August 17, 2018

4 Days in Iceland with Kid

Iceland is on my travel bucket list but I never thought that this dream will become a reality. When we were planning for our summer vacation in Norway, I was looking forward to a Sweden trip since it is just near Norway but our Sweden trip turns to an Iceland trip. Little did I know that it was also my mother’s dream to visit Iceland so we became travel buddy. Hehehe! “Family that travels together, stays together”

My mom checked her schedule so she can file a vacation leave and then we booked a plane ticket three weeks before our trip. But unexpected things happened, few days after we bought our plane ticket my mom was confined in the hospital for 5 days. The doctor advised her to rest and do not drive yet. And because of that, I thought we could no longer push our trip kasi baka mastress siya sa biyahe.

But God is so good, we were able to go to Iceland. So off we went to Trondheim Airport to catch our flight to Reykjavik, we flew via Icelandair. Travel is more or less two hours and 8 hours time difference in the Philippines. We only booked a 4 Days Trip because we have limited budget and we need to fly back to the Philippines. We all know that traveling to Iceland is not cheap so accommodations, tours, and foods are expensive.
Yes, everything is expensive.
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When we booked our flight, we knew that we will be staying in the hotel. We have relatives in Iceland but of course, we don’t want to disturb them anymore since we knew that they have work too. So we are looking for a hotel in Reykjavik that is accessible and my mom asked for my aunt’s recommendations. My aunt (cousin of my mom) asked my mom for our travel date and she said, no need for us to book a hotel because we can stay in their house and nakabakasyon din siya that time (one month off). Yehey!

This was my planned itinerary, we’re supposed to book a package tour to visit these places but since we will be staying in my aunt’s house, I just go with the flow.

Day 1: Reykjavik City Tour or Blue Lagoon Tour
Day 2: Golden Circle Tour
Day 3: South Coast Tour
Day 4: Back to Trondheim Norway

4 Days in Iceland with Kid 

Day 1: Reykjanes Peninsula Tour in Iceland 

We arrived at Keflavik International Airport past 3PM and my aunt fetched us. On our way to my aunt’s house, I was thinking, wala ba puno o halaman sa Iceland. Then I remembered that Iceland is a Land of Fire and Ice so expect to see lava fields, rocks, mountains, glaciers and black sand. It is indeed an interesting country because you will learn about history, culture and geology.

After few hours, we went back to the airport to fetch my uncle and then he toured us around Keflavik and Reykjanes. We were able to visit Strandakirkja Church, Gardskagi Lighthouse and Lava Fields.

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Day 2 Blue Lagoon 

I told my mom that I don’t want to go to Blue Lagoon anymore because I don’t want to wear a swimsuit so we did not pack any swimwear. But when my aunt fetched us at the airport, she immediately told us that we’re going to Blue Lagoon the following day. We could not cancel it anymore since my aunt already talked to her friend about it. Nakakahiya naman magback-out.

Iceland is known for Blue Lagoon so it is one of the popular tourist spot and because of that you cannot walk-in. You need to book an appointment prior to your trip, they only limit the number of guest per visit so expect that the entrance fee is expensive. Like I said, I don’t want to wear a swimsuit so my mom enjoyed her Blue Lagoon experience while my son and I enjoyed the view from the restaurant.

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Day 3 The Golden Circle Tour + Bridge Between Two Continents

For our third day, we left as early as 6AM for our DIY Golden Circle Tour. You can book a tour from a travel agency, you can rent a car or if you are lucky like us, your family or friends can drive for you. Most of the places in the Golden Circle Tour has no entrance fee like Thingvellir National Park, Great Geysir, and Gullfoss. So you can enjoy this beautiful places for free. This is my favorite part of our Iceland Trip.

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Breathtaking Gullfoss in Iceland
Thingvellir National Park

Bridge Between Two Continents 

After our tiring day, we packed our bags for our morning flight. But after dinner, my cousin persuaded us to visit Bridge Between Two Continents and malapit lang naman daw. It was past 9PM and off we went to the bridge. It was a nice experience knowing that I can cross Europe and North America in less than a minute.

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Day 4 Back to Norway 

My cousin wanted to tour us pa in Iceland since off niya on our last day but we could no longer extend our trip because my son and I have to go back to the Philippines. How I wish we have more time in Iceland but I know that this won’t be the last time. Someday, we will revisit this country with my husband.


  1. I can only dream! Iceland is on my bucket list, too! Makita ko lang in person ang ribbons of light and the blue lagoon, okay na! :)

    1. Dream place talaga, still on my bucket list. Hindi ko pa naexperience ang Aurora Borealis. :)