May 22, 2016

Restaurant in Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan

If you stay in Crimson Resort and Spa Mactan, you don’t have to worry about food because they have different restaurants that can satisfy your wants. You can choose from Azure Beach Club, Tempo Lounge, Saffron Cafe and Score Sports Bar. They also have a Pastry Shop where you can buy bread, pastries, and other desserts. 

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In short, you will never get hungry inside the resort but of course, the price is not budget-friendly. Hehehe! During our overnight stay, we ate at Azure Beach Club and Saffron Cafe.

Lunch Azure Beach Club 

While waiting for our room, we had lunch first at Azure Beach Club which is located on the beach front. The location is very relaxing because you can see the seascape. 

The restaurant offers different Asian cuisines, but we had a hard time choosing food because I’m not sure if my son will like it. Just to be safe, we ordered Bollywood Pizza P410 ++ and Mie Goreng P390 ++While waiting, they gave us complimentary mixed nuts. 

We were surprised to see the food because it is really good for 2 to 3 people. 

Dinner at Saffron Cafe 

At that time, my husband’s officemate in Cebu invited us for to attend his birthday party in Mactan. (it just so happened that we were in Cebu and birthday celebration niya) But because we were so tired already and we don't want to go out anymore, my husband declined and we just ate at the resort. Goodbye free dinner. Hehehe! 

We had a late dinner at Saffron Cafe because we wanted to finish the Pilipinas Debate first. It was past 9PM so it was really late but thank God the restaurant was still open. 

We ordered Crispy Pata P700++ and extra rice. The meal is already enough for 3 people. They served us complimentary bread while waiting. 

Breakfast at Saffron Cafe 

Our room package includes a free buffet breakfast at Saffron Cafe. I was happy with the buffet spread because they have a lot of choices here compared to Crimson Hotel. We left with a happy tummy.

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Lunch at Saffron Cafe 

Our family loves Filipino foods so we always go back to Saffron Cafe. While browsing the menu the staff asked us if we want Children’s Menu. Akalain mo may kid menu pala, it was not offered to us when we ate dinner. 

We ordered Kare-Kare P650++and Chicken Run P250 ++. While waiting, they served us complimentary bread and mushroom soup.

Saffron Cafe offers buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner but since we are not big eaters and we are on a budget, we chose ala carte. Anyway, we enjoyed our food trip in each restaurant and we’re satisfied with the service.


  1. : i love the ambience! and the foods look so tasty! made ke hungry. hope to visit that place soon. ^_^