January 30, 2012

Soderno at Molito

Yesterday, after church service we went to Soderno, I’ve been meaning to go here since last year but it is always crowded whenever we passed by maybe because it was Soderno nights. Sunday organic market is not crowded, it is almost empty and I only see few food stalls.

I’ve tried the famous Chef Resty’s Roast beef carving station; I ordered roast beef with potatoes for P130. I find it expensive because you only get one thin slice of roast beef and few pieces of potatoes and one order is not enough, gutom pa rin ako. Hehe! But next time I will order roast beef with pasta or rice.

Before we left, I asked hubby to buy cake from megabox because I saw “buy 1 take 1 promo”” but he bought pastries, P40 each.  (napakamasunurin).  =). If you visit Soderno, don’t forget to try megabox, we love their brownies and revel bars and it is not expensive, too bad, hubby bought only 3 pieces.

it may not look good on the picture but it is really yummy.

I used to visit Salcedo Market when I was still working so I’m glad that we now have Soderno.

The Soderno at Molito Schedule

Soderno Nights – Friday and Saturday 6PM to 3AM
Lifestyle Market – Saturday 8AM to 3PM
Organic Market – Sunday 8AM to 3PM

January 27, 2012

The City Beautiful

Orlando, Florida is also known as “The City Beautiful” and there is no doubt about that because we all know that Orlando, Florida is indeed the beautiful and interesting place. It is the home of Walt Disney World Resort, SeaWorld Theme Park, Universal Orlando Resort, Gatorland, and Wet 'n Wild Water Park.

It is not surprising to know that they became the most visited city in the year 2009. Not only Americans are interested in this place even tourists are willing to spend money just to visit their famous attraction. Orlando, Florida is the best place for family vacation and getting an accommodation is not difficult, in fact, Orlando placed second in the most number of hotels in the country. Orlando Hotels range from budget-hotels up to high-end hotels.

Check this Facebook page if you are planning to have a vacation in Florida. It will give you an idea of what to do in Orlando. Good luck and enjoy your vacation.

January 17, 2012

Tablet for Kids

If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you know that I’m not really into gadgets. I only buy those that I really need and I don’t care if I’m using an old model or not. 

The tablet is one of the popular gadgets today but I really have no plan on buying one because I think I don’t need it. I’m a full-time mom and if I need to be connected, I can use my laptop. One more thing, I’m scared to buy gadgets because I don’t want my son to be hooked with video games or online games and I feel that it’s too early for him to have gadgets.

But I’ve been reading blogs and I’ve seen other kids using tablet, I realized that tablet is also used as an educational tool so I search for different tablet for kids and I even included them in one of my post last year “Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids”. From that moment, I was really thinking if I will buy one for my son. Leappad learning tablet is P7,999.

December came and my husband told me that his officemate bought Samsung Galaxy for only P14,000 but still I did not buy any tablet because I feel that Samsung Galaxy is not suitable for my son. (baka mabasag din ang screen katulad ng nangyari sa laptop ko dati).

Last week, my husband texted me about Ainol Novo 7 Paladin, the same officemate brought this tablet in their office. I searched on the internet to check the price and reviews. Then finally, the search is over.

This is not our gift because we already gave him Thomas and Friends Climbing Set  last Christmas, we used the money that he received last Christmas and 3rd birthday. 

Ainol Novo 7 Paladin is only P6580, so if you have a limited budget like me, you can buy this tablet for your kids. So far, my son enjoys his mini tablet, he likes angry birds, matching games, reading words, and tracing dots. Actually, this tablet is not only for kids, it’s for everybody.

Click here for review.

January 16, 2012

Love at First Taste

We went to Pangasinan last weekend to attend the “Babang-Luksa” of my grandfather-in-law. Sort of family reunion though we’re not complete. One thing that I always look forward to every time there’s an event in Pangasinan is no other than my favorite lechon. It’s love at first taste, I don’t know how they marinade their lechon but I always enjoy this dish. I was busy eating lechon so I have no time to take some pictures so I just borrowed pictures from my cousin-in-law. =)

sorry pig!

Don't forget to bring your Tupperware!

Lechon for lunch, lechon for dinner, lechon for lunch again and I still have lechon for dinner.

January 10, 2012


When I was still in elementary one of my favorite subjects is HEKASI (Heograpiya, Kasaysayan, and Sibika) maybe because I enjoy knowing and learning about beautiful places in the Philippines. There is so much to see in the country but I still have no money to visit these places, so I promised myself that someday I will be able to go here.

So when I reach College, I open a savings account and start saving my allowances so I have money to spend on vacation. Little by little I was able to explore our country and when I graduated from college, that was the start of my travel adventure via plane.

I cannot consider myself a certified traveler but I’m still proud of myself because slowly I’m achieving my dream and for someone who is not rich, this is really an achievement. I want to be rich with knowledge, experience, and memories, things that I know I can treasure forever and no one could take it away from me.

This is my list when I was a kid. 

1. Calle Crisologo
2. Lapu-Lapu Shrine and Magellan’s Cross
3. Mayon Volcano
4. Chocolate Hills and Tarsiers
5. Ma. Cristina Falls
6. Rice Terraces
7. Underground River
8. Pagsanjan Falls
9. Philippine Eagle
10. Corregidor

Being a full-time mom doesn’t stop me from finishing my list because there’s always a way and God always provides, I could attest to that because I’ve been in Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Magellan’s Cross, Chocolate Hills, Underground River, Corregidor and I’ve seen Tarsiers and Philippine Eagle using my own money. (except for Underground River – sponsored by my mom) Four more places to go because next month I will set foot in Calle Crisologo.

January 07, 2012

Surprising Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight

If you still remember last year, I went to the hospital for three consecutive weeks but my doctor was on Holiday leave so I just went back today, after Holiday. Thank God, she’s back and because she was away for several weeks, there were so many patients. While waiting for my turn, I’m checking my record and I was shocked when I saw my weight.

Last January 2011, my weight is only 86lbs and after one year, I’m now 100lbs, so 14lbs gained in 12 months. This is really shocking to me because for 28 years, I never had any problem with my weight. In fact, I always research on how to gain weight because even I eat plenty of foods I’m not gaining weight but last year, things changed and now I do not know why I’m gaining weight.

Last summer I started to buy clothes because my clothes won’t fit me anymore, from size XS to S and now Medium and from size 25 to size 26 and now size 27. So imagine my dilemma every time I wear my clothes and pants and it no longer fits me. 

I need to buy new clothes just to have something to wear if I’m going out. Good thing that I am a full time mom and I do not need to change my whole wardrobe. I’m happy with my weight now, I just want to maintain it and stop gaining more pounds because I have no more budget to buy new stuff again.

I was searching the internet a while ago, looking for reasons why I’m gaining weight and here’s what I’ve found.  

1. You Might Be Gaining Weight Because of Lack of Sleep
2. You May Be Gaining Weight Because of Stress
3. You May Be Gaining Weight Because of Medications
4. You May Be Gaining Weight Because of a Medical Condition
5. You May Be Gaining Weight Because of Menopause

Click here for the explanations.

New year’s resolution is not my thing but now I’m including my health in one of my personal goals because I admit  I’m getting old, my metabolism is getting slow, and I do not exercise. So even I still have the same eating pattern if I do not burn my calories, I will continue to gain more pounds.

I do hope that I will be successful in maintaining my weight. Please share some tips.

January 03, 2012

Dinner at Gotti’s Ristorante

After redeeming my Skin Food free sample in MOA, we had early dinner at Gotti’s Ristorante, we’re having a second thought if we will eat here or not because we’re not familiar and I have not read any reviews about this restaurant, but we’re tired and hungry so we went inside.

The restaurant is not that big, I guess they only have eight tables or less but its looks comfy and casual. Good thing that there were few customers because my son is not behaving well, thank God for markers, skin food brochure and cellphone to keep him busy.

And because we’re hungry, we ordered Sicilian Chops (P230) and Chicken Parmigiana (P230), served with herbed rice or garlic pasta and mixed vegetables. Banana Nutella Crepe (P125) for my son.

I’m not a big fan of garlic pasta because it’s too bland for my taste but with the help of parmesan cheese, I enjoyed my garlic pasta. Sicilian chops are also good; the meat is tender and juicy.

My son enjoyed Chicken Parmigiana of my husband and he only ate the vanilla ice cream of his crepe.

Hubby and I love the banana nutella crepe and one crepe is not enough, if we’re not in a hurry, we will order more crepe.

January 02, 2012

New Year

My first post in year 2012.

I’ve been busy for the past weeks but I’m proud to say that I finished cleaning and decluttering our home before year 2012. After my household chores, we went to Nuvali to buy cake. We were there at 11am and I have no idea na marami tao so I have very limited choice of cakes, sold out na yung mga all time favorite. Good thing that there still moist chocolate cake. =)

serving #235 pagdating ko
Then we went home. My hubby decided to swim while waiting for year 2012. Our Last R&R for year 2011, well, I did not swim, I was there to take some pictures.

After eating dinner and chatting with my mom, we went to Laguna (in-laws) to celebrate our New Year’s Eve. I forgot to bring my camera and my son’s torotot so I have no pictures to share.

ang torotot na hindi nagamit!

January 01, 2012

How to Pay Cebu Pacific Ticket via BDO Online Payment

I woke up late last Friday so when I saw the PHP1 Sale of Cebu Pacific I knew that I have a slim chance of getting a seat sale but it did not stop me from trying. So I checked the possible dates that we can travel, it is not easy to book because I have to consider my hubby’s vacation leave and my son’s school activities.

I was having a hard time checking the available date for Piso Sale because of the slow connection and slow Cebu Pacific site. It seems that the whole Philippines are trying to book their own flight so I stopped trying.

After dinner, I tried again and book Manila to Macau but I was getting an error via credit card payment so I chose BDO payment but I was shocked when I read this.

"You have until tonight, 23:59H PH Time to pay for your booking through various payment centers."

It’s past 8PM so all BDO branches are already closed so how can I pay? I’ve sent FB message to my sister-in-law informing her that she needs to pay their booking within the day, not within 24hrs. I have no idea when Cebu Pacific changed the procedure but last year I chose BDO payment too and they gave me 24hrs to pay my due. Before 12AM, I checked my message and my sister-in-law replied that my brother was able to pay through BDO Online Payment.

I thought I need to enroll Cebu Pacific first before I can pay it online. I texted and called my brother but no answer so I searched the net for some information. Finally, I was able to get some answer but it was past 12AM, my booking is still on hold status, I called Cebu Pacific if I can still pay my booking even it is past 23:59H but the customer service rep told me that my booking is already forfeited.

I was really sad because our Manila to Macau flight is only PHP1548 for 3 pax so it is really a steal. Anyway, at least I learned something new, just in case my credit card failed me again. If you have no credit card, you can still book a flight using other options and one of these options is internet banking.

Banco De Oro - www.mybdo.com.ph
China Bank - www.chinabank.ph
East West Bank - www.eastwestbanker.com
RCBC - www.rcbc.com
Security Bank - www.securitybank.com

How to Pay Cebu Pacific Ticket via BDO Online Payment 

1. Log-in to your account and follow the steps for payment.
2. Fill out the form.

Subscriber’s No. = 14-digit confirmation number.
Subscriber’s Name = name of one of the guests.
Enter the EXACT amount.

3. You need to wait for 24 to 48hrs before they will send your itinerary.