January 06, 2017

Breakfast at Verbena Restaurant of Discovery Country Suites

We are frequent visitors of Tagaytay because we live in Southern Luzon so it is the nearest getaway for us. On our way to Tagaytay, we always passed by Discovery Country Suites and this hotel is still on my bucket list. We’re supposed to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary here last year but unfortunately, they are fully booked for the week of our anniversary so we ended up in Vivere Azure. It is not surprising that they are always fully booked because they only have 7 rooms. Hopefully, in the near future, I can finally tick it off on my list

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For the last few years, it became our tradition to go to Tagaytay church every Christmas and eat hearty breakfast before going home. So last Christmas, off we went to Tagaytay as early as 5 AM, we wanted to attend the first service. On our way to church, we’ve been contemplating where are we going to eat breakfast, ano pa ba ang nasa bucket list namin? Hehehe! 

We’re supposed to eat a buffet breakfast but I suddenly changed our plans, di ko feel magbuffet muna. Hehehe! So off we went to Discovery Country Suites, we don’t have any reservations, we just go there and asked if they accept walk-ins. Yey, they accept walk-ins! 

Upon entering the Discovery Country Suites, you will immediately see the Restaurant Verbena. We chose the table with a view, of course, and the staff handed us the menu. Since it was our first time, it took us time to choose our meal. 

All breakfast meals are priced at P495+, it includes a buffet of butter croissants, biscuits, Danish pastries, pandesal, banana bread, fresh fruits, and seasonal juices. The drink is a choice of refillable coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

While waiting for our order, we ate bread while my son ate cereals. The hot chocolate is not instant chocolate but tsokolate de batirol. Yum!

I ordered Verbena Breakfast Steak, seared US beef short plate, onions, and pepper served with egg and roasted potatoes. 

My husband ordered Regions Breakfast, it includes the best of Southern Luzon on a plate which is crispy tawilis and Lucban longganisa served with egg and garlic rice. 

My son ordered Cottage Breakfast, which includes fluffy pancakes with scrambled eggs, country sausage, and bacon. He was not able to finish this meal kasi nabusog na siya sa bread and cereals so take-out na lang.

We enjoyed our breakfast meal because it feels like home. The place was not crowded and the service is fast and efficient. Good thing I changed my mind and chose Verbena for our Christmas breakfast. It is no doubt that this is a multi-awarded restaurant. 

The price is not budget-friendly but for me, it is worth it because you have buffet bread, cereals, fruits, juices, and drinks + the meal of your choice. It is like having an intimate breakfast because of the place and service. Christmas naman, time to treat ourselves with good food. 

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Restaurant Verbena 

Breakfast: 7AM to 9:30AM 

Lunch and Dinner : 11AM to 9:30PM 

Discovery Country Suites Tagaytay 

300 Calamba Road, 
San Jose, Tagaytay,
4120 Cavite, Philippines 
Telephone: +632 529 8172 
                 +63 46 413 4567


  1. I also find the place ideal for an intimate breakfast. We pay not just for the food but for the services and the intimacy. The price, I guess, is reasonable with all these perks.

    We also frequent Tagaytay. It is only a two to three hour drive from our place. Sometimes long drives are what relax us.

    1. Agree, we are also paying for the service and intimacy. I really enjoyed it considering na Christmas siya pero hindi matao. :)

  2. I wish I have we have a car at baka lagi din ako sa Tagaytay, but since we don't, commute talaga kami. At dahil mahirap mag commute, sobrang bihira lang kami sa Tagaytay. haha. But I'd really love to visit the place again, of course I'd love to go back there with the fambam.

    1. Medyo mahirap nga magcommute pero ang ok sa Tagaytay, dinadaanan na ng bus yung ibang magandang puntahan so madali. Mas ok nga pag from Manila ang commute kaysa from sa min, kasi tagal magpuno ng jeep. hehehe!

  3. Wow, I LOVE breakfast buffets. There's still a lot to explore in Tagaytay. This is one resto there that we haven't tried yet but the price for the food and the experience looks so worth it. Will try this on our next Tagaytay trip. Do their lunch and dinner meals have a set price as well?

    1. I haven't tried the lunch or dinner but yes, they have a set price. Though I've only seen set price for events like Valentine and Christmas.