September 29, 2017

Glimpse of Supermarket in Norway

Whenever we travel, we always go to a supermarket or convenience store so we can buy foods and drinks. It is cheaper than buying snacks or drinks in tourist spots area. Visiting supermarket is a learning experience too because you can see a glimpse of their lifestyle. You will notice the similarities and difference from your home country. 

During our summer trip in Norway, we’re a frequent visitor of the supermarket. We usually go with my mom before or after her work, weekends or holiday. There are 4 supermarkets in Ørland, there is REMA 1000, Europris, Extra Coop and Bunnpris. If you are Asian, you can also go to Asiamat, I already blog about this store here.

Their supermarket is small if I will compare it to our grocery stores in the Philippines. But since I live in the province, hindi naman siya nalalayo sa size ng supermarket sa amin. Hehehe! 

12 Things I learned during our supermarket trip

1. The opening and closing time of the supermarket varies so even you are working, you can go to the grocery. Just like my mom, sometimes if she needs flowers in the office, she can go to the supermarket. There is a grocery store that is open as early as 7:30AM and there is a supermarket that is open until 10PM. 

2. Malls are closed during the holiday so make sure nakabili ka na bago magholiday. Bunnpris is open even on holidays, nakabili na kami dito ng holiday. 

3. Just like in Japan, there is no bagger so you need to pack your own grocery. 

4. Plastic bag is not FREE, you need to pay for that or just bring your own bag to save money. 

5. Grocery carts are so cool too, I saw a grocery cart where you can put your baby while shopping. There is also one grocery cart that you need to put NOK10 so you can use it, You need to return the cart so you can get your NOK10 back. It is a nice way to discipline people to return their cart. Hindi tulad sa Pinas na may kumukuha ng grocery cart sa parking. Check the video.

6. If you want to buy bread, you need to slice and pack it by yourself. 

7. There is no wet market here so most of the kinds of seafood are already cooked like shrimp and squid. 

8. Most of the fish are already cleaned and sliced according to your needs. 

9. They are selling fresh herbs too as in nakatanim pa sa small pot. 

10. Their grocery stores have an app where you can check the sale, discount, or freebies. Sometimes you will also receive flyers in your mailbox regarding the sale. 

11. Not all stores are giving the receipt, siguro para tipid sa paper. Before we went back to the Philippines, I bought pasalubong and after I paid my stuff, I asked my mom, 

Me: Ma, bakit ako wala resibo? 
Mom: Hiningi mo ba? Tinatanung niya kung gusto mo ng receipt para iprint niya. 
Me: Ganun, hindi ko naman siya naintindihan e, di naman English! Hehehe! 

That is the problem if there is a language barrier, I remember our Japan experience, the cashier is saying something about the plastic bag and I asked for two pieces. (sign language) Then I was shocked when I saw my receipt, may bayad pala yung plastic. Sana pinagkasya ko na lang sa isang bag. Hehehe! 

12. You can also withdraw from the cashier, let say your total bill is NOK200, then you will use your ATM to pay, bayad ka ng sobra then yung change ibibigay sayo.

We also visited two supermarkets in Bjugn, you can check our experience here. How about you, do you like going to the supermarket?

September 28, 2017

2 Days Trip in Camiguin

My son will be celebrating his birthday soon and I remembered our trip in Camiguin. We decided not to have a birthday party since we are not fond of a big party and off we went to Camiguin to celebrate my son’s second birthday. This was our first family trip via plane and my son’s first plane and boat experience.

We were supposed to go to Boracay but we did not like the available flights so we decided to go to Cagayan De Oro and Camiguin instead. There’s no regret because we enjoyed our CDO and Camiguin trip. We booked a CDO flight and rode a ferry boat to Camiguin Island.

At that time, I thought we needed to reschedule our trip because my hubby would be in Shanghai, China, fortunately, he was able to go home the day before our flight. Thank God that we were able to make the trip. Our 5AM flight was moved to 6:05AM because of PAL issue, I was a bit worried because we needed to catch up on our 8:30AM boat trip to Camiguin. Our plane touchdown is 7:45AM, so it is like an Amazing Race game just to reach the port. We took a cab and haggled for a P300 and not a P350 trip.

There was a bit of traffic so I really prayed hard that we could make it because I do not want the second option. We are so happy that we made it on time. We rode, Para Sea Cat Ferry but I’m not sure if they are still operating. It is a two-hour travel time before we reach Camiguin Island.

Rates (2011): 
Deck Php. 400.00
View Deck Php. 400.00
Business Class Php. 600.00

Alternate route (2011):   Go to Agora Market, P350 asking price of a taxi driver. Travel time is 30-45 mins. In Agora market, ride a bus bound for Butuan City. (Rural Transit-Yellow buses) going to Balingoan (pronounced as balingwan) port (P130) Travel time is 1hr 45mins - 2hrs. In Balingoan bus terminal, walk or ride a multi-tricycle (P7) to the port proper. (multi-tricycle can carry up to 7pax); port is 100meters away. In Balingoan port,  take the ferry going to Benoni wharf (P135). Travel time is around 1hr 20mins.

Where to stay in Camiguin: 

We stayed in Secret Cove Resort, which is fifteen minutes away from Camiguin White Island. If you are going to Camiguin, finding accommodation is not difficult because there are a lot of guesthouses. The tough part is choosing where you will stay.

I booked our accommodation one month before the trip. Reserving an accommodation is not difficult, I just emailed them and that’s it. No reservation fee.   I chose Secret Cove Resort because

1. Affordable price.
2. Proximity to White Island.
3. Food. I’ve read so many good reviews and they did not fail my expectations. The food is yummy, they have big servings and the price is very reasonable.

During our trip, I was surprised that there were so many tourists in Camiguin maybe because of the approaching Lanzones Festival. I was glad that I booked a tour guide a month before our trip so we had no problem exploring Camiguin Island. Our tour guide also suggested the boatman for our White Island trip.

Secret Cove Resort
Yumbing, Mambajao, Camiguin, Philippines
Telephone #: (+63) (88) 387-9084
Fax #: (+63) (88) 387-9184 E

We only had two days in Camiguin and here are the places that we visited.

Day 1 Camiguin Tour 

We did not waste our time, we just took our lunch, and off we went for our tour. We visited Tres Marias Volcano, Walkway to the Old Volcano, Ruins of Gui-ob church, Sunken Cemetery, Sto Nino Cold Spring, Soda Swimming Pool and Ardent Hot Spring.

Day 2 Camiguin White Island

Your trip won’t be complete without visiting the Camiguin White Island. As early as 5:30 we’re on our way to the island. It is a 15-20 minute boat ride from the resort. There is no shade or trees on the island so we did not stay that long at baka masunog kami.

Camiguin Tour  Part 2 

After our breakfast, we checked out already and we continued our Camiguin Tour. We visited Katibawasan falls, Camiguin Animal Breeding Center & Ostrich Production Center, Giant Clam Culture.

J&A Fish Pen

After our half-day tour, we ate at J&A Fishpen. Do not leave Camiguin without trying this restaurant. The restaurant has their own fish pond where you will choose your seafood and they will cook it according to your preference.


For pasalubong, don’t forget to buy lanzones or pastel. When we went there, it was “Lanzones Festival” month so we bought lanzones and boxes of yummy pastel.

Have you been to Camiguin?

September 27, 2017

Ice Cream in Norway

One of the reasons why I gained weight last summer is because I always eat cakes and ice cream. My mom always bakes a cake every weekend, I already shared my two favorite cakes in Norway, the World’s Best Cake and Pavlova. Not only that, she also buys ice cream because my son and I love ice cream. There are also cake that you need to put ice cream on top para mas masarap. Magdiet ka pa ba?

Yes, even we are freezing cold during our stay, we can’t help but eat their ice cream. Is or ice cream in Norway are really yummy. Though I’ve seen popular brands like Ben & Jerry and Haagen Daaz in their supermarket, we still prefer other brands because it is cheaper din. I can eat those ice cream here in the Philippines but the ice cream of Norway, bihira. As of this writing, I'm missing these foods, so for now, Arce Dairy muna kami. Hehehe!

So if you are going to Norway, don’t forget to try this ice cream. 

Diplom-Is is owned by Tine, a Norwegian manufacturer of ice cream and other dairy products. We tried their Krokan, Vanilla, 3 in 1 flavor and cone ice cream. 

Krokan is a caramelized sugar mixed with butter and almonds, it is similar to brittle that we know here in the Philippines, maybe ito yung sosyal na version. Hehehe! They have Krokan ice cream flavor too and it is my stepdads favorite flavor. 

Sometimes, my mom will buy the 3 in 1 ice cream pero naiiwan lang lagi yung strawberry flavor. So we made strawberry-banana smoothie para hindi sayang.  

My most favorite ice cream brand is Royal (Diplom-Is) because it is creamy and I like their flavor, so far we have tried Vanilla, Kaffe Mocca, Skjokalade and Skogsbaer and Skjokolade flavor

My son likes the cone ice cream of Diplom-Is and Hennig-Olsen. Hennig-Olsen Is is another brand of ice cream in Norway. It is a family-owned ice cream factory in Kristiansand, Norway. 

What is your favorite ice cream in Norway?

Car Insurance Benefits That You Need to Consider When Buying an Auto Insurance

Some say that having a car is not an investment because the value of the car depreciates from the moment it leaves the car shop. Aside from that, there are so many expenses that you need to consider if you have a car like fuel, parking fees, toll fees, maintenance fees, and car insurance.

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Yes, having car insurance is very important because we cannot predict the future and no matter how careful we are, accidents happen on the road. It is an additional cost in your pocket but you never know when you need so it is better to invest in insurance. There are so many auto insurances in the market, in fact, whenever you register your car you need to pay for insurance. But of course, the coverage is very limited so you get what you pay for.

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Buying car insurance is not cheap, it depends on the coverage and also on your car. If you ask me if the insurance fee is worth it, my answer is yes, because when my husband had an accident several years ago we did not pay anything for the repair. We only paid for the towing fee. Good thing my husband was safe but it took them 2 months to repair the car. We’ve experienced two minor accidents and the insurance company shouldered everything.

If you are planning to buy car insurance, it is very important that the insurance covers the “Acts of God Protection”, I remember the typhoon Ondoy, we attended an event and on our way home, the SLEX was already flooded but my husband tried to cross the flood. We were able to pass the flood but when we arrived home, my husband checked the car mat, it was damp. The car had been checked and fixed and paid for by the insurance company.

Anyway, if you still remember my post about my Schengen Visa Application. I bought our travel medical insurance online. While browsing Malayan Insurance site, I noticed that they are also offering other insurances including car insurance. Just like the travel medical insurance, you can get a quotation online and you can also buy it online. Check it here.

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If you want to invest in auto insurance, make sure that you have these benefits. These are the car insurance & car insurance policy coverage of Malayan Insurance

1. Automobile Loss/Own Damage
2. Third Party Liability
3. Auto Personal Accident
4. Acts of God Protection or Acts of Nature
5. Riots, Strikes, & Civil Commotion Coverage
6. Standard Automobile Accessories Protection
7. Optional Valuable Accessories Protection
8. Loss of Use
9. 160 Accredited Repair Shops

Malayan Insurance Facebook Instagram Website 

September 25, 2017

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Wig

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Nowadays, wearing a wig became a popular trend and a lot of people are now using a wig for different reasons. One reason is if you have a medical condition like alopecia or suffering from hair loss because of stress or chemotherapy. Second, if you are tired of your look and you want to improve your hairstyle. The third reason is for fun and entertainment; singers, models, actors, actress and even cosplayers use wigs to change their hairstyle. 

Getting a new look is easy by wearing a wig but of course, there are few things that you should know before buying a wig. 

1. Do your homework 

It is very important to do your homework. Take time to research, read and ask for suggestions and recommendations from your friends or family. Buying wig is like buying clothes, there are sizes that you need to consider so know your head circumference. Think for your hair type, cap type, hairstyle and even color of wigs that you need to purchase.

2. Budget 

There are different types of wigs in the market and prices vary depending on the type of wig that you will purchase. You can choose synthetic, heat friendly synthetic hair or natural hair, synthetic is more affordable compared to human hair. 

3. How to Put On your Wig 

Putting on your wig varies, it depends on your hair condition. If you have hair, you might need to use a cap to flatten the hair. Some use bonding wig, double sided-tape or hair clip to secure the wig on the head. 

4. Taking Care of yout Wig

If this is your first time to buy a wig, it is best to read articles on how to take care of your wig. You need to know how to maintain the shape, how to store it properly or if you need beauty tools in order to protect your wig. 

Looking for wigs is not a problem because you can buy wigs online. You can browse different styles of wigs according to color, hairstyle, and types without leaving your home. Not only that, e-commerce site like Divatress sells hair care products for your wigs and you can even read “hair care and wig care” instructions. 

September 22, 2017

How to Make Coconut Oil

I love making palitaw for merienda because it is so easy to make. All you need is glutinous rice, water, shredded coconut, sugar and sesame seeds. You can check here the recipe. Since we are just a family of three, I only make a dozen of palitaw and because of that, I have a lot of leftover shredded coconut.

I really don’t know what to do with the leftover. If I will make a meal with coconut milk, masyado naman siya konti. So last month, I made my very first homemade coconut oil. I watch some YouTube videos to give me an idea. Some use blender but I only use my hand to squeeze it. Anyway, here are the steps. 

1. Boil water.
2. I place the shredded coconut in a strainer then pour the warm water.
3. I let it rest for few minutes and I squeeze the coconut milk. Repeat the process. 
4. I place the coconut milk in a bowl with cover.
5 .Refrigerate the coconut milk until coconut oil solidifies.
6. The following day, I remove the first layer (solid coconut oil) and put it in a pot and cook in low heat. 

7. Check from time to time. It is done when you see some toasted coconut bits. 
8. If you want a clear coconut oil, strain it using paper towel or cheese cloth to remove the toasted coconut bits. But since this is just for personal use, I did not use any cheese cloth. I transfer it in a jar.
9. Store and use it for cooking or beauty regimen. 

Not bad for my first time try. I’m planning to use it for hair or body. 

September 21, 2017

Four Points by Sheraton Bangkok Thailand

My husband was back in Bangkok Thailand last week and he stayed in Four Points by Sheraton Hotel which is also a sister company of Sheraton Grande and part of Starwood Hotel and Resort so you can still earn points here if you have SPG card.

It is located in Sukhumvit area which is a few minutes walk away from the subway, skytrain and Terminal 21 Shopping mall. Though it is just a walking distance from the mall, they do not have a connecting bridge to Terminal 21. This is one thing that my husband likes in Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel because they have a sky bridge so going to the mall is easy.

This is the room, this room reminds me of our stay in Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa. The room is quite similar because you can open the divider of the room and bathroom.

There are desk table and couch. There is complimentary water but no complimentary fruits. My husband appreciates complimentary fruits because you have something to eat after your flight or work.

There is a bathtub so +1 for those who have kids in tow. According to my husband, they have free laundry per day but one piece of cloth only. So if you run out of clothes or if you will swim and you don’t want to bring wet clothes, you can take advantage of this. Though my husband did not avail this offer since he stayed for few days only.

This is the restaurant where you can eat your breakfast buffet. It is not that big and the spread is just enough, medyo konti daw compared to Sheraton Grande Hotel. But they have honeycomb in their buffet spread. It may not be grand but it is enough to satisfy your morning breakfast.

The hotel has swimming pool and gym too. This is the pool that my husband saw when he stayed in Sheraton Grande and Westin Grande, as you can see in the picture, tabi-tabi lang sila. You can check my review of other hotels in Bangkok below.

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel
Louis Tavern Transit Hotel

Update November 2017 

My husband went back to Thailand and he stayed again at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and he was surprised when he saw this complimentary snacks in his room.

Four Points by Sheraton Hotel 
4 Sukhumvit Soi 15,
Sukhumvit Road, Wattana,
Bangkok, Thailand

September 20, 2017


Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying and we did not notice that our summer vacation in Norway was about to end. Seven weeks seems not enough, I stayed for 3 months when I was still single. I did not mind my one month leave in school, feeling ko madali lang habulin yung lesson. But now that I’m a mom, I don’t want my son to miss school, sayang ang tuition so we have to go home 1 week before classes resume and of course, we miss our daddy.

And because we're going back to the Philippines, my aunt invited us again for dinner in their house. She has no work after 17th of May so she has time to prepare foods. Knowing my aunt, she always prepares a lot of foods kahit konti lang bisita. Hindi ka papayat if you stay in my aunt’s house. For a group of 7 persons, here are the foods.

My aunt used to plant different kinds of berries so she makes fruit jams and even juices like these. Now that she is busy with work, wala na siya time mag garden.

Of course, cakes and ice cream for dessert. She prepared a different kind of Pavlova, a mini version

Ang dami food di ba? My aunt also invited her Filipina neighbor + husband who is also a co-worker so napahaba-haba ang kainan and kwentuhan. This is one thing that I miss, get together with my family and relatives. Yung kumakain lang ako and hindi tagaluto or tagabake.  Check the food here, when we visited her during our first week in Norway.

If we still have time, mapapalakad kami sa Svartholberget para lang mabawasan ng calories but we went home straight since late na rin. We will go to Nursing Home the following day, our last day in helping my mom in her work.

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