May 13, 2016

Fisher Farms Bangus Barbecue

Two months ago, while doing our grocery at S&R, my husband checked the free taste of Fisher Farms Bangus Barbecue and he liked it. It is one thing I like in S&R, there is always free taste, it gives you an idea of the taste of the product. Ang hirap pa naman bumili kasi lagi maramihan yung packaging nila, so if di mo type, sayang talaga bili mo. 

I just can’t remember the exact price because I bought it before Holy Week pa, hehehe! The box includes the boneless milkfish and barbecue sauce. No need to cook in the stove, you just need to reheat it in a microwave oven.

You have the option to pour the barbecue sauce on top of the fish or just place it in a separate container, which I did because my son is not fond of sauces. 

The bangus is good and I would like to try the other products like Fish Nuggets. If you have limited time to prepare for baon, this could save you time.

May 14, 2016 Update: I just went back to S&R and the price is P249.95. 


  1. I agree, totally save you time to prepare. The Bangus barbecue looks delicious! I think its about time to buy some bangus this week.:)

  2. This sounds like really easy to prepare. The bangus looks delicious.

  3. I like bangus, especially boneless. Your pictures made me crave for some. :D