April 30, 2015

Cebu’s Lechon

Cebu is not only known for famous tourist spots and Sinulog Festival but it is also popular because of lechon. Lechon is skewered whole pig roasted over charcoal. Do you know that Cebu is even considered as “Lechon Capital of the World” so if you are going to visit Cebu, don’t ever leave without trying this dish.

Where to Eat Lechon?

There are several lechon makers in Cebu but so far I’ve tried four different lechon. I’ve only visited Cebu thrice so most of the time I can eat this from pasalubong. My husband knew that I love Cebu’s lechon so he always buys lechon when he has a business trip there. #whenincebu

1. Cebu’s Ayer Lechon 

It offers both classic and spicy lechon but so far I’ve only tried the classic one. They have a branch at Mactan International Airport so you can still buy this for pasalubong.

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2. CnT Lechon 

When you are in Cebu, CnT Lechon is the most recommended lechon maybe because it is considered as the crunchiest of Cebu’s lechon and it has several branches all over Cebu. We ate at CnT Lechon when we’re in Cebu and most of the time this is my husband’s pasalubong. This is my go-to lechon restaurant if ever we are in Cebu because they have a kiosk in Ayala Mall.

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3. Zubuchon 

This is the third lechon that I’ve tried and Cebu became more famous because Anthony Bourdain’s declared that it is “Best pig ever!”. This is also my breakfast later because my husband just came back from Cebu business trip.

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Update: April 2016 

4. Cebu's Best Rico's Lechon 

I've been meaning to try Rico's Lechon because of the good review of Kris Aquino when I watched it in one of the Kris TV episodes. So finally, I visited Cebu last April 2016 and I included it on my food trip. But the Lechon did not meet my expectation.

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Cebu's Best Rico's Lechon in Metro Manila

These 4 lechons are all good naman but of course, I have my own personal favorite but having an option is also good. Pero madalas kung saan mas budget-friendly, yun ang mas gusto ko. hehehe! I wanted to try more brands of lechon in Cebu. Care to share your favorite lechon in Cebu.

April 28, 2015

Lunch at Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza is an American food chain which started in Ypsilanti Michigan, USA in the year 1960. The first branch in the Philippines was opened in the year 2011 and I had my first taste of Domino’s pizza when I started working in Makati several years ago. This is one of my favorite snacks in the office, I usually buy one slice at their kiosk in Robinson’s Summit.

It’s been years since the last time I had a taste of their pizza so when we saw the that there is Domino’s Pizza at SM Sta Rosa, we did not hesitate to try it again. The restaurant is just small and there were only six tables. We ordered the Two Pizza Deal for P399 only (Medium).

For the first pizza, you can choose any flavor you want but for the second pizza, you can choose from Cheese Mania, Pepperoni Feast, Hawaiian and Kalamata Tomato Pizza. We chose Extravaganzza Pizza (classic hand tossed) and Pepperoni Feast (thin crust). Between the two flavors, we prefer the Extravaganzza pizza but I would definitely try other flavors.

January 29, 2016 

Shopping for the holiday is not easy because of the crowd, it seems that half of the population of the world is inside the mall. In addition, looking for a restaurant that has an available seat/table is very difficult, good thing that my family can eat pizza for lunch.

We were in SM Sta Rosa last month for our last minute gift shopping and we had a hard time finding an available table so I told my husband, dun tayo sa dulo baka wala tao. Voila, may table sa Domino’s Pizza. Filipinos love to eat rice sa lunch kasi but if you are really hungry, kahit ano pwede na. Kaloka noh, holiday pa rin ang story ko. #backlog.

As usual, my son ordered Pepperoni Feast, I can’t remember the flavor that I ordered but checking my receipt, it is Extravaganzza. My son loves Domino’s Pizza because he can watch the staff while preparing the pizza. They also have a small screen where you can see the waiting time for your order. The Domino’s 2 Pizza Deal is only P399.

April 2019 

Last month, my husband and I went to SM Sta Rosa, we were checking the price of Surgical Tooth Extraction in different Dental Clinic pero mahal din pala so I guess P9000 - 12000 talaga ang normal price. Anyway, we had lunch at Goldilocks and we ordered pizza at Domino’s. It was Tuesday so they have Buy 1 Take 1 Deal pizza for P399 (Medium size) so we got Dominos’ Deluxe and Pepperoni (Thin Crust). 

Merienda time came, I ate one slice of Domino’s Deluxe and my husband finished the rest. I was thinking that my son won’t finish the Pepperoni so makikishare na lang ko ulit pagkagaling niya sa school but I was wrong. We were shocked when my son finished one box of Pepperoni. Waah!

Then before March ends, I went to my doctor for a check-up and we went to SM Sta Rosa again for lunch. We ate at Domino’s Pizza again. We asked if they have Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza Promo and we were informed na Tuesday and Thursday lang daw yung promo. So we ordered the Ocho EatzzAmazing Deal, we got three medium pizzas and 1.5L Coke for P699. We chose Domino’s Deluxe, Meatzza, and Pepperoni. We chose thick crust pizza and this time my son was not able to finish one box of pepperoni, hahaha! Nabusog agad dahil thick crust. We took home our leftover.

Care to share your favorite pizza restaurant?

April 26, 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron

My husband’s company had a special screening of “Avengers Age of Ultron” at SM Aura last Friday. My son was so excited to watch the movie because he is a fan of Avengers.

But last Friday, I wasn’t feeling well blame it to abdominal pain so I was convincing my son that we will watch Avengers on Saturday.

Ethan: No, you said we will watch Friday not Saturday. 

It is really difficult if you promised to him because you have to fulfill it. #trustissue So my husband just gave our free tickets to his officemates and went home after his office. 

He picked up my son and they watched the movie without me, huhuhu! Good thing they were able to watch the 7PM movie at SM Sta Rosa, because next schedule is 8PM and 8:30PM. #buzzerbeater Nagtiyaga ang mag-ama sa front seats and popcorn na dinner maumpisahan lang ang Avengers. 

I was asking my son about the movie pero ayaw magkwento, lol. Ok fine, hintayin ko na lang sa TV. Hehehe! 

April 25, 2015

Lunch at Contis Westgate

It is no secret here that our family loves Contis, we always buy cakes and pastries and it is our go-to restaurant in Nuvali. The restaurant started in 1997 in Paranaque but it was only in the year 2007 when I first dined in their restaurant in Serendra. 

Serendra is so far from my place so I was glad when Contis opened another branch in Nuvali. Since then, we are frequent diner and buyer of Contis.

Last April 9, we tried their branch in Alabang Westgate. Every time we eat in Contis, my order is always Lengua Estofado P340. Minsan lang ko nagpalit ng order and Lengua Pastel pa pinalit ko. Hehehe! Sometimes I buy Frozen Lengua Estofado too. 

But I have tried other dishes because of my husband’s order. Nakikitikim lang ako. We know that Contis have big serving so we always order two meals only + extra rice for my son. 
My husband tried the Mom’s Garlic Longganisa P195. The taste was just ok for me, it as a bit dry. 

One thing I noticed in their branch is, they offer toys for toddlers so they will not get bored while waiting for the order. The service is good too, when we got off the car, nilapitan na kami ng guard para payungan on the way to the restaurant. 

As always, we’re satisfied with our meal and the only thing that change is the price. Way back 2007, la pa P200 ang Lengua Estofado. Hehehe! 

Contis Alabang (Westgate) 

Lot X-101, Westgate Center, 
Filinvest Alabang 
Parking: Westgate Center Parking (free for first 15 minutes)

April 22, 2015

Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines

I do believe that the Philippines has so many waterfalls but I just can’t find the exact number of them or maybe because some are still waiting to be discovered. As I mentioned, there are several waterfalls in the country but so far, I have just visited 7 waterfalls. 

One thing that I don’t like about visiting waterfalls is the trekking part. Most of the waterfalls that I wanted to visit is I have to trek for several minutes just to get there. But of course, seeing the beauty of the waterfalls is worth the walk. 

Swimming in waterfalls is good especially during summer because you will really enjoy the cold water. Sharing with you the waterfalls that I’ve visited, I don’t have pictures of some waterfalls because I don’t have my own camera during that time. Hehehe! 

1. Daranak Falls - it is the first falls that I’ve visited. We had a church excursion which our family joined. Some people say that Daranak Falls is where the “Starzan” movie was filmed. It is a popular tourist spot in Tanay, Rizal and it is one of the nearest waterfalls in the metro. 

2. Kawasan Falls - this falls is located in Badian, Cebu, the first falls that I’ve visited in Visayas. I spent one week in Cebu with my church friends. It was my first domestic travel via plane. Kawasan Falls is one of the tourist spots that we visited and since it is far from the city, we had an overnight trip. 

3. Three Falls - when I was in third year college, I became a member of Haribon-UST now Earth-UST. One of the activities of the organization is a clean-up drive in different places. Three falls is located in Sta Maria, Laguna, and the first out-of-town activity that I joined in an organization. 

That's my husband, this picture was published in the newspaper too.
Napabili tuloy ako ng newspaper. lol

4. Mt Pico de Loro Waterfalls - this is also one of the activities of our organization. We’re supposed to climb Mt. Pico de Loro but we were not able to push through because when we’re having lunch at the waterfalls, rain began to pour, biglang taas ang tubig at nagmadali kami makaalis. It better to be safe than sorry. But my ex-boyfriend now husband was able to reach the summit during their trip. It is located in Maragondon, Cavite

5. Katibawasan Falls -  it is the first falls that I’ve visited in Mindanao. It is situated in Mambajao, Camiguin. It is 250 feet high and the tallest waterfalls that I’ve visited so far. Sa sobrang taas niya, putol ang kuha ko lagi. We did not swim here because we’re on our way to Cagayan de Oro.

6. Taytay Falls -  it is located in Majayjay, Laguna which is also known as Majayjay Falls or Imelda Falls. We did not stay long during our trip because the place was crowded and my son couldn't take the cold water.

7. Pinlac Falls - when we stayed at Gina’s Garden and Farm, one of the nearest tourist spots is Pinlac Falls which located in Infanta, Quezon. It was more or less 15 minutes drive from the garden so we paid a visit. The entrance fee is PHP30, there are tables and chairs where you can stay at. There are falls for kids and adults.

Care to share your waterfalls trip.

April 15, 2015

Hot Wheels Race to Singapore Grand Prix

My son loves Hot Wheels and it was his Christmas wish last year so we gifted him Hot Wheels and what a coincidence, my son’s godfather, and my friend gave him Hot Wheels too. 

The only problem is 

Son: Daddy buy more cars, kulang pa sa box. 

My son wanted to fill the empty slots in his Hot Wheels storage/carry case. Hehehe Well, from time to time we buy Hot Wheels if he did something good, if his test result is ok and if he got eagle seal. Sort of reward. 

Last Saturday when we were in Southmall, we saw this “Hot Wheels Race to Singapore Grand Prix”. It is a competition and you can win a trip to Singapore for 3 days and 2 nights and watch the F1 Singapore Grand Prix. All you have to do is buy two Hot Wheels for P99.75 each and register. Click here for the video 

We did not join the competition because I don’t want to wait till 3PM but we bought Hot Wheels so my son can enjoy playing on the race track. #happyson\

April 13, 2015

Lunch at Mesa Filipino Moderne

We were in Southmall last Saturday, and we had early lunch at Mesa Filipino Moderne before doing our errands. My husband suggested this restaurant because he tried it before. 

This restaurant obviously serves Filipino foods such as appetizers, soups, main dishes, desserts, and specialty drinks. 

We took our time browsing the menu and we ordered the Inihaw Sampler P725 + Rice P40 per cup. The sampler includes grilled chicken leg quarter, squid, pork belly, bangus belly, mussels, shrimp, and pork bbq. What I like in this sampler is the combination of chicken, pork, and seafood so you can taste different grilled food. 

There is nothing special with our order since it was just grilled meat and seafood but I would definitely go back and try other food. The price is very reasonable and the service is good too. They always refill our drinks and they greet us when you enter and leave the restaurant. 

They offer party packages too. 

MESA Southmall 

G/F SM Southmall 
Alabang Zapote Road Pamplona 3,
Las Piñas City 
M- 0917.578.3416 
T - 02.555.5033

Mesa SM North EDSA

April 12, 2015

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream

One of the disadvantages of living outside Metro Manila is “nahuhuli sa uso” because you can’t try the new restaurant or food because it is too far from your place and you can’t buy the product or avail the service because there’s no branch near you. 

I feel that we’re the last people who haven’t tried Carmen’s Best ice cream. Naunahan pa ko ni Pope Francis. Carmen’s Best ice cream was served during his flight back to Rome.

I always see this on Instagram since last year and I’ve been meaning to try it but it was only yesterday that I finally bought this at Puregold Molito. I was so happy when I saw Carmen’s Best Freezer. 

I was having a hard time choosing but I chose the Malted Milk flavor which is one of the best sellers. I also bought a disposable spoon so we could eat the ice cream on our way home. It is more or less 30 minutes travel time via SLEX so sayang naman pag nagmelt. Hehehe! 

Malted Milk flavor is made with Horlicks and Maltesers. I love Maltesers so I really enjoyed eating the ice cream. The ice cream is so creamy, smooth, and dense and you know that they did not scrimp on the ingredients. 

It is quite steep for the budget but sometimes you have to indulge and treat yourself. I would definitely try other flavors of Carmen’s Best. 

So far there’s only one size of Carmen’s Best because according to their website. It is homemade, handcrafted in an old-fashioned way, and done in small quantities. Carmen’s Best uses only 100% fresh cow’s milk and cream that’s delivered daily, at dawn, from the family’s dairy farm in Bay, Laguna.

The amount of ice cream that they make depends on the amount of fresh milk that they get. From the fresh milk, they extract the cream that rises to the top which is what gives Carmen’s Best that incredibly smooth, silky texture.

Carmen’s Best sources the rest of its ingredients from all over the world. Horlicks malted milk from England, chocolates from Switzerland, rum from Jamaica, the finest vanilla beans from exotic Madagascar Vanilla, and Turon de Jijona from Spain. Quality means taking no shortcuts and getting no substitutes for the finest ingredients. Very simply that is the secret of Carmen’s Best. 

Try it and be the judge if it is worth it. The tub is almost empty when we arrived home.

Click here to know where to find Carmen's Best Ice Cream

Update: May 2023

Carmen's Best Brazilian Coffee

It’s been a while since the last time I update this post because we seldom buy this ice cream. I also can’t remember the last time I ate this but if ever buy this, I usually just choose Malted Milk. I also don’t remember the flavor of Carmen’s Best Ice Cream that was served during our Manila to Bangkok flight

Anyway, last month we were craving for ice cream pero diet kami kaya maliit na ice cream lang bibilhin namin so I bought Carmen’s Best Ice Cream. I was tempted to buy Malted Milk again pero sabi ko sa sarili ko, mag-iba naman ako ng flavor so I chose Brazilian Coffee PHP385

Brazilian Coffee - Coffee-based ice cream made with premium Brazilian Arabica coffee. Buti naman, may extra protection na yung ice cream nila. One pint is good for 3 people so our family finished this in one sitting. Taste is good naman pero okay na ko sa Coffee ng Arce Dairy.

April 10, 2015

Sambokojin: Free Buffet for the Graduate

It’s been a long time since the last time that we dined in Sambokojin so I was really happy when I learned that they have a branch in SM Southmall. I saw this picture in Instagram “Free buffet for the graduate! Just bring two full paying guests with youI checked the rate in their website 

Sambokojin Buffet Price: 

Monday to Friday LUNCH P 599 

Monday to Friday DINNER P 699 
Saturday – Sunday and Holidays LUNCH & DINNER P 749 

Children’s Buffet price:4′- 4’6″ P 330

3′ – Below 4 ft. P280
Below 3 ft. FREE
70 Yrs Old and above – 50% Off 

I told my husband about it so we decided to eat at Sambokojin after the graduation of my son. My husband called two days before to reserve. 

We arrived before 11AM so we have to wait for the restaurant to open. I went to the comfort room first and when I went back, my family was inside the restaurant ordering for their drinks. Bottomless drink is P95

This is our table, I noticed that there is no more fat to grease the pan and plate of Korean appetizers such as kimchi, bean sprouts, spinach, sweet spicy dilis. It was available last time we ate in Sambokojin.

I filled up the “Free Buffet for the graduate” and submitted it to the staff. Then, of course, we started eating. 

The staff gave us Kamameshi rice but if you want more rice (plain), you can ask for it. 

My son enjoyed grilling the food more than eating. He still ate his favorite ebi tempura, miso soup and ice cream. 
We’re so busy eating and the place was crowded so I have limited pictures. 


1. We enjoyed our eat-all-you-can experience. My mom and mother-in-law enjoyed the yakinuku experience 

2. The service is good. The staff always asks if you want to refill your drinks. 

3. My son received a graduate souvenir from Sambokojin. A certificate with a hand print.


1. I chose Sambokojin restaurant because of the “free buffet graduate promo” but I did not avail it anymore because it is more expensive. If you read the mechanics “free buffet for the graduate, just bring 2 full paying guest”. The mechanics did not inform that the 2 full paying guest is at P749 each. It was Thursday, so I was expecting the rate is at P599. But the P599 is a promo price lang pala. 

I ended up paying P599 x 4 + P280 (Buffet rate of my son) = P2676 (drinks not included) than P749 x 2 + P599 x 2 = P2696 (graduate promo). The difference is only P20 but if my son was really free of charge, the bill is only P2396. 

I was disappointed with the promo, maybe if my son was not Kinder, makakasave ko sa promo. Good thing they let me choose kung ano rate babayaran ko. #kuripot

Click here for our first Sambokojin experience.

April 08, 2015

Graduation Day

I can't believe that my son just finished Preschool. I can still recall the first time that he went to school, he was so excited but for him, school = play. But that was okay for us because we just wanted him to enjoy school. We don't pressure him to get an award or medal just to prove himself. 

He studied in Montessori School for two years and we decided to enroll him in a traditional school. It was a big decision for us because it would be a different environment and it would be a challenge. 

Challenge because 

In Montessori - homework is every Friday, no quizzes, 3 exams in one school year, and no grades. 

In Traditional school - we have homework every day, surprise quizzes, monthly and periodical exams every month and we have grades. Kids are expected to write their lessons and assignments. 

The first grading was an adjustment period for us, during the first week my son complained “What, assignment again?”. Hehehe, he was not used to it.

When we received his card, we don’t know if the 90.17 average is low or high grade already. We saw a blue eagle seal stamp and the teacher advised us to check the handbook. According to the handbook, the eagle seal on the report card is their periodic honors. “Blue Eagle - 89.50 to 90.49% average with grades not lower than 85 in any subject”. So mataas na pala yung grade. 

I said congrats to my son for getting the blue eagle seal and he said “No mommy, I want gold eagle”. I was shocked but happy at the same time because he wanted to achieve more. I told him if he wanted to get a gold eagle seal, he needs to study hard. 

And he did it, he got a gold eagle seal on his 2nd grading and 3rd grading. But getting an eagle seal is not enough to get an award at the end of the school year. I computed his grade from 1st to 3rd grading and if my son will maintain his grade he can get the blue eagle certificate. 

But my son surprised me because when I saw his notebook, I was surprised that he got the “Red Eagle Certificate” - an average of 93.50 to 94.49% and no final rating in any subject lower than 90.

I was thinking of his 4th grading grade but I was still happy because my son will graduate with an award. I always say this for the past two years “with or without award we are proud of him”.

I’m glad because of his improvement, from someone who doesn’t care about the grades and now he wants to achieve something. Getting the eagle certificate is not easy so it is a big achievement. 

Like I said last year “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” and I hope that he will not stop learning, he will not stop dreaming and he will not stop believing in himself.” 

To my son, believe in yourself when nobody else does. Always remember that we always believe in you and we love you for who you are. We are always at your back to push you to dream and to believe. 

"Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Brad Henry


I received the card and my son got a 97.17 average in his 4th grading so we got the Red Eagle. :) 

April 06, 2015

Body Massage at Nurture Wellness Village

When I became a mom, pampering myself is one thing I neglected because I don’t have time for that, I feel that other stuff mattered and it is not my priority. This is very wrong because from time to time, we need to remind ourselves that it is very significant to take good care of ourselves. It is not selfish to pamper and treat ourselves periodically. 

Maybe we are busy taking care of our family and everything else in their lives but our own body needs to recharge and refresh. I know those things but I’m not doing it. 

Would you believe that my first and last facial was the day before I got married and the first and last massage that I experienced was when I was still single. Naulit na lang when we had a free facial massage during our glamping at Nurture Wellness Village last February 18.  We had a relaxing experience so when my mom came home from Norway, I suggested that she should try the spa and massage of Nurture Wellness Village. 

So we went back last March 22. While we were browsing the spa menu, my husband asked the staff if I can avail of the spa service because I have a skin condition which is psoriasis. That is the main reason why I don’t go to the spa anymore because I’m too shy to expose my psoriasis. But the staff said yes and I was really happy because, after 10 years, I will experience full body massage again. 

We chose the cheapest one which is Hilot Kagalingan (1 hour) – P1,200.00. Customized Filipino massage using a fusion of Asian therapies to prevent and cure common ailments like colds, sprain, fever and fatigue. Skilled therapists instinctively follow the source of physical imbalance and lovingly massage your body back to health using herbs and specialized techniques. 

We filled up and submitted the form. We did not make any reservations so I was really happy when the staff said that our schedule is 1PM, and we only have less than 15 minutes of waiting. 

At 1PM, we were ushered to our room. One thing I like about having a massage is privacy. My first spa experience was in Suriya Spa and I have my own room too. This is our room. 

It has a bathroom with a bathtub. You can take a shower before the massage if you want to. 

The therapist washed our feet first before the massage. 

While we were inside the room, my husband and son were busy playing in the playground. 

After the massage, they gave us tea and ample time to prepare before they ushered us back to the lobby for payment. It was really nice to pamper myself again and thanks to my mom for the treat. To save money, you can buy some vouchers here

Nurture Wellness Village

Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim II 
West Cavite, Tagaytay, 
Luzon 4120, Philippines