September 20, 2018

3 Things to Look for in a Daycare Center in Oceanside

Choosing the right daycare for your child or children is a very crucial decision that you will have to make. You probably don’t want to choose the first daycare that you see or the cheapest that your budget will allow. There are many factors that you need to consider given that this is a place where you will leave your child for hours. You want a place that would cater to your child's needs and satisfy your demands as a parent, too. To make it easier for you, here are some things you need to look for when looking for an Oceanside daycare center.

1. The staff must be well trained and truly love children 

You want the people that will look after your children to be trained. See if they have certifications where they have undergone training on how to deal with a child's needs and personality. Especially if you have a child that may have special needs, you will need someone who can deal with that. You will be paying for their services so you want to make sure that they can deliver. Aside from being trained, you want that whoever will care for your child should actually like children. Children can be a handful, they love to explore, they can be loud, they can make mistakes, and it takes a lot of patience to deal with one how much more several in a room all at once?

2. The facilities must be clean and beautiful 

Children can be very visual. If they see something colorful, they will want to spend time in that place. But they can also be easily distracted and have a short attention span, so you want to see if the daycare center can provide several activities that your children can enjoy. Aside from a playground, what other toys and activities do they have for the children? Aside from these, also make sure that the place is clean. Visit the daycare center to see what the place is like when there are lots of kids. How often is the room cleaned, are their bathrooms equipped with soaps, tissue papers, etc? These are just some of the things you need to consider. A public place can have many germs and viruses and you want to make sure your child will not come home from daycare feeling ill.

3. The programs offered should be diverse and appropriate for different age groups 

If you have children that are of different ages, a daycare that only offers one program for one age group is not ideal. You want a place where all your children will be engaged with activities and they will not get bored. it would be hard to make an eight-year-old enjoy an activity designed for a two-year-old, so ensure that the programs offered can be enjoyed by them.

Of course, above all these, make sure that your children will be safe. Check their protocols on safety, whether all the staff are trained in first-aid and so on so you will feel safe leaving your kids in their hands.

September 19, 2018

6 Tips on How Not to Overspend When Traveling

When you’re traveling to some foreign place, it can be very easy to forgo sticking to your budget because you treat it as a once-in-a-lifetime event. Overspending is a major issue for those on a travel budget, and while it is good to treat yourself once in a while, you don’t have to spend more for something that you can probably get for less.

Traveling is already expensive on its own, and if you overspend, you may end up in debt. If you do that for so many times in a row, it can lead to your financial ruin.

If you’re going on an international trip, it could be difficult to estimate the exact budget you’ll be needing, because of differences in currency and of tourist taxes. Fortunately, there are ways you can safeguard yourself from overspending.

Here are some tips to make your traveling fun, memorable, and within budget.

Determine Overall Budget for Entire Trip 

More specifically, spend the money you actually have. You may be taking credit cards with you on your trip for extra financial security. It may be tempting to whip them out on special occasions or for “last-minute” deals and purchases, but if it’s not part of your budget, it’s best not to do it. If it’s something spontaneous, it’s a good idea to not jump at the first chance. If it’s something like an activity or item you really want, it’s best to do some research first or even haggle if it’s possible to get the best possible deal.

Ideally, you should set a spending limit on how much you will spend daily or for the whole duration of the trip. Another thing to remember that may be helpful is to keep track of every purchase and to keep every receipt so you know how much is left in your budget.

Plan an Itinerary 

If you’re on vacation for more than three days, it’s best to plan an itinerary to schedule your days ahead instead of wandering aimlessly. Having activities per day reduces your chances of spending needlessly on things you see on the sidewalk or at the mall.

Plan for an immersive experience where you can have a taste of the local way of living instead of going to malls. Unless they’re specialty items or things unique to the place or country, you can just do your shopping back home.

An itinerary is also useful for when you need to set the overall budget because you can anticipate what things and activities you need to pay for. You can keep track of your expenses better if you know what you will be doing daily. It’s best to plan ahead for the activities you want in an itinerary because tourist spots usually have good deals for early birds.

Adjust Accommodation Based on Itinerary 

Most travelers spend a lot on travel accommodation because they want to be as comfortable as possible. However, if you have a full itinerary of activities, then you won’t be able to get the best bang for your buck by booking the best room in the hotel.

If your daily activities involve being outdoors, it is recommended to rethink your choice of accommodation. You need to know that five-star hotels or hotels, in general, are not the only options.

There are cheaper alternatives, like hostels, Airbnb, and other services. They may not give you the best privacy, but they’re a lot cheaper, and your budget will thank you for it. They also have similar amenities or even have something more personal to make your stay more comfortable.

Promos Are Your Best Friends 

Before going on your trip, it’s a good idea to look around for promos and even last-minute deals for activities and even for food and drinks. If it’s anything tourist-related, chances are, there are promos for any specific area. These can help reduce your food and activities budget without sacrificing quantity or quality.

Pack Smart 

If you plan to go away for only a couple of days, then it is a good idea to take a small luggage with you. A leather weekender bag is a good choice for this kind of trip because it is spacious to carry all your clothes, including toiletry, but not big enough to be checked in if you’re flying. If you plan to bring back souvenirs, you can fit a couple of them without any worries.

If you’re unsure where to start first, it is a good idea to look at your itinerary to have some idea what to pack. Make sure to consider the weather and what kind of activities you will be doing on your travels so you can anticipate what clothes to bring and wear.

If you plan to bring some gear, like photographing equipment, it’s best to pack them in special bags so they will survive the travel. If you need more tips on what to bring, there are packing checklist resources to guide you.


If you’re traveling by plane, the cheapest way to score tickets is to plan far ahead. You can also buy them during promos if you have a flexible work schedule. Ticket prices for both local and international flights tend to be really cheap six months before the date of departure, so make sure to take advantage of that. If you book ahead, you will have plenty of time to plan out your itinerary as well as save up for the trip.

If you’re a regular flyer or constantly use any travel service, make sure to sign up for loyalty programs for bonus deals and discounts. On another note, if your destination involves a lot of commutes, take some time to research if it is cheaper to rent a vehicle or use the public transport. Depending on where you are in the world, either may be a practical choice that can save you big bucks.

The Bottom Line 

There are still so many ways you can save or stick to your budget when traveling. The tips mentioned above are just general guidelines. The best way to find out what works for you and your circumstance is to practice mindfulness especially about where your money is going to. It also helps to be patient if you want to look for the best deals.

What are your tips to avoid overspending when traveling? List them in the comments below.

5 Tips for Decorating Ceramic Christmas Trees

Are you an artsy or a creative person? Then ceramic Christmas trees are perfect for you. With them, creating your own unique holiday tree with elements that fit your taste the best is easy. These materials can enable you to do your décor in the color, style, and theme of your choice. Ceramic Christmas trees can make your imagination reach beyond the skies. You could either pin tiny light bulbs on the trees or paint the tree with your preferred color and glue small ornaments on it. It all depends on your creativity and what you’d like to achieve.

1. Every Tree Needs a Theme 

If you’re a crafty person and enjoy customizing things so much, then decorating ceramic Christmas trees is something you’d love. These trees are suitable for painting any color you want. Apart from the classic Christmas colors, you can choose from a wide range of tones. For the children’s bedroom, the best decor would constitute of either a pale pink or pale blue tree. A great fit for your kitchen would be yellow and for a parent’s bedroom turquoise. Other trendy colored trees are also available and they include hot pink, purple, rainbow, and painted.

2. Positioning Matters 

Wherever you’re going to have much of your Christmas action, place the tree at the center of it. Whether it’s in the living room or out in the garden, your family and friends can enjoy better if they can see the masterpiece as the focal point of their celebrations.

3. Bring in Both New and Old 

Ceramic Christmas trees come without ornaments. Therefore, they leave room for you to choose what you’d want to put on them. Combine varying sizes of pink vintage ornaments with new white dove decorations to create that whimsical feel. You could also use an over-the-top bow and a traditional star to complement the tree’s color palette.

4. Create Memories 

Attach old photos to the ceramic Christmas tree using mini clothespins to display your favorite memories. It’s best to use photographs that have black-and-white finishes so as to attain cohesiveness. If you have some small papers with past Christmas messages, tag them to the tree to add more personalization.

5. Decorate Even When It’s Not Christmas Time 

Ceramic Christmas trees come white and without ornaments, making it easy to turn them into whatever holiday trees you desire. Therefore, you could decorate the trees during any season instead of waiting for the end of the year. There are endless possibilities that only your imagination can limit. Here are some ideas for a few holidays: ·     

- To get a Mardi Gras tree, use purple paint together with gold and green ornaments ·     
- For a Halloween tree, paint black and use orange and white ornaments ·      
- For Valentine’s Day, use pink paint and glue red and white ornaments ·      
- For an Easter tree, use green paint and glue chicks, bunnies, and eggs ·      
- For the 4th of July, paint the tree blue and glue or pin red and white ornaments


A ceramic Christmas tree can present you with innumerable opportunities to grow your imagination while having fun and memorable moments. You could also create your personal and customized décor no matter the time of year.

Check out ceramic Christmas trees from this website to decorate your home.                     

September 14, 2018

Why and How I Deleted my 20,500 Tweets

I love decluttering and it became part of my life, I used to hoard stuff before for sentimental value sake but as the years go by, I learned to let go most of my stuff. I don’t just declutter our home but I also declutter my laptop files, my emails, my blog, and social media. Yes, I delete emails, files, photos that I no longer need. I update my old posts, delete blog posts and social media posts that no longer serve any purpose. I believe that there is no good reason to keep them.

September 7,2018

Out of the blue, I checked my Twitter Profile last week and I was surprised because I have 20,500+ tweets. Woah! I’m not really active on twitter but I have 20,500 tweets. Anu-ano ang mga yun? Then I realized that everytime I declutter, I forgot to include my Twitter and I guess I have never deleted any tweets since I started last October 2009.

At first, I was curious what were my tweets look like when I started so I search “How I can Find my Old Tweets”. I used Advanced Search, write my twitter handle, choose the date and click search but for some reasons, this is not working. I can’t find my old tweets. I can’t view per year too. I also tried typing this “from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd” on the Twitter Search button but same fate. So I have no choice but to start deleting my recent tweets until I reach year 2009. I’m so crazy.

Twitter has no option of “Delete All Tweets” or “Delete Multiple Tweets”. I have 20,500 tweets and I was estimating that I can finish this before September ends if I will delete 1000 tweet per day. But I got carried away in deleting my tweets, I started September 2018 until I reached November 2017 tweets and then Twitter stopped displaying my tweets. My Profile shows that I still have 17,200 Tweets but I can’t view anything. And because of that, I learned that “Twitter only displays 3,200 most recent tweets and old tweets cannot always be displayed”. Boom! Two days pa lang ko nagdedelete, nasira na plan ko.

I don’t know how long will I wait for the Twitter to display my Tweets. I know that I can use some service Apps like TweeterDelete, TweeterEraser, and TwitWipe but at that time I don’t want to use any app because it means I have to enter my information pa. My husband even suggested to just delete my Twitter account and start again. Grabe, ang harsh naman ng suggestion. Yes, I can easily do that, I did that with my Facebook Page, Google +, YouTube and even my Email Subscription but one thing I knew, ang hirap magpaincrease ng followers noh. As if sikat ako, lol.

September 9, 2018

And because of the deletion limits, I can no longer delete any more tweets but I did not lose hope. I tried searching for my tweets using keywords. I’m pretty sure that I shared most of my blog posts, on the search button, I type my twitter handle and keywords like travel, trip, recipes, DIY, tips, giveaways, and more. Then I started deleting my tweets and I’ve been doing this for the past few days.

I’m just deleting my old tweets not because I want to hide something or because I posted something na nakakahiya. I am just doing a maintenance so I erased my tweets from my old blogs like My Other Nook, Mrs. Ugly Duckling and Michi Home Sweet Home. I deleted the giveaways, press release, discounts, sales, and promo posts that no longer matters. And because I want a fresh start, I want to delete all.

September 13, 2018 

From 20,500 tweets, I was down to 1,600+ tweets but my dilemma is I can no longer think of any keywords, wala na ko maisip na pwede ko pa isearch. Then I checked my Twitter Profile and I was surprised that Twitter already updated my tweets (after 4 days). Yey, so I erased the remaining tweets and finally no more tweets.

September 14, 2018 

I have zero tweets but as of this writing when I checked my Twitter Profile, bigla nagkaroon ng 9 Tweets pero wala na naman ko nakikita. But anyway, I’m happy that my Twitter Problem is now solved. Fresh start and I promised myself that I will include this in my blog and social media clean up every year. Since 3,200 tweets lang naman ang dinidisplay so yun na ang sign ko.
"Sometimes the best way to be happy is to learn to let go of things you tried hard to hold on to that are no longer good for you"
My only regret is, I did not download a backup copy of my tweets and I don’t even have a picture of my Twitter Profile when I reached 20,500+ Tweets for souvenir sake.

Are you keeping your tweets?

September 12, 2018

Althea Korea Birthday Haul

August is my birthday month and Althea Korea surprised me with birthday shopping credits. It is one of the perks of being an Althea Angels. I did not waste my time and check Althea Korea site and started browsing Korean Beauty Products, I just keep on adding products to my cart so naover ako sa budget but it is my birthday naman so I need to treat myself din. I took advantage of the 10% discount promo and I also got a FREE tote bag again.

August 7, 2018 - ordered and paid using shopping credits and Paypal
August 14, 2018 - received the order via Black Arrow Express

My Birthday Haul 

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact ₱480
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream EX ₱790
Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA+++ ₱494
The Saem Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher Rose Fire ₱440
Marine Blue Makeup Brush Set (6pcs) ₱770
Laneige Water Sleeping Mask ₱980
Natural Pure Cotton (100 pieces) ₱140
Argan Glow Hair Oil ₱520
Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist ₱260
Don't Worry Mask 1 Sheet Nutrition ₱24
Don't Worry Mask 1 Sheet Oil control ₱24
Don't Worry Mask 1 Sheet Wrinkle ₱24
White Flower Mask Pack 5 Sheets ₱170
Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic White Vita-C Essence ₱730
Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion ₱230
Free Tote Bag

I ordered old favorites and new K-Beauty products, this is already my 3rd bottle of Skin & Lab Dr. Vita Clinic White Vita-C Essence and Boomdeahdah Rose Body Lotion.

I am currently using The Saem Saemmul Cream Stick Blusher (Coral) and I love this so I bought the Rose variant. It adds natural shine on your face. I also love the smell of this cream stick blusher.

Innisfree is one of the popular brands in Korean Beauty Products but the price is not cheap but since I have shopping credits, I bought Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Pact, Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream EX, and Innisfree Daily UV Protection Cream No Sebum SPF35 PA+++. The No Sebum Mineral Pact has only white color so ending mukha ko geisha pag ginamit ko but I still use it, very light na lang ang lagay para di sobrang puti ng face ko. The Daily UV Protection Cream is not sticky but I don’t like the smell of this, maybe because of the packaging, parang may amoy plastic. I haven’t tried the Green Tea Balancing Cream yet pag naubos na yung cream ko, I will use it.

I’ve been meaning to buy Laneige beauty products because I always see this brand in some Korean Drama series that I’ve watched. I only have Laneige Toner Pack which is part of my Althea Lazy Sunday Box. This brand is so expensive so I was hesitant to try but since it is my birthday month, pikit mata ko na lang binili. I’ve been using this Laneige Water Sleeping Mask since last month and I love it, sulit naman siya because it will last for a long time. You can only use this twice or thrice a week. If you want “I woke up like this” look, gamitin mo ito. Hehehe! I will try their other products if I have extra budget.

I’m not really into make-up products but I bought Marine Blue Make-up Brush Set because I realized that I only have one make-up brush at home. So I’m investing on this brush so I can learn how to apply makeup but first, aalamin ko muna kung paano gamitin yung brush.

I always use cotton pads so I bought Natural Pure Cotton but this one is so thin, mas prefer ko yung nabibili sa supermarket. I haven’t use these products pa so I will just update my post next time. Argan Glow Hair Oil, Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist, Don't Worry Mask 1 Sheet Nutrition, Don't Worry Mask 1 Sheet Oil control, Don't Worry Mask 1 Sheet Wrinkle, and White Flower Mask Pack 5 Sheets.

If you haven’t tried Althea Korea site, use this link to get a discount on your first order. Minimum of P1500.

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This post contains affiliate link/s. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

September 07, 2018

Lunch at The Pantry of Dusit Thani Manila Hotel

I think it is a sign of aging when I don’t feel excited anymore on my birthday. I find it weird but it feels like an ordinary day to me and it is not that fun when I have to plan or decide for my own birthday celebration. Mas iniisip ko pa yung birthday ng anak ko. But of course, it is my special day so I want to celebrate it with my family or close friends.

When August month came, I was thinking if I will have a birthday staycation or buffet celebration. My birthday falls on a weekday and just like last year, tumapat pa sa coding so hindi na naman kami makakaalis. We have two holidays this August so we can have a long weekend vacation but there were unexpected expenses; we bought new furniture in the house and my MIL had an operation so my husband shared on the bill.

So I thought our lunch at Las Flores is already my birthday celebration but my husband reserved seats at The Pantry of Dusit Thani Manila Hotel for my post birthday celebration. We normally eat at the usual buffet restaurant to take advantage of the birthday promo but for a change, we’re going to eat at the hotel.

Lunch at The Pantry 

On our way to Dusit Thani Hotel, my husband received a call, the staff was confirming our reservation. We arrived past 11AM and parking was full already, there is valet parking but we decided to park elsewhere. There is a parking area just in front of the hotel so we did not have any problem. I always see Dusit when I was still working in Makati but I was in college years when I first and last visited the hotel so ang dami na nagbago.

Since we were so early, we went to the mall first so I can buy white shorts for my son’s Cheers and Yells Competition. When we went back, we just waited at the "The Pantry Grab & Go" area, hindi pa talaga sila nagpapasok and they started calling the diners past 12NN na. So finally, it is buffet time.

The Pantry is an all-day dining restaurant of Dusit Thani Manila Hotel and it is quite new, three years pa lang itong restaurant. It boasts on their farm-to-fork fare, where they get organic and locally produced ingredients from Tagaytay to create their International dishes. I was excited to try their restaurant but when I checked their buffet spread, I was a little bit disappointed. The rate is P2,150 and it was lunch time so of course, I was expecting more food options and live cooking stations. Pero mas marami pa yung breakfast buffet that we experienced at Cafe Ilang Ilang, Circles and Spiral.

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Cafe Ilang Ilang at The Manila Hotel
Circles at Makati Shangri la Hotel

The Pantry is serving International dishes such as Indian, Italian, Filipino and Pan-Asian cuisines. They have a bread station, a fresh station for salad, fruits and sushi, beverage station, dessert station, seafood station, and carving station. Though there are several stations, don’t expect a lot of choices, like sa cold cuts and cheese, 3 choices lang.

Watch the video here.

Honestly, I was sad when I saw their buffet spread because I’m a meat lover so I was looking forward to carving station, but I only see lechon, pork loin for ramen and beef brisket. Actually, lechon and baked salmon saved my day. Nahappy na ko ng slight kasi at least nandun yung dalawang favorite ko. The beef brisket is dry so I did not enjoy it.

Well, if you are a seafood lover you will enjoy this restaurant because there are big wok of shrimps, crabs, and seashells. It is not for display, you can grab those seafood. My husband was very much satisfied with his seafood diet.

They have a lot of choices for dessert and my son’s favorite is churros. My favorite is their homemade ice cream and DIY Halo-Halo. My husband prefers fruits kaso naubusan siya nung mango so he asked kung pwede magpaslice and the staff said, for display lang daw yun. So my husband said okay and went back to our table without mango.

Next time fruits muna para di maubusan.
After few minutes, I saw the foreigner beside our table, holding a platter of mango. Yes, isang plato talaga na kasya sa family of five niya. I checked the fruit station and hindi naman sila nagrefill. Wow, akala ko ba wala na mango and for display lang. Bakit may platter of mango yung katabi namin? So pag Pinoy wala, pero pag foreigner magagawan ng paraan magkaroon ng mango. I felt irritated pag ganito, we understand naman kung wala na pero if makikita mo na yung iba meron, nakakainis lang. So iba din ba service ng staff nila sa celebrity at foreigner vs ordinary people like us? It happened to us at Makati Shangri la Hotel too. I told my husband about it and he said, hayaan na lang sa bahay na lang siya kakain ng mango. Lol

Well, honestly their service is good naman, they are fast in getting the used plates, refilling our water, serving tea and others. Sumablay lang talaga dun sa staff sa fruit station. It was Saturday but the restaurant was not crowded so you will enjoy your buffet time. The other problem is their air condition, mainit e. I don’t know if it is because we are near the door so open and close yun at di nagstay ang lamig but I hope they can improve that.

Overall, our buffet experience is a hit and miss. My husband enjoyed it but not me. Hehehe! Good thing that we availed the credit card promo so we got 45% discount for adult rate and 50% of the regular rate for my son. So I suggest if you want to try this restaurant, look for a promo.

The Pantry Buffet Rates 

Breakfast: 1,450 nett per person
Sunday Brunch: PHP2,800 nett per person inclusive of craft beer, wine, mimosa bar and infused gin tonic bar.

Monday-Friday 1,950 nett per person
Saturday 2,150 nett per person
Sunday 2,500 nett per person (without wine)
             2,950 nett per person (with wine & Chandon)

Monday-Friday 2,200 nett per person
Saturday-Sun 2,350 nett per person

*All rates are inclusive of juice, coffee or tea except for Sunday Lunch which is our Crossover Sunday Brunch.

September 05, 2018

4 Ways to Plan for an Epic Gender Reveal Party

Most parents go for an anatomy scan ultrasound to check the gender of their unborn child before finally making the big reveal to their close friends and relatives. Holding a gender reveal party is a great way of coming together and having an epic moment with your friends and family. There are many different ways that you can plan for a gender reveal party, but let’s look at four ways to make it smooth and fun.

Come up with a theme 

Pick a theme that you love and that will most suit you depending on whether you will have a combined gender reveal event or not.  Choose suitable decorations like napkins and table centerpieces with bright colors and décor. If you will be holding the party in your home ensures that the colors blend well with your home interior décor.

Pick on balloons, images or any type of theme that you feel will make the day brighter and fun. You can also include a few games where people are grouped in teams if you like to make it more fun for those attending.

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Create a guest list 

Gender reveal parties are not for everyone in your neighborhood so select a few of your closest friends and relatives and make a list of the number of people attending. Gender reveal parties are more fun when they are smaller. This way you will be able to plan better on the food and any other activities that you might need for the party.

Start with the people that are the first priority before narrowing down to any additional friends. Having determined who will be on the list, decide on a date and send out the invites at least a month earlier to help people plan for the big reveal. This will also give you ample times to receive feedback, know who will make it and who will not.

Get help 

Planning for any event can be tough, especially if you are doing all the planning alone so get some help. This can be in terms of ideas on how to make the day more special or for putting up the decorations. Get friends and family to help you out with the preparations so that everything goes smoothly and you don’t end up looking tired and exhausted on the day when you are supposed to be having memorable moments.

Document the event 

It is always good to have memorable moments shared with your loved ones. Have a camera or photographer to capture the moments in pictures or videos. You can either hire a photographer or videographer or find someone who will do it for you. This will leave you with memories of the day that you can always look back to and enjoy in the future as a family.

A gender reveal party needs to be fun, enjoyable and memorable so pick on the best games, people an activity to engage in. This can be depending on the gender or not, but ensure that everyone has fun on that day before you finally reveal the gender to them. Get more Gender Reveal Ideas for an epic party with your loved ones.

September 03, 2018

How to Apply for PWD ID in the Philippines

Five years ago I learned that I can apply for PWD ID but after reading and hearing some stories, I was hesitant to apply. There are cases na kahit complete requirements naman, denied, rejected or pinapabalik-balik pa. I don’t want to experience the stress at bawal nga sa akin ang stress so I just let go of the possibility that I can get a PWD ID.

Two years ago I’ve read a post in our Psorphil group about PWD ID again, our President informed us about their meeting with NCDA and he confirmed that we can really apply for PWD ID under Psychosocial Disability or Orthopedic Disability. Then every time that we have a monthly meeting nalalaman ko na meron na mga PWD ID yung mga co-members ko, ako na lang yata ang wala. So I checked all the requirements and reminded myself that I will get Certification of Disability from my doctor.

My doctor gave my certification last March 2017 but I forgot to apply because I went to my mom for our two months vacation hanggang sa nakalimutan ko na. Finally, after so many years of delay, I finally got my PWD ID last December 2017. I went to my doctor for my routine check-up and asked if she can give me a new certification para sure baka sabihin sa PDAO, expired na e.

Who are Qualified for PWD ID (Person With Disability) in the Philippines? 

1. Visual impairment
2. Hearing Loss
3. Orthopedic disability
4. Learning disability
5. Psychosocial disability
6. Chronic Illness
7. Mental Disability

Some doctors are proactive, sila na mismo magsasabi na you are qualified to get PWD ID lalo na dun sa mga may Learning and Mental Disability.

Requirements for Person With Disability ID

Requirements may vary depending on the city or municipality where you live, yung iba nga hiningan pa ng voter’s ID and birth certificate so it is better to visit PDAO. In my experience, here is the list of requirements that I need to submit.

Requirements for PWD ID (New)

1. Doctor Assessment
2. Medical Certificate from MHO (client with chronic illness)
3. Barangay Clearance
4. 1x1 picture (2 pcs)

Requirement for PWD ID (Renewal) 

1. Old PWD ID

I only have Certification of Disability and pictures so I went to Barangay Hall to get my clearance. On my way to the Barangay Hall, the PDAO staff called me and asked for my Medical Certificate. I told them that I no longer have the original copy of Medical Certificate since my husband already submitted it to our Health Card company for reimbursement. The staff informed me na okay lang daw kahit photocopy. Yey, akala ko pupunta pa ko ulit sa doctor.

Good thing that my husband always has a scanned copy so we went home to print my medical certificate and went back to PDAO office. So I submitted my Certification of Disability, Medical Certificate from my doctor and 2 pcs of 1x1 picture. I did not fill out a form, sila na nagsulat lahat while asking me all the information. Pinapirma na lang nila ko. After several minutes, they gave me my ID and two purchase booklet, one for medicine and one for groceries.

Yehey! Finally, I can enjoy the PWD Benefits, malaking tulong yung discount for medicines, check-ups, laboratories and more.

Benefits of PWD ID 

20% Discount and 12% VAT exemption 

1. Hotels and similar lodging
2. Restaurants
3. Recreation centers
4. Theaters, cinema houses, concert hall, circuses carnivals, and other similar places of culture, leisure, and amusement
5. Medicine
6. Medical and dental services including diagnostic and laboratory fees and professional fees of attending doctors in all private hospitals and medical facilities.
7. Domestic air and sea travel
8. Public railways, skyways and other public utility vehicles.
9. Funeral and burial service for the death of the PWD

Note: There are cases that they don’t accept the PWD ID because the product or service that you avail are already discounted or nakapromo na. Read my story here. But there are establishments that still give VAT exempt sa mga nakapromo nila which is yun naman ang dapat.

5% Discount 

1. Basic necessities
2. Prime commodities

Note: Purchases should not exceed P1300 a week to avail of the 5% discount. Not all products in the supermarket are included in the 5%, there is a list of basic/prime commodities.
Tip: Don’t forget your booklet to avail of the 5% discount.

Other Benefits 

1. Educational assistance
2. Continuance of the same benefits and privileges given by GSIS, SSS and Pag-ibig.
3. Express lanes for PWD in all commercial and government establishments.
4. Protection against verbal and non-verbal ridicule and vilification.

First Offense: Fine not less than 50,000 not more than 100,000 and/or 6 months to two years imprisonment.

For any subsequent violation, a fine not less than P100,000 but not exceeding P200000 or imprisonment for not less than two years but not more than six years, or both at the discretion of the court.

I know some people who are qualified for PWD ID but they don’t want to get one kasi ayaw nila malabel na may disability sila. Well, in my case, sayang ang benefits.

Some benefits that I know na meron sa ibang city or municipal 

1. Free parking
2. Free movie

After 6 months, PDAO staff went to our house to update my information. They asked for my PWD ID and nagfill-out ulit sila ng form for me. They even asked for my ID pictures, I told them that I don't have 1x1 pictures and kakaapply ko lang last December. Pumayag naman and pagrenew ko na lang daw yung picture. Feeling ko vineverify din nila kung resident nila yung nag-apply.

August 30, 2018

Brunch at Cafe Mary Grace

Since last week, my son was busy practicing for their Cheers and Yells. They have this yearly competition in their school from Grade 1 to Grade 6. I was not able to watch their past competition since there was no invitation, feeling ko for students lang. But after few years, I learned na pwede naman pala manood ang parents so I asked my son if he wants us to watch his competition. He said “No, it’s embarassing”. Kaloka, nahihiya na siya na ngayon, e since preschool nanonood naman kami. 

My husband was free so we went to school to watch their Cheers and Yells, my son was surprised when he saw us in the Audigym, #stageparents hehehe! We’re happy to see his performance and to watch other grade levels performance too. How I wish, alam ko na pwede manood parents, sana since Grade 1 napanood ko para may pictures and videos. And bonus pa, nagchampion pa sila, they beat the Grade 5 and 6 level. Sulit yung pagbili ko ng white shorts for their costume. Second time na nila nagchampion. 

Grade 1 (2015) - 1st runner up 
Grade 2 (2016) - Champion 
Grade 3 (2017) - No Cheers and Yells Competition 
Grade 4 (2018) - Champion 

After watching, it is time for errands but we decided to eat brunch first kasi magugutom na naman ko sa pila sa bank and SSS. We dropped by at Southwoods Mall just to eat, nag-iisip ako kung ano pa ba ang hindi namin nakainan sa Southwoods Mall and I remember Cafe Mary Grace. They recently opened a branch here. Yey! 

The last time that we ate at Cafe Mary Grace was five years ago pa at Alabang Town Center branch. I remember that they don’t have rice meals, more on desserts and pasta sila so hindi na naulit. Just this year, I learned that they have branch in Festival Mall so I was able to buy cheese roll and ensaymada pag napapadaan. 

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Yesterday, we had brunch at Cafe Mary Grace and I was glad that they already improved their menu. They have rice meals na rin. We ordered Seafood Pasta P350 and Sirloin Beef Tapa with Egg P398. There were only few diners so our orders were served after 15 minutes. 

The Seafood Pasta is a medley of fresh clams, mussels, prawns, cream dory, squid with herbs, mushrooms and olives. My husband said, it was yummy and he finished everything and no doubt that it is one of the best sellers. I was surprised when I saw the Sirloin Beef Tapa, ang dami pala serving so it is good for sharing if you have kids na kasama. It has side dishes pa and sarap na sarap si hubby dun. I did not try it kasi hindi ko mahilig sa may vinegar na food except adobo and daing na bangus. The price is a little bit pricey buti na lang masarap food and service is good.

Cafe Mary Grace
Ground Floor, Garden Atrium,
Southwoods Mall,
Brgy. San Francisco, Southwoods City,
Biñan, Laguna

Monday - Sunday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

August 28, 2018

Lunch at Las Flores BGC

Las Flores which means “The Flowers” is a Spanish tapas bar restaurant located in BGC and Ortigas. I learned about this restaurant two months ago because my husband had his Despedida here. His boss ordered a lot so I was able to try the Paella Negra, may leftover. Hehehe! I did not like Paella Negra but my husband said, may isa pa na paella na masarap and masasarap din yung kinain nila so again I just took note of this restaurant.

Last week, we went to Furniture Source Philippines to buy some furniture and it was time for lunch but we could not find a restaurant that we like in Santolan Plaza. I wanted to eat buffet meals but I changed my mind kasi baka hindi rin sulit kasi late na so I suggested to my husband Las Flores so off we went to BGC.

We did not have any reservation and the place was packed so the staff informed us na wala pa sila available table sa loob so kung okay lang ba sa labas kami and we agreed. While the staff was preparing our table, may nagbill-out na so we immediately transferred. The interior of the restaurant is simple but elegant. The tables and chairs are not uniform but still looks nice.

Though my husband ate here before, hindi naman niya alam kung ano yung mga inorder ng boss niya so it feels like first time. We are having a hard time choosing so we just took advantage the lunch menu. Lunch Menu is available from Monday to Friday 11AM to 3PM, this includes one appetizer and one main dish for P595 + SC 

Ensalada de Burrata Con Tarta de Tomate, Piñones y Pesto
Pimientos Del Padron Con Torreznos
Crema de Calabaza Asada Con Boletus y Crujiente De Wonton

Main Dishes 
Butifarra Catalana
Chipirones Andaluza
Huevos Estrellados & Shitake Mushrooms
Gambas Al Ajillo + P95

Desserts + P120 
Apple Tatin
Tarta de Santiago

Ice Cream + P95 
Milk & Ginger
Salted Caramel
Passion Fruit Sorbet

My husband and I ordered Crema de Calabaza Asada Con Boletus y Crujiente De Wonton and Boquerones for the appetizer. Butifarra Catalana and Huevos Estrellados & Shitake Mushrooms for main dishes. Churros and Cheesecake for dessert. My son cannot finish the lunch menu so we just add Chorizo P230 and extra rice P120.

The restaurant was packed but you won’t feel it so if you want some privacy, you can consider this place. This is good for couples, families, friends and even for big groups. It takes time before they serve the order so make sure that you are not that hungry when you dine here. They serve the appetizer first and complimentary chips, I was expecting for bread pero chips lang ang meron.

Crema de Calabaza Asada Con Boletus y Crujiente De Wonton or Pumpkin Soup with Shitake Mushrooms and Crispy Wonton. I’m not fond of pumpkin soup but I enjoy this one. The Boquerones is a traditional Spanish marinated anchovies, I tried it but I did not like it but my husband enjoyed this appetizer. My son loved his Chorizo or Spanish Chorizo Croquettes.

Butifarra Catalana has Catalan sausage, marbled potatoes, caramelized onions and shitake mushrooms. Huevos Estrellados & Shitake Mushrooms have fried eggs, shitake mushrooms and potatoes, the waitress asked us if i-mix na ba daw niya yung Huevos but I declined. Of course, gusto ko kuhanan ng picture. Hehehe!

While waiting for our dessert, I was surprised kasi bigla na lang may nagplay ng “Happy birthday” song. In my mind, ay may birthday celebration ngayon and mas nashock ako na sa akin pala papunta yung cake. Wow, I have no idea that my husband will surprise me. Thank you for the complimentary cake. At the same time, they served our cheesecake and churros. The churros is good for sharing, it has vanilla ice cream and chocolate dipping sauce. I like the cheesecake, I like the combination of creamy and crunchy dessert. The free chocolate cake is delicious too.

Looking at our meals, parang ang konti lang for three persons pero sobrang nabusog kami. The price is on the pricey side but we have no regrets in trying this Spanish restaurant. We enjoyed our food and service is good. For parking, they have valet parking.

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Las Flores BGC
Ground floor, One Mckinley Place,
25th Street corner 4th Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig