December 22, 2021

How to Spend the Holidays at Home If You Have Kids

A few days before Christmas and here we go again, the holidays still look and feel different. It is another year of staying at home because we are still dealing with COVID19 issues. Although, the world is slowly opening up not all people have the vaccines yet especially the kids here in the Philippines so we have no choice but to adjust our holiday celebrations. 

There are some Christmas traditions that we still cannot do because of the restrictions like watching events, shows, or concerts. Watching movies on the big screen. Attending Christmas parties, reunions, or get together and most especially, spending the holiday in a different place or country.

Other people are busy planning and packing for their annual holiday, but here we are, we are not going anywhere. Our Christmas break is another staycation. I’m not bitter because one of the advantages of HOLISTAY is, it is more budget-friendly and less stressful. We have more time to relax, get more sleep, read a book or just do the things that we wanted to do but have no time. 

Stay-at-home vacation means we have more time for family bonding. And since the majority of us will spend the holidays at home, I’m sharing some ideas on how to spend the holidays at home especially if you have kids. 

Decorate Your Home 

I hope COVID19 won’t stop you from decorating your home for the holidays. We usually start as early as the first week of December so it will set our mood that Christmas is approaching. Kids and kids at heart love to put up Christmas tree and hang Christmas stockings. 

Make Holiday Ornaments or Decors 

If you love crafting or DIY projects, I highly suggest making holiday ornaments or decors. No need to buy new ornaments every year, you can upcycle, recycle, or use whatever materials you have at home. Pinterest would be your best friend when you need some inspiration. Our Christmas tree is a testament to the different ornaments that we did every year. 

Make Christmas Card 

Nowadays, Christmas cards seem to be a thing of the past but we still make and send Christmas cards especially to my mom who is across the miles. Like Melanie White says, “Sending Christmas cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you think they’re worth the price of a stamp”

Wrapping and Delivering Holiday Gifts 

If you are dealing with a holiday rush, allow your kids to help you in wrapping or packing presents. If time permits, deliver or ship your gifts as early as possible. 

Baked Christmas Goodies 

Let us stop checking the weight loss calculator because “Calories don’t count on the holidays” so enjoy baking Christmas goodies with kids like gingerbread men, snowflake cookies, Christmas light sugar cookies, fruitcakes, and many more. The smell of the Christmas goodies will boost our holiday spirit. 

Movie Marathon 

Since we are not yet comfortable watching movies on the big screen. We are thankful for our Netflix subscription because we can binge-watch holiday movies every night. Some wholesome and popular movies are The Christmas Chronicles, Klaus, The Princess Switch, Jingle Jangle, The Grinch, and many more. 

Turn off the Technology 

Offline is a new luxury so turn off the technology and have a family bonding. Have a family game night and play board games or cards. Our favorites are Monopoly, Chess, and Uno cards. Toddlers and kids also enjoy reading time, take time to read Christmas stories or Bible stories. 

Kid’s Playtime 

Though offline is a good idea but remember, it is Christmas break so let your kids enjoy the holiday too. Let them play online games while you are busy preparing or cooking for the holiday menu. There are culinary-related online games that they can play too wherein they can learn about food, cooking, farming, culinary arts, restaurant business, and others. 

Make a Year in Summary Scrapbook or Photobook 

Pandemic or not, it is nice to end the year by writing a Highlight of the Year, creating a scrapbook, or printing a photobook. It is the best souvenir for the year and it is something that you can look back as the years go by. 

What are your favorite holiday activities with your kids?

December 18, 2021


Seven days to go and it’s already Christmas and I still don’t have holiday plans. Waah! But I don’t want to stress about it so I will just take one day at a time. So for now, let me lessen my endless backlogs. 

Four years ago my son had his First Communion and just a week ago, he already had his Confirmation. If there is no community quarantine, my son will have his Confirmation last year because this is part of their event in their school. But there is no news about it so when my friend informed me that there is Confirmation here in our place, I immediately informed my husband about it so he can register my son.

Even though I don’t fully understand the Sacrament of Confirmation, I know that it is a special event for my son so I still prepare something for this event. First is the Confirmation Cake Topper, this is just a layer of glitter and metallic cardstock. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use this cake topper because my son doesn’t want a cake. He prefers to eat leche flan and the topper is too big for the flan. Anyway, it is still a souvenir that I will keep. 

And because of the COVID19 scare, only one parent and godparent are allowed to attend the Confirmation so I was not able to witness my son’s Confirmation but in spirit, I am there. Since there is only one godparent, I DIY the Confirmation Souvenir

I just personalized this mug using Teckwrap color-changing vinyl (hot) and designed a Care Card Instruction and Confirmation Gift Tag. I found the message on Pinterest and I just recreated it. I edited this file so just in case you need a souvenir tag, feel free to download it here. (size is 3x3 inches). 

"To my Confirmation Sponsor,

Thank you for being my godparent. May God bless you for your commitment to walk with me on my special journey, leading by example when the path isn't clear, waiting for me when problems slow my pace and offering to fly with me when my spirit wants to soar. 

With love,"

I also make a card for my son, (the message is from Pinterest too). I did not buy a gift because I am taking a break from online shopping. I dislike delay delivery during Christmas Season so I just bought a gift at the mall after our celebration. 

"Confirmation is a time to remember the promises of God. He has said that He will always be there to guide us in every circumstance and to renew our faith when we are discouraged. He offers us the strength to overcome temptation and difficulties. Most of all. He has promised that He will always love us."

After the Confirmation, my husband fetched me and we had lunch at Kuya J. I have a gift voucher that I want to use so we ate here. It’s been a long time since we at Kuya J and I was surprised when I saw their menu because the food that I used to order, was no longer there. My husband ordered Crispy Pata PHP590, Pinakbet PHP210, Rice Platter PHP125, Iced Tea Pitcher PHP180, Leche Flan PHP75, and Kuya J Halo-Halo Espesyal (Original and Ube) PHP120.

December 17, 2021

12 Days of Christmas

In the season of giving, Creative Fabrica wanted to give back to their amazing crafting community by offering amazing deals and discounts. They are celebrating the end of the year with a bang and A LOT of freebies! For 12 days starting from 25th of December 2021 - 5th of January 2022, Creative Fabrica will launch… 

A new free bundle every single day  - 12 quality free bundles in total!  
Exclusive fonts for All Access Subscribers only!  
Mega Christmas sale on over 1 million fonts and designs on the website! 

12 quality free bundles every day, including some of the most popular designs and from popular designers on Creative Fabrica - everything including premium commercial license! 12 Days of Christmas is launching 25th of December. 

Each of the deals will be visible on the website on the day of the launch. 

December 25 Free Popular Crafts Bundle
December 26 Free Fonts Bundle 
December 27 Free Sublimation Design Bundle 
December 28 Free Graphics Bundle 
December 29 Free Quotes Bundle 
December 30 Free Popular Fonts and Graphics Bundle 
December 31 Free Popular Crafts Bundle 
January 1 Free Digital Paper and Clipart Bundle 
January 2 Free Fonts Bundle 
January 3 Free Popular Fonts and Graphics Bundle 
January 4 Free Fonts Bundle 
January 5 Free Valentine’s Craft Bundle

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December 09, 2021

62nd Birthday

Life is always busy during the holiday season so it is not surprising that I haven’t blogged for two weeks. As the quote says, “If you see me less, I’m doing more”. I’m quite busy with my offline life and my Holiday To-Do List is not yet over. But I decided to take a break from crafting so I can blog. 

Last month, my mother-in-law celebrated her 62nd Birthday and I made this cake topper using metallic and glittered cardstock in rosegold shades. I just bought the Samantha Upright Script Font last Black Friday Sale so I immediately used it to design this cake topper. 

For our potluck, I told my husband to order at Illo’s Party Trays; if you read my birthday blog post, dito rin kami nag-order. We tried the Ricardo’s Menu Package so for a change, we ordered Annelle’s Treat. The menu package has 4 viands, rice, and cake. 

Annelle’s Treat PHP4,800 

Kare-Kare ni Lola Remy 
Crispy Pork Binagoongan 
Chicken Salpicao 
Fish Fillet with Special sauce 
Pandan Parsley Rice 
Cake of your choice 

We paid an additional PHP150 because we chose Tiramisu Love for the cake. My husband paid (online banking) and picked up the order as early as 9:00AM for our brunch celebration because my mother-in-law has dialysis after. 

Our potluck was a hit and my favorites are kare-kare and crispy pork binagoongan. Masarap yung bagoong nila. The tiramisu is just okay for me, I prefer the version of Contis and Cafe Mary Grace.  

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November 25, 2021

Creative Fabrica Black Friday Deals

Since the first week of November, I’ve been waiting for Creative Fabrica Black Friday Deals because they have three deals that you can enjoy. Personally, I wanted to purchase the Samantha Upright Script Font, it is on sale from $75 down to $9 only. 

Samantha Upright Font 

This award-winning font with over 2,000 characters for a crazy discount (normally selling for $75)! For this price, you will get 1 month FREE All Access Subscription included! 

You can preview the Samantha Font, just click the link below. Grab the font here.

Double Store Credit Promo 

Double Store Credit Promo, for every store credit purchased, Creative Fabrica will double it! For example, buy $20, get $40 in-store credit to spend on all single sales on the website!  

With store credit on Creative Fabrica, you can buy fonts, graphics, and crafts as well as discount deals and bundles! Bonus!

Please note: store credit cannot be used for subscriptions. Store credit can be used for all single sales, is valid forever, and secure a fast checkout! 

The Double Credit Promo is already available, check it here

90% Off Sitewide Mega Sale 

Massive discounts on over 1 million quality fonts, graphics, and Embroidery designs. Get your favorite designs for a bargain price. The massive Black Friday Sale starts on November 26, 2021. Don’t miss this opportunity. Check it here

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November 24, 2021

Design Bundles Ultimate $1 Event

Two years ago when I first bought my digital products at the Design Bundles site and since then I have always looked forward to the Ultimate $1 Event because the sale lasts for 1 week. I have more time to explore the different designs. Design Bundles has $1 Deals every month but the problem is, it only lasts for one hour if you are not a plus member. So I prefer the Black Friday Sale. 

To all crafters, graphic designers, and business owners, don’t miss this Ultimate $1 event. The sale will start on Black Friday, November 26, 2021, at 3AM CST and last until December 2, 2021, at 12 Midnight CST. 

There will be over 15,000 products discounted to just $1 but each product will only have copies available for general sale. Plus members can still purchase $1 copies even if all general sale copies have been sold out. For non-plus members, the price will return to full price when all general copies have been sold out. 

You can expect to see fonts, illustrations, SVG, paper cut templates, sublimation designs, procreate brushes, embroidery designs, templates, mock-ups, icons, patterns, textures, add-ons, and much more! Each product comes with a personal and commercial license. The Ultimate $1 event only happens once a year, so make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to grab the discounts. Check the event here.

Unlimited copies available for Plus members (and they save 10-15%) 
Lifetime download guarantee 
No minimum order. Order as few or as many products as you like Once you've added an item to your basket, you've reserved your copy (Don't forget to register and login) 
Purchase with Store Credit and Save 10% 
Unlimited customer support and technical support 

Design Plus Membership 

You can also join the membership plus to additional 10% discount and benefits, check the details here  

Bronze Membership $7.99 
Silver Membership $11.99 
Gold Membership $18.99

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November 23, 2021

Design Cuts Black Friday Deals

Good news for you. Design Cuts is offering two discounts, the first one is the Individual Products Discount, where you can buy fonts, backgrounds, mockups, illustrations, presets, brushes, templates, and many more. Discounts will vary but some are up to 50%. Check the Latest Deals here. (on going deal) 

The second one is, Design Cuts is re-running their 12 Best Bundles. The bundles include fonts, mockups, artistic and vintage for 98% off. Bundle Re-Runs will be starting on Monday 22nd November at 2pm (BST) and ending on Tuesday 30th. You can check the Black Friday Bundles here

12 Incredible Black Friday Bundles for only $29 

Among these bundles, I already purchased "The Fantastical Festive Designer’s Collection" which is perfect for this Christmas Season. 

For all of you holiday lovers, this is your opportunity to get your hands on the most magical resources of the season. Get a head start on designing jolly wrapping paper, holiday cards, and gift tags, or even adding festive touches to your family photos. Bursting with whimsy and charm, this collection is sure to bring Christmas to your door this year. Discover rustic illustrations, festive patterns, winter backgrounds, and so much more 

Packed full of warm and playful fonts, patterns, illustrations, and more, this collection is sure to bring your designs to life and immerse you in all things summer. From industry-leading designers and product creators such as Sadie Lew, Eclectic Anthology, and The Artifex Forge, these packs will have you creating at all hours of the day. 

Back by popular demand, we have The Creative’s Spectacular Typography Set, a collection of highly expressive, elegant fonts to reinvigorate your designs. Included in this bundle is an assortment of our best-selling font re-runs, which includes clean, geometric fonts made for all of your contemporary design needs. With packs from W Type Foundry, Callie Hegstrom, and Latinotype, integrating typography into your work will have never been easier. 

Give your font library a creative boost with the Deliciously Versatile Font Collection! Finding high-quality fonts can be really time-consuming and expensive – so we’ve done the legwork for you, bringing you our top selection of stunning typefaces featuring our best-selling designers! These fonts are not only beautiful but offer a huge variety of styles, weights, alternates, and ligatures to give you ultimate typographic control.  

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of The Designer’s Complete Typography Collection, full to the brim with contemporary fonts that were crafted with style and legibility in mind. Brought to you by top type foundries like My Creative Land, Latinotype, and Los Andes, you’ll have access to every font you’ll need to create striking designs in a variety of applications. This mix of elegant serifs and sharp geometric sans will have you creating like never before! 

Having a variety of high-quality fonts at your fingertips is key for any designer. To save you hours of searching, we have put together a fantastic collection of versatile fonts that are perfectly suited whatever the application. Whether you are looking to take your brand and packaging to the next level, add stunning lettering to your media projects, or wow your customers with your website, this bundle has it all! The Modern Designer’s Extensive Font Library brings together top-selling designers from all around the world, including Los Andes Type, Fenotype, ROHH, and Latinotype, just to name a few. 

Introducing The Typography Lover’s Essential Collection, carefully curated with font lovers and typography enthusiasts in mind. This collection combines modernity and elegance, boldness and detail, to produce a unique assortment of statement fonts ready to be used for any of your creative projects. With an abundance of styles, weights, and contrasts, prepare to elevate every aspect of your design process. 

Introducing The Font Collector’s Handpicked Selection, the perfect collection to help you wrap up the year in style. These luxurious and meticulously created fonts were crafted to add outstanding elegance to your designs. They’ll offer you the chance to jump between all forms of print and digital media with ease and produce pieces that are vibrant to read. Created with attention to detail in mind, these fonts will have you designing gorgeous wedding invitations, holiday cards, magazine covers, and so much more, in no time! 

Mockups are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your design work and make it look more polished and professional. They also bridge the imagination gap that your clients have between your designs and the final application – we all know how hard it is for the clients to ‘get’ how it’s going to look! That’s why we have put together The Designer’s Essential Mockup Toolbox; bringing you a huge range of the most popular mockup templates for every application! From branding to logos, brochures, packaging, apparel, we’ve got it covered!  

Books, packaging, mood boards, homeware, and anything in between, we have a mockup for that! Our latest collection provides a diverse wonderland of inspiration and style to help you create the perfect scene to promote your designs. Hand-selected packs of realistic, attractive, and customizable elements from pillows, clothing tags, and ceramics to book covers, iPhones, and picture frames, amongst other things, provide a natural feel to your creations. Tackle your next presentation, pitch or promotion, with an arsenal of assets second to none. Full of practical and beautiful arrangements, this is a pack you don’t want to miss. 

Announcing The Amazing Designer’s Complete Artistic Library, a bundle that promises to take your creativity to new heights. It includes beautiful textures, brushes, fonts, and illustrations that will come in handy for any level of designer, whether a hobbyist or seasoned professional. From designers like MiksKS, Lisa Glanz, and Set Sail Studios, these diverse products are designed to let your imagination run wild. This library – compatible with Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

Discover a breath-taking collection of beautiful vintage resources to give your work an extra authentic vintage touch! This collection contains professionally scanned and intricately sketched illustrations, along with a host of stunning patterns, textures, fonts, frames, effects and so much more – it really has it all!

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November 22, 2021

Styled Stock Society Black Friday Sale

What’s on your Black Friday shopping list this year? If you’re into Black Friday savings (who isn’t?!), then you’re gonna love this. Styled Stock Society is offering LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP FOR 40% OFF!


All the stock photos. 
All the templates. 
All the resources. 
All the amazing bonus perks. 


And trust me when I say that this is a REALLY BIG DEAL. Why? Because after this sale, Lifetime Membership will be closed! So, if you’ve been thinking about investing in a stock photo membership to take your biz to the next level, now’s the time! 

In case you need a little more convincing, here’s everything you’ll get LIFETIME access to: 

5,000+ stock photos (with new images added WEEKLY) 
UNLIMITED downloads + the photos are yours to keep 1,000+ customizable Canva templates (Instagram carousels, workbooks, blog graphics, & more!) 
Monthly caption guides so you never have to struggle with what to post 
Bonus resources like done-for-you graphics, marketing toolkits, customizable brand kits, and more! 

In other words: No more designing your graphics from scratch. No more shelling out money for stock photos that don’t fit your brand’s look and feel. No more spending hours of time coming up with promotions and captions and marketing materials. It’s ALL IN THE MEMBERSHIP! 

The Black Friday Sale starts on November 23, 2021 at 9AM ET and ends on November 30, 2021 at 11:59PM ET. You know what to do! Just use the code SSS4LIFE at checkout - you seriously don’t want to miss out on this.

She Bold Stock Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

She Bold Stock Content Membership offers stock photos, stock videos, Canva templates, and marketing resources and tutorials at an amazing price! 

Have you ever spent so long designing something for your business that your eyes are starting to cross from staring at the screen? For us non-designers around here, the struggle is real when you put in all that time, and end up with a result that you’re not even happy with. 

This is exactly why Jasmine Hunt filled this membership with SO MANY AMAZING stock content! She realized that not everyone could afford custom design, brand photos, and even if they are professional designers they didn’t have the TIME to create custom work for clients and for themselves. And right now, you can get stock photos, stock videos, Canva templates for online courses, opt-ins, digital products, planners, social media and anything you need! Check out the exclusive deals for annual/ lifetime memberships.

Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to stock videos for all of your video marketing needs and brand kits for brand consistency. If that’s not amazing already, new bonuses for Lifetime members have been added that will teach you how to perfect FACELESS REELS for your audience. No more staring at your phone for 10 minutes before pressing record! 

The sale is up to 50% off between 5am EST on Friday, November 26th to Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 at 11:59pm EST. No coupon code is needed. Check out all of the deets here

The Annual Membership will be 30% off , 199/year (Originally $299/year) 
The Lifetime Membership will be 50% off , $499 (Originally $999)

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BluChic Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

People say that entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners have to “wear many different hats” all the time. I hear that a lot and it’s true, isn’t it? We have to be our own project managers and accountants and customer service reps and so much more. 

But what if your web design hat just doesn’t fit right? As good as you might look in it, you’re not happy with the way it feels when you wear it. Nor how your website actually looks. I’m betting that an ill-fitting hat is keeping you from giving your website the attention that it deserves. The attention that can help your biz grow and thrive. 

You know what? It’s time to find a new web design hat. One that makes you feel confident in creating, designing, and customizing your website. And preferably, one that’s super easy to use. 

Bluchic has gorgeous, professional WordPress themes that are easy to use and fully customizable. If you’re in the health and wellness industry, if you have an online shop, if you’re a blogger or coach or event planner, Bluchic has a theme just for you. 

Best of all, Bluchic’s products look custom-built by a designer, but without that high price tag. And you can save even more $$$ if you shop Bluchic’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! Bluchic’s sale starts Monday, November 22 at 8 am ET and ends Monday, November 29 at 11:59 pm ET. You can get 30% off any Bluchic product, no code needed. How’s that for an awesome Thanksgiving Day treat? 

Fast-action bonuses for customers who buy one of the bundles! That includes the ChicServe, ChicShop, ChicBoss, ChicSavvy, ChicBloom, and ChicWell bundles. 
  • The first 10 purchasers will receive the Buzz-Building ‘Coming Soon’ Page Template ($39 value) 
  • The first 3 purchasers will receive the Buzz-Building ‘Coming Soon’ Page Template ($39 value) and 20 Pre-made Logo & Branding Canva Templates ($97 value) 
  • The FIRST purchaser will receive the Buzz-Building ‘Coming Soon’ Page Template ($39 value), 20 Pre-made Logo & Branding Canva Templates ($97 value), and Installation service for the Bundle ($247 value)

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