September 03, 2012

Real Coffee ánd Tea Cafe Boracay

Real Cofee and Tea Café was listed on my Boracay food trip last year but we were not able to visit this place. Good thing that my husband went to Boracay last week for their company outing so I google and asked my sister-in-law for the location. I texted my husband to visit this café hence he could buy some calamansi muffins. I was just curious because Real Coffee and Tea Café is known for their breakfast meal and calamansi muffin.

I made calamansi cupcake before and I would like to know if there’s any difference. Well, for me the taste is close enough, Real Coffee and Tea Café calamansi muffin P45 is dense, soft and you can really taste the calamansi while my calamansi cupcake is soft and there’s a slight taste of calamansi. My husband likes this better than my calamansi cupcake. Huhuhu! But I will make calamansi cupcake again and add more calamansi juice.

ang liit ng brownies
My son enjoys the banana walnut muffin P45 and brownies P60 but I find it too expensive for the price or I’m just so kuripot. This muffin is really in demand so if you want to buy this as your pasalubong, you can pre-order and pick-up the muffin before you leave. 

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe is located in station 1, landmark is Astoria Boracay, enter the small alley on the right side and you will see the cafe.


  1. Hi hi. You can bake muffins for me:)

  2. Replies
    1. hindi naman, balance naman yung taste. but i guess this cupcake is not for everyone.

  3. nkita ko din to last last week nung pumunta ako sa bora .... muffins ng KR ang gusto ko tlga