April 18, 2017

Glimpse of Miascor Airport Lounge at NAIA 1

Most of the time my husband rides Philippine Airlines for his business trip but there are times that he needs to take other airlines because PAL has no flight or no available flight.

When I learned that Citibank offers free access in Miascor Airport Lounge and Sky View Airport Lounge, I told my husband to apply for Citibank credit card so he can stay in the lounge while waiting for his flight.

When we went to Norway, we only bought economy class tickets but because of our Citibank credit card, we were able to stay in Miascor Airport Lounge at NAIA 1. My husband told me that Miascor Lounge was just small so don’t expect too much. Well, this is the second airport lounge that I have tried so I don’t mind if it is small or big as long as I can stay in the lounge for free.

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Upon arrival, we just gave them our credit cards to register. Fortunately, my son was also free. You can enjoy the airport lounge for 1 Premier Mile or 3 Reward Points. I agree that Miascor Lounge is just small and the buffet spread was limited. But I’m still thankful for free foods, drinks, wifi and comfortable chairs. There are breads, pastries, cereals, pasta, rice meal, and arrozcaldo.

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After waiting at the lobby for more than 3 hours, sobrang gutom namin so we were happy that we can eat and drink at the airport lounge. We had free wifi again so waiting for our boarding was not a problem.

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  1. I agree. This is not bad at all and if it's comfortable enough then why not. I hope you had a great flight. :)


    1. Yes, comfortable and free. Thanks!