July 16, 2019

Day 2 in Copenhagen

Even though I prepared an itinerary for our Copenhagen trip, we were not able to follow it day by day. But we have no regrets because we were able to visit a lot of tourist spots in Copenhagen. Our second day is the most tiring one, we started our tour in the Viking Ship Museum and we ended our day at Tivoli Gardens.

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Day 2 in Copenhagen 

First thing on our list is The Viking Ship Museum, it is located at Roskilde, Denmark so we left Urban House before 9AM to make sure that we will arrive at the Viking Ship Museum before the opening which is 10 in the morning. Good thing that we left early because we just walked from Roskilde Train Station up to The Viking Ship Museum, about 2 km walk.

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1. The Viking Ship Museum 

The Viking Ship Museum was opened in 1969, it is where you can see the five original Viking ships that were excavated in 1962. Aside from the boat collection, you can also watch short videos, read about Viking history, dress like a Viking, and if you visit during summer, you can ride the Nordic boat and participate in some workshops. We missed the boat ride and workshops because we visited in the month of April.

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2. Roskilde Town Hall 

On our way to the Viking Ship Museum, we saw this Roskilde Town Hall. It is the old city hall that was designed by architect O. Momme and was built in 1884. After the town hall, you will pass a long pedestrian street where restaurants, cafes, and shops are located.

3. Roskilde Cathedral 

Do not leave Roskilde without visiting Roskilde Cathedral, this cathedral is part of UNESCO World Heritage List since 1995. It is not just a cathedral, it is where the 39 Danish kings and queens were buried. You will pass this cathedral if you are walking to The Viking Ship Museum. If you have kids in tow, don’t worry because there is a treasure hunt activity that they can join.

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4. Roskilde Palace or Royal Mansion (Yellow Palace)

Beside the Roskilde Cathedral is the four-wing yellow baroque building called Roskilde Palace. It used to be the residence of the royal family whenever they attend royal funerals at Roskilde Cathedral. Now, it is used for exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events. We just took a picture outside and then we had our lunch at Algade Pizzaria.

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 After our lunch, we’re supposed to visit National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet because my son loves aquarium but I changed our itinerary to Canal Tours Copenhagen because I want to see Nyhavn. Feeling ko hindi ko nakapunta sa Denmark kung hindi ko nakita ito.

5. Canal Tours Copenhagen 

From Roskilde train station, we traveled back to Copenhagen Train Station and from there, we just walked until we reached the Ved Stranden. It is where we can ride the Canal Tours using our Copenhagen Card.

It is just a one-hour guided tour and you can already see different tourist spots. It is the best option if you are pressed of time because you can see several popular attractions from afar like Christianborg Palace, Nyhavn, The Copenhagen Opera House. The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Church of Our Savior and many more.

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6. Strøget Shopping Street 

After our Canal Tour, we went to Strøget, it is one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. It is about 1 km long that covers the streets in Kongens Nytorv Square (King's New Square) up to City Hall Square. It covers Frederiksberggade, Gammel Torv / Nytorv (Old Market), Nygade, Vimmelskaftet, Fiolstræde Jorcks Passage, Købmagergade (connects to Nørreport Station via Kultorvet), Amagertorv and Østergade.

Thanks to Alfred Wassard because he was the one who initiated to have a pedestrian zone. It started on Nov. 17, 1962, when he was a mayor. He is the Father of car-free Strøget.  Strøget Shopping Street is a combination of expensive brands and budget-friendly shops.

We did not shop because we wanted to visit Guinness World of Records and Mystic Exploratorie. Aside from the shops, there are also restaurants and cafes where you can satisfy your food cravings. We ate waffle and churros at Gelato Rajissimo.

7. Guinness World of Records Museum 

My son wanted to visit this attraction after reading a flyer. It is included in our Copenhagen Card so we added this to our itinerary. This is the only Guinness World of Records Museum in Europe where you can see world records from all over the world like the fastest, strongest, tallest and many more. There are also some displays, trivia, galleries and interactive games.

8. Mystic Exploratorie 

Beside the Guinness World of Records Museum is Mystic Exploratorie. It is a hands-on experience house putting all your senses to the test. It was a small museum so it is better to buy a combination ticket to save money. If you are brave enough, you can sit on the electric chair.

9. Tivoli Gardens

Finally, our last attraction is the Tivoli Gardens. the second oldest theme park in the world. It is already 175 years old. This theme park served as an inspiration to Walt Disney, that’s why we have Disneyland. Do not compare this to Disneyland because it is small but it has its own charm. It is not open all year round so better visit their website for the schedule.

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I can’t believe that we visited 9 tourist spots in one day. When I checked my activity in my health app, I walked 17.8 km, took 24,578 steps and climbed 12 floors. I’m glad that we made it and I’m so proud of my son kasi kinaya din niya maglakad ng ganito.

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