September 20, 2019

Traveling in Scandinavia via SJ Train

Europe is an expensive tourist destination but it is still a dream place for most of us because you can visit several countries in one trip. Yes, as long as you have a valid Schengen visa, you can travel to 26 countries in Europe. Going from one country to another country is not difficult because you are not limited to the airplane. You can travel by boat, bus, and train.

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During our Scandinavian Trip last summer, we travel to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway via boat and train. From Oslo Norway to Copenhagen Denmark, we traveled by boat via DFDS Crown Seaways. Then from Copenhagen Denmark to Stockholm Sweden and Stockholm Sweden to Oslo Norway, we rode SJ train.

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How to Book or Buy SJ Train Tickets 

Buying SJ train ticket is so easy, all you have to do is go to SJ website which is and book your ticket.

1. Choose your destination
2. Choose the date and time
3. Choose the ticket class; first class or second class
4. Choose the type of ticket; non-rebookable, rebookable or refundable
5. Pay your ticket
6. Check your email and print your e-ticket.

Ticket Class 

First Class 

Wide and comfortable seats
Free breakfast is served at your seat on departures before 09:00 AM.
Pre-order food served to your seat
Free coffee, tea, water, and fruit
Free wifi
Free access to SJ Lounge

Second Class 

Travel comfortably
Free seat booking
Free wi-fi on high-speed trains

Type of SJ Train Tickets 


They will refund the ticket price excluding the booking fee. The ticket must be canceled before the departure time. Other rules may apply for travel with other operators. Contact the respective operators for more information.

Rebook journeys with SJ
Refund if you cancel your journey
Free change of departure time


With this ticket, you can rebook your journey to another place or another date until the departure of the train. You can also cancel your trip and save your credit value up to 180 days. The credit value is the ticket price - excluding the booking fee - which you can use for one or more trips, however, only with another SJ train.

Rebook journeys with SJ
When you cancel your ticket you receive a credit value


Tickets in this flexibility category cannot be rebooked. The price you paid for your ticket will not be refunded and the ticket cannot be transferred to another person. If, on the other hand, you are unable to travel due to sickness, you will receive a refund on presentation of a medical certificate.

Travel Tips: 

1. It is best to book a ticket as soon as possible because you can get a cheaper rate. I witnessed that when I mock book our train ticket 2 months before compared to one month before of our trip.

2. SJ train offer Children Discount. “When you see the heart icon you know that you are getting a great deal.”

Understanding SJ Train Ticket 

When I downloaded and printed the SJ train ticket, the ticket has no English Translation so it is important that you understand your eticket so you know your train station, train number, seat number, and of course the departure time.

Resenär - name of traveller 
Billjettnummer - ticket number 
Avgång - departure time of the train 
Ankomst - arrival time of the train 
Tåg - train number 
Vagn - carriage 

Copenhagen, Denmark (Köbenhavn H) to Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm Central) via SJ Train 

We rode the SJ train from Copenhagen Central Station to Stockholm Central Station. Travel time is 5 hours and 13 minutes. At the time of our booking, there are five schedules that we can choose from, the earliest is 08:23 and the latest is 16:23. We chose the 12:23NN train schedule.

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Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm Central) to Oslo Norway (Oslo Station) via SJ Train 

We rode SJ Train from Stockholm Central Station to Oslo Station. Travel time is 5 hours and 59 minutes. At the time of our booking, there are only two train schedules; 09:10 and 13:08. We had no choice but to take the morning schedule.

It was our first-time experience traveling to another country via train and so far we had a smooth experience so if ever we will go back to Scandinavia, we will travel via SJ train again.

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