May 14, 2013

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not something that we really celebrate, most of the time we will just eat out depending on our time and budget. Last year, I was blessed because we celebrated Mother’s Day in Taal Vista Hotel but last weekend I spent my day waiting for my OB-Gyne. I have to see my OB because for the third time UTI attacks again.

I had this feeling that I have UTI because I was experiencing abdominal pain. My Derma suggested to repeat my urinalysis because there’s possible infection so I repeat the test and went to my OB-Gyne. I’m prone to infection because I’m currently taking Methotrexate to heal my psoriasis that is why I have to regularly visit my doctor and undergo labtest quarterly.

My OB advised me to have transvaginal ultrasound too for my peace of mind. “Hindi naman kasi pwede UTI na lang lagi pag masakit ang puson, just to be sure na walang mga bukol.” She gave me request and prescription for my UTI.

Honestly, I was a little bit worried and praying that everything would be fine. So the following day, after we voted we went to OGUSCA in Festival Mall to have my transvaginal ultrasound and I was happy because there’s no lump and my reproductive organ is fine and normal.

Even I was not able to enjoy Mother’s Day and I was not able to rest and relax, I felt relieved that my abdominal pain is not that serious. I will see my OB again this Saturday for peace of mind again, I need papsmear.

“Health is Wealth”

Last Sunday, I heard my husband and son’s conversation.
Hubby: Ethan, let’s buy gift for mommy.
Ethan: Yes, let’s buy candy crush.

“To make WOMEN happy. Give her these three things: ATTENTION, AFFECTION, APPRECIATION”


  1. Aww! Glad that everything went fine. Belated Happy Mother's Day Michi!

  2. good to hear that everythings ok naman. health is really wealth

  3. Mommy Michi, always din akong may UTI, the doctor asked me to have ultrasound din, pero not transvaginal, KUB (kidney, uterus, bladder) to check for stones, kasi paglagi daw may UTI, baka may kidney stones. hope this helps.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the information. If my UTI is not year clear next week, I'll asked my OB about this KUB test. Scary kung may stones.