October 19, 2020

Buko Pie in Tagaytay

Buko pie or coconut pie is considered a specialty of Los Baños, Laguna so my ex-boyfriend now husband used to buy this as a pasalubong whenever he visits me. LDR ang peg namin before because I worked in Makati and he worked in Laguna. But he stopped buying this because I told him that I am not fond of buko pie.

When my late grandmother moved to Victoria, Laguna, we always visit her every month. For those seven years of monthly visits, we always pass different stores of Buko Pie and minsan kahit sa daan meron nagbebenta. I think mabibilang ko lang sa daliri ang nabili ko na buko pie, I tried several brands na rin and sa tagal hindi ko na maalala lasa nila. Hehehe!

Cecilia’s Buco Pie 

Last month, my husband went out and came back with a box of buko pie. Mainit-init pa nga ito nung binigay sa kanya, ang sarap sana kainin kaso busog na kami sa dinner. When I checked the box, it is from Tagaytay so I was surprised kasi akala ko puro Buko Tart kapag sa Tagaytay. 

The following day, my husband sliced and reheated this in the oven toaster so I was not able to take a picture of the whole pie. Looking at the slice, hindi tinipid sa ingredients. As I’ve said before, buko pie is not my favorite but I still enjoyed this one. My husband and son love this, yung anak ko na hindi naman mahilig sa mga ganyan na food pero mas marami pa nakain sa akin. 

Speaking of Tagaytay, the last time we went here was January 2 and after that, nagkaashfall and then community quarantine na. Tagaytay is already open for tourism but unfortunately, my son is not allowed to go out yet, sana naman by December pwede na mamasyal. 

October 08, 2020

12th Birthday

Time passes quickly and I cannot imagine that my son is already 12 years old. Next year, I already have a teenager. Woah! In a span of several months, a lot has been changed. My son is now taller than me, though hindi naman mahirap iachieve iyon but I am happy na hindi siya nagmana ng height sa akin. Hehehe! His voice changed already, parang namimiss ko yung maliit at matining niyang boses. We enjoyed rewatching his videos nung bata pa siya nga kahit naiinis siya pag pinapanood namin, parang hiyang-hiya siya sa mga ginagawa niya dati.

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I wish I could stop the time so he will be forever my baby but I also appreciate that he is growing and maturing na, especially this community quarantine and we are stuck at home. My son can do more household chores and he can study on his own. I thought mahihirapan ako this online class kasi baka ending ako rin ang magturo. But I’m glad, kaya na niya and if may questions man, nandito rin si hubby para magturo. How I wish, work from home na si hubby lagi. And because of that, I can still work part-time kahit nagstart na yung school year.

As expected, no travel, no hotel staycation, and no food trip because of community quarantine. So for my son’s birthday, naggrill lang kami ulit like nung birthday celebration ko. My son just wanted a lechen flan but I told my husband to buy a cake. Hubby bought Salted Caramel Cake P895 and Leche Flan P195 from Contis

The Salted Caramel Cake is a layered cake of butterscotch brownies, vanilla sponge cake, cream, dulce de leche, and ground cookies. It was our first time trying this cake, my two boys love this but I find it too sweet, ewan ko hinahanap ko yung lasa ng “Salted caramel” parang matamis lahat e. hehehe! Anyway, we all love Contis Leche Flan, one of our favorites na rin ito ever since nung natry namin, early this year. 

And for my 3rd Cricut Project, I made a “happy birthday cake topper”. I just downloaded a SVG file from Pinterest, uploaded it to Cricut Design Space and Cut. Good thing that I have a free gold cardboard stock so I used it, pero mas okay sana kung may glitter card ako. But it turned out great naman, I like this better than the first “happy birthday cake topper”, kasi mas bagay yung size sa cake.

For gifts, my son just wanted a power bank. Oh di ba, binata na talaga, mga panggadget na ang request. Since my mom gifted him money, he asked his daddy to buy a Nintendo Switch game na multi-player daw. He listed 4 games and hubby bought the “Arms” game. Ang mahal ng Nintendo games noh?

October 06, 2020

Cebu’s Best Rico’s Lechon in Metro Manila

It is not a secret here that I am a meat lover and I love lechon. It is one thing I look forward to if there are fiestas, weddings, reunions, or any other celebrations, kapag may nakita na ko na lechon sa buffet table, masaya na ko. If my husband has a business trip to Cebu, hindi na kelangan imemorize, he needs to buy lechon because that is the key to our house. Hahaha!

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Last month was my first time to visit Landers after 7 months, imagine February pa yung last visit ko so I was really shocked na may Christmas decors na sa Landers. How time flies and ganun katagal akong hindi naggrocery because of the community quarantine. So I really took time exploring the grocery, namiss ko ito. Good thing, there are few people lang in Landers which is surprising kasi weekend ako nagpunta. Usually, matao ang grocery kapag weekend pero wala din pila kahit sa cashier.

Anyway, while checking the freezers, I discovered frozen foods from Cebu’s Best Rico’s Lechon. The last time I ate this lechon was 4 years ago, my son and I ate here when we visited Cebu. Though I was a little bit disappointed during my first visit, I still bought 500 grams of regular lechon P472.75 and 500 grams of dinuguan P178.75. You can also buy spicy lechon, lechon pares, lechon binagoongan, lechon paksiw, sisig, and many more.

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The lechon is carefully packed with reheating instructions and recommended recipes like lechon sinigang and lechon paksiw. Since this is 500grams, I reheat the lechon in the oven but for smaller portions, I also use oven toaster. For lechon, I prefer to use an oven toaster than a microwave oven because I want the skin to be crispy.

Reheating Instructions for Frozen Lechon 

1. Defrost the frozen lechon in the refrigerator overnight until soft.
2. Preheat oven to 400F. Once the desired temperature is reached, place the entire meat with skin facing up inside the oven. Reheat for 10-15 minutes. Flip the meat from time to time to prevent the softer one from burning.
3. Reheating in the microwave: Separate meat and skin, microwave meat for 2 minutes, place the skin on top of the meat, and microwave for additional 20 seconds.

* Best consumed once opened. Do not refreeze once thawed.

The lechon skin curled-up and muntinkan pa masunog yung isa, though hindi lahat naging crispy pero okay na rin. Well, the taste reminded me of our first experience in Cebu, the meat was dry, hindi kasi siya belly part e. But anyway, it still satisfied my lechon cravings, at least now I have two choices if I want to eat Cebu’s Lechon. We have Zubuchon and Rico’s Lechon in Metro Manila.

For dinuguan, I just reheat this on the stove, medyo masabaw siya, maliit yung slices of meat and lasa talaga yung ginger. You can also use microwave to reheat it.

Reheating Instructions for Frozen Dinuguan

1. Defrost the frozen dinuguan in the refrigerator overnight.
2. Heat a pan on high heat, place the thawed product.
3. Let it simmer for 8 to 10 minutes.

If ever makapagLanders ako, I will still buy these frozen foods because if I have no time to cook, at least I have an easy to prepare meals.

October 01, 2020

Why do People Get Lung Cancer? The Most Common Causes Revealed

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, more of us are thinking about our health. What we eat, how much we exercise and our lifestyle choices have all come into question since we’ve had our mortality highlighted due to the spread of the virus.

Despite COVID-19 being a new threat to our health, for many, the threat of developing cancer is still a considerable concern. There are many different types of cancer, with the most common being prostate, breast, skin, and of course lung cancer. Thanks to advances in technology and the constant evolution of medical understanding around cancers, we no longer have to consider cancer as a death sentence. With new treatments being used all the time and cancers being caught much earlier, more people are surviving than ever before.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer, and sadly many people still aren’t aware of the signs or even what can trigger this devastating disease to develop – click the link to learn more and to find a lung cancer lawyer.

So, with this in mind here we’ll explore why people might develop lung cancer and discuss the most common causes.

Workplace Risks

If you work in an industrial type role, or you’re dealing with harsh substances then you’re more likely to be exposed to the chemicals that can trigger lung cancers.

If you work with fuel engines and you spend most of your time exposed to exhaust fumes (like drivers or a mechanic might) then you could be at a higher risk. Working with substances such as silica – often used in glassmaking and bricklaying – can also increase your risk. And anyone who is working with asbestos – even in old buildings – can increase their chances of developing lung cancers.


Of course, we all know that smoking can cause lung cancer and it's hardly surprising. Around 7 out of 10 lung cancer diagnoses are smoking-related. The chemicals found in tobacco smoke such as ammonia, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide (yes, cyanide) increase your risk of triggering lung cancer development. Even if you're just passively smoking, you're still increasing your risk and harming your health. If you haven’t already, quit!

Air Pollution

We're all familiar with how pollutants in the air are damaging our environment. But did you also know that air pollution can be incredibly damaging to your health? Of course, the risks associated with air pollution and lung cancer are quite minimal, but it's not unheard of and should be taken seriously.

Your Family History

Some cancers, including lung cancer, can be hereditary, which means if your family has a history of lunch cancer, then you could be at risk. If you have a close relative that has battled the disease then you should take additional steps to preserve your health. Recognizing the early signs of lung cancer will also help you.

- A continuous cough that won’t go away
- Shortness of breath
- Weakness and fatigue
- Coughing up blood
- Reoccurring infections like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Final thoughts…

If you’re worried about lung cancer, reach out to your doctor for more advice.

September 29, 2020

How to Find Luxury Accommodation in Tasmania?

Are you on vacation or new to Tasmania, Australia's island state, and hoping to find a luxurious accommodation for your stay? Not to worry, this article is filled with all the information you need to guide you in your search for luxury accommodation in that area.

Located south of Australia’s mainland, Tasmania is one of the best travel destinations for tourists. There are numerous exciting destinations to visit in Tasmania, including the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Wineglass Bay, Freycinet National Park, and the Port Arthur historical site, etc.

However, once you’re done with sightseeing and visiting, where do you go back to relax? With many lodging options, it might prove a difficult task finding one that is suitable for you.

Below are a few professional tips and suggestions on how to find luxury accommodation suitable for you in Tasmania.

1. Look for an Accommodation That Provides Value for Money

Of course, you wouldn’t be seeking to find an elegant suite without preparing a few bucks for it. You must find a lodge that provides value for money.

Therefore, your accommodation should have the right facilities, including a luxurious suite, an exclusive spa and gym facilities, a top-notch restaurant, guest lounge and bar, and many relaxation spots where you can meditate and get inspired. You can check here for more on the right fittings for a relaxing stay in a luxury hotel.

It is also right that you check out the services of their facilities. The best lodges offer free or discounted services for their customers to get a memorable time within their stay.

2. Get a Feel of the Resort Through Its Website and Contents

This is one of the essential things to do when trying to find accommodation that suits you. Merely by looking at the website, its contents, and the feedback, you can sense how the resort treats its customers.

Find out if there is any negative energy that might get in the way of making your stay a memorable one. Things like noises, cramped rooms, bugs, bad reception, an uncomfortable and agitated environment would make for an uncomfortable stay in your resort.

Feedback from past clients would provide you useful information about the resort's services and how well they treat their customers.

Learn to tell the wrong feedback from the right one. There are many reviews from users that turn out to be untrue, while some are very accurate. For example, a user who leaves a review about individual experience and a particular service is likely to be positive and good to work with.

3. Ask People in Tasmania to Recommend a Luxury Accommodation for Your Comfort

Since you are visiting Tasmania and hoping to find a lodge that can provide you with elegance and comfort, the best idea is to seek the locals' opinions in that region. Asking for a recommendation from people in Tasmania is one of the best, if not the best, to find luxury accommodation in that area.

The people there will be able to provide you with several reputable resorts in that region, and then all that's required is to visit some of them to find the ones that suit your taste.

Keep in mind that Tasmania offers a wide range of luxury accommodations, and a lot of them can provide you with memorable experiences. So, in order to find a special one for your stay, you have to dig a little deeper to find a resort that can deliver a sophisticated and intimate style coupled with an inspirational experience.

The best lodges on the east coast of Tasmania are situated in a serene environment of breathtaking beauty. You can start by checking for the luxury accommodation Freycinet Peninsula as you can find many relaxing spots in that part of town. Finding a resort around pristine waters, the hazards mountains, and natural environments of extraordinary beauty will help relax and improve your mental health.

4. Take a Proper Glance at the Prices of Different Resorts in Tasmania

It is a great idea to look at the various price options with care, to avoid being swayed by a particular hotel. Most people have the opinion that highly-priced resorts are the ones with more luxury. This is a wrong theory. Moreover, prices can be increased due to additional services that are uncalled for.

To get the best prices for your accommodation, you have to check a couple of resorts in the area to find ones with better price variations. Try to put a call through to the hotels to get quotes from them to see the ones that offer excellent services at a reasonable price.

5. Find a Resort That Can Give You a Variety of Experience

When opting for luxury accommodation, it’s best to find one that offers a wide range of activities. In Tasmania, a few lodges provide a world of adventure and relaxation such as deserted islands, wild bushlands, secluded beaches, and many that you can explore.

If you stay with your family in the resort, make sure to find one that can provide activities that suit all ages and interests. The best lodges offer services that all ages and interests can partake in, such as quad biking, gourmet picnics, and many more.

It isn’t easy to find a resort that can offer you a blend of romance and adventure and innovation and exploration. A proper luxurious resort can provide any activities to ensure that their customers are left satisfied. You can check here https://www.planetware.com/tourist-attractions-/tasmania-aus-tas-tas.htm for a list of things to do when in Tasmania.

Take Away

With the many options of accommodations in Tasmania, it might not be easy to find one that you can stay in. But follow the tips and guidelines listed above, and you will be alright.

The distance it takes for you to get to a tourist location, the space it takes to get to the airport, and the distance between your hotel and a shopping mall, are some of the things that you need to consider when choosing your accommodation as well. Have a nice day and good luck in your search!

September 28, 2020

We Got Free Meals; Thanks to National G Day!

Almost two weeks ago, I received an email from Globe that they are giving me 400 points. At first, I did not mind it but when I learned that the 400 points will expire on October 1, 2020, napacheck ako bigla. I browsed the different options where we can use our Globe Rewards, so we can use it for Zalora, Lazada, McDonald, Jollibee, Krispy Kreme, Shoor, GCash Insurance, and raffles.

If you still remember, I blogged about How to Donate your Globe Rewards Points last March wherein we donated our expiring points. So for the past several years, we used our points for free movies, shopping, donations, and this time, we used it to redeem Digital Vouchers. Since March, hindi pa kami nakakapagfastfood meals, parang bigla ko namiss ang Jollibee and McDonald.

I have 443 points while my husband has 1145 points, we have a total of 1588 points to spend on food. Yehey! We can redeem in Krispy Kreme, McDonald, and Jollibee but the Krispy Kreme branch is too far so hindi ko na sinama sa list ko. Here are the options for food.


78 points - 1 pc Chickenjoy
52 points - 1 Spaghetti
12 points - 1 Vanila Twirl


75 points - McCrispy Fillet with Rice Small Meal
66 points - Cheeseburger
31 points - Hot Fudge

Last March, there is a limit of 3 per day so I was surprised that now they increase the limit to 5 per day. Since my husband will be claiming the food, I tried to SEND A GIFT but I cannot use my FREE 400 Points pala sa GIFT so I just redeemed na lang and pinadala ko na lang phone ko kay hubby pag nagclaim siya ng food.

Inubos ko na points namin para hindi masayang. Last year, we were not able to use our FREE points, hindi ko kasi alam na may expiration date. Nagulat na lang ako na nawala na yung points as app, so lesson learned, read the fine prints. Hehehe! Anyway, we were able to claim some of our meals na. I’m so happy with our free meals, libre na hindi pa ko napagod sa pagluto.

First free meals at Jollibee, my husband was able to claim 3 chickenjoy, 3 spaghetti, and 3 vanilla twirl.

Second free meals at McDonald, since we are a family of three, we need to claim 9 foods but unfortunately, sa McDonald, they only allow 3 transactions per day so 3 for my husband and 3 for my account. We only claimed 3 McCrispy Fillet, 2 Sundae, and 1 Cheeseburger.

Last weekend, when my husband was out for errands, he claimed 3 cheeseburgers for our merienda. We still have chickenjoy, McCrispy Fillet, and sundae digital vouchers. The code is valid until December 15, 2020 (McDonald) and March 1, 2021 (Jollibee). Redeeming a digital voucher is easy because you can do this on Globe Rewards App. Choose your rewards, click redeem and confirm, then you will receive a text message from 4438 and 8080.

September 15, 2020

Back to School: Start of Online Distance Learning

Here in my country, June is the usual start of the school year but because of the COVID19 pandemic, the opening of classes has been moved to August and now October but some of the private schools started as early as July. We’re supposed to start in October too but my son’s school changed their mind. So I was preoccupied last week because of the change of schedule, we had a dry-run and yesterday was my son’s first day of Online Distance Learning.

It was funny because for the longest time I wanted to try homeschooling especially when my son was still at lower level, ayaw ko kasi siya nabubully and ayaw ko din siya naiiwan ng school service. But my husband and son do not want my idea, only child na nga so kelangan daw ng social interaction sa classmates. Now, it is my chance to try homeschooling because of the community quarantine but in the end, we decided to stay at the present school.

I like Online Distance Learning because I don’t need to wake up early since my son does not need to travel to school. I save money because I don’t have to pay for school service. Lastly, I have peace of mind because my son is just at home. What I don't like is, nakauniform pa rin sila, Waah, effort pa sa pagplantsa and my son is complaining kasi mainit, so kelangan nakaaircon din katulad ng classroom nila.

Since this is the first time that we tried Online Distance Learning, we are still adjusting to this new normal. My son is still adapting to the change and there are still hiccups like he failed to submit on time because he was not aware of the due date. Normally, he will do his assignment at the end of the day but he has no idea that he could no longer submit the activity after the class period. This morning, they waited for more than an hour because their teacher could not connect, so wasted time on that moment.

I don’t know what will happen for this school year but we will just take one day at a time. My back to school preparation is not yet over because we don’t have the hardcopy of ebooks and our school supplies are not yet complete. I went to the bookstore last weekend and nakadalawang bookstore na ko pero kulang pa rin nabili ko. It was my first time visiting the mall since March 10. I will share my story in the next post.

Let me end this post with some “Back to School” quotes. By the way, I designed this First Day of School Banner for my son and you can download my FREE BACK TO SCHOOL BANNER HERE. (Grade 6 Level only)

“I’ve always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are best because they are beginnings” - Jenny Han  

“This is a new year, a new beginning and things will change” 

 “Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom” - Oprah Winfrey

September 07, 2020

Things to Know about Orlando, Florida

All over the world, Orlando, Florida is known for its dining, entertainment, and activities that tourists and vacationers enjoy. The options are limitless and fit all range of tastes and styles.

However, before you get to the next plane to Florida, make sure you know these things about Orlando, Florida.

Photo by Brian Erickson of Unsplash
Unpredictable Weather

Orlando has a subtropical climate. The rainy season often occurs from May to October. If you visit during the summer, you can expect afternoon rains.

The average temperature is 72F. However, the mild, dry winters can quickly give way to wet and cold weather.

So, when you visit Orlando, it’s best to prepare for a wide range of scenarios. Pay attention to weather updates and warnings for wind, lightning, and rain.

Golf Courses for Pro Golfers 

If you love playing golf or simply watching the pros go at it, Orlando offers nearly 200 golf courses and academies.

These golf courses host world-famous tournaments like the Arnold Palmer International. What’s better is that the city claims more pro golfers as residents than anywhere in the world.

Various Transportation Options 

When in Orlando, you have access to a wide range of transportation options.

Around the metro area, hotels and resorts provide complimentary shuttles to popular venues and other locations around the city.

Public transport options include bus lines and the SunRail train network. Or you can try StressFreeCarRental.com to find great deals on rental cars.

A City of the World 

Orlando is an international city; a cultural melting pot where various cultures and histories intersect.

So don’t be shocked when you hear different languages and see various currencies being passed around.

Of course, the US dollar is the primary tender and English is the common language. If you have these two, you’ll be fine.

Dominant Ecotourism 

Orlando is blessed with natural landscapes, such as lakes, cypress swamps, marshlands, and pinewoods.

If you love the natural world and you’re an environment enthusiast, Orlando offers many opportunities to go on nature trips.

Major Theme Parks 

Orlando is the “Theme Park Capital of the World” for great reasons.

Tourists and vacationers can enjoy the Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando -- all in the same city.

What’s more, all these attractions are very close to each other, just around 20 miles southwest of the downtown area. So you can go theme park-hopping all you want.

Two Major Airports 

Orlando sports not one but two major airports, which are the:

● Orlando International Airport (MCO)
● Sanford Orlando International Airport (SFB)

MCO is located southeast of the city center, while the SFB is to the north.

Further, Orlando also serves as a major Florida crossroad you can reach in several ways. These include Interstate 4 and the Florida Turnpike.

Water Parks All Year 

Orlando is also home to world-class water parks that are open all year. If there are no extreme cold or weather conditions, you can expect them to remain open forever.

Get Ready for Orlando, Florida 

Keeping these things in mind will help you prepare for a wonderful Orlando visit. Plan and prepare your trip so you can have a fun, memorable adventure once you set foot in Orlando.

Pan-Seared Steak Recipe

I’m a meat lover so diet is not really for me. Steak is one of my favorite food so if I’m having a craving for it, I really visit any restaurant that serves steak. Eating steak in a restaurant is so steep so I consider it a treat for myself. Here are some of the restaurants where I tried and tasted steak. Pepper Lunch is my go-to restaurant since they have a lot of branches.

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Hill Station
Melo’s The Home of Certified Angus Beef
Hogs and Cattle Steakhouse
Lemon and Olives Greek Taverna
Pepper Lunch here, herehere, and here
Texas Roadhouse

Since it is expensive to eat steak in the restaurant, it is much better to cook this at home. Even though cooking steak at home is a hit or miss, it is always part of my menu. Sometimes I cook this in the oven but most of the time I just pan-grill it in the stove or electric grill.

One of the secrets of cooking steak is to buy quality meat, yes, it is true. I tried beef from the wet market, hindi ko type kahit sabi nila sirloin daw yun. Hehehe! I usually buy my steak cut at the grocery especially the steak at Landers from New Zealand. I recently discovered the Saikoro Steak so it is now part of my favorites but I can only order this online.

I love cooking steak because I can prepare this in less than 30 minutes and you only need a few ingredients. Just season with salt and pepper, sometimes I add garlic powder. I used to like a “well done” steak but now I learned to appreciate the "medium well" steak.

If I have extra time, I will cook gravy sauce but God knows how many times I’ve tried to make a gravy sauce from scratch but sometimes I failed so I seldom prepare the sauce. There are instances when everything went perfect and my son loves my gravy, he even wants to drink it because he thought it’s a soup. There were also times where I just buy some ready-made or instant mix gravy sauce.

Pan-Seared Steak Recipe 

Steak Cut Meat
Salt, Pepper, and Garlic powder

1. Heat your pan to medium heat.
2. Season both sides of your meat with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.
3. Add butter.
4. Place the steak in the pan and cook it 3-5 minutes per side depending on the thickness of your meat and your preferred doneness
5. Remove and set aside for 5 minutes
6. Slice and serve your steak

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Oven-Baked Steak + Gravy Sauce 
Steak Bites 

"Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak"
Photo by Justus Menke of Unsplash

September 02, 2020

Day 2 in Oslo Norway

If we are traveling to another country, I always do my own research so we can save time and money. One way to save money is to look for good offers, discounts, promos, or travel cards. So when I was planning for our Scandinavian trip, I knew that I will purchase the Copenhagen Card, Stockholm Pass, and Oslo Pass. Unfortunately, our Oslo, Norway trip fell on Holy Week so we decided not to purchase the Oslo Pass because we knew that not all attractions and museums are open so we won’t be able to maximize the value of the card.

Sayang! I was really looking forward to our Oslo Trip but what can I do if the sightseeing tours and activities will be limited, all the shops are closed and approximately half of the restaurants will also be closed. Anyway, that is how Norway celebrates their Easter holiday, it is really time for family so the majority of Norwegians take their vacation leave to spend an entire week in the mountain cabin or travel outside the country.

Despite the limitations, we know that we can still enjoy our trip because there are still more interesting places that we can visit in the city. So for our Day 2 in Oslo Norway, we had our own version of DIY Walking Tour and we started our adventure from Cochs Pensjonat at 8AM. I mentioned in my previous blogs that our guesthouse is very near to tourist spots so we saved money on transportation.

Oslo Walking Tour

The Royal Palace Park 

The Palace Park was opened in the year 1847 by King Oscar I and it was designed by the palace architect H.D.F. Linstow. This park is open to the public all year round, where you can see ponds, lawns, and trees that were planted since 1842. You can also see a lot of sculptures in the palace park like the Statue of mathematician Niels Henrik Abel, the Statue of the author, and defender of women’s rights Camilla Collett, the Statue of Queen Maud, Statue of Princess Martha, Roedeer sculpture, and Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Sculpture Park.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra’s Sculpture Park

A sculpture park that has been created by children and for children on May 19, 2016. It was a gift from the Savings Bank Foundation DNB in honor of the 25th anniversary of the accession to the Norwegian throne of their Majesties King Harald and Queen Sonja. The park has twelve sculptures that are based on the designs that were submitted in a nationwide competition of grade 6 students. The permanent sculptures are geometric fox, rabbit in trouble, pillow man, and many more.

The Royal Palace 

Det Kongelige Slott or The Royal Palace in English was built in 1824-1848 as the Norwegian residence of King Charles II John who was king of Norway and Sweden. This is also the official residence of the current Norwegian monarch. It is located at the end and top of Karl Johans gate.

We visited some of the castles and palaces in Copenhagen and Stockholm so if we will compare it to The Royal Palace, the Oslo palace looks simple. We were not able to witness the changing of the guards at 1:30PM and we were not able to go inside because the Royal Palace is only open during summer.

Karl Johans Gate

Karl Johans Gate is the famous main street of Oslo city, it was named in honor of King Charles III John also known as King Charles XIV John of Sweden. Walking on this street, you will pass other tourist attractions like the National Theatre, Parliament of Norway Stortinget, Eidsvolls Square, and the old University Building. 

University of Oslo Building

It was renamed to Royal Frederick University. The oldest university in Norway and it used to be the largest Norwegian institution of higher education in terms of size.

National Theatre 

This building was designed by architect Henrik Bull and it is one of the largest and most prominent venues for dramatic arts in Norway. It is often considered as the home for Ibsen’s play.

Stortinget or Parliament of Norway 

This is the supreme legislature of Norway that was established in 1814 by the Constitution of Norway.

Oslo Cathedral

Oslo Cathedral is also known as Our Savior’s Church, this is the main church for the church of Norway Diocese in Oslo. This is used by the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Royal Family for public events like weddings and funerals.

Oslo Central Station

Of course the Oslo Central Station, the busiest main railway station and largest railway station within the Norwegian Railway system. Outside the train station, you will see statues of tiger and hammer.

The Tiger 

Do you know that Oslo is also known as Tigerstaden or the Tiger City? So it is not surprising if you see the famous tiger statue outside the Oslo Central Station A 4.5 meter bronze statue made by Elena Engelsen.

Den Norske Opera & Ballet or Oslo Opera House 

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet is the largest music and stage institution in Norway. One interesting about this building is you can walk on the roof of the Opera House, it is like climbing the building so it drained our energy. Good thing that you have a beautiful panoramic view of Oslo city and fjord. We saw the DFDS Cruise Ship that we took when we went to Copenhagen Denmark.

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Akershus Slott or Akershus Castle and Akershus Festning or Akershus Fortress 

This is the medieval castle that was built to protect and provide a royal residence for the city. It was used as a military base and prison. It contains banquet halls, Royal Mausoleum, a small church, and the government’s reception rooms. It is now a popular venue for major events like ceremonies, public holiday celebrations, and concerts.

After our half-day tour in Oslo City, we went back to Cochs Pensjonat for our late lunch. It was a tiring day so we called it a day. Tomorrow is another day to explore the city.

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Where to Stay in Oslo Norway 
Day 1 in Oslo Norway

September 01, 2020

Cheesy Garlic Bread

I was browsing my blog posts and I stumbled this old post about Cheesy Garlic Bread. Ang tagal na pala namin kumakain nitong bread na ito. My husband’s colleague gifted us a United Village Breadhouse garlic bread last Christmas 2012 and since then it became one of our favorites.

I used to buy this at the bazaars only so I was glad when Landmark opened in Alabang area, so it became part of my grocery. I always have stock of this in the freezer because it is so easy to prepare, you can just toast it in the oven toaster and you have will have instant garlic bread.

Sometimes, if my son needs some potluck in school and I have no time to buy cakes, pastries, or drinks, I will prepare this garlic bread. Mas mabenta pa nga ito kaysa sa potluck na cake or pastries. Mas marami kasi nagdadala ng cakes and pastries sa school so puro sweets na.

If I have a mozzarella cheese and some leftover sausage, bacon, or ham, I add it and toast it in the oven toaster and we will have merienda in a few minutes. Mozzarella Cheese or Quickmelt cheese are staples in my kitchen because we love cheese.

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December 27, 2012 

One of my husband’s colleagues gave us garlic bread last Christmas; I thought it was French bread because it’s really long. I forgot to serve it during our Noche Buena; I mean dinner so we ate it today. I made cheesy garlic bread for our merienda.

Garlic Bread + Mozzarella Cheese = YUM. Preparation is easy, just put the sliced mozzarella cheese and toast until cheese melts. Next time, I will add chopped tomatoes and bacon bits.

August 25, 2020

My Quarantined Birthday Celebration

If you knew me, I love spending my birthday outside simply because ayaw ko magluto ng sarili ko handa, I rather go out and try a new restaurant. But because of the community quarantine, we cannot celebrate my birthday outside so I decided na maggrill na lang ulit kami ng food. I already blogged about our DIY Samgyeopsal at Home and for a change, seafood grill naman.

My husband bought Kimchi at Romantic Baboy P170 (500g). He also bought salmon, tanigue, shrimp and lettuce (P50) in the wet market for our seafood grill but I was craving for scallops. Namimiss ko yung Yurakuen Teppanyaki experience ko last year. While browsing my Instagram feed, I saw baked scallops so I checked the store and for the very first time, nag-order ako ng food online. I don’t even have a Grab or Lalamove app, so I’m thankful sa seller na nagbook sa akin ng delivery.

I was hesitant at first because we live outside Metro Manila so baka mas mahal pa delivery fee sa order ko. Pero dahil birthday ko naman, I have an excuse to splurge. I ordered the following from @ninjas.pantry. It only took me 3 hours to order, pay and receive my order, ganun kabilis lang.

Saikoro Wagyu Cubes (1kg) P1,250
Japanese Sausages (500g) 600
Japan Jumbo Scallops (1kg) 800 (9pcs only)
Chicken Karaage Set (300g) 350
Yakinuku Sauce 200
Grab Delivery 540
Total: P3740

As expected, we are not big eaters so I only took a portion of the Saikoro Wagyu Cubes, I divided the scallops into two portions. I grilled 5 scallops in the oven and grilled the remaining 4 scallops without shells using the electric grill. For the baked scallops, I just mixed minced garlic, lemon juice, melted butter, salt and pepper. Pour the mixture on top of the scallops and put some sliced mozzarella. Grilled it for 15 minutes.

Hindi ko na nilabas yung shrimp kasi tamad na ko magbalat. Hehehe! So I only prepared wagyu cubes, scallops, salmon, kimchi and lettuce. In fairness, kahit mahal yung wagyu cubes, masarap naman. I will order again for my son’s birthday naman kasi baka hindi na umabot yung stock namin, for sure may repeat ulit yung paggrill namin. Hehehe!

My husband bought Tiramisu cake at Cafe Mary Grace P1125 and nagcram ako na gumawa ng DIY cake topper. My husband gifted me a Cricut Maker, two months ago but I haven’t used it yet because I don’t have the Cricut tools. Two months of waiting din bago magkastock so last weekend was my first time to use it after my set-up. My first project was my DIY Cake Topper for my birthday cake, kaso masyado malaki pala yung cake topper ko so I guess I will make another version for my son’s birthday.

Watch the video here

So that was my simple quarantined birthday celebration. As I turned another year older, this year 2020, allows me to rediscover myself, reevaluate my priorities, and appreciates what matters most. My realizations are...

1. Life is short so learn to appreciate the people in your life now because we don’t know how long they’ll be here.
2. I used to be a planner and I always have long and short term goals but this year 2020 makes me changed my perspective to keep my sanity. Take my life day by day and don’t be stressed about the things you can no longer change or control.
3. Life isn’t always good but have faith and trust God, even when it hurts, even when it seems unfair and even through raindrops and tears.
4. You are never too old and never too late to set another goal and dream.
5. The best project that you will ever work on is you. Personal growth and self-development is always a choice.
6. Don’t let others tell you how to live your life. Do what makes you happy and feel alive.
7.“Even when you fall, even when nothing goes as you expected, even then, be proud of yourself. You tried and there is nothing more courageous than trying - F.E.Marie”
8. Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who support and encourage your ideas, dreams, and ambitions and who push you to bring out the best in you.
9. It’s okay not to be okay. :)
10. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy life. - Joyce Meyer

Baked or Grilled Scallops Recipe

9 pcs of Jumbo Scallops
1/4 cup of butter (melt)
1 lemon juice
3 cloves of garlic minced
salt and pepper to taste
Sliced mozzarella cheese


1. Mixed minced garlic, lemon juice, melted butter, salt, and pepper to taste.
2. Pour it on top of the cleaned scallops.
3. Put mozzarella cheese.
4. Grilled in the oven for 15 minutes or baked it at 350F for 15 minutes.

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