September 06, 2019

Rosenborg Castle; My First Castle Experience

Hans Christian Andersen is a famous Danish author who wrote countless fairy tales. I am not surprised where he got some of his inspirations because Denmark is surrounded by castles or palaces. In Copenhagen alone, there are several castles that you can visit so if you are castles fanatic, it is better to buy Copenhagen Card or Park Museum Ticket so you can save money.

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On our Day 3 in Copenhagen, we were able to visit 2 castles; Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Castle. Rosenborg Castle is the first castle that I have ever visited so I was quite excited for my first castle experience and this castle did not disappoint me. While I'm busy getting our tickets, my companions are watching changing of guards.

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Rosenborg Castle was built at the beginning of the 1600s as a country summerhouse of King Christian IV, who is a popular king because of his colorful personality, architectural projects, and lost wars. In 1710, Rosenborg castle was no longer used as a royal residence but became a treasure chest of the family. In 1838, it opened its door to the public where people can have a glimpse of the wealth and status of the Danish royal family.

Admission Price 

Adult - 115.00 DKK
Child (0-17) - Free
Copenhagen Card - Free
Park Museums - Free
Student - 75.00 DKK

Things that you should remember 

1. Backpacks are not allowed inside the castle but don’t worry because they have a locker room where you can leave your stuff.
2. There is free wifi. You can use your smartphone as a guide to give you in-depth information about the rooms.
3. You can also use your smartphone to read the QR-codes found on many objects and explore them.
4. You can buy a guidebook at the museum shop.
5. Do not touch the objects and wall decorations in the castle.
6. You are allowed to take photos but not with a tripod or stick.

The admission ticket is not cheap so we took our time in exploring the castle The museum has 5 floors so don’t forget to get a guide map so you won’t miss anything. The main attractions of the castle are Knight’s Hall, coronation thrones, three life-sized silver lions,12 taspetries, collection of Flora Danica, and crown jewels.

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