May 16, 2019

Day 1 in Copenhagen Denmark

I prepared an itinerary for our Copenhagen Trip because I want to maximize our 4 Days in Denmark but we did not follow it. Everything changed by the time we arrived in Copenhagen Denmark. In my mind, everything will be easy since we already have a guide to follow but I was wrong. We don’t have an internet connection so we’re kinda lost.

We had a slight problem when we arrived at Copenhagen DFDS Terminal because we don’t know how to go to the train station. There are taxis, buses, and DFDS Shuttle buses outside the terminal but we can’t find the way to the train station. We tried asking but they are also tourists so they also have no idea. 

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After several minutes, we finally reach Nordhavn St, it was a long walk from the DFDS Terminal, about 700 meters away. We went inside the 7-11 to buy Copenhagen Card but they are out of stock so we have no choice but to buy a single-entry train ticket. 24DKK for adults and 12DKK for children. You can just enter the train station without tapping anything because we only have a paper ticket. 

We got off at Copenhagen Central Station (København H) after 3 train stops. We bought 72 hours Copenhagen Pass at 7-11, 739DKK for adults, and 369DKK for kids. Going to Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger is not a problem because they provided a map on the website, it is just 200 meters away from the train station so you won't be lost. 

Check-in time is still 3PM so we just took a rest at their lounge. We’re contemplating if we will wait for 3PM or we will store our luggage at Storage Locker (5DKK per hour per luggage). Pero sayang ang oras so we went to Coin Exchange Vending Machine so we can use the locker. 

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We had lunch first at Poonchai Thai Restaurant, which is a few meters away from the hostel. While waiting for our food, we checked the nearest tourist spots that we can visit because we only have a few hours left before the 4PM closing time of the tourist spots. That is one thing that I dislike in Scandinavian countries, late sila magbukas and ang aga din magsara. 

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Day 1 in Copenhagen Denmark 

So we did not follow my Day 1 itinerary and we just went to City Hall Tower, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale House. These attractions are FREE using our Copenhagen Card. We walked from Poonchai Thai to City Hall Tower using the map that we got. 

Copenhagen City Hall Tower 

Copenhagen City Hall Tower was built in 1892-1905 and was designed by Martin Nyrop. The architect got his inspiration from Siena City Hall so the Copenhagen City Hall has a National Romantic Style. The City Hall Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen Denmark, it is 105.6 meters in height. This is a nice place if you want to see Copenhagen from a bird’s eye view. 

You can visit the City Hall Tower during the opening hours but if you want to climb the tower, check the schedule for the guided tour. Monday to Friday at 11AM and 2PM, Saturday at 12NN. Good thing that we made it on time, buzzer-beater at 2PM scheduled tour. 

I thought that we will just explore the City Hall Tower but I had no idea that we will climb 300 steps just to reach the viewpoint. I’m afraid of heights so it is really a challenge to go up but I have to conquer my fear just to see the view. This City Hall Tower allows you to see the inner Copenhagen City. 

Some of the popular buildings, attractions or church that you can see on top are København Hovedbanegård, Tivoli, Mariakirken, Kristkirken, Sankt Matthæus Kirke, Axelborg, SAS Hotel Royal, Bryghuset, Carlsberg Bryggerierne and many more. 

City Hall Tower 
Rådhuspladsen 1 
1599 København 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not 

This is the only Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Scandinavia so if you want to see the collection of Robert Ripley then visit this place. It is within walking distance of the City Hall Tower. You will see different exhibits, artifacts, and collections about sports, art, music, nature, science, and illusions from all over the world. There are also interactive displays that you can do inside. 

Ripley’s Believe It or Not 
Rådhuspladsen 57 
1550 København V 

H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale House

Hans Christian Andersen is a famous Danish author and he is popular because of his fairy tales. H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale House is just beside Ripley’s so you can visit two attractions in one location. This museum will teach you about the life of H.C. Andersen from childhood to adult life. You will also enjoy his famous fairy tales like Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and The Little Match Girl. You can choose from three languages, Danish, English, and German. 

H.C. Andersen Fairy Tale House 
Rådhuspladsen 57 
1550 København V 

After visiting the 3 attractions, we went back to Urban House to get our luggage and room check-in. Our initial plan is, will just transfer our luggage and visit Tivoli Garden but when we arrived in our room, the bed is calling us. We decided to call it a day, we had early dinner and sleep. Day 2 will be a long day for us.

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  1. Internet access is really a necessity in traveling nowadays. I know how hard it is to feel lost in a foreign land. I wanted to visit Ripley's too with the kids someday.

  2. Copenhagen is one of the city in Europe that I always wish to visit. I heard you'll be disappointed visiting their many museums!

    1. We bought Copenhagen Pass so we visited a lot of museums and we’re not disappointed. We enjoyed our Copenhagen Trip, how I wish we stayed here longer. :) To each his own.

  3. I don't know what I'd do without internet in a foreign country! Glad you still got to enjoy it. You look so happy in your photos. And hopefully Day 2 was better for you. :)