May 02, 2016

Ritter Sport Chocolate

One of my favorite chocolates is Ritter Sport, it is not common and popular here in the Philippines and I don’t usually see this in the grocery or supermarket. If it is available, the flavors are very limited. One bar is not cheap too, the last time I bought Ritter Sport, it is P100+. 

I’m not sure what is the exact price now in the market so when my husband asked me if I want Ritter Sport, I was thinking twice if papabili ba ko. I said yes since it’s been awhile since the last time I asked for chocolate pasalubong. 

My husband bought this Ritter Sport chocolate last month at KLIA, Malaysia. The promo is buy 10 and get 2 for free RM99. It is a bundle pack so you cannot choose the flavor but the good thing is I can taste other variants which are not available in the Philippines. 

Among the 11 flavors, I’ve tried before the Raisins Hazelnuts, Whole Almonds, Whole Hazelnuts and White Whole Hazelnuts so I’m curious to try the remaining flavors.

I ate the Fine Extra Dark Chocolate and Dark Whole Hazelnuts and the taste is just ok for me since I’m not a dark chocolate lover. I prefer white or milk chocolate flavor so I was a little bit sad because the bundle doesn’t have Alpine Milk Chocolate or Extra Fine Milk Chocolate

My husband ate the Strawberry Yogurt and he said the taste was just ok, lasang strawberry. Malamang, strawberry ang lasa. Hehehe! My son likes the Butter Biscuit. We tried the Marzipan and we did not like it, there is an after taste that I cannot explain. The remaining two flavors that we haven’t tried are the Cornflakes and Dark Chocolate

I also like the snap-open packaging of the Ritter Sport, it so easy to open and close. In addition, I love the square size compared to other chocolate. If money is not an issue, I would love to visit the Colourful Chocoworld of Ritter Sport in Berlin

How about you, what is your favorite flavor?


  1. I like this brand because it really has that thick chocolate taste and the flavors are always good. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. You're right, Ritter only offers limited flavors here. My favorite is the Butter Biscuit, but it's not available here.

    If you like Milk Chocolates, I think you'll like Merci. :)

    1. I always see Merci in S&R, I will try it. Thanks!