sa waiting time sa salt and pepper! Baka umusok na ilong ko kakaantay nyan, or kaya nalipasan na ng gutom! haha. The Kid's pizza is a bit expensive, no? hehe. What's red rice? Ito ba ung dinorado? 'coz if it is, nakakakain kami nito nung bata pa kami. :)

    1. Hahaha! Actually, umusok na ilong ng ibang customers dun sa gutom. Good thing, hindi pa kami gutom kaya ok lang. Malaki yung pizza sis, nagulat nga kami kasi akala namin kid's size lang. Yung red rice, yung hindi kulay puti na rice. hahaha! Di ko alam kung may brand ba, hindi pa ko nakabili.

  2. Hi Michi! Neencourage talaga ako sa blogs mo about travelling, esp in the local areas. We're poised to start traveling with the kids, and your blog is def one of my references. Kasi sa totoo lang, wala akong alam. I'm geographically-challenged! Anyway, love the ambience of the food places you've been to, although namahalan ako sa Cafe Bodega and Sagada Brew, haha!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is nice to travel with kids, sayang yung moments na pwede pa natin sila makasama and mahirap na makipagsabayan pag nasa senior years na tayo at madali mapagod. hehehe! True, mahal nga yung price ng ibang resto.

    2. I revisited your Sagada blog cause we're thinking of going around August to celebrate our eldest's 14th birthday. I commented on your other blog - waiting for your reply. :)

    3. Replied na May. Feel free to PM me if you have other questions. :)

  3. If you want to get fat eat white rice red rice has a lower glycemic index plus with a small amt. it makes you feel very full. SO if your diabetic or you are health conscious go red rice most varieties are also organic therefore less chemicals and you live longer and ITS NOT DINORADO which is also white rice your choice