September 25, 2019

Day 1 in Stockholm Sweden

Two years ago, I planned to visit Sweden for our side trip during our vacation in Norway but it did not happen. Our plan was changed when we reached Norway but I have no regrets because we enjoyed our 4 Days Trip in Iceland. Then last summer, my plan finally materialized and we were able to visit Stockholm, Sweden.

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We traveled via SJ train from Copenhagen Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden, travel time is over five hours and we reached Stockholm Central Station on time. I did not have an itinerary for our Stockholm Trip so I started researching while we’re on the train. Thanks to FREE wifi.

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Traveling in Scandinavia via SJ Train

When I researched for our hostel, I know that it is just close to the central train station. So in my mind, it is like our hostel in Copenhagen but I was wrong. I was surprised when I learned that we need to walk more or less 1km. We have 4 luggage + hand-carry and we have a kid in tow so my mom decided that we will just take a taxi. Good thing that there’s big taxi that can accommodate us + our stuff.

Our hostel is less than 1 kilometer away and our taxi fare is already 116 SEK or PHP625.45. Wow, that’s how expensive taxi in Europe. Anyway, Generator Hostel Stockholm will be our home for 4 nights in Sweden. I will share my hostel review in a separate post.

It was past 6PM but the line at the reception was long so checking-in was slow. We just rested for several minutes and then we went out for dinner. There is 7-11 in front of the hostel but we still checked other options and we ended up with Maestro Kebab. After eating, we went back to the hotel so we can recharge for our Stockholm Adventure.

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