October 31, 2014

Cutting Practice

A couple of weeks ago, I was cutting stickers and tags and my son asked me 

Ethan: What are you doing mommy? 

Me: I’m cutting paper, do you want to help? 
Ethan: No, puputol yan e, sisira. 
Me: Do you want to cut paper? 
Ethan: Yes. 

So I gave him the cutting practice activity that I printed before and it seems that he enjoyed it. 

I realized that maybe this is the best time to practice his cutting skills. I admit that I don’t allow him to use scissors because I don’t want him to cut anything or to hurt himself. I posted two years ago that my son cut our bed sheet and I don’t want that to happen again. See my post here.  

All his assignments or projects that need cutting, I do it for him. He can do the pasting but not the cutting. But I know that he needs to learn to cut because next year, he will be in Grade 1 so he needs to be independent. 

Little did I know that scissor cutting is very essential in preschool activities and it is considered pre-handwriting skills. Kaya pala ang ganda ganda ng sulat ng anak ko. lol I wish I knew this before so wala ng comment ang teacher na “practice writing”. 

I've read that 2 years old can start cutting paper. According to ot-mom-learning-activities.com “Scissor cutting, with a proper scissor grasp, will give these fingers (the thumb, forefinger and middle finger) lots of practice in working together, and will strengthen your child’s hand muscles. This will help to improve fine motor skills and to develop the correct pencil grasp for good handwriting” 

Naubusan ng yellow ink, iba na kulay ng pumpkin. lol

I search for more cutting practice worksheets and printed it so he has something to do this sembreak. So far, he can cut straight lines, zigzag and curved lines. From now on, we will cut more papers. 

Note: I always used scratch paper to print worksheets. I also gave him plastic so he can clean his mess. 

Click here to check the free cutting practice worksheets.

October 30, 2014

Lunch at Buffalo’s Wings N Things

I mentioned in one of my posts that I received eGift Card from Munchpunch but I wasn’t able to use it because when we went to Buffalo’s Wings N Things Solenad branch, my eGC wasn’t honored. 

And because of that incident, I printed the giftaway and listed all the branches where I can use the eGC, para sure. Four months had passed and finally I was able to use it, after attending the World Psoriasis Day in San Andres, Manila we went to Glorietta to eat our brunch at Buffalo’s Wings N Things. 

It took us time to find the restaurant and I noticed that the restaurant is small. Solenad branch is much bigger. I ordered Garlic Parmesan + Fries P149 + 29 again since I don't like spicy food, my husband ordered Triple Mini Burgers P179 and my son ordered NY Cheese Cake Ice Cream (I forgot the price), we ordered drinks too so we can consume the P500. :) 

We’re satisfied with our meal again, I shared the chicken with my son. He only likes the skin of the chicken so ending sa kin na yung wala lasa. Lol My son did not like the dessert because he saw the blueberry sauce on top of the cream. But my husband was so happy with the NY Cheese Cake Ice Cream and muntikan ko ng di matikman. Lol #masarapnamankasi Next time we visit this restaurant, I will order the ice cream again.

Buffalo's Wings N' Things 

2/F Glorietta 5, Office Dr 
San Lorenzo, Makati

October 29, 2014

Building a Better World for Filipinos with Psoriasis

I was in my fourth-year college when I was diagnosed that I have psoriasis and sad to say that it has no cure yet. At that time, I had a mild case of psoriasis so I can say that I have still a normal life because people cannot see my psoriasis yet. I can do anything and I can wear any clothes, but things change after I gave birth to my son. 

I have psoriasis all over my body and I can’t even count them. I experienced severe psoriasis last year, see the story here.  Having this skin condition really changed my life and I always wish that someday I would have normal skin again. So I can do anything and I can wear anything I want. 

I’m grateful that my family and friends accept and support my skin condition. I’m also a member of Asian PsorClub and PsorPhil group so I know that I’m not alone in this battle. 

Every year, PsorPhil celebrates World Psoriasis Day and I really try my best to be part of this event. So far I’ve attended three funwalk since 2010. I attended the funwalk in 2010 and 2012 and last Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014.

Just to give you an idea “World Psoriasis Day is a yearly event dedicated to people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis. This is a global event wherein people around the world perform activities to give an international voice to the 125 million people with psoriasis/psoriatic arthritis. 

IFPA ( International Federation of Psoriasis Associations) would like to raise awareness about psoriasis so people won’t be discriminated. It aims to improve access to treatments, increase understanding about the skin condition and unite different psoriasis groups so people with psoriasis will get the attention and consideration they deserve.” 

In the Philippines, since 2011 we have National Psoriasis Awareness Week (23-29 October) via Presidential Proclamation. Last October 26, 2014, we celebrated World Psoriasis Day at San Andres Complex. People with psoriasis, families, doctors, and other supporters were there. 

Aside from the funwalk, PSorPhil group offered

1. FREE Consultations c/o Philippine Dermatological Society Doctors with Free medicines (as supply lasts)
2. FREE consultations with RHEUMATOLOGISTS c/o PRA (for PsA)
3. FREE BP measurement, Sugar BMI Cholesterol Urinalysis, and consultation with same-day results c/o Pfizer
4. FREE Chair massage service 

There were also cheering competitions by different psoriasis clubs, raffles and Zumba party. 

It was a fun event and I hope we can really build a better world for Filipinos with Psoriasis because we want a normal life. Psoriasis is not contagious.

October 28, 2014

Dinner at Tonkatsu by Terazawa

Update: No more Tonkantsu by Terazawa in Solenad 1

There are so many new restaurants that are popping everywhere and now I’ve been seeing a lot of Japanese restaurants serving tonkatsu. I’m not really into Japanese food because I don’t eat raw food but since they also serve other dishes, I have reason to try Japanese restaurants. My usual order is tonkatsu or ebi tempura. 

We always visit Nuvali and I always see Tonkatsu by Terazawa, I know that it is a new restaurant in Nuvali because if I remember it right, Pig Out restaurant yung pinalitan nila. 

Two weeks ago, after we visited my grandmother in Laguna, we dropped by at Nuvali to buy tiramisu then we checked the Tonkatsu restaurant. We saw the P295 + SC katsu promo but it was only 3PM, it was too early for dinner so we just went home and I promise myself that we will go back.

So after a week, we went back to Nuvali, it was Friday night so I was expecting a full packed restaurant but we were the first customer at past 6PM. 

Upon seated, they gave us the menu and tea, there are only two choices for the unlimited promo so we order both, Rosu Katsu (Deep Fried Pork Loin) and Hire Katsu (Deep Fried Pork Fillet) at P295. The meal includes unlimited miso soup, rice and cabbage. My son who was not in the mood to eat so he just ordered French fries P125

I like the interior of the restaurant, mukha siya maaliwalas. They have TV and free wifi so you won’t get bored while waiting for your order.

Rosu Katsu

Hire Katsu
The katsu is good, there is a crunch in every bite but I find it dry and thin. Maybe because this is not the premium cut of pork. It is just ok for us and we still prefer the katsu of Yabu. But if you are craving for tonkatsu and you live in Laguna, I can still suggest this restaurant. 

Tonkatsu by Terazawa 

Solenad, Nuvali, Nuvali Blvd 
Santa Rosa, Laguna

October 27, 2014

Lunch at Tummy Tons

Since we always go out every weekend, we have no choice but to eat outside. We don’t want to splurge on food always so from time to time we eat in fastfood or affordable restaurant. 

A couple of weeks ago, after my check-up, we went to Tummy Tons to eat our lunch because we don’t have food at home. My husband ate here before so he suggested this so I can try the mais con yelo na parang Razon’s din yung ice.

If you live in Binan, Laguna, you will notice this restaurant because it is along the hi-way before you reach the Carmona/Binan Exit. It took me time to browse the menu and we ended up buying set meals.

My son ordered the budget meal lumpia shanghai P65 and my husband and I ordered the P99 meal BBQ and Grilled Liempo (unlimited rice + iced tea). That’s what we thought but when we received the bill, P120 pala yung with iced tea. Waah! I should ordered the budget meal na lang because di naman ko malakas sa rice. 

We also ordered saging con yelo P55 and mais con yelo P45, I agree with my husband that the shaved ice can be compared to Razon’s but I still prefer Razon’s. 

Overall, we’re all satisified naman with the taste and take note, free wifi pa sila. But next time, budget meals na lang kami. Hehehe!

October 23, 2014

Trip to the Zoo

One more day and my son will have his school break. Yey! I don’t have to set my alarm clock for one week. I have more time to do the household chores and finish my backlogs because we have no homework and quizzes. Last review later because tomorrow is the last day of his second periodical test. We need to review for Christian Living, Health and Computer.

Anyway, do you have any plans for sembreak? Are you looking for sembreak activities where you can take your kids while they are on vacation. I know that I posted before some zoos that you can visit under Zoomanity but I’ll be sharing to you more zoos that we have visited here in Philippines.

Let me start with Manila Zoo. I’ve visited this zoo twice, one when I was 7 years old and the second time was when I went with my own family. Yes, after two decades. The elephant was still there and I saw that they offer a boat ride too. I heard that there is Kinder Zoo beside the Manila Zoo which I haven’t visited yet. 

Read: Manila Zoo

Next is Ark Avilon Zoo, we celebrated our son’s 3rd birthday in this zoo because at that time the weather is unpredictable so we chose an indoor interactive zoo. The zoo is not that big, in fact you can enjoy the place for one hour. The good thing about this zoo is, it is located in Tiendisitas so you can shop or play at the Fun Ranch if you have more time. 

Read: Ark Avilon Zoo

We also visited Avilon Zoo, the sister company of Ark Avilon Zoo. This zoo is much bigger and located in Rizal and it took us more than two hours just to tour the zoo. 

Read: Avilon Zoo

Paradizoo is the first zoo that my son visited which is located in Mendez, Cavite. 

Read: Paradizoo

The place is not that big so if you still have time try to visit Residence Inn Zoo which is located in Tagaytay. You won’t miss this zoo because it is along the highway. There are more activities and in addition, you can watch animal shows. 

Read: Residence Inn Zoo

Zoobic Safari, we have just visited this zoo this year and so far this is the memorable one because we enjoy the tram ride, the lion safari and tiger safari. I heard that they also offer Zoobic Night Safari and I’m not sure if it is the same with the Night Safari that we’ve experienced in Singapore. 

Read: Zoobic Safari

Lastly, we also visited Baluarte during our Laoag and Vigan Trip. The good thing about this zoo is there is no entrance fee so don’t forget to include this in your itinerary. 

Read: Baluarte

Manila Zoo 

Quirino Ave., Adriatico St., 
Malate Manila Luzon Philippines 
7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily 
Telephone numbers: (632) 400-1884 (Manila Zoo)
(632) 522-6179 (Kinder Zoo)

Ark Avilon Zoo 

Frontera Verde Ortigas Avenue corner C-5
Pasig City, Philippines 
Telephone No. 706-2992 
Fax No. 706-2993 
Email Address: arkavilonzoo@gmail.com 

Avilon Zoo 

Bo. San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal 
Tel. Nos.: (632) 941-8393 * (632) 948-9866 (63917) 899-5126 
Fax: (632) 941-8530 * 
Email: info@avilonzoo.com.ph 


Km. 63 Panungyan Road, 
Mendez, Cavite, Philippines 

Vigan, Ilocos Sur 
7 AM to 6 PM - 7 days a week 

Residence Inn Zoo 

Km. 65 Barrio Neogan, 
Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hwy,
City of Tagaytay 4120 
Phone:(046) 413 1376 

Zoobic Safari 

Group I Ilanin Forest 
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines

October 21, 2014

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I was clearing my photo albums in my phone when I saw this grilled cheese sandwich. I can’t believe that I haven’t posted it yet in my blog because I always cook this at home. It is so easy to make and you can eat it on breakfast or snacks. 

You only need butter, mozzarella cheese, slices of bread. 

1. Heat the grilling pan or any flat pan. 
2. You can put butter directly on the pan or spread it on your bread. 
3. I put cheese on one slice of the bread and cover it with another bread. 
4. Grill both sides until lightly brown and cheese melts. 
5. Slice diagonally and serve. 

If I’m lazy, I put the sandwich in the oven toaster. Hehehe! My husband puts cracked pepper on his cheese sandwich. 

October 18, 2014

Salted Egg Shrimp

My husband ate at Shrimp Bucket and he was telling me that he ate a shrimp dish with salted egg and he said it was delicious. He was suggesting me to cook this at home and I told him, di ko pa nga natikman e. He said, parang buttered shrimp din tapos may salted egg lang. #saltedeggrecipe

Read: Shrimp Bucket

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that I love shrimp and I always cook buttered garlic shrimp. It is one easy dish that I can prepare when I’m busy or I’m lazy to cook. Lol. I love salted egg too so I always buy salted egg duck in Tindahan ng Itlog ni Kuya at Victoria, Laguna. 

Anyway, I check google for the recipe, some fried the shrimp first, some just use egg yolk and some use milk for the sauce. But I always want an easy dish and few ingredients so I decided to follow my recipe for buttered garlic shrimp and I just add the salted egg. 

1/2 kilo of Shrimp 
2 salted egg (mashed) 
2tbsp of butter 
4 cloves of garlic, minced 
Salt and pepper to taste 

1. Remove the shell of the shrimp. Deveined it if you want. 
2. Season it with salt and pepper. 
3. In a pan, melt the butter and stir in the garlic until fragrant. 
4. Add the mashed salted egg and mix. 
5. Toss in the shrimp and stir. Cook it until it changes color for about 4-6 minutes.
6. Serve. 

I tasted it and I was so happy with the result and I even texted my husband na baka di na umabot sa dinner. Hahaha! The salted egg gives more flavor to the buttered garlic sauce and I love it. I will try this with crabs.

October 17, 2014

Jewelry Design 101: Organize Your Supplies in a Jiffy

You’ve got a ton of jewelry-making paraphernalia laying around, don’t you? Admit it. The beads, the wiring, the yard, the string, the baubles. They’re taking up space on your table. You need a way to neatly organize them without making them disappear completely. Here’s how to do that

Use Tupperware

Tupperware is your friend, when it comes to sorting and organizing. Figure out a few basic things like how many “categories” of stuff you have. So, for example, if you have 10 different colors of beads, you would need 10 different tupperware containers. If you have cabochon, briolettes, or focals that you don’t want stuffed into a container, go to the local crafts store and pick up some padding to protect them.

You can still use tupperware, or some other kind of plastic container-like material. You just need something that’s a bit more protective inside them is all.

Get A Label Maker

Get yourself a label-maker, like the Dymo Label writer 450 turbo. It will be a lifesaver. Making labels for everything, of course, saves you the frustration of digging through questionably translucent containers for that one special clip or pin that you need to complete your project. 

Making labels also lets you organize and sort everything on a shelf so that you can find the container you need quickly. When choosing a label-maker, there are a few things to look for. First, how much does the label roll cost? 

If you have a lot of containers, and you plan on updating the contents, and you think you might need refills or additional rolls, you don’t want to get hit in the wallet with overpriced labels. At the same time, you want to look for a decent-quality label-maker that will give you strong prints and a good adhesive so that labels don’t fall off after a month. 

Destroy Some Coat Hangers 

This is where the fun begins. If you have a lot of jewelry already made up, if you keep a lot of wiring, string, fiber, cloth, or anything that doesn’t belong in a box, here’s how you organize that stuff: destroy some wire coat hangers.

You can bend those things into amazing shapes, cut and reshape them, and customize them in endless ways so that they will hold all of your goodies. 

The best thing about this little hack is that coat hangers are cheap, they look good, and they’re easy to sort. You can either put them in an open closet, hang them on nails on the wall, hang them on pegs on a pegboard, or hang them over a door. 

You can even buy one of those over-the-door kitchen organizers and use it as a makeshift organizer for your repurposed coat hangers. 

They don’t take labels well, but, you probably don’t need to label them anyway since you have a visual cue there about what’s on them. Just make sure you file down any rough edges that you cut or you’ll be in for a nasty surprise. 

Selina Aumiller is a busy mom and small business owner. When she gets the time, she likes to share what works for her with others who could use some tips. Look for her helpful articles on many business websites today.

October 16, 2014

DIY Halloween Goodie Bag

I saw the reminder yesterday in my son’s notebook that we should bring candies on Friday for the costume parade. It made me confused at baka trick or treat ito and need ko ng pumpkin basket so I asked my friend about it. For the last two years, I brought goodie bags for my son’s classmates so I want to make sure kung gagawa ba ko or hindi. But my friend told me that the kids will roam around the campus giving candies to students, baka umabot pa ng college building so make sure at least 3/4 full ang padala ko na candies. 

This is one thing that I dislike in my son’s new school, late notification. As in two days or day before the event ang notification. Like sa mga monthly offering, buti na lang may stock ako sa bahay ng pinadadala but what if wala di ba. Anyway, I texted my husband to buy candies before he goes home. 

My son’s pumpkin basket is too big so half full lang basket namin. Hehehe! 

Sharing with you the DIY Halloween Goodie Bag that I’ve prepared before. Click the image to check the DIY. 


 Click here


October 14, 2014

Lunch at Pepper Lunch Alabang Town Center

Two weeks ago my husband told me that he ate at Pepper Lunch and sobrang sarap and lambot daw ng steak and he promised me that we will eat there. He knew that I love steak. The day after our field trip in Subic we went to Alabang Town Center to eat at Pepper Lunch. I always see this every time we eat at Yabu and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery but wasn’t interested to try it. 

Upon seated, the staff gave us the menu but you have to go to the counter to order and pay for your meal. Since it was my first time, I let my husband chose my meal and my son only ordered dessert which is Goma Soft P55.

Pepper Lunch is a DIY Teppan restaurant originated in Japan that gives you fresh culinary experience because you have to cook your own food. I did not know that I will cook my own steak, my husband told me na manood ko ng TV kasi ako daw magluluto. But it was too late because our ordered came already. I was so amazed so I took picture and video and my husband reminded me na lutuin ko na kaya food ko, mawawala na yung init. Hahaha!

The food is assembled in the Iron plate which was uniquely designed and patented in Japan. In 70 seconds the iron plate will heat up to 260C and remain hot for more than 20 minutes at 80C. My husband ordered Beef Pepper Rice P198 and Big Ribeye Steak P635

My steak includes corn, long beans, rice and mashed potato. I was so happy with my steak, it was tender, juicy and true enough ito na pinakamalambot na steak na natikman ko. It almost melts in your mouth, ganito ba pag premium steak? 

It was worth the splurge, I shared my food with my son but he only likes rice and corn so I finished the steak and mashed potato all by myself. Next time I will add more salt and pepper since I’m not fond of putting sauces in my steak. 

I love the idea of “Sizzling it your way” because I can cook my own food according to my preference. And because I loved the experience and I enjoyed my food, I know that this is not my last time eating at Pepper Lunch.

The staff failed to ask if it was our first time or siguro kasi matagal na yung Pepper Lunch so feeling niya alam na namin. Lol So if ever you will dine in Pepper Lunch don’t forget to watch the video while waiting for your order.

Update: March 2015

We went back again and I noticed the limited butter on top compared to our last visit. 

Pepper Lunch 

2nd Flr, Corte de Las Palmas 
Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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October 13, 2014

Field Trip in Subic

A week before the field trip day, I received a reminder about the field trip itinerary and I was so sad because the field trip is Ocean Adventure. Waah! We have just visited Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure last February and sobrang fresh pa sa memories ko. Lol 

So I was thinking if we will join the field trip or not because 

1. Field trip day is also my son’s birthday. 

2. We have just visited the place last February. 
3. I wasn’t feeling well due to cold and cough. 
4. This is our first trip without Daddy because only 1 chaperone is allowed. I can imagine the stress already. 

But I also have to consider these things 

1. I already paid this field trip because it is included in the tuition. 

2. This is the first field trip of my son in his new school and sabi nga ni hubby, bonding niya with his classmates. 
3. This is also the last field trip that I can accompany my son because next year no more chaperone allowed. 

So ending, I went to school to pay for chaperone fee. We celebrated my son’s birthday in advance. Check our Mario Birthday Theme here

Still wasn’t feeling well on the day of the field trip + I have a stiff neck pa, but still I accompanied my son. #momsduty Assembly time is 5:30AM and Departure time is 6AM but we left passed 6AM and arrived at Ocean Adventure before 10AM.

A few minutes before we reached the OA, I was surprised when the tour guide said “Let us sing happy birthday to Ethan”. Maybe the teacher remembered his birthday. Something memorable for my son. 

I received the ticket and I noticed that the rate is different, I paid P550 before but for educational field trip, the price is only P390.

We went to the Walk on Wide Side Show. 

Then Balancing Act with the African Acrobats

We had lunch after the two shows and went back at 12:30nn for Dolphin Tales. We knew that one dolphin named Tonka in marine park died just recently so bawas na yung nagshow. 

We did not finish the Dolphin Show because we went to Sea Lion Marine Patrol already so we can have a good seat. For the last three shows kasi lagi panget pwesto namin. Kung hindi sa likod nasa gilid. Lol If you still remember my post about OA, Sea Lion Show is our favorite show. 

It was funny because whenever we watch the show, it seems na first time pa rin sa aking anak because in reality, wala naman nagbago sa show. It is the same show that we have watched last February. I was already tired after watching the four shows but we still have to go to Duty Free Shops.

Our last stop is San Guillermo Church in Bacolor Pampanga. Honestly, I have no idea about the church so I have to google it. According to wikipedia, “The church was originally constructed by the Augustinian Friars in 1576. In 1880, the church was destroyed by an earthquake only to be rebuilt by Fr. Eugenio Alvarez in 1886. On September 3, 1995, lahar flow from the slopes of Mt. Pinatubo which erupted into world notice on June 15, 1991, buried the church at half its 12-m height prompting its more than 50,000 town residents to evacuate to safer grounds in resettlement areas”

In addition, this is the church where they shoot the “May Bukas Pa” teleserye, remember “Santino” 

End of our field trip. 

Check out our first trip in Ocean Adventure here and Zoobic Safari here.

October 07, 2014

DIY Mario Birthday Theme

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you will notice that I don’t really splurge on birthday party because I love intimate celebration. A simple and inexpensive celebration is what I always wanted. Every year we celebrated our birthdays in different ways, it depends on our time and budget. 

Last Saturday, my son turned six years old and few months before his birthday, I was thinking about how we are going to celebrate his birthday.  

1. No birthday parties allowed in his new school.  
2. His birthday falls on a weekend.  
3. Three months before his birthday, I received the school calendar and surprise! educational field trip namin sa birthday niya.  

But still I asked him what is his birthday theme, my son wanted Mario Birthday Theme so I was searching for ideas since August. I was planning to have a simple birthday celebration at home. I’m still hoping and praying na baka mabago pa yung schedule ng field trip.  

Unfortunately, it didn’t happen so we celebrated his special day, the day before his birthday. My husband just called my in-laws few hours before the party. We only have cake and pizza for the food. I bought the paper plates and table cover at Celebrations Party Central

Sharing with you, my DIY Mario Birthday Theme.  

Printables: Banner and Clip Art, Bottled Water, Mustache, Invitation and many more 

Giveaway - KitKat chocolate + Wrapper and Mario Coloring Book.  

Cake - Chocolate Ganache from Karen’s Kitchen.  

A month before my son’s birthday, I asked my husband if I will order a Mario Cake just like last year when I ordered a Mickey Mouse Cake but he said, we will just buy a cake then put Mario decoration. We’re not fond of fondant cake kasi. I told him na siya na bahala sa cake, basta I want a plain white cake.  

The day before my son’s birthday, my husband checked two bakeshops in Makati and he was informing me about the cake, price, and looks. But my son wanted chocolate cake so we ordered one of the bestsellers of Karen’s Kitchen which is Chocolate Ganache, P825 for 8” round.  

We’re having a hard time looking for Mario decoration toy, we’ve been checking different malls but my husband only found small Mario stuff. Good thing my friend read my FB status and she messaged me that she has Mario toy from Happy Meal. Yay, that was two hours before the party.  

We were really excited to taste the cake because I’ve read so many good reviews. Some of the blogs even considered this as one of the best chocolate cake. We love the chocolate cake because it is not sweet, the cake is moist and you can really see the layer of icing, frosting, and cake. Maybe, our expectation is so high so when we tasted it, ok lang naman. Considering the price of P825, I find it too expensive because the cake is not that big compared to Purple Oven cakes.  

Sources of my Printables

Printable Mario Coloring Pages
Mario Birthday Invitation
Mario Mustache
Super Mario Clip Art Printables
Happy Birthday Mario