May 11, 2016

La Marea Pastry Shop

When we went Cebu, we booked our tickets 8 days before departure and that was my first time. I usually buy our plane ticket, several months before or even close to one year to take advantage of the seat sale. Aside from the big discounts and savings that I will get, it will also give me more time to plan for our itinerary. 

But because of the limited time, we went to Cebu without a definite itinerary, I just listed the possible things that we can do and of course a list of restaurants that we can try for a food trip. Of course, number one on my list is to eat Cebu’s lechon

Anyway, according to my research, when in Cebu we should eat at 

Harbor City Dimsum House 
Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant
Chikaan sa Cebu 
La Marea 
Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant 
Cucina Uno 
Larsian’s barbeque 
Casa Verde 

I noted the recommendation and I was surprised to see the La Marea Pastry Shop in Ayala Center Mall. I did not bother to check where those restaurants located, pag sineswerte ka nga naman. So on our third day after eating at CnT Lechon again, we dropped by at La Marea to try their famous warm brownie cup.

We were standing there for so long and the staff was on the phone, she just kept on talking, parang di pansin na may customer na siya. Finally, pinansin na rin kami but still, may kausap pa rin sa phone so she took my order, prepared and served the brownie cup while talking on the phone.

I don’t think it is a good customer service, she should serve the customer first. Honestly, kung taga Cebu lang ko, nagback out na ko. Inisip ko na lang, nandito na sa Cebu, itry na rin namin. I just ordered one Classic Brownie cup at P120 and one box of Butter Sylvannas at P175

The staff placed the brownie cup in a microwave oven and put a scoop of ice cream before serving. It is a combination of hot and cold desserts that is good for sharing. The taste is good and I was planning to do it at home. I’ve been seeing recipes of brownies in a cup and I just need to buy ice cream. Hehehe! 

The Sylvannas was good too, naubos din agad.

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  1. Never heard of this pastry shop since I'm from Cebu. But I'm not into sweets but I love Sylvannas. :)