July 30, 2021

Worth Remembering Quotes from Hi, Bye, Mama

I’ve been seeing this Korean drama series on Netflix since last year but I was trying to avoid this because I know that this drama is about a mom who passed away after delivering her baby due to a traffic accident. My sister passed away last year so I know that my heart won’t take this kind of drama. I watch Netflix before bedtime so I don’t want to sleep with a heavy heart. But after more than a year, I finally had the courage to watch this series and I just finished it yesterday. 

Hi, Bye, Mama is a story of Cha Yu-ri who died because of a tragic accident. After she died, she became a ghost who follows her family and friends for five years. Then she was reincarnated and was given a chance to become a human again if she succeeds in returning to her place within 49 days. But it was a challenge because Gang-Hwa, her husband is already married to Oh Min-jung. 

How I wish it can happen in real life, that our loved ones will return even just for one day so we were able to say our last goodbye because not all of us had a chance to say our farewell. Anyway, this series is a comedy-drama so it is a roller coaster of emotions. I like the casts of this series too, magagaling sila lahat umarte especially Seo-woo, kasi boy siya in real life. I like the beauty of Kim Tae Hee, sa Love Story in Harvard ko siya last na napanood and nagmature lang siya ng konti pero mukhang bata pa rin. Kim Min-kyung, perfect lagi sa mga mother role.

There are so many lessons that you can get from this series like the unconditional love of the mother and stepmother and how people deal with pains when they lose someone. Speaking of pains, what a coincidence because when I opened the 365 Pocket Prayers for Women Book, the prayer today is about sorrow. 

A prayer about sorrow when I’m burdened with grief 

Merciful God, I’m mourning a loss, and my grief is heavy upon me. I have moments when I’m overwhelmed with sadness and I can’t think of anything else. Yet sometimes it seems that others feel I should be over my loss by now. I’m comforted by the example of Jeremiah, who in the book of Lamentations declared his grief in almost the same breath that he proclaimed his hope in faithfulness. That shows me that the grief process is not intended to be swift, and it’s not a steady progression. I’m reassured to know that tears and joy may be intermingled for a while. The best comfort is that you are with me Lord and that you care about my pain. Thank you for your promise that those who mourn will be comforted. 

Sharing some worth remembering quotes or lines that I love from the Hi, Bye, Mama series.

“Everyone passes through a tunnel of darkness in life. A long tunnel that makes you think that you will never see light again. But there are no tunnels without exit, there is no eternal love or eternal pain in the world” 

“Since my beloved family isn’t in this world, I will fly up to them” 

“A woman who lost her husband is called a widow. A man who lost his wife is called a widower. And a kid who lost his parent is called an orphan. But there’s no word for a parent who lost their kid”

“Goodbyes hurt more as you get older and understand life better” 

“We could never possibly find a way to deal with goodbyes."

“If I had known the time given to us was this short, I would have treasured every insignificant moment”

July 28, 2021

Happy Birthday to my Sister in Heaven

It’s been more than a year since you left but it still feels like yesterday. I cannot forget my last birthday greeting to you because I have no idea that it would be the last. 

“When I look back our childhood days, all I remember is the moments that we’ve shared, we are so opposite in so many things, but at the end of the day, we are sisters and we are friends. Neither of us is perfect but our imperfections make us close. Happy 40th birthday! Don’t regret the things that you haven’t been able to do. Forty is the time to refresh and start anew. Don’t worry about what you couldn’t achieve. Look forward to the dreams in which you believe. Don’t forget to make a bucket list and do things one step at a time” 

That was two years ago but I vividly remember that you immediately messaged me when you saw this post on your Facebook because you don’t want me to reveal your age. I know that part of you wanted me to delete the greeting but I didn’t, I just untagged you. I even told you the famous line “Be proud that you are getting old because it is the privilege denied to many”

Nine months after, God called you home. It was so sudden and it is a struggle to accept. The moment that you left, our family chain is broken and our life has to go on but it was never been the same. I can no longer count how many times you appeared in my dreams, in those dreams you came back, alive and kicking. I really wish you are here because it is a challenge to move forward knowing that you won’t be part of my future. 

Today is your second birthday in heaven and your birthday brings laughter, tears, and memories that will never fade. I’ll forever treasure the memories of growing up with you. I’ll cherish the times we had like our travel adventures and family events. You know what, going to Valenzuela now is not fun at all because reality hits me more. 

It is sad, knowing that you are not here anymore but you’ll always be remembered. I badly miss you more than you’ll ever know. I miss my sister, my friend, and my prayer warrior. Happy birthday in heaven Ate. 

It’s hard to turn the page when you know someone won’t be in the next chapter but the story must go on. -Thomas Wilder

Grief is not a disorder, a disease, or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical, and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve. - Earl Grollman 

It doesn’t matter how fast you move on in life. What matters is you have to keep moving regardless of pace.

July 26, 2021

Easy to Prepare Japanese Ramen

For the last several days, it’s been raining non-stop so I was feeling blue and lazy, Hello #bedweather! I don’t like rainy days so I’m thankful for instant meals sa panahon na parang ayaw ko kumilos. Hehehe! We had instant Pork Congee, Korean Ramyun, and lastly Japanese Ramen

I bought these 3 instant Japanese Ramen, a few months ago but it was only last weekend that I remembered them. All labels and instructions are in the Japanese language so thanks to Google Translate, we were able to prepare the ramen. There are 3 flavors but we only cook one pack which is Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen. 

White: Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen
Red: Kumamoto Kuro Mayu Tonkotsu Ramen 
Green: Oita Torigara Soy Sauce Ramen with Yuzu Zest Powder 

One pack is good for two servings of noodles but in our case, pwede for 3 persons. My son and I shared one bowl since mahirap ubusin yung isang bowl. Even my husband had a hard time finishing it. The package includes noodles, powdered soup, and flavored oil. You can cook them at the same time, just double the amount of water. Since this was our first time, we only cook one serving. After tasting the soup, we immediately cook the other serving. 

How to Prepare Japanese Ramen 

1. Boil 470ml of water in a pot. 
2. Add 1 bunch of noodles and boil for 2 minutes. 
3. When the noodles are boiled, turn off the heat. 
4. Add 1 bag of the powdered soup and flavored oil. 
5. Serve and add your toppings. 

To upgrade your instant ramen, just add your own toppings. I want to imitate the ramen that we have tried at Surugin Ramen House but we don’t have roast pork so I just added pork floss, dried wakame seaweeds, and boiled egg. 

Marutai Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen is a pork bone soup. According to my research, this is a light broth and less greasy. Surprisingly, the taste of the soup is quite similar sa nakain namin sa Surugin. We’re satisfied naman and we’ll try other flavors next time. 

July 23, 2021

Things to Consider for Your Apartment Hunting

First-timer or not, apartment hunting can be exciting and overwhelming; exciting because it means that we are growing up and moving out from our parent’s house. Overwhelming because it is not easy as we think, there are so many things that we need to consider before renting an apartment. Even experienced renters find it challenging to look for the best deal so I’m sharing some things that might help you in finding your own apartment. 

1. Know Your Budget 

Knowing our budget is very important because it will give us an idea of how much can we afford. Monthly rent is not only the expense, there are some payments that we need to consider before, during, and after renting the apartment. Allot a budget for apartment hunting, processing papers, advanced payments, security deposit, and apartment utilities or amenities. Compute the possible expenses so we will know how much can we pay without breaking the bank. 

2. Location, location, location 

Next to budget is location, it is a very significant factor because it would help us to decide where to start our apartment search. Answer these questions so we have a realistic idea of what kind of neighborhood do we like. 

a) Is it near or far from my office or school?
b) How much will I spend on my transportation? 
c) Is it a safe neighborhood? 
d) Is it accessible to malls, markets, restaurants, hospitals, or other establishments? 

We have to keep in mind that the price of the property varies per location too. Are we looking for an apartment in one of The Most Expensive Cities Around the World to Rent or not? Hong Kong, San Francisco, USA, and New York USA are on the top list.

3. Apartment Preference 

It would be easier for us to find an apartment if we know what are we looking for. There are several types of apartments, the common types are studio, loft, duplex, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments. It varies on the floor plan, style, number of bedrooms, and others. 

4. Research 

Once we know our budget, preferred location, and apartment, it is time for us to do our homework. Looking for a place is quite challenging so it is very important to make some research. Lucky for us because we can do this online, depending on the location, I’m pretty sure there are user-friendly sites where we can do our rental research. 

If you live in the USA, Zumper will help you in finding your own apartment, condo, house, or room for rent by filtering the price range, location, and how many bedrooms do you need. You can discover affordable, expensive, and popular neighborhoods in specific areas like New York. Based on their data, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New York is $2,700 and the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $2,900. Does it fit your budget? 

5. Apartment Tour

Researching online is just part of the process, let us not forget to visit the apartment and make our own self-inspections. We need to take pictures and check water pressure, power sockets, cabinets, the presence of mold, and of course, the neighborhood. 

These are just a few things that you can consider in finding your apartment. Don’t rush, take time to do your research, read more reviews, and visit the space at different times of the day or week so you will have a better sense if you want to live there.

July 22, 2021

Malunggay Pandesal Burger

Whenever I watch movies or series, I always see hamburgers or burgers. It is a common quick food or snack that people love to eat, but in my case, I don’t crave for a burger. There are only two burgers that I can eat, I only eat Bacon Mushroom Melt of Wendy’s and 4 Cheese Whopper of Burger King. My only reason is I don’t eat food with ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, or relish that is commonly found on burgers. 

Sometimes I order a cheeseburger and I will request to remove the dressing but unfortunately, kahit nirequest ko na nakakalimutan pa rin ng staff so sayang lang. Ayaw ko na ipaulit at baka ano pa mangyari sa food. So for my own good, I will just make my own burger at home. From time to time, I make my own burger patty but I won’t deny that it is easy to buy a ready-to-cook burger patty. 

A few weeks ago, I bought malunggay pandesal at Sonya’s Garden and burger patty at San Miguel Frozen and Chilled so I prepared Malunggay Pandesal Burger. The only cheese we had at home is cream cheese so yun na ginamit ko. I reshaped my burger patty into small balls so I can cook everything in Air Fryer in one batch and it will fit my pandesal. 380F for 10 minutes. The taste of the burger patty is just okay for me, hindi siya beef na beef but my two boys love it so I guess I will order it again.

Available online

July 19, 2021

Korean Doughnut Mix

It was only last year when I started my online shopping journey at Lazada and Shopee. At first, I only buy non-food items but when I saw some Korean Foods online, napabili din ako. So last January, I bought CJ Beksul Pancake Mix and Doughnut Mix. I already shared my review about the pancake mix here and finally, after 6 months, I finally used the doughnut mix. 

For the longest time, my two boys have been bugging me to cook this, 

Son: “Mommy, I’m hungry, I want doughnuts”. 
Hubby: Hindi pa ba maeexpire yung doughnut? 

Repeat for the nth time so I’m starting to blame myself for buying this product. lol. When I’m about to cook this, I realized that I don’t have a doughnut cutter so nag-order pa ko. Nung dumating na cutter, nawala naman ang sipag ko. Hahaha! Anyway, after so many months I finally cooked my first ever doughnut using an instant mix. 

According to the recipe, I need to deep fry it for 2-3 minutes but I ended up using my Air Fryer because I want to save cooking oil. Baked this for 6 minutes at 375F. Then I mixed powdered sugar and water for the glaze. Lastly, top it with sliced almonds. 

I have watched few videos on how to make doughnuts and it looks so easy pero nung ako na, nahirapan ako kasi ang dikit sa kamay. But at least, tapos na paghihirap ko kasi niluto ko na lahat. My two boys like it kahit hindi perfect hitsura but personally, I won’t buy this mix again kasi similar yung taste niya sa pancake mix. hehehe! 

Maybe next time, I will try to make my own doughnut from scratch. Baka mas masarap kung may yeast noh? Anyway, if you want to try the mix, here is the link to where I bought it. And you can download my recipe card here. 

CJ Beksul Doughnut Mix Recipe 

1 egg 
100ml water 
500g CJ Beksul Doughnut Mix 
Cooking oil for frying 

1. Mix egg and water in a bowl then add doughnut mix. Mix well to make a dough. Knead the dough for 10 minutes then let it rest for 10 minutes. * If the dough is rough and sandy, donuts can become stiff, so be careful. 
2. Sprinkle a little flour or doughnut mix on a flat surface and flatten the dough at 0.7cm thick. 
3. Start cutting circles and poke the center to make a hole. 
4. Preheat the frying pan and pour a generous amount of oil. Deep fry the dough for 2-3 minutes. Do not over fry, the texture can be tough. 
5. Glazed your doughnuts with melted chocolate or your favorite toppings.

July 15, 2021

Sonya’s Garden Panederia

Since we live in South Luzon, Tagaytay is one of our favorite getaway places if we want to unwind or if we want to eat. There are several restaurants that we had tried, we frequently visited and some are still on our bucket list. Sonya’s Garden is one of the places that we never forget to stop by if ever we are in Tagaytay or Nasugbu area, sinasadya namin ito sa Alfonso, Cavite. 

We usually drop by at Sonya’s Garden not because we want to eat at their restaurant but we like buying bread, dried fish, and vegetables at their store. It is like a one-stop place kasi na ang dami pwede gawin. Our visit is not complete without buying Hispanic bread at their Panederia. 

After several months, we went back to Sonya’s Garden after our foodtrip at Surugin Ramen House last weekend. Unfortunately, our favorite Hispanic Bread is not available, naubusan kami so para hindi sayang ang punta namin, we bought other bread. We ordered Sesame Bread PHP170, Malunggay Pandesal PHP170, and Cinnamon Raisin Loaf PHP170

Sonya’s Garden improved their packaging, before kasi nasa plastic lang at least ngayon nakabox na so presentable siya kung gusto mo ipampasalubong. But of course, there is also a price increase because as far as I can remember, last December PHP200 lang Hispanic Bread, now PHP220 na. Anyway, masarap naman kasi bread nila so worth it naman at makakain mo talaga bago pa maexpired. 

Among the bread that we bought, our favorite is Sesame Bread; ang lambot niya kasi. Sayang, one pack lang binili ko. I think this was our first time to eat malunggay bread and surprisingly, nagustuhan din namin, hindi naman malasahan na may vegetables talaga. I made malunggay pandesal burger and madami nakain anak ko.The Cinnamon Raisin Loaf tastes good also pero mas gusto namin yung ibang raisin bread na nabili namin in Tagaytay. 

You can also buy some of their products online but of course, hindi na provincial rate. :)

July 12, 2021

Food Trip at Surugin Ramen House

It’s been sixteen months since our community quarantine has started and I’m trying my best to stretch my patience and understanding but to be honest, there are times na naiinis na rin ako especially when I’ve been seeing other countries na parang back to normal na ang buhay. This is one of the disavantages of living in the third world country, parang ang tagal makamove forward. 

Anyway, a few days ago, I’ve learned that IATF allowed kids to go out already, as long as they are 5 years old and above and live in MGCQ and GCQ areas. Kids must be accompanied by a guardian. They can go to playground, beach, park and other tourist sites except for mall areas. And because of this, nagyaya si hubby na lumabas kami. We are choosing between Laguna or Cavite but my husband suggested Surugin Ramen House so off we went to Alfonso Cavite. 

The last time that we went to Alfonso, Cavite was last year when we had Buffet Breakfast at Sonya’s Garden. Travel time from our place is more or less 90 minutes depending on the traffic. Checking their Facebook Page, September 2020 yung first post nila so I’m assuming that this is a new Japanese restaurant in Cavite. 

This Ramen House is tucked away in Barangay Sulsugin and thanks to Waze, we were able to find this place. The restaurant is similar to Japanese traditional houses and it is not a typical restaurant kasi nakaspread in different areas yung mga kainan. You can choose indoor or outdoor table. My husband chose the alfresco dining table since marami-rami na rin daw tao sa loob ng restaurant. 

It was a gloomy day so we were a little bit excited to try their ramen but unfortunately, Laguna and Cavite are not included in the IATF update so my son is not allowed to eat at Surugin, kahit alfresco dining pa. Huhuhu! (it pays to read more information) 

Our only option is to take out food pero hindi rin pwede magtake-out ng ramen. Waah! It took us several minutes to decide, whether to eat or not to eat. Gutom na rin kami and ang layo ng biyahe namin so in the end, kumain na rin kami and mabilisan na lang. We saw other families din na hindi lahat nakapasok and nagtake-out na lang din sila. 

My husband went back to the restaurant while my son and I waited in the car. He ordered Hakata Ramen PHP190, Odori Ramen PHP270, Katsudon PHP190 + 20 (take-out fee), Gyoza PHP120 and drinks (PHP50 each). Tinawagan na lang ako ni hubby after they served our food na. When I arrived, my husband delivered the food so my son can eat his Katsudon. 

I was surprised when I saw the huge serving of ramen bowl so I already knew that I can’t finish it. (Mahina ko sa noodles) My order is Hakata while my husband chose the Odori, I tried both, medyo creamy lang si Odori. My husband asked if they have chili flakes or powder pero chili oil lang pala meron. 

Overall, the taste is good naman, my husband finished my leftover ramen pa. I don’t have pictures of Katsudon because when I went back sa car, ito na lang natira. 

My husband paid the bill and on our way home, I checked the bill, I was surprised kasi yung Odori Ramen, PHP290 ang singil so I told my husband, my additional charge yata yung paghingi mo ng chili oil. Hehehe! Ito yung disadvantage din na nagmamadali ka, hindi mo nachecheck kung tama ang singil.

We dropped by at Sonya’s Garden before we went home. 

July 10, 2021

How to Avoid Bad Debt With the Right Strategy

Debt is pretty normal and I’m pretty sure that the majority of us experienced borrowing money. Even I am allergic to debt, I can’t deny that borrowing money also helped us during our difficult times and family emergencies. Some people think that debt is evil but the truth is not all debt is bad, there are good debts and bad debts. 

Good debt is good if you use it to enhance your life or to increase your net worth by buying assets like stocks and mutual funds, investing in your education, buying a home, or starting your own business. Borrowing money can also improve your credit score and credit history. 

Bad debt is bad if you borrow money to buy depreciating assets and it won’t generate income like buying cars, gadgets, clothes, and other consumables. I know that we have our own wants and needs, but if we have to buy these items by borrowing money or using a credit card with a high-interest rate then it is not a good idea. 

There are also debts that we cannot consider good or bad but we still borrow money because we have medical emergencies and health insurance is not enough to pay the hospital bill. When we are dealing with financial difficulties especially during this global pandemic that a lot of people lost jobs and closed their businesses. 

Nowadays, borrowing money is not difficult, you can borrow from family, friends, companies, credit cards, and other private or government financial institutions. Some need a lot of requirements and some do not need a lot of documents but you won’t have peace of mind because they won’t stop bothering you unless you settle your unpaid debts. 

According to Henry Wheeler Shaw, “Debt is like any other trap, easy to get into, but hard enough to get out of.” It is true that is hard to get out of debt but being debt-free boils down to how bad we really want to get out of it. Sharing some tips on how to avoid bad debt with the right strategy. 

How to Avoid Bad Debt With the Right Strategy 

1. Live a Simple Life 

Cliche as it may sound but if we live a simple life or live within our means, we can save money. Remember the famous quote of Will Rogers? “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” We’re living in the digital age where people post a lot on social media about their recent purchases, food trips, or travel experiences. But you don’t have to do the same thing if you don’t have the means. Change your spending habit and practice delayed gratification. Don’t borrow money for the sake of showing off. 

"Keep your life free from the love of money, and be content with what you have." - Hebrews 13:5

2. Learn to Save Money 

I was not born with a silver spoon so when I was still a kid, I always save money. I saved money from my allowances, birthday, and Christmas gifts so I can provide for my future needs without asking anything from other people. And I continue this saving habit until I got my first job and until now that I’m married. 

There are several ways to save money but these are the saving tips I followed since I started saving. 

A. Have a Budget 

Dave Ramsey said, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went”. Having a budget will make your life easier especially during payday. You already know where to put your money like tithes, investment, savings, and whatever is left is for the monthly expense. Budgeting always helps me not to overspend, so I try my best to stick to my budget when traveling, shopping, eating, celebrating special occasions, and even buying gifts. 

B. Open Savings Account 

Some people use a money envelope or jar system but I prefer opening a Savings Account if I am saving for something like travel or education fund. At least, you are gaining a small interest than keeping them on the envelope or jar. You can avoid the temptation because the money is out of sight. 

3. Use Credit Card for your Own Good 

Other people dislike credit cards but like debt, a credit card is not evil if you know how to use it properly. You can avoid credit card debt if you pay your dues in full. Don’t just pay the minimum due because you will drown with a high interest rate. You can read more about this in my post “How to Save Money by Using Your Credit Card” 

4. Prepare for Rainy Day 

No matter how we plan our life we cannot predict our future. There are things that we cannot avoid like unemployment, medical emergencies, accidents, home repairs, calamities, and even family emergencies so it is very significant to prepare for these bad circumstances. 

In order to avoid debt, let us prepare for the rainy day like saving at least 6 months of your monthly salary, save money for education, invest in health and life insurance, buy a memorial plan, and lastly, do not forget your retirement fund because SSS pension is too low. 

5. Do not Co-sign Loans 

I know that it is hard to say no to family and friends but as much as possible do not co-sign loans because you might end up paying their loans. Sometimes, there are people who will file loans to help their family and friend or allowing them to use their credit cards but ended up paying the debts that they did not use. It happened to a few people I know, it was a sad reality, ikaw na tumulong in the end ikaw pa naghirap.

"Before borrowing money from a friend, decide which you need most" American Proverb

These are just a few tips to stay out of debt, it is easier said than done but we all know that we just need discipline and determination to avoid bad debts. There are no shortcuts, but we can do this, one step at a time. And let me end with this quote, “Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self” - Nathan W. Morris

July 08, 2021

Our Bittersweet Staycation at Sheraton Manila Bay

This blog post has been in my draft for more than a year already but I can’t find the strength to finish this post because this brings so many sad memories. But since I was feeling emotional the past few days because another family member passed away, itodo ko na ang pagiging sentimental ko. 

Suddenly, my heart started to feel the pain of losing someone and it is just so sad whenever I look back and realize how much everything has changed even just a year ago. The number of people that have entered, left, and stayed in my life. 

Our staycation at Sheraton Manila Bay will always remind me that it was the last day that we are almost complete as a family. The last time that my late father, brother, late sister, and I were together. And that moment is now a memory, no photo or video that I can look back to.  

Last year, my siblings and I decided to visit my sick father in Manila so my husband and I decided to book a hotel near my Father’s place so it won’t be hard for me to commute since I live in the province. We chose Sheraton Manila Bay because it is near Robinson’s Place and LRT station where I could meet my brother and sister na magcommute din since wala parking space sa pupuntahan namin. 

Sheraton Manila Bay 

We left the house after breakfast because we’re going to drop by at H.I.S. Travel Agency for our Japan Visa Application but unfortunately, the office was still closed (extended holiday) so we went straight to Sheraton Manila Bay. We know that check-in time is 3PM pero nagcheck-in pa rin kami just in case may available room na. While waiting, they gave us welcome drinks. 

After several minutes of waiting, they gave us our room key. Yehey! Early check-in before 11AM, they upgraded our Deluxe Guest Room to Executive, Larger Guest Room, and even allowed late check-out until 2PM. They also provided additional two feather pillows. 

Executive Larger Guest Room 

The room is 40sqm so it is a little bit smaller compared to our room in Sheraton Manila but this room has its own charm. You have a comfortable king-sized bed, spacious bathroom, office table, mini-refrigerator, and minibar. The room has floor-to-ceiling windows with skyline views of Manila.

The marbled bathroom has a separate bathtub and shower area and in addition, may television pa sa bathroom. 

Sheraton Manila Bay has few dining options, you can eat or drink at Pacific Lounge, Sunset Lounge Bar, Lobby Lounge, Adriatico Square, or order from their 24-Hour Room Dining Service. We did not bother to check their menu because we want to save money so we went to Robinson’s Place for our lunch and dinner. You can read my food review at Curry House Coco Ichibanya and Texas Roadhouse below.

I bought some pastries from Kumori so we have something to eat. Little did I know na may mga freebies pala. Before lunch and dinner, we received some complimentary fruits and sweets. Ang saya, ang daming freebies. 

Buffet Breakfast at Pacific Lounge 

Our room package includes complimentary breakfast at Pacific Lounge which is located on the 21st floor. It offers a panoramic 360 degrees view of Manila Bay and city skyline. We’re a little bit late for breakfast so occupied na yung may view but it is totally okay kasi malapit naman table namin sa buffet spread. Since late check-out namin, nagbrunch na kami. Hehehe! 

The buffet spread has different stations too for the soup, omelet, cereals, salad, juice, noodle, bread, pastries, cold cuts, cheese, hot meals, fruits, and many more. As usual, we were all satisfied with our meal. 

Before we went back to our room, we visited the alfresco garden and gazebo of Sheraton Manila Bay.

Of course, we won’t leave Sheraton Manila Bay without trying the swimming pool. It is not that big, good thing hindi rin marami tao so hindi naman ganun kacrowded ang pool. 

We checked out before 2PM since mahaba-haba pa biyahe namin pauwi. That was our bittersweet staycation at Sheraton Manila Bay. Sad because I remembered the last moment when my father and sister were still alive and happy because we had no idea that it would be our last travel vacation in the year 2020 because of COVID19. So kahit medyo mahal sa Sheraton, sulit na rin ang staycation experience namin kasi good for one year na pala. 


Sheraton Manila Bay
M.Adriatico corner General Malvar Street N.
Malate, Manila, 1004, Philippines