June 26, 2022

Where to Stay in Norway: Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport

A few months ago, I felt happy because I thought, I don’t need to book a hotel before our flight back to the Philippines. For my two previous trips kasi, I booked at Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport and Radisson Blu Hotel Oslo Gardermoen. Five years ago, I have no choice but to book because of my early flight and three years ago, our flight is in Oslo so I don’t want to have a problem with our luggage. Baka mastress pa ko kasi magcheck-in pa ko sa Trondheim and Oslo ng luggage since hindi siya same flight booking. 

Last month, I learned that my son and I need to have a negative swab test result that we need to upload for our One Health Pass Registration. Waah! Again, I left with no choice but to book a room at Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim. My stepfather volunteered to use his SAS Reward Points for our reservation because five years ago, my husband was able to use his points. Unfortunately, when he called customer service, he was informed that he cannot use his points for this hotel. So may certain hotel na lang siya pwede gamitin. Sayang!

Three years ago, I registered at Radisson Hotel Rewards Program but when I tried to log in, wala na yung membership ko. I even checked my email; I don’t know if they removed inactive members. Anyway, I just registered again so I can avail the 10%  members discount. There are different rates, you can book a room only, room with breakfast, guaranteed rate, or cancellation rate. To save money, I chose the guaranteed rate kasi feeling ko no reason naman na magcancel pa. 

But I was wrong, the following day, I learned that we no longer need the Negative RT-PCR or Antigen Test because we are both fully vaccinated. I was happy because I was able to save money for our swab tests but sad because I can no longer cancel my hotel reservation. I paid 2301.11NOK (PHP13,399.56) for three persons with breakfast. I find it so expensive kasi literal na tutulugan lang namin yung hotel. Wala naman ibang magagawa sa hotel. The only advantage is, it is just beside the airport so there is no reason to be late for our flight. 

Radisson Blu Hotel Trondheim Airport 

This was our third stay in Radisson Blu Hotel, you can check my previous blog posts below. 

We took the train from Trondheim Central Station to Trondheim Lufthavn (Airport), travel time is less than an hour but because of the train delay, we reached the hotel past 3PM. No long lines so checking in was fast. I paid for our reservation and the staff gave me the key card and informed me about the breakfast time. 

Five years ago, we ordered an extra bed for my mom but this time, since my son is already an adult, my reservation is good for three people. So when we entered the room, there is a prepared extra bed and towels are good for three people. 

The room still looks the same, but one thing I noticed is the toiletries. The shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are on pump bottles. They still don’t provide toothpaste, toothbrush, and bedroom slippers. No bidet too. 

For food and drinks, the hotel has Longhorn Restaurant and Bar but we bought dinner inside the Trondheim Airport

I booked a room with breakfast so off we went to Longhorn Restaurant and Bar which is just located in the lobby so it is not hard to locate. For the breakfast buffet, I think there is a little improvement; they have more food on the buffet table and on their menu compared to our previous stay. 

We had early check-out since our flight was in the afternoon. I just gave our key card and they will email you the receipt or you can request a printed one. 

June 24, 2022

Lunch at Røft Rôtisseri

Ferry Boat travel from Ørland to Trondheim is about an hour so we were just in time for lunch when we reach Trondheim Seaport. So before going to the train station, we had lunch at Røft Rôtisseri. This restaurant has a strategic location, it is located over the train tracks of Trondheim Central Station and it is near local and regional buses, airport buses, cruise ships, and ferry boats. It is also near some tourist spots like Pirbadet, Rockheim, Olavshallen, Trondheim Kino, Trøndelag Theater, Ila’s sea promenade, and Solsiden’s canal

I always see this restaurant whenever we are in Trondheim city but it took me five years to try this restaurant. Hehehe! Anyway, Røft means "rough" so from the word itself, Røft Rôtisseri serves rough and tasty American cuisine. They have a wide selection of food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks. They have burgers, chicken, fish, quesadillas, salads, sandwiches, and vegetarian food. They have a children’s menu with free softdrinks. 

The restaurant has a children’s corner, screens with departure times for the trains, and the majority of their tables have power outlets if you need to charge your laptops or mobiles. They have tables indoors and outdoors. 

Upon arrival, the staff gave us the menu but we have to go to the counter to place and pay our order. I ordered Cowboy Breakfast 169NOK while my mom and son ordered Lunch Burger 209NOK. Softdrink is 49NOK

Two eggs, bacon, tomato beans, tomato, lettuce, country fries, bread, and butter. 

120g beefburger with eggs, bacon, tomato, salad, and country fries. 

We enjoyed our meal here so if ever you are in Trondheim, you can include this in your options. The service is good too. After our hearty lunch, off we went to Trondheim Central Station, it was our first time riding the train to Trondheim Lufthavn. I booked a room at Radisson Blu Trondheim Airport Hotel so we have time to rest before our long-haul flight to the Philippines. 

Røft Rôtisseri 
Sjøgangen 6, 7011 Trondheim 
Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 - 22:00 
Friday - Saturday: 10:00 - 23:00

June 23, 2022

One Health Pass Experience

Traveling is already costly and now it is even more expensive to travel because of COVID19 and war. Visas, travel insurance, and flight tickets increased their prices. Ramdam na ramdam ko yung gastos when I started planning for our Norway trip so I was happy when Norway already removed the RT-PCR test, a week before we left the Philippines. 

But going back to the Philippines is a different story because our country is requiring a negative test result. Wahh! I know it is for safety but I just felt na safe lang siya if the passenger will only take one flight since alam mo lahat ng sakay has negative swab test results. But in our case, we need to take 3 airplanes and mga nakasabay namin sa 2 airplanes, wala naman negative swab test results because we have different destinations. 

“1. Passenger is able to present a negative Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test taken within 48 hours or a negative laboratory-based Antigen test taken within 24 hours, prior to departure from the country of origin.  

2. Fully vaccinated and must have the following proofs of vaccination against COVID-19 recognized under existing IATF regulations; 

A. World Health Organization International Certificates of Vaccination and Prophylaxis  
B. VaxcertPH  
C. National/state digital certificate of the foreign government which has accepted VaxCertPH under a reciprocal arrangement unless otherwise permitted by the IATF”  

Also, the swab test in Norway is not cheap and it is not available everywhere. So we have to book a hotel and schedule an appointment at Kry.no just to get a medical certificate that I need to upload for One Health Pass. 

995NOK - Antigen Rapid Test 
2490NOK - Express Rapid RT-PCR Test 

Nakakapanghina ng tuhod ang presyo ng swab test, mas mahal pa sa Schengen Visa and Schengen Travel Insurance namin. Ang mahal umuwi ng Pilipinas. Waah! 

Several days before our flight, I was glad when I read that we no longer need a negative swab test since we are fully vaccinated. Yey, God is so good because it happened before our flight to the Philippines. Nagastusan man ako sa hotel (dahil nabook ko na agad) at least nakatipid ako sa swab tests. 

“FULLY Vaccinated* International travelers bound to the Philippines are NO LONGER REQUIRED to undergo facility-based quarantine and EXEMPTED from PRESENTING Pre-departure COVID-19 Negative Test Result (RT-PCR/Antigen Test) as per IATF Resolution No. 168 (Effective May 30, 2022), ONLY if below conditions are met:  

1. Fully vaccinated* Foreign/Filipino nationals with Booster shot** for 18 years old and above.  
2. Foreign/Filipino minors aged 12-17 years old who are Fully vaccinated* AND accompanied by Fully vaccinated* with Boostered** parent(s) or guardian(s).  
3. Foreign/Filipino minors aged BELOW 12 years old, regardless of their vaccination status, who are accompanied by Fully vaccinated* with Boostered** parent(s) or guardian(s).” 

And because of this, I have enough time to fill out the One Heath Pass online form in the comfort of our home. Since I don’t need a swab test result, I just uploaded our Vaccine Certificates. No need to wait for 48 hours prior to departure. 

Since we are going to ride 3 airlines, medyo confusing lang sa part ng travel details. 

Country of Port of Exit: Norway 
Airline Name: Airline to Manila, Philippines 
Flight Number: Airline to Manila, Philippines 
Date of Departure: Date of our first flight from Norway 
Seat Number: Seat No. of airline to Manila, Philippines 

For Testing Protocol, namili na lang ako ng option. 

After my submission, I immediately received an email for the Bar Code which I saved on my phone. A few hours before our first flight, I already received the QR Code for the express lane, though for manual verification yung sa anak ko. 

One Health Pass Procedure 

1. Beginning 48 hours prior to departure, you may register to One Health Pass portal. https://onehealthpass.com.ph/Registration/Step-1/ 

2. Upload the following necessary documents during registration if available: 

RT-PCR Test Result/Antigen Test Result 
Vaccine Certificate 

A bar code will appear once your record has been accepted. 

3. On the day of your flight, check your email to answer the health declaration list. 
If you have a connecting flight, answer the health question in the HDC at the last layover prior to arrival in the Philippines, if possible. 

4. Upon check-in, airline personnel will ask for your OneHealthPass registration. 

5. Present any of the OHP proof of registration to the airline check-in counter and boarding gate. Only those who have QR codes will be qualified for the express lane. If you want to avail the express lane, you must complete your registration. 

Just reading these steps, nastress na ko agad kasi parang ang dami ifill-out, tapos I have to do this pa at the airport. Imagine, proproblemahin ko pa internet connection ko so I was happy na hindi na ko nastress sa OneHealthPass since sa bahay ko na siya ginawa bago kami umalis.

Note: Sa check-in counter ng first flight namin, hindi hinanap yung One Health Pass ko nung nagcheck-in ako, ang hinanap niya swab test result pero Vaccine Certificate inabot ko and I told him na we don't need it na. 
Second flight namin, hinanap ang One Health Pass and Vaccine Certificate bago kami makapasok sa boarding gate. 
Last flight, going to Manila, wala na hinanap.
Sa NAIA 3, diretso kami sa Express Lane kahit for manual verification yung sa anak ko. After scan yung QR Code ko, scan lang nila bar code ng anak ko and enter ng mga information. That's it!

June 21, 2022

Traveling to the Philippines in Times of COVID19

 A lot of things happened since we arrived in the Philippines and I have still a long list of things to do but for now, let me take a break. Just like that, our three months vacation in Norway has finally come to an end. We’re officially on school summer vacation but we’re stuck at home so I guess I will just spend my vacation on throwback post. Hehehe! 

Read: Traveling to Norway in Times of COVID19

A month before our flight, I felt so stressed when I learned about “One Health Pass”. We need to present a negative RT-PCR or negative antigen test before our flight. And because of this, I did not pursue my travel plans, I planned to visit Finland a week before our flight to the Philippines but I stopped planning because I’m afraid that we might catch the virus and we can’t go back to the Philippines.

“1. Passenger is able to present a negative Reverse Transcription - Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test taken within 48 hours or a negative laboratory-based Antigen test taken within 24 hours, prior to departure from the country of origin. 

2. Fully vaccinated and must have the following proofs of vaccination against COVID-19 recognized under existing IATF regulations; 

A.World Health Organization International Certificates of Vaccination and Prophylaxis 
C.National/state digital certificate of the foreign government which has accepted VaxCertPH under a reciprocal arrangement unless otherwise permitted by the IATF” 

Instead of travel trips, I spent my time researching where we are going to take the swab test. It is not easy because there are limited options and we need to travel to Trondheim city just to take the test. The best option is to book a hotel and take the test at Trondheim Airport, Værnes. So several days before our flight, I reserved a room at Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim Airport for 3 people. 

The following day, I felt sad and happy when I learned that we no longer need to take the swab test starting May 30, 2022. I was sad because I already booked the hotel room. I chose the guaranteed reservation rate to save money so I can no longer cancel. Huhuhu! But of course, I was happy because we were able to save money. The cost of an Antigen Test in Norway is not cheap, 995NOK per person so it is more or less PHP6K (including the forex fee of our credit card). #12Ksaving 

“FULLY Vaccinated* International travelers bound to the Philippines are NO LONGER REQUIRED to undergo facility-based quarantine and EXEMPTED from PRESENTING Pre-departure COVID-19 Negative Test Result (RT-PCR/Antigen Test) as per IATF Resolution No. 168 (Effective May 30, 2022), ONLY if below conditions are met: 

1. Fully vaccinated* Foreign/Filipino nationals with Booster shot** for 18 years old and above. 
2. Foreign/Filipino minors aged 12-17 years old who are Fully vaccinated* AND accompanied by Fully vaccinated* with Boostered** parent(s) or guardian(s). 
3. Foreign/Filipino minors aged BELOW 12 years old, regardless of their vaccination status, who are accompanied by Fully vaccinated* with Boostered** parent(s) or guardian(s).”

Traveling to the Philippines in Times COVID19 

Since I don’t need any swab test results, I was able to register on One Health Pass, two days before our flight. 

Travel by Boat 

The day before our flight, off we went to Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim Airport, check-in time is still 3PM so we chose the 11:20AM Ferry Boat trip from Ørland to Trondheim. Travel time is more or less 1 hour, I like this trip because there are no other stopovers, straight na siya sa Trondheim seaport. 

Just in time for lunch so we ate at Røft Rôtisseri, for the last five years I’ve been seeing this restaurant every time we are in Trondheim so finally na-try na rin namin. We just took our time eating since we did not book any train tickets yet. 

Travel by Train 

For our past travel trips, we always took the Flybussen Airport Express Bus to reach Trondheim Airport, Værnes but three years ago, my mom discovered that it is cheaper to take the train. Imagine 200NOK bus fare compared to 42NOK train fare so it is a really big saving. We bought the 14:17 ticket at the machine, Trondheim Central Station to Trondheim Airport.

My only concern in riding the train is the luggage, I am not that strong to carry 25kls luggage but God is so good because, at that time of our trip, the train has no stairs (it is not always like that). 

Several years ago, I’ve learned that “Hell” is located in Norway and I was so curious that I wanted to visit this place. This place became a minor tourist attraction in Trondheim because of its name but the meaning of Hell is "overhang or cliff cave". It was just funny because Hell is supposed to be a hot place but here in Norway, temperatures in Hell can reach -25C during winter. The train did not stop there so I was not able to take a good picture of it. (todo zoom).

Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim Airport 

The train stopped at the Trondheim Lufthavn or Airport so we just walked to the hotel just beside the airport. And because of the train delay, we’re just in time for the 3PM check-in and no more waiting since the room is already ready. 

Travel by Plane 

Since the airport is just a few minutes walks from the hotel, we checked out at the hotel, 3 hours before our flight. Start of our long journey. 

Trondheim to Oslo 55 mins 
Connection Time 2 hrs and 20 mins 
Oslo to Doha 6 hrs and 30 mins 
Connection time 2 hrs and 50 mins 
Doha to Manila 9hrs and 25 mins 

Trondheim to Oslo via SAS 

The check-in counter is already open, the staff asked for our swab test results but I told him that we don’t need it anymore since we are already fully vaccinated. I gave him our vaccination cards and I showed him my One Health Pass but he did not mind it. He is more focused on our vaccination card information. After several minutes of checking, he finally gave us our boarding pass. 

While waiting for our boarding, I checked my email and I already got the One Health Pass QR Code, except for my son (for manual verification). Norway no longer requires the wearing of face masks so we did not see anyone wearing a face mask at the airport. And for our first flight via SAS, kami lang ng anak ko nakaface mask. 

Anyway, since we had a buffet breakfast at the hotel, we did not bother to eat lunch because we were still full. I was thinking that we have enough time to eat late lunch at Oslo Airport but I was wrong. Our first flight was delayed so we had no time to eat. 

Oslo to Doha via Qatar Airways 

Upon arrival at Oslo Airport, we immediately went to Immigration. When we reached the boarding gate, wearing of face mask is already required before boarding. The staff asked for our One Health Pass and Vaccine Certificate, but when she saw that my son has no booster shot, she asked for swab test results. I told her that we don’t need one but she was not convinced so she said, “Wait, I need to verify that”. Pero hindi ko na siya pinaalis, I showed her the screenshot of IATF travel advisory. After reading, she wrote, “Docs Ok” on our boarding passes. 

Our second flight was delayed too, “hangry” na ko dito. Pero hindi ka naman makakain so waiting na lang talaga kami sa first meal sa airplane. 

Onboard Menu 

Hungarian Beef Stew with mashed potato and parsley, potato dill salad, bread, and very berry cheesecake 
Selection of crisp, chocolate, and popcorn 

I used the One Hour Complimentary Super Wifi to update my husband and check if my son has already QR Code. But no QR Code for him. 

Doha to Manila 

Even though our flight was delayed, we have enough time for our layover but we still immediately went to our boarding gate kasi ayaw ko ng tumayo. At Oslo Airport kasi ang tagal namin nakatayo dahil wala ng upuan. Baka delay na naman, mahirap na. Fortunately, our flight was on time. 

Onboard Menu
Chunky Egg with chives and mayonaise sandwich 
Herb Frittata with grilled chicken sausage, infused bread, seasonal fruits, and fruit yogurt 

I took advantage of the One Hour Complimentary Super Wifi to check my email and update my husband. Unfortunately, my son has no QR Code talaga so I thought, wala rin use yung QR Code kung for manual verification yung anak. So hindi na ko nagmamadali sa paglabas kasi alam ko na mahaba ang pila. 

NAIA Airport 

As expected mahaba ang pila sa One Health Pass but I was glad because I was able to use my QR Code so no more long lines na. For my son, the staff just scan his bar code tapos enter-enter ng mga information and that’s it. Mabilis din sa Immigration kaso natagalan naman kami sa lugggage. Toink.

When we got out luggage, I just called my husband na pwede na niya kami sunduin. A month before our flight, my husband booked a room at Sheraton Manila Hotel so tapat lang ng NAIA 3. Actually, we can use the hotel complimentary airport shuttle pero mas prefer ni hubby na sunduin na lang kami para hindi na namin bitbit luggage sa room. 

At last, after two days of traveling by land, sea, rail, and air, we're finally home just in time for my husband's birthday celebration. 

June 16, 2022

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June 15, 2022

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June 12, 2022

The Importance of Having A Car in Times of COVID19 Pandemic

We all know that car is considered a status symbol and if you are a car enthusiast, whenever you see a car on the road, you already have an idea of its price. People are willing to splurge money on cars even though they are aware that a car is not really an investment because the value depreciates as time passes by. Despite that, people are still willing to splurge on cars because we believe that cars will make our lives easier. 

Well, I’m not really fond of cars but things change when I got married. I suddenly realized that we need to have our own family car, it is not a luxury but it is necessary. Even though having a car is an additional expense to our budget, there are so many advantages of buying one especially when a global pandemic happened. 

More than two years ago, President Duterte imposed a stay-at-home order or community quarantine. Traveling through land, air, and sea from Metro Manila was suspended but with exceptions. International travel is also restricted except for citizens of the country. Mass transportation vehicles are allowed to operate provided that they will follow the social distancing guidelines. Curfew was also implemented.

Importance of Having a Car in Times of COVID19 Pandemic 

1. Beneficial During Emergencies 

One of the importance of having a car is, that it is beneficial during emergencies. I’ve mentioned before that mass transportation vehicles are restricted and there is a curfew so you won’t see any public transportations after the curfew. Only private transportation can travel if they have an emergency. 

Lucky are those with private transportation because they can rush to the hospital if there is a life and death situation. This was the dilemma of my late sister, she had no car so her family had a hard time looking for transportation so they can bring my sister to the hospital. Maybe if they have their own car, my sister arrived at the emergency faster, and maybe she is still alive. 

2. Safety 

Since the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, there is a decline in using public transportation worldwide. People avoid public transportation and ride share because they are considered a hotspot for COVID19 transmissions. Public transportation is often crowded, especially in third-world countries like the Philippines. So having your own car has a big advantage because you don’t need to worry about social distancing, if the seats and handrails are disinfected and other pandemic-related fears. 

3. Mobility 

During pre-pandemic days, having a car means having the freedom to hit the road but now, owning a car means having the freedom to travel in your own car while being protected from germs, bacteria, or viruses. Owning a car is very convenient and it saves you time because you can go to your destination on your own time. No need to wait for public transportation. 

4. Freedom to Travel 

When community quarantine started to lessen the restrictions, Filipinos started to travel again. But since international travel is not yet possible, people started to explore the Philippines which can be traveled by land. Those who have cars can already travel with their family. They are free to travel long drives and choose a destination that is not crowded. We visited different places during pandemic days, thanks to our car we were able to travel to Gina’s Garden and Farm, The Farm at San Benito, and Acuaverde Resort

These are just four importance of car ownership during the COVID19 pandemic. And because of this, people who never owned cars suddenly got interested. People now wanted to have their own private transportation not only in the Philippines but worldwide. 

If you are planning to buy a car, whether a new or used carand trade-in or no trade-in, the first question that we always ask is “Can I afford it?” Fortunately, there are websites like CarPaymentCalculator.net where you can compute for your loan package. This will give you an idea of your monthly amortization or loan payment amount so you can decide whether it fits your budget. 

June 10, 2022

How Does Artificial Intelligence Help Make Photo Editing Easier?

Technologies keep getting better with each day, but the problem is that not all people are familiar with how artificial intelligence is able to make the process of photo editing much simpler. First of all, it is important to look at the face change photo editor, which is available on both Android and iOS. It is possible to use it without any knowledge of anything, even remotely related to photo editing. There are a couple of important things to notice about such technologies, as they may become handy for many online users from around the world. By learning more information, users will be able to utilize face change much more efficiently. 

Reasons to Use AI for Photo Editing 

The reason why it is important to use AI for the modern process of photo editing is simple - the ability to make most steps automatic. They will not require much action from the user itself, as they will be made by the software most of the time. Using a special photo editor www.retouchme.com/service/face-swap-app-photo-editor, it is possible to swap a face on any person, which helps to create a perfect image in any place in the world. Thanks to sophisticated algorithms, it is possible to edit a bunch of photos at once, without spending too much time in the process. 

Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to edit photos on the go. Artificial intelligence can work online, which means it does not require a lot of processing power in terms of hardware. It creates a lot of possibilities for players who would like to implement face swap on the go, using smartphones. It is an instrument that should be in the pocket of every modern photo editor. 

How Can the Face Swap App be Used? 

In order to use the face swap application from Retouchme, it is important to follow a couple of simple steps: 

● Open the Google Play page on Android or App Store page on iOS; 
● Start a free download process; 
● Open an app and choose a photo that should be edited; 
● Use a desired function; 
● Wait for a couple of minutes for the editing process to be complete. 

It is really that simple! The company uses advanced AI that was trained on millions of different scenarios of how photos should have been edited, so it is easy for software to recognize such elements of the image, like faces. It will automatically detect and change them. It is also possible to replace a face from a certain photo to create a new image with a fresh background.


It is impossible to ignore such a powerful tool like the RetouchMe face swap app. It can be used by literally any internet user. By using AI, people do not need expensive hardware or software. It does not require even hard skills in photo editing. People can edit literally any kind of image, as the app will automatically detect faces and allow you to swap them within a couple of clicks. Very handy tool for most photography fans.

June 02, 2022

Mother’s Day Celebration in Norway

Time passes quickly and today is already second day of June so bago pa magFather’s Day, let me share our Mother’s Day Celebration in Norway last month. Mother’s Day is a yearly tradition worldwide, but unfortunately, May is not a Mother’s Day here in Norway. They celebrate it every second Sunday of February since 1919. Just like in other countries, they give cards, cakes, pastries, flowers, or handmade crafts. Children surprise their mom with frokost på sengen or breakfast in bed

I think Norway is the only country that celebrates Mother’s Day or Morsdag every February. And because of that, I was not able to celebrate Mother’s Day last May 2017 and May 2019. Well, it is not a big deal if I don’t have any celebration because I already accepted the fact that I won’t have my Mother’s celebration every time I’m here in Norway. 

Moving on, last February, I made this Heart with Mama and Happy Mother’s Day Cake Topper; I just gave it to my mom when we arrived here in Norway last March. Nagamit naman sa ice cream. :)

Fast forward to last month, my mom gifted me this “Jesus Calling for Moms” book by Sarah Young. 

We also went to Melissa restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. There are only a few restaurants in Ørland and one of their go-to restaurants is Melissa. I already tried this restaurant five years ago so I already have an idea of what to order. But still, I checked their online menu and they have an English menu too. 

It was past 12NN so the restaurant is not crowded because it is too early for their middag (dinner). Pero hindi ako sanay sa late na kain so I still follow the 11 to 12NN lunch in the Philippines. Gutom na ko kapag ganyan oras. hehehe! They served the softdrinks first, it is 45NOK per glass.

I ordered Black & White; a combination of beef and pork fillet with bearnaise sauce, pepper sauce, creamed potatoes, and vegetables for 335NOK

My mom ordered Crispy Fried Chicken with salad and chips 195NOK

My son ordered from the children’s menu, he ordered the same thing which is Mini Steak 175NOK, it has steak with bearnaise sauce, salad, and chips.  

As usual, they have big servings so it is hard to finish the food so we just took our time eating. Good thing that the food is good or else nakakahinayang sa presyo. If I will convert the price kasi nung order ko sa PHP, para na akong nagbuffet sa hotel. Waah! But it was Mother’s Day and my mom’s treat so happy tummy. 

Note: They have English Menu in the restaurant too, just request it. The staff will take your order but for payment, you need to go to the counter.