October 26, 2022

Quick and Easy to Cook Beef in Black Pepper Sauce

Ever since I tried the Prima Taste Singapore Chili Crab Sauce Kit, I became a fan of their Best Singapore Favorites Meal Sauce Kits so it became part of my grocery list. They offer several kits and so far I’ve tried Singapore Chili Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and just recently, I tried the Premium Black Pepper Sauce.

The sauce is created with the finest selection of black pepper sauce and spices. It can be used for seafood and meat. The packaging includes the ingredients and instructions, though I don’t follow all of them because I only use whatever ingredients I have at home. You can also check their website for more information and cooking video.

Prima Taste Black Pepper Beef

1 pack Prima Taste Premium Black Pepper Sauce 
3 tbsp of Water 
2½ tbsp of Vegetable oil 
275 g Sliced beef 
5 g Cornstarch 
12 g Young ginger, sliced into julienne 
28 g Spring onion, sliced into tubes 
28 g Red Capsicum, sliced into julienne 

1. Mix 275 g of sliced beef with cornstarch and stir-fry in 2½ tbsp vegetable oil on medium heat till almost cooked. Set aside. 
2. Add 3 tbsp water and Prima Taste pack. 
3. Mix well. 
4. Add beef and stir-fry on high heat. 
5. Add young ginger, spring onion and mix well. 
6. Garnish with red capsicum. 
7. Black Pepper Beef is ready to serve. 

I have Meltique Beef so I sliced it into cubes. I stir fry the beef in oil without cornstarch, after 3 minutes, I added the bell pepper and sauce mixed. Cook for a few minutes and serve. I forgot to add the mushroom, sa kakamadali ko. 

The spiciness level is mild pero maanghang pa rin for us, to think na 450g of beef na nga ginamit ko. Despite that, we still like this sauce so I will buy this again. I don’t know if it is available in the supermarket but I bought my sauce kit online. Mukhang menudo lang sa picture pero hindi tomato sauce yan. hehehe!

October 24, 2022

Lunch at Ramen Young Wasabi

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to different places looking for aircon. My son’s aircon is broken so we need to buy a new one. We checked online and visited different malls in Cavite, Laguna, and Alabang. It was Saturday so ang dami tao sa mall so we decided to eat lunch at Verdant Square. 

There are few restaurants there but we ate at Ramen Young Wasabi, upon seated the staff immediately gave us the menu. We browsed the menu but as expected I ordered Pork Tonkatsu PHP325, ewan ko ba ito lagi ang order ko whenever we visit a Japanese restaurant. My husband ordered Ton Shoyu Ramen PHP335. We asked for service water pero hindi daw available so we just ordered Bottled Water PHP25.

We were the first diners so the food was served in less than 15 minutes. My Pork Tonkatsu includes rice, miso soup, and katsu sauce so complete meal na rin. My husband and I finished our food, the taste is good naman medyo oily lang. 

Ramen Young Wasabi 
Monday to Thursday -12:00pm - 9:00pm 
Friday to Sunday - 11:00am - 10:00pm 
Verdant Square, Governor's Drive, Carmona

October 18, 2022

How to Buy Travel Insurance for Philippines Travel Only

We love to travel but we don’t usually buy travel insurance because it is an additional cost to our budget. But after experiencing canceled flights, delayed flights, missed connecting flights, damaged luggage, and lost baggage, our perspective changed. And because of that, we make sure that we have travel insurance whenever we have international trips.

When it comes to domestic trips, we were having second thoughts because we live in the Philippines and we have insurance + health card naman. But after experiencing the global pandemic because of COVID-19 and the weather being so unpredictable, for the very first time, we purchased insurance "Philippines Travel Only" for our Cebu Trip

How to Buy Philippines Travel Insurance Online at Pacific Cross 

Just this year, I bought our travel insurance for our Europe and Asia trip at Pacific Cross so walang isip-isip pa, doon na rin ako bumili ng insurance for our domestic trip. Unlike sa Schengen Travel Insurance na one week bago ko nakabili, for our Asia and Philippines travel insurance pwede na online so I received my insurance after few minutes. 

1. Go to this link  

On this page, you can check the website, download a brochure, get a quote or buy now.  

2. Download the brochure to check the updated rates.  

Pacific Cross Travelsafe with COVID-19 has different plans, so it is up to you what plan you want. For Philippines Travel Only, here are the options. 

Executive Peso  
De Luxe Peso  
Privilege Peso  
Executive Dollar  
Executive De Luxe Plan 

For our 3 days trip, I chose the “Up to 4 Days” plan. Here are the rates for individuals and families. Since we are traveling as a family, I chose Family Rate to save money. The rate varies depending on the plan, destination, and days.  

Philippines Travel Only/Individual/Up to 4 Days 

Executive Peso PHP247 
De Luxe Peso PHP364 
Privilege Peso  PHP573 

Philippines Travel Only/Family/Up to 4 Days  

Executive Peso PHP598 
De Luxe Peso PHP883 
Privilege Peso PHP1399 

3. Click “Get a Quote” or “Buy Now”  
4. Enter your email address. 

Since this is my third time, after entering my email address and clicking next, it went straight to the Application form. No more validation emails.  

5. Then fill out the application form for the principal and family members.  
6. Read the Application Terms and Conditions. Click the tickbox and next.  
7. Review your Travelsafe Insurance Coverage Summary. Click I agree to this site’s Payment Terms and Conditions  
8. Pay via credit card or debit card  
9. After payment, you can now view/print the OCC, Terms, and Conditions, and Application Forms.  
10. You will also receive PDF files at your email address. 

Our flight to Cebu went smoothly but after several hours, we received an email from Philippine Airlines. 

“We would like to inform you that there are changes to your upcoming flight from Cebu (CEB) - Manila (MNL) due to adjustments in our flight operations. 

We apologize for the inconvenience brought about by the flight change. Please select your new flight option."

We just chose the next available flight. Our flight schedule was moved and our flight was delayed too so I checked our travel benefits for flight delay pero may minimum of 6 hours delay or flight difference so I cannot file anything since few hours lang yung flight difference and flight delay namin. But this is one of the reasons, why travel insurance is important because we never know what will happen during our trip.

Do you also buy travel insurance?

October 14, 2022

Teacher Thank You Card

I know that Teacher’s Day is already over but I will still share the cards that I’ve made for my son’s teachers. I purchased this “Teacher Thank You Card” design but I only used it last August. For the past two years kasi, my son only sent digital greeting cards so for a change, I’ve made these cards. 

This is SVG file so I just upload the file to Design Space, and change some layers to score, draw and cut. My son has 10 teachers so one design per teacher. This card is not only for teacher appreciation day, but you can also use this any time of the year if you want to thank your teacher. 

October 13, 2022

14th Birthday Celebration

One of my favorite travel quotes is “You don’t have to be rich to travel well” and my son’s 14th Birthday Celebration is another example that we can travel or celebrate special occasions without spending too much money. 

Why? We used our miles to book our Manila - Cebu -Manila flight, my husband used his points to book our 3 Days and 2 Nights in Sheraton Mactan Cebu and we used our Globe Rewards Points to buy food for my son’s birthday celebration. 

Manila - Cebu -Manila Flight 

Since my son is not also into birthday parties, we usually go out to celebrate his special day except for the past two years because of the pandemic. So we were all looking forward to our Cebu trip because it’s been years since our last domestic flight. And because we no longer travel, our miles are about to expire so I was glad when I learned about the Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway Promotion

I told my husband about it and he called Philippine Airlines to book our tickets, medyo matagal ang booking kasi kanya-kanya kaming miles so matagal process. Pero at least, hindi nasayang miles namin ng anak ko. 

Sheraton Mactan Cebu 

A few years ago, I spent my birthday at Sheraton Manila and a few months ago, my husband celebrated his birthday at Sheraton Manila Club and a few weeks ago my son celebrated his birthday at Sheraton Mactan. Our staycation deserves a separate post so wait for my blog review.   

Cake Topper and Birthday Card

I prepared two cake toppers for my son’s 14th birthday. And we bought his favorite chocolate cake at Contis. 

Video Game Silhouette is from Design Bundle Plus Membership

Birthday Celebration 

Last month, I received a text message from Globe about the 500 Globe Rewards Points so I immediately claimed the gift but I did not redeem the points yet because I don’t know if Shopee Voucher or Food Voucher ang kukunin ko. Good thing that they sent a text message again 3 days before the points expiration so nagmamadali ako sa pagredeem ng points namin. 

My husband and I both redeemed the PHP300 Yellow Cab Voucher and Jollibee Family Spaghetti Pan. We used the voucher on my son’s birthday, so we bought our favorite soy chicken at Yellow Cab and added New Pizza Deal: Get 2 pizzas at PHP799. 

And because we went to Cebu, we had lechon on his birthday. 

We claimed the spaghetti the following day. 

It is almost a week-long birthday celebration. Hehehe! Happy 14th birthday to my favorite son. He is a wonderful gift in our life and we have spent 14 amazing years together and looking forward to spending more years together.

October 11, 2022

Chee-Su Korean Cheesy Garlic Bread

How time flies. It’s been two weeks since my last blog post and I still have a long list of craft projects that I need to finish. But for now, I will pause my crafting life so I can blog again. 

I haven’t been to South Korea but my life revolves around Korean stuff. I watch Korean series and movies, listen to Korean songs even though I don’t understand the lyrics, try beauty products and eat Korean food. I am a fan of Samgyeopsal and Korean products are part of my grocery list. 

Anyway, last month, I finally tried the famous Korean Cheesy Bread. I’ve been seeing this on my Instagram feed but it took me a long time to try because there is no branch near us and I am not a fan of food delivery. 

While strolling Southmall, I saw the Chee-su kiosk so I purchased 4 pieces of Original Cheesy Garlic Bread for PHP390. One piece is PHP130 so it is cheaper if you will buy 2 or 4 pieces. You can also order, add-ons like bacon, salmon, and caviar. They also offer drinks like coffee, water, and soda. What I don't like, nakaexpose yung bread, wala kasi cover yung mga nakadisplay sa counter. 

There are notes printed on the box, it states that there are no preservatives added so the bread must be consumed immediately. You may store it in the fridge for 1-3 days. Reheat in the toaster for 3-4 minutes before eating. 

The bread is big and it tastes good naman. Nacurious ako doon sa creamy filling, matamis kasi. I always buy or make garlic bread and cheesy garlic bread so I am planning to recreate this Korean cheesy garlic bread next time.