April 28, 2011

What is Flu and How to Treat Flu?

We cannot deny that it is very common for us to check our child’s temperature by touching his forehead and neck just to see if he has a fever or not, this what we did last Tuesday at 3AM because we are having a hard time checking my son’s temperature. So, we gave him paracetamol for his fever. The only time that we can check his temperature is when he is sleeping; his temperature ranges from 99.8 to 100.1 Fahrenheit.

He was able to go to school for the last two days because he looks so fine and active. But yesterday, I am starting to get worried because I feel that my son is not ok because he is not very active, he always wants me to carry him and he keeps on hugging me. Though I cannot check his body temperature again, I know that he has a fever, aside from that; he also has watery eyes, loose bowels, runny nose and sometimes he coughs. When he vomited last night we decided to bring my son in E.R.

As expected, the nurse is also having a hard time checking my son’s temperature though he is using an ear thermometer, temperature is 38.9 degree Celsius. My son is not really cooperating during his check up so I am not really sure if the diagnosis is accurate, the E.R. doctor was not able to check my son’s ear and mouth. There was no stool sample after two hours so the E.R. doctor said that is flu. Now, my son has flu when he had his flu vaccine last April 16, 2011. (Not good). We were told to give him paracetamol every four hours for fever and Probiotics once a day for 3 days. Nurse gave us stool collector so just in case my son’s poops.
I was reading the instructions sheet and this I have found out about flu. 


is very common in children and it is considered as a viral illness. The germs can be passed from one person to another from a cough and sneeze spray. Antibiotics will not help and there is no medicine that can cure flu because it will go away on its own. It may last for one to two weeks.
Symptoms of flu 

are chills, fever, sneezing, stuffy or a runny nose, watery eyes, decreased appetite, headache, decreased activity, muscle aches, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing and rashes.
How to treat?

The child should not get dehydrated by giving him plenty of clear liquids. Do not force them to eat solid food, if they don’t want to. Use cool mist vaporizers not hot steam vaporizers if the child has a stuffy nose, cough or a sore throat. Give paracetamol for pain or fever. Give your child plenty of rests.
Return to E.R. or call your child’s doctor if the child’s breathing seems heavy, dehydrated, no tears when he cries, no urine for six hours, he acts tired and will not play, looks like he lost weight, looks or acts sicker, very sleepy or irritable and if fever lasts for more than 4 to 5 days. If he develops news symptoms like stiff neck, rashes, nose bleeding, gum bleeding or pains.

April 24, 2011

Day Trip in Liliw Laguna

After visiting our grandmother in Victoria, Laguna, we decided to go to Liliw, Laguna. It’s been two years since the last time I went to Liliw. On our way to Liliw, we passed by this house and post. I am not sure who owns this house.

“Sa pook na ito ng Maimpis binaril ng mga kawal ng Pamahalaang Kastila si Emilio Jacinto noong Pebrero 1898 kaugnay ng Himagsikan ng Pilipinas noong 1896-1898”

This is the famous red church in Liliw, founded in 1605, the St. John the Baptist Parish. The church is big and beautiful and you can see that they really preserved and maintained their church. There is a museum inside the church but unfortunately it was closed that time.

There is St. Bonaventure Candle Corner, P5 per candle. There are different candles that you can choose from and each candle has its own symbol.

Of course our trip will not be complete if we will not visit the “tsinelas stores”. It is walking distance from the church so you will not miss it. There are several stores that you can visit and you can buy slippers, sandals, shoes, hats, bags and others. You can still haggle for the price but some stores like Badong who does not give discount. Below are the things that I have bought from my trip.

Do not forget to visit the famous pizza and pasta restaurant “Arabela”, walking distance also from the “footwear store”. 

On April 26-May 1, 2011, they will celebrate Liliw Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival.

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Liliw 2008

Good Friday

Since 2008, we always visit Caleruega during Holy Week and this time we add Pink Sisters’ Convent. On our way to Pink Sister, we passed Angels’ Hills. After eight years, I am back to this place, where we had our retreat during college days. It was founded in 1999.

Then we went to Pink Sisters Convent where you can say your prayer and drop your petition and donations. There is a corner where you can get paper and envelope, write your petition and drop it.

The last stop is Caleruega, there is an entrance fee of P30 per person but since it is Good Friday, there is no entrance fee. You will never get tired of this place because you can really unwind and relax here.

Angels’ Hills
017 Maitim 2nd East, Tagaytay City 4120
(63-46) 413-2501
(63-46) 413-2502


Pink Sisters’ ConventBrent Road, Tagaytay City
(046) 442-3856, (046) 442-5203

Caleruega Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
(0921) 270-9890, (0921) 830-4226

April 19, 2011

How to Budget your Money

Budgeting is not easy, it is a skill that every moms should learn so we won't live from paycheck to paycheck. Here are the tips that Edwin De Guzman shared during our BMW (Beauty, Money and Wellness) seminar. It is all about Budgeting. 

1. Get the whole picture. 

2. Record the whole picture – you need to record all unexpected expenses, annual or quarterly expenses, monthly expenses, weekly expenses and discretionary expenses. 

Unexpected expenses – home repair and maintenance and medical bills 

Annual or Quarterly expenses – Homeowner’s Association Dues, license renewals, insurance and property tax. 
Monthly expenses – bank loans, credit card payments, rents, utilities, internet connections, cables, and others. 
Weekly expenses – groceries, personal care, child support and transportation.
Discretionary expenses – books, magazines, entertainment, dining, vacation, travels and membership fees. 

3. Compute your monthly expenses. 

4. If expenses are over the income, you need to adjust your budget. 

5. Review your budget worksheet. Spot any errors and make necessary adjustments and re-total. 

6. If the expenses are still over the income, make new sources of income. 

“Do not wait for opportunities, you create opportunities” 

7. Always keep a savings balance for a rainy day. Ideal amount is equivalent to six months of your net income. 

8. Tithe or give back to God at least 10% of your income.

Beauty, Money and Wellness

BMW (Beauty, Money, and Wellness) is one of the PsorPhil projects to help psoriasis patients in restoring their sense of wholeness and well-being by giving and pampering them with information through workshops and lectures such as beauty, money, and wellness management that will improve psoriasis patients self-sufficiency.
This is my first time joining BMW and it was held in Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel last April 16, 2011. There are so many participants from different PsorClub in the Philippines such as RITM, AHMC, JRRMMC, SLMC, EAMC, SCF, OM, MMC, UERMMC, PGH, USTH, and PsorPhil members on Facebook.

It is a whole day activity for everybody. There is Beauty Talk, Money Talk, Motivational Talk, Livelihood Trainings and Demos and Meditation.  
Beauty talk by Marj Platilla and Dra. Maf 
Money talk by Edwin De Guzman
Motivational Talk by John Brian Diamante
Salad Making by Chef Arjun Binalla
Livelihood Training and Demos are Soap Making, Jewelry Making, and Loading Business.
Meditation by Kathy Tan  

There are also raffles and freebies for everybody. Too bad for me, I did not win in the raffle. I paid P325 only, thank you to all the sponsors, moderators, and Psorphil officers for making this trip possible.


April 17, 2011

Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel

I was able to go to Morong Star Beach Resort yesterday because I joined the B.M.W. Summer Retreat of Psorphil. Travel time from Alabang to Morong, Bataan is four hours so it is really far. The place is big and spacious so it can really accommodate retreats, conventions, company outings, team buildings, and others.

The food and drinks are just ok; there is nothing to rave about. The service is just ok. 

The resort offers both beach and swimming pool. There is Adventure Park, playground, zip line, fun cart, and live band. The resort offers different amenities like basketball, volleyball, darts, billiards, chess and table tennis. 

The rates are affordable whether for a day tour or an overnight stay. The rooms are also big but the aircon was not able to cool the whole room, so it is really hot.

Food in Morong Star Beach Reosrt and Hotel

If you live in Bataan, this can be one of your choices but for me who lives in the South area, I rather go to Laiya, Batangas.
Morong Star Beach Resort and Hotel
Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan, Philippines
Tel.nos: +63 634-6216
Fax: +63 635-0307
Email: info@morongstarbeach.com

April 12, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stay At Home Mom

Choosing to be a full-time mom is one of the hardest decision that every woman face. We have to admit that women today is very different, they no longer want to be a full-time mom because they also have their own dream and career. For them, having a child is a not a good reason to quit a job.

But there are also women who are willing to sacrifice their own career and dream just to be with their child, 24/7. For me, each woman has their own reasons and there are no right and wrong decisions, whether you choose to be a full-time mom or working mom.

Here is my list of advantages and disadvantages of stay at home mom, you are free to add and share your own list.


1. I no longer need to file vacation leave or sick leave if I want to travel or if I am sick.
2. I can witness every milestone and development of my child.
3. I am always present whenever and wherever he needs me.
4. I have quantity and quality time with my husband and my child.
5. No need to hire helper or nanny.
6. I have more time to read books, to surf the net, to finish my son’s photo album, to cook, to bake and other stuff that I was not able to do when I was still working because of limited time.
7. I have flexible time.


1. No more salary, bonuses and allowances.
2. I have to give up the corporate world and shift my career as a full time mom. No more promotion.
3. Less social gatherings. No more teambuilding, company outing and Christmas party.
4. Less chance to meet new people 
5. You will hear some nasty and tactless comments.

April 05, 2011

Ilog Maria Products

Ilog Maria Honey and Propolis Shampoo – handmade from natural ingredients: Honey for conditioning and hair growth. Propolis for scalp infections, dandruff, falling, and graying hair. Natural oils like palm kernel oil, castor oil, and coconut oil for gentle cleansing. Aromatherapy-grade essential oils from herbs and fruits nourish and heal your scalp while fighting skin ailments.
P70 and P140
Note: This is my first time using organic shampoo and I will definitely use this to free my hair from chemicals. The shampoo is a little bit runny and there is no foam when you lather it on your hair. The scent is very different from ordinary shampoo but I love the smell.

Propolis and Cider Liniment – penetrates deeply to soothe tired and stiff muscles and tendons by stimulating blood circulation. This aids in the fast removal of wastes from fatigued muscles and supplies vital oxygen, food, and energy to muscle cells. Hastens repair of damaged tissues. It contains propolis, honey cider, plant extracts, essential oils of menthol and camphor, and other natural ingredients.
Note: I do not like the smell but it really soothes and cools your muscles.

Honey Propolis Throat Spray – anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant. It freshens breath, eases sore throat, quiets smoker’s cough, and keeps gums healthy.
Note: I find this effective and it is really handy. It tastes like Bactidol.

Honey Beeswax and Propolis Lip Balm P65
Note: I love this lip balm, definitely must have.

Ilog Maria Sting-Less – Citronella mosquito repellent with propolis, natural plant, and fruit oils. It has pleasing smell that lasts for hours. It provides antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-viral action.
Note: I’ve been using Bgone lotion and Bgone spray for almost 3 years and I find it really effective to repel mosquitoes and other insects. But when I saw Ilog Maria Sting-Less for P70, I did not hesitate to try this product. I love the scent but I think it only lasts for a few hours unlike Bgone spray and Bgone lotion which lasts for 4 to 10 hours.

Ilog Maria Healing Massage Oil- An aromatic and soothing blend of essential oils, herbs, flowers, fruit, nut oils, honey, and bee propolis.
Note: I really love the scent of this massage oil, it really soothes and relaxes your muscles and there is no doubt that it is excellent for healing massage, reflexology, and shiatsu.

Spearmint and Oatmeal soap – Cooling and refreshing. Perfect for hot days. Alleviates skin asthma.
Note: It is absolutely true that this soap is perfect for the summer season because it really cools and refreshes your body. I love the minty scent of this soap. It is also for sensitive skin.