May 09, 2018

Where to Buy Discounted Tickets for your Travel Adventures in Asia

Traveling is costly and there is no doubt about that. But this is not a reason for you to stop exploring the world because there are different ways to save for your next travel adventures. You can book a cheap airfare, budget-friendly hotels and discounted tickets. 

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Speaking of discounted tickets, for the past few years, I’ve been reading and hearing good reviews about Klook. But I did not mind it because I prefer buying my tickets on the day of our trip just to be sure that I won’t waste my money just in case our travel plans did not push through. 

My brother has been buying tickets at Klook for their past travels so last month, I finally checked this site. We booked a flight to Bangkok, Thailand, 9 days before our trip so I only have several days to make our itinerary. Spell CRAMMING. I’ve been to Bangkok four times pero hanggang airport lang (layover), so I guess, I never been to Bangkok so it was a challenge to plan an itinerary in less than ten days. 

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I was thankful to Klook because it gives me an idea of what to do, where to go and how to get to different attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. There are so many tour packages on their site so at first, I’m just browsing and adding tour package on my wishlist. 

I was hesitant to book because some packages are non-refundable so before booking, I’ve made sure that we can visit this place on the scheduled date. I told my husband about this site and he agreed with me so I purchased my first voucher at Klook. I fixed my itinerary and booked the ticket, one day at a time. 

How to Purchase Voucher at KLOOK 

1. Go to KLOOK website or download the app and register. 
2. Start searching, filter your choices. Choose country and city 
3. Browse the different packages 
4. Choose package 
5. Choose date 
6. Choose Package Quantity (number of persons)
7. Click Book now 
8. Enter traveler’s information 
9. Pay via credit card or Paypal 

After payment, you will see this note 

Payment successful! 
Thanks for booking with Klook! Your order summary and voucher will be sent to (insert email) Check email for confirmation voucher

* The amount is in peso but during check-out, the amount was converted to dollar amount so I paid USD via Paypal.

10. Check email, print the voucher or just show your mobile voucher. Some attractions, they get my printed voucher. 

Can I Really Save Money?

Honestly, when I was checking their site, I can’t believe that there are really discounted tickets because when we went to Hong Kong and we stayed in one of the Disneyland’s hotel, I paid regular tickets and they did not even give me a discount even we're hotel guests and I purchased our HK Disneyland ticket at the hotel’s reception. But here in Klook, there are really discounted tickets and I even compared it to the website of the places that we’re going to visit and believe it or not, it is much cheaper. So if you want to save money, check Klook site. 

For our Bangkok, Thailand trip, here are the vouchers that I purchased. 

1. Sim Card P499 to P248 

For past previous trips, I’m not buying any sim card nor I’m not renting any pocket wifi. I just rely on my postpaid plan, I turned on my roaming if I really need it. But we all know that the rate is not cheap, I think it is P550 per day. 

So when I learned about the 4G Sim Card in Thailand, I did not have any second thoughts. Imagine, I have an unlimited connection for 8 days for P248 only. I can call or text my husband if I need to. THB 100 call credits (30min talk time) This is really a big saving on my part. I picked-up my sim card at BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport Klook Counter and they are the one who put the sim card on my phone and set up. The voucher is refundable too just in case something happened with your flight. 

2. Kidzania Bangkok 

Yes, there is Kidzania Manila already but it is also nice to visit other Kidzania branches. Their rates are expensive compared to Manila branch so it is better to book your ticket at Klook website to get a discount. What nice about this voucher, it is refundable. Yes, full refunds will be issued for cancelations made at least 24 hours prior to the activity. 

Toddlers (2-3) P1150 to P833 
Child (4-14) P1916 to P1433 
Adult (15+) P1150 to P916 

I purchased 1 Adult and 1 Child ticket for P2349 or $45.01. 

3. SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World 

My son likes visiting different zoos and ocean parks so I included this in our itinerary. It is the largest aquarium in South East Asia. They have different packages for SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World so it took me days to choose. I was torn between the Super Combo and Aquarium + Madame Tussauds Admission Only. 

Aquarium Entry Only P999 (P1648) 
Aquarium + 4D movie P1082 (P2147) 
Aquarium + Glass Bottom Boat P1165 (P1897) 
Aquarium + 4D Movie + Glass Bottom Boat P1248 (P2,164) 
Aquarium + Photo P1332 (P2646) 
Super Combo P1415 (P2314) 
Aquarium + Madame Tussauds Admission Only P1864 (P3296) 

But in the end, I chose Aquarium + 4D Movie + Glass Bottom Boat P1248 (P2,164) 

Adult (P2164) P1248 
Child 3-11 (P1831) P1207 

I bought 1 Adult and 1 Child ticket and paid P2455 or $47.09 

Package Details Inclusive Of: 
Admission ticket to SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World 
4D cinema ticket at SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World 
Glass-bottomed boat and Ocean Feeding 

It was a good decision because the Glass Bottom Boat is THB350 already per person if you want to experience it. 

4. Chao Phraya Princess Cruise 

My initial plan is to go to Chocolate Ville and IKEA Bangna on our first day but I changed my mind. So night before our flight I purchased Chao Phraya Princess Cruise so we can explore Chao Phraya River and see the historic landmarks at night while enjoying the dinner buffet. 

Adult P1581 (P2497) 
Child P1332 (P1831) 

I bought 2 Adults and 1 Child ticket for P4494 or $86.21. 

Klook Tickets vs Regular Tickets 

Klook Tickets 

Sim Card P248 
Kidzania Bangkok P2349 
SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World P2455 
Chao Phraya Princess Cruise P4494 
Total P9,456 

Regular Tickets 

Sim Card P499 
Kidzania Bangkok P3066 
SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World P3955 
Chao Phraya Princess Cruise P6825 
Total P14,345 

So I was able to save P4799. What nice about Klook, aside from discounted tickets, they also give rebates so I also earned points from my bookings and I can use this points for my future purchases. If you haven’t tried Klook, use my link and get discount

* This post contains affiliate link/s. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

Klook is not only available in Asia, they offer discounted tickets in East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Oceania, Europe and North America. Just check their site to know if the country you are visiting is included. 


  1. I booked all attractions via Klook when we went to HK. What's good about it is you get another voucher discount sa susunod mo pang ibobook na suggested nila. Nakakatuwa lang. Kung makapagtravel man kami uli sa labas, I'm sure I'll still be using Klook. :)

    1. Too late ko na nga natry, laking tipid di ba. Like you, I will use Klook din if ever we have trips in the future.

  2. Wow! This is very timely, been looking for ways to get discounted tickets for Japan and Hongkong kasi hehehe. Wala akong chance sa mga Piso Fair na yan, puro sila paasa lols. Will definitely check this out. Thank you Mommy for sharing!

    1. Tama, ang hirap makipagsabayan pag may seat sale, pabilisan talaga. Marami sila sa Japan and Hong Kong, I even saw a FREE voucher sa HK Disneyland Hotel last time na nagbrowse ako, nashock nga ko kasi free lang.