July 18, 2019

The Day I Learned How to Crochet

My mom is an expert when it comes to crochet, so we always have potholder, handmade doll, and other crochet projects. I always see her crocheting since I was a kid but in my mind, this is not something for me. It looks so complicated so I have no plans of trying it.

But during our summer vacation in Norway, out of the blue, I asked my mom to teach how to crochet. Of course, she taught me the basic stitches which are single crochet and slip stitch. Then my son told me that his classmate knows how to make a bracelet. Waah! Mas nachallenge ako, if a 10-year old girl can do this, mas kaya ko ito. So I told my son, I can also make a bracelet for you so I made a simple chain bracelet. Lol.

1. Cellphone Holder 

But of course, I challenged myself to make my first crochet project. I don’t want a potholder because I have a lot of potholders from my mom so I make a cellphone holder for my son. Every day, I crochet several rows and I realized that it is not easy to crochet kasi masakit sa kamay. So now, I will never look a crochet potholder the same way again. I know that it takes time, effort and love just to finish a crochet project.

After a week, I was able to finish my crochet cellphone holder. I know some people can do this in one sitting but it took me a long time because there are times that I have to undo it and repeat because my project was not straight. But I’m proud of my first project and I’m happy because my son was using it. He can put his cellphone and power bank inside the cellphone holder.

2. Handmade Dolls 

My mom always makes a handmade doll, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you've already seen some of her works, but you if you miss it, check it here and here. I also took some photos of her handmade dolls. My mom made these for displays, gift for family or friends and sometimes she sells it too.

Looking at these handmade dolls, feeling ko hindi kaya ng power ko and I’m not sure if I can finish it during our summer vacation. But of course, nothing is impossible when you believe. So for my second project, I will make a handmade doll so I can give this to my husband on his birthday.

My mom has a lot of crochet books and magazines so I just choose the pattern that I like. The pattern was in Norwegian language so my mom assisted and guided me until I finished the project. My first handmade doll was not perfect because I can only make square or rectangle, pagpabilog na medyo mahirap pa sa akin. But after finishing my first handmade doll, I decided to repeat the project para may kapartner.

I just crochet part by part of the doll and after that, I joined them. I’m so happy that I finished these handmade dolls in one month. The blue handmade doll looks good na compared to my first one. Sometimes, I still can’t believe na gawa ko ito. These were my birthday gift to my husband and he was surprised when he opened his gift last month. He knew that I have crochet project pero hindi niya ineexpect na ito yung ginagawa ko. I will make another one if I have the yarn para family of three na.

Next time, I will share the crochet projects that I’ve made after my summer vacation, made in the Philippines na. Hehehe! How I wish, dati ko pa inumpisahan matuto.

“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning we stop growing.” - Loyal Jack Hewman

July 16, 2019

Day 2 in Copenhagen

Even though I prepared an itinerary for our Copenhagen trip, we were not able to follow it day by day. But we have no regrets because we were able to visit a lot of tourist spots in Copenhagen. Our second day is the most tiring one, we started our tour in the Viking Ship Museum and we ended our day at Tivoli Gardens.

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Day 2 in Copenhagen 

First thing on our list is The Viking Ship Museum, it is located at Roskilde, Denmark so we left Urban House before 9AM to make sure that we will arrive at the Viking Ship Museum before the opening which is 10 in the morning. Good thing that we left early because we just walked from Roskilde Train Station up to The Viking Ship Museum, about 2 km walk.

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1. The Viking Ship Museum 

The Viking Ship Museum was opened in 1969, it is where you can see the five original Viking ships that were excavated in 1962. Aside from the boat collection, you can also watch short videos, read about Viking history, dress like a Viking, and if you visit during summer, you can ride the Nordic boat and participate in some workshops. We missed the boat ride and workshops because we visited in the month of April.

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2. Roskilde Town Hall 

On our way to the Viking Ship Museum, we saw this Roskilde Town Hall. It is the old city hall that was designed by architect O. Momme and was built in 1884. After the town hall, you will pass a long pedestrian street where restaurants, cafes, and shops are located.

3. Roskilde Cathedral 

Do not leave Roskilde without visiting Roskilde Cathedral, this cathedral is part of UNESCO World Heritage List since 1995. It is not just a cathedral, it is where the 39 Danish kings and queens were buried. You will pass this cathedral if you are walking to The Viking Ship Museum. If you have kids in tow, don’t worry because there is a treasure hunt activity that they can join.

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4. Roskilde Palace or Royal Mansion (Yellow Palace)

Beside the Roskilde Cathedral is the four-wing yellow baroque building called Roskilde Palace. It used to be the residence of the royal family whenever they attend royal funerals at Roskilde Cathedral. Now, it is used for exhibitions, concerts, and other cultural events. We just took a picture outside and then we had our lunch at Algade Pizzaria.

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 After our lunch, we’re supposed to visit National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet because my son loves aquarium but I changed our itinerary to Canal Tours Copenhagen because I want to see Nyhavn. Feeling ko hindi ko nakapunta sa Denmark kung hindi ko nakita ito.

5. Canal Tours Copenhagen 

From Roskilde train station, we traveled back to Copenhagen Train Station and from there, we just walked until we reached the Ved Stranden. It is where we can ride the Canal Tours using our Copenhagen Card.

It is just a one-hour guided tour and you can already see different tourist spots. It is the best option if you are pressed of time because you can see several popular attractions from afar like Christianborg Palace, Nyhavn, The Copenhagen Opera House. The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Church of Our Savior and many more.

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6. Strøget Shopping Street 

After our Canal Tour, we went to Strøget, it is one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. It is about 1 km long that covers the streets in Kongens Nytorv Square up to City Hall Square. It is a combination of expensive brands and budget-friendly shops. We did not shop because we wanted to visit Guinness World of Records and Mystic Exploratorie. Aside from the shops, there are also restaurants and cafes where you can satisfy your food cravings. We ate waffle and churros at Gelato Rajissimo.

7. Guinness World of Records Museum 

My son wanted to visit this attraction after reading a flyer. It is included in our Copenhagen Card so we added this to our itinerary. This is the only Guinness World of Records Museum in Europe where you can see world records from all over the world like the fastest, strongest, tallest and many more. There are also some displays, trivia, galleries and interactive games.

8. Mystic Exploratorie 

Beside the Guinness World of Records Museum is Mystic Exploratorie. It is a hands-on experience house putting all your senses to the test. It was a small museum so it is better to buy a combination ticket to save money. If you are brave enough, you can sit on the electric chair.

9. Tivoli Gardens

Finally, our last attraction is the Tivoli Gardens. the second oldest theme park in the world. It is already 175 years old. This theme park served as an inspiration to Walt Disney, that’s why we have Disneyland. Do not compare this to Disneyland because it is small but it has its own charm. It is not open all year round so better visit their website for the schedule.

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I can’t believe that we visited 9 tourist spots in one day. When I checked my activity in my health app, I walked 17.8 km, took 24,578 steps and climbed 12 floors. I’m glad that we made it and I’m so proud of my son kasi kinaya din niya maglakad ng ganito.

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July 12, 2019

Glimpse of Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen Denmark

Do you know that the 2 oldest theme parks in the world are located in Denmark? Yes, before Disneyland and Universal Studio, there are Dyrehavsbakken and Tivoli. Tivoli is the second oldest theme park in the world and the most visited theme park in Scandinavia.

Georg Carstensen was the founder “Tivoli will never, so to speak, be finished”. It opened on August 15, 1843, so next month, it is already 176 years old. This is where Hans Christian Andersen got his inspiration when he wrote the Nightingale fairy tale and where Walt Disney got his inspiration when he created Disneyland.

Tivoli Gardens is the famous amusement park and garden in Copenhagen, Denmark so it is a must to visit this international tourist attraction especially if you have kids in tow. This is just a few minutes walk from our hostel, City Hall and Copenhagen Central Station so commuting is not a problem.

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Day 1 in Copenhagen

We’re supposed to visit this on our Day 1 in Copenhagen but after we checked-in, nobody wants to go out anymore so our Day 2 in Copenhagen was so packed, we visited 9 tourists spots in one day. Tivoli Garden is our last attraction for that day since it is open until 11PM or 12AM.

We arrived around 6PM so we only have a few hours left before the closing time. The staff informed us that we can only enter once using our Copenhagen Card, so parang sinisigurado niya kami kung papasok ba kami or ibang araw na lang. I’m okayed with it since we already promised our son that we will visit Tivoli and we know that Tivoli is not that big.

This theme park is only 20 acres. Although Tivoli is just small compared to other theme parks, it has its own charm that visitors will enjoy. The scenery of Tivoli Gardens is beautiful especially at night, too bad that we did not witness the colored lights because we went home early. During our visit, it was springtime so the sun sets around 9PM or 10PM.

Tivoli offers 28 rides for adult and children including the famous Rutschebanen. It is the wooden roller coaster that was built in 1914 so it is one of the oldest wooden roller coasters in the world. Since we only use our Copenhagen Card, we need to pay for our ride. You can pay per ride or avail the unlimited ride ticket. The entrance ticket varies depending on the season. Tivoli is open during summer, Halloween, Christmas and winter season.

Tivoli Garden Admission Price 

110.00 DKK - 120.00 DKK - Adult (8+)
50.00 DKK - Child (3-7)
Free Entrance - Copenhagen card holder

Ride Tickets 

30DKK - per ride (1yr+)
230DKK - unlimited ride (1yr +)
290DKK - unlimited ride ticket plus (132cm above)
460DKK - unlimited ride companion ticket for children 1-7 years old

Annual Cards 

350DKK - annual card (8yrs +)
900DKK Wild Card (8yrs +)
700DKK - Silver Card
1250DKK - Gold Card

Surprisingly, my son was not in the mood to try any rides in Tivoli. I don’t know why? Akala ko pa naman gusto niya magrides kaya gusto niya magTivoli. Anyway, we saved money because of that because he just played in the playground.

Aside from the amusement rides, visitors can also enjoy different activities like concerts, pantomime, ballet shows, parades, light show, fireworks and many more. We watched the Pantomime show at The Peacock Theater. The theater was built in 1874 so it is the oldest building in the Tivoli Gardens.

Food and drinks are not a problem because they have several restaurants, cafe, ice cream and candy shops inside the theme park.

There are also shops where you can buy gifts, accessories, and souvenirs. We did not stay that long because we’re freezing cold already so we just finished the Pantomime show and off we went back to Urban House to rest. 

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Tivoli Gardens 
Vesterbrogade 3
1630 København V

July 10, 2019

Canal Tours Copenhagen in Denmark

Canal Tours Copenhagen started since 1904 so when I was planning for our Copenhagen itinerary, I really included this on my list. It is one of my non-negotiables and I feel that my Copenhagen trip is not complete without experiencing it. So after our trip in Roskilde, we went straight to Ved Stranden.

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The Viking Ship Museum 

This was supposed to be on our Day 1 itinerary but for some reasons, hindi na natuloy so we had no idea how to get there from Roskilde Station. We just went back to Copenhagen Central Station. According to my research, we can ride Bus 9A and walk to Ved Stranden but since we are not familiar with the bus station and we don’t want to wait for the bus, we just walked from Copenhagen Central Station to Ved Stranden. It was a long walk.

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Colbjørnsensgade 5, 1652 København V, Københavns Komm
Walk   126 m, 3 min. Hovedbanegården (Vesterbrogade)
Ride Bus 9A Direction Refshaleøen 6 min., 3 Intermediate stops, every 1 - 8 min.
Go down at Christiansborg (Vindebrogade)
Walk   127 m, 3 min.
Arrival at Ved Stranden 20, 1061 København K, Københavns Kommune

The Grand Canal Tour Copenhagen 

There are different ways to enjoy your Canal Tours Copenhagen but since we have a Copenhagen Card, we chose The Grand Canal Tour under Stromma. It is used to be under DFDS but they sold it to Swedish Company named Stromma in the year 2011.

It is free using our Copenhagen Card; it is open daily and the time varies depending on the season. During our trip, the boat tour is from 9:30 to 17:00 and I think we arrived past 3PM. We just showed our Copenhagen card at the ticket booth and they gave us a stub.

The Grand Canal tour is more or less one-hour guided sigthseeing tours. The tour is available in different language, earphones are also available so you can listen to your preferred language such as Danish, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. The Canal Tours Copenhagen is a wonderful way to experience Copenhagen because it allows you to see the life along the canals, the old and new architectures and some of the tourist spots from a different perspective.

During the tour, you will see the Christiansborg Palace, Church of Holmen, Holmen, Bank of Denmark, Børsen, Nyhavn, The Copenhagen Opera House, The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg Palace, Amalie Garden, Christianshavn, Church of Our Saviour, The Black Diamond and National Museum of Denmark.

It is surprising how the boat fits under the bridge. I enjoyed this tour because I’ve seen different tourist spots in just one hour. So if you have limited time in Copenhagen, this is the best way to see interesting sights. If you are tired from walking, you can just sit and relax at the boat. One more thing, the company is using CO2-friendly and battery-driven boats so you have peace of mind that you are not polluting the environment during your tour.

Watch the video here

Canal Tours Copenhagen Admission Price 

Child (6-15) 47.50 DKK
Adult 95.00 DKK
Copenhagen Card - Free

Note: Canal Tours Copenhagen
Copenhagen Card holders must depart from Ved Stranden.
Ved Stranden 26 1061København K

July 09, 2019

Kid’s Simple Tooth Extraction

Last year, my son was complaining about his tooth and when we checked it, parang meron nang sira so I informed the dentist about it. But the dentist told us na “hayaan na lang daw na matanggal kasi baby teeth naman daw and baka masira kasi yung alignment ng teeth”. She also informed us about the sealants.

Dental Sealants 

Dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted on the premolars and molars to prevent tooth decay. The sealants can protect the teeth through the cavity-prone years which is 6 to 14 years old. It is a painless process but painful for my pocket, hehehe! We paid PHP800 for each tooth so a total of PHP3200 for his dental sealants.

Few months had passed and my son complained again about his tooth so I just told him that we will go to the dentist pag-uwi namin sa Pinas. So we scheduled an appointment but to my disappointment, the dentist canceled his appointment two days prior to his schedule at may mahaba daw procedure so hindi na niya magagawa yung sa anak ko.

Simple Tooth Extraction 

We don’t want to wait anymore so we just go to other Dental Clinic kahit magbayad na kami. Three years ago was my son’s first tooth extraction experience, we went to a Pediatric Dentist to do the procedure. Mukhang wala naman trauma anak ko, ako lang natrauma sa expense. Lol. Since my son is already 10 years old and I feel na matured na siya so sa regular dentist na lang kami nagpunta for simple tooth extraction. Free sana because of our health card but the dentist rescheduled his appointment so napunta kami sa ibang clinic.

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Simple Tooth Extraction by Pediatric Dentist  

Anyway, a child needs a tooth extraction if 

1. Tooth decay is too extensive for restoration
2. Preparation and space management
3. Baby teeth fail to fall out before permanent come in
4. Removal of chipped or damaged teeth that cannot be repaired

In my son’s case, may butas na daw kaya sumasakit. Ayaw namin mahawa pa yung ibang teeth so tinanggal na talaga. I thought it will only take a few minutes like nung first tooth extraction niya but I was wrong, depende din siguro sa cases. The dentist took a long time din to remove his premolar tooth, she even said na parang hindi baby tooth yung sa anak ko sa tigas. Hehehe!

She also advised me to have an x-ray before my son hit 12 years old, kasi ang dami pa daw baby teeth ng anak ko. Para daw macheck namin kung need tanggalin yung baby teeth para makalabas yung permanent teeth or hayaan na lang. May cases din daw kasi na wala talaga permanent teeth so aalagaan na lang yung baby teeth.

We paid PHP600 for his tooth extraction, mas mura talaga compared sa Pediatric Dentist. Since it was just a simple tooth extraction, no need for an antibiotic. She just informed us to drink paracetamol. She also shared some information on how to take care after extraction or surgery.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare 

1. Apply a cold compress for 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times for the first 24 hours.
2. Take your medicine as prescribed.
3. If pain persists after 3 days, see your dentist.
4. Avoid strenuous activities. No flying or diving for at least two days.
5. Avoid sucking on anything for at least a week.
6. Do not take hot liquids for 24 hours.
7. Do not smoke for 48 hours.
8. Avoid spitting for 24 hours. Wipe your saliva with a tissue.

My son just took a rest for one day and nagkaroon ng reason para kumain ng kumain ng ice cream. The following day nakapag-Landers na nga kami and he can eat regular food na, parang walang nangyari.

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July 05, 2019

Where to Stay in Jakarta Indonesia

Jakarta Indonesia is not a tourist destination, in fact, it is notorious for having horrible traffic so it is very important to choose a hotel that is near a shopping center or restaurant so you don’t have a problem when you want to buy something or you want to eat out.

But despite the fact that Jakarta has traffic problems, what caught my attention is their hotels. My husband is a frequent visitor in Jakarta, Indonesia and for the past few years he was able to try four different hotels and among of his favorite hotels are located in Indonesia.

So if you are planning a quick visit in Jakarta after your Bali trip, if you want to have a family staycation or if you want to have a relaxed business trip then check these hotels.

Where to Stay in Jakarta Indonesia 

1. Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta 

Among the hotels that my husband have visited, Hotel Mulia Senayan is his favorite hotel so far. I have no doubt about that because Hotel Senayan is an award-winning hotel. It was part of the Top 15 Hotels in South East Asia in 2015 and Top Hotels in Asia: Readers’ Choice Awards 2017. Even their hotel in Bali Indonesia is also an award-winning hotel.

They are true to their word “Experience a stay like no other” because when it comes to service my husband was very pleased. Service is excellent, you will feel spoiled and pampered especially for returning guests.

The bed, pillows, and duvet are very comfy that you just want to sleep and sleep. They replenished fruits and toiletries every day. They also give complimentary chocolates every night and sometimes they give a voucher that you can use at their restaurant. They have 5 restaurants, one lounge, a bar and cake shop. For amenities, they have a fitness center, swimming pool, and spa.

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2. Shangri La Jakarta 

Shangri La hotel is located in the heart of the capital of Indonesia. It offers 662 rooms and suites, 7 restaurants, cake shop and bar, health club and spa, fitness centers, tennis courts, swimming pool, and shops. It is 45 minutes away from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and 10 minutes drive from the hotel to Soekarno-Hatta Airport Rail Link.

Shangri La is an oasis in the city, it ideal for business and leisure trip. If you have kids in tow, your kids will definitely enjoy the wet play area. It is quite similar to EDSA Shangri la hotel in the Philippines.

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3. The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta 

Dharmawangsa Hotel is an award-winning boutique hotel in Jakarta, their Bimasena Spa got an award from Conde Nast Johansens Readers Award 2016. It is 35 km away from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and 5 km away from Central Business District.

If you want to unwind, relax and you want some privacy, then this eco-hotel is a good choice. It offers a minimum of  66 sqm room so it is really spacious. You have a big room, bathroom, and private balcony. The bathroom has two vanity basins, separate shower, and bathtub. The toiletries are from Belgium. It offers restaurants, gym, spa, and an indoor and outdoor pool.

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4. The Westin Jakarta 

The Westin Jakarta hotel is one of the newest hotels and located in the heart of JK Business District. It is situated on the top 20 floors of the tallest building in Indonesia which is Gama Tower. It has a 360-degree view of Jakarta city skyline whether night or day.

It offers a fitness studio, spa, indoor heated swimming pool. It is near shopping malls like Kota Kasablanka Mall and Lotte Shopping Mall. There is a bank in the building. If you have kids in tow, Kidzania Jakarta is just 3.4 miles away and Dunia Fantasi is 9.7 miles away from the hotel.

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These four hotels are not a budget-friendly hotel but if you don’t mind spending more for good accommodation and service, then treat yourself. I’ve mentioned before that Jakarta, Indonesia is not on my bucket list but if ever I will go there, I will have a staycation. Eat, Sleep and Repeat.