September 21, 2018

Yummy Crepe at Cafe Breton

I love crepe so I feel happy whenever I see crepe in the buffet spread whether in a hotel or restaurant. Several years ago, I tried cooking it at home kaso nakakasawa din, for a family of three ang hirap ubusin nung crepe batter. Even though I like crepe, I rarely buy this dessert lalo na pag nagtitipid, skip na ang dessert kung kakain kami sa labas. Hehehe!

But of all the crepe that I ate, there are two crepe stores that stuck in my mind, the Crazy Crepes in Boracay and Dipper Dan Cafe in Tokyo Japan. Here in the Philippines, I always see Cafe Breton but since I’m not a coffee person, deadma lang ko sa mga Cafe. My husband had tried this restaurant before and sarap na sarap siya sa crepe so he suggested na i-try namin minsan.

I guess, few years ago na yun and it was only last weekend that we finally paid a visit. From Mall of Asia, we decided to eat merienda at Cafe Breton before going home. I always see this Cafe whenever we visit Dayrit’s Burger and Roast Beef House, as in magkatabi lang sila.

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It was merienda time and we were the only customers when we arrived. The staff immediately gave us the menu and we asked for their best sellers. We choose one savory and one dessert crepe. My husband ordered Galette Paysanne P350, yun yung kinain na rin niya dati and I ordered Le Magnifique P265. We just asked for an additional plate for my son so we can share the food.

I haven’t tried a savory crepe so this was the first time that I tasted it and msarap naman pala. The Galette Paysanne has whole Hungarian sausage, sunny side up egg, onions, strips of asparagus and white cheese sauce. Now I knew, why my husband like this. San kaya nila nabibili yung sausage?

When I saw the Le Magnifique, I was hoping that it is not sweet kasi parang ang daming chocolate. But I was glad that it is not overly sweet. I love it. My son prefers this than the savory crepe and kulang na lang i-lick niya yung plate para masimot niya talaga. It is a combination of banana, chocohazelnut spread, whipped cream, almonds, and chocolate syrup. They have a crepe with ice cream but I prefer whipped cream.

After eating two crepes, gutom pa kami so we ordered Breton Mozzarella Burger P285. A simple beef burger with sauteed onions, mushrooms and mozzarella. When they served the burger, I was looking for the mozzarella, surprise pala siya. We also enjoyed this burger.

Aside from crepes, Cafe Breton also serves pasta, sandwiches, salads, and all-day breakfast. The price is not cheap especially for a dessert but you can order different crepes and share para matry yung ibang flavor though according to their menu, their serving is good for one. The food is good and as of this writing, I’m craving for their food. Good thing that Cafe Breton has several branches so we can visit Alabang, Sta. Rosa, and Tagaytay branch.

September 2019

Naexperience ko na mag-overnight sa Emergency Room ng Philippine Lung Center last week. Isang gabi lang pero ramdam ko yung pagod, antok at gutom. Sobrang busy sa ER so kahit gusto mo umidlip, hindi mo magawa. Nakakagutom magbantay pero wala ka naman mabilhan ng food dahil 7-11 lang naman ang alam ko na bukas sa Lung Center.

So after ng shift ko sa pagbabantay, nagbrunch kami ni hubby sa Cafe Breton. My default order is always Galette Paysanne. Buti na lang hindi pa sila nag-increase ng price. We immediately went home after brunch so I have more time to sleep bago umuwi from school ang aking anak.

January 2020

We took advantage of the vacation leave of my husband so we applied for Japan Visas. If you remember my post, we went to World Travel Expo last October and availed the 50% Japan Visa Processing. There is an expiration date for the voucher so we need to use it before the end of January. Sayang naman ang bayad namin if hindi namin magagamit. To make the long story short, our Japan Visas were approved and this time multiple entry for 5 years so to celebrate we had lunch at Cafe Breton.

As usual, we ordered our favorite Galette Paysanne P350, Le Magnifique P265, and Breton Mozarella Burger P285. And because nabitin kami sa Le Magnifique, I ordered La Viva Pinay. La Viva Pinay P220 is a crepe with mango, ice cream, and chocolate sauce. This crepe is just okay because the mango is not that sweet so the taste of this crepe depends on the sweetness of the mango. We finished everything naman, mas masarap nga lang kung matamis yung mango.

August 2023

Cafe Breton has different branches pero ewan ko ba bakit sa Paseo de Magallanes lang kami kumakain. Last month, we had an appointment in Makati but we were too early for our schedule so we decided to kill our time at Cafe Breton. It’s been years na rin pala since our last visit and ang laki na rin ng price increase. 

As expected, our default order is Galette Paysanne PHP425 and Le Magnifique PHP325, but after eating our order, gutom pa kami so we order an additional crepe which is Blueberries & Cream PHP350. If you want crepe with ice cream, order this one, 2 -3 scoops din yung ice cream sa loob ng crepe.

Blueberries & Cream - Blueberries in syrup and special cream sauce, a generous serving of vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream.

Cafe Breton 
Unit 3 Mega Center Bldg.
Paseo de Magallanes
Magallanes Village,
Makati City

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