May 17, 2016

DIY Cebu City Tour and Taboan Market

We were not able to visit Bantayan Island so we’re thinking if we could just have a day trip in Oslob and swim with the whale shark but since we wanted a relax vacation, we just settled in Cebu City Tour

Five years ago, we were not able to finish our Cebu City Tour because it rained so I listed again those places that we haven’t visited. 

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          Mactan City Tour and Taboan Market

1. Archbishop’s Palace of Cebu 
2. Museo Sugbo 
3. Casa Gorordo Museum 
4. Yap - San Diego Ancestral House 
5. Heritage of Cebu Monument 
6. Colon St. 
7. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral 
8. Cebu Cathedral Museum 

We rode a taxi from Cebu Parklane International Hotel, our first stop is Casa Gorordo Museum, unfortunately the taxi driver has no idea where is the museum. Waah! Thank God for Waze and internet connection so the driver followed it. 

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We reach our destination and I was surprised to see the tarpaulin, “Casa Gorordo Museum is CLOSED for upgrading”. My friend has just visited this museum and I’ve seen her pictures so I was not expecting that after few days, the museum will be closed. 

From the museum, we walked to Yap - Sandiego Ancestral House. The house really looks old, it is over 300 years old already. Entrance Fee is P50. I was thankful for the tour guide because he volunteered to take our photos. Yey, for family pictures.

You can already see the Heritage of Cebu Monument from the ancestral house. The monument presents the highlights of Cebu's history from the time of Rajah Humabon up to the beautification of St. Pedro Calungsod. 

After the monument, we’re planning to go to Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral but we ended up in Basilica De Sto. Niño church. Toinks! So we took a picture again in front of the church. The church is the oldest church in the country, it was built in year 1565 by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Fray de Urdaneta. 

If you remember, three years ago this church is one of the churches that has been damaged by an earthquake. I was happy to see that it was now renovated and restored.

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Then we went to Magellan’s Cross at the side of the church (few meters walk). Check our photo, time flies so fast noh, our last visit maliit pa anak ko, next time matangkad na siya sa kin. 

The wooden cross marks the spot where the first baptism of Filipinos in year 1521 led by Rajah Humabon and Queen Juana. The cross was planted by Ferdinand Magellan. 

We ended our Cebu City Tour because my son wanted to go back to our hotel already. He was complaining na ang init-init and pawis na daw siya. Hehehe! But we did not go back to our hotel yet and we went straight to Taboan Market. We rode 06A jeep and we told the driver that we’re going to Taboan Market. Fare is P7 each. 

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Then we took taxi to go back to our hotel. I swear, amoy danggit kami. The smell really sticks to our body, hair and clothes. Hehehe!


  1. You are too lucky to visit these places. Ako nasa Cebu pero di ko pa napuntahan ang ibang places lalo na ung museums. Thanks sa info. Would try to check these places.

    1. Ganun naman yata talaga, pag malapit lang sa tin hindi natin napupuntahan.:) I haven't explored my own province too. hehehe!

  2. Very nice exploring and discovering places in Cebu City. I remember the Bantayan Island circa 80 that I enjoyed the crystal clear water around the island...and dried!

  3. Cebu is my favorite island in the Philippines and I always go here at least once a year. I highly recommend going to Bantayan!

  4. I was also able to visit these places on my first visit in Cebu. It's really best when you bundle the trips this way.

  5. these are nice places that you have visited in Cebu.Taboan Market is one of my favorites too :)

  6. We were surprised to find that the Magellan's cross is located in a little chapel. While people believe it's only a replica, taking a picture of it and beside it is still mandatory for tourists. :)

  7. Cebu is one of the places I would love to visit again and explore. I sure hope I can visit the place soon with my boys. That heritage house is an interesting place to include in anyone's Cebu itinerary, too.

  8. When we went to Cebu with Little kulit we just visited the Mactan shrine, basilica. Ayaw kasi lumabas hotel like daw nya dun. Try ko nga mag jeep papunta taboan :-) lagi kasi kam taxi dun