July 25, 2023

Aryaduta Lippo Village Hotel in Indonesia

Since the year 2018, my husband usually stays at The Westin Jakarta Hotel whenever he has a business trip in Jakarta, Indonesia. I can no longer count how many times he stayed in this hotel. During his last trip, he booked at The Westin Jakarta Hotel for almost one week but he cut his stay short because the hotel is too far from the site that he needs to visit. 

Travel time is more or less 2 hours depending on the traffic so he was spending four hours or more every single day just to reach his destination and vice versa. His colleague suggested to transfer hotel so when he went back to Westin he asked the staff if there will be no penalty if he will shorten his stay. 

The staff said “Yes, no penalty” but in less than an hour, he received a message stating that he needs to inform them within the day or else there will be a penalty charge. It was already late in the evening so he has only a few hours left to book another hotel. His colleague suggested Aryaduta Lippo Village. He browsed the website and the hotel looks good in the picture. And because of limited time, he booked the hotel without reading reviews. 

Aryaduta Lippo Village Hotel 

Aryaduta Lippo Village is located in Lippo Karawaci which is now known as Lippo Village. It is outside Jakarta and a short drive to the international airport. The hotel features 191 rooms and villas. This hotel is budget-friendly compared to other hotels that my husband tried. 

At the time of his trip, he dropped by Aryaduta Lippo Village first for check-in but no early check-in so he just left his luggage and off he went to the site that he needs to visit. When he got in the taxi, out of the blue the taxi driver told him “You know I hear so many ghost stories here”. My husband was so shocked, he just check in tapos may ghost story pala. Waah! 

When the lady driver said “here”, she was not saying that there are ghosts in the hotel but "ghost stories in the Karawaci area”. Napagkwekwentuhan daw ng mga taxi drivers. And because of that, my husband already felt uncomfortable especially when he saw his room after work. 

He arrived late at night so even he turned on the light, the room was still not well-lighted. So parang Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar feel, hehehe! The room already looks old so it is no longer the same as the pictures on the website; expectation vs reality.

The hotel has a swimming pool designed in Balinese style, a gym, spa & massage, and a team building area. 

For food and beverages, the hotel offers indoor and outdoor restaurants; Lounge Bar, Palm Cafe, Laguna Bar, The Gardenia, and RJ’s Sports Bar and Grill. 

The Indonesian colleague who suggested this hotel also stayed in this hotel. The hotel looks okay naman but because of the taxi driver, nakakadalawang-isip magstay sa Lippo Village area. We don’t know if the ghost stories are true because when I tried to search, I can’t find anything. Also, there are so many guests in the hotel; in fact, my husband was not able to take a lot of pictures in the buffet restaurant because it was crowded. 

Aryaduta Lippo Village 
401 Bulevard Jendral Sudirman 
1300 Lippo Village

July 20, 2023

Birthday Staycation at Sheraton Mactan Cebu

My husband and I experienced celebrating our birthdays at Sheraton Hotel and we had a good time so we planned to celebrate our son’s 14th birthday at Sheraton Mactan. At that time, the hotel is only a few weeks old so bago pa mag-anniversary, tapusin ko na itong blog. Hehehe!

Our plan became possible because of the Philippine Airlines’ Great Mabuhay Miles Getaway promotion. We were able to use our miles to book our Manila-Cebu-Manila plane ticket. My husband also used his Marriott Bonvoy points to book our room. Fortunately, my son has no face-to-face classes at the time of our trip so he was not absent. 

Since we’ve been to Cebu a few times already, we did not plan any tour so we really just had a staycation. We eat, sleep, and swim for 3 days and 2nights. Sheraton Mactan is the third resort that we have visited in the area, we’ve been to Shangri la Mactan and Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa already.  

Day 1 in Sheraton Mactan Resort 

We took an early flight and the resort is only 30 minutes away from the airport so we were in the resort 20 minutes before 8AM. We knew that the standard check-in time is still 3PM so we were so surprised and happy when the staff allowed us to check-in already. Wow, this is the earliest check-in that we’ve ever experienced in a hotel or resort. 

2 Doubles, Ocean View, Balcony 

My husband booked the ocean view room so we really had a nice view of the pool and ocean. The room is about 50 sqm so we have enough space to move around. There is a chair, a working desk, a mini fridge, etc.

The bathroom is also spacious, it has a bathtub, separate shower, and toilet. The toiletries are the same as other Sheraton Hotels that we have tried but this time, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are refillable. 

When I checked the coffee and tea area, parang kulang so feeling ko dahil sa sobrang aga namin hindi pa naprepare yung room. My husband just called the reception and they delivered the missing items plus they also gave complimentary snacks and a birthday cake for my son. 

Since my son has still online classes, nagbasa-basa na lang ako ng mga nakalagay sa room. I found out that Sheraton Mactan is the first Marriott International resort in the Philippines. It has 261 rooms and suites and it offers a fitness center, spa, pool, restaurants, cafe, and bar. 

Our room has no complimentary breakfast so I also browsed the menu for in-room dining. After my son’s classes, we went to 5 Cien for our early lunch. You can check my previous post “Food Trip in Sheraton Mactan Cebu” for my detailed post. 

After lunch, we explored the resort and this is small compared to the two resorts that we’ve visited but it has its own charm. We did not stay long because my son has afternoon classes pa so hintay ulit na matapos. Hehehe! 

We had a quick dip at the beach and pool, then we had dinner at the Buhi Bar. We liked the Buhi Cave Bar, maganda din kasi yung view. 

Day 2: Seekers Game 

The following day while we were in the pool, a staff approached us and asked if we wanted to join their activity. We thought it is free kasi sa Crimson Mactan marami free activities for kids but we were wrong, we need to pay pala. But since we have no activity that day, we agreed to join the Seekers Game, malay mo maganda yung prize. We paid PHP687.53 for the game and the program starts at 2PM. 

At the lobby, after registration, the staff gave us a map and laminated cards that we need to answer. There is a time limit for the game and we finished everything before the time was up. We were all tired kasi naman sa dami ng challenges, pero mas pagod si hubby kasi siya yung pinagawa namin ng mga physical activities. 

After the game, the staff informed us that we have Two Complimentary Drinks at the Buhi Bar. Waah! Yung lang pala yung prize sa pagod namin, tatlo pa kami nagpagod so kulang yung drinks. We went to Buhi Bar to claim our prize and the only option is Signature Mocktails, PHP350 per drink. Charged to experience na lang. 

Day 3 in Sheraton Mactan 

Last day in Cebu so before we had breakfast, we spent our time in the pool first. We had no idea that we will be upgraded to Buffet Breakfast because of our incomplete in-room dining breakfast. So we experienced buffet breakfast at 5 Cien for less than 30 minutes. The photo below was taken on our second day, nag-iisip kasi kami kung buffet or in-room dining. 

Check-out time is 12PM but my husband requested for late check-out because our Cebu to Manila flight was changed. Good thing, he has this benefit so at least hindi kami maghihintay ng matagal sa airport. It was a swift trip but we enjoyed our stay at Sheraton Mactan. Service is also good from the time we arrived until we left the resort. 

Cebu Attractions: 

Mactan Shrine 
SuTuKil Stations 
Olanggo Island 
Mactan Newtown Township 
10,000 Roses Cordova 
Island Hopping and Diving Spots 

Sheraton Cebu Mactan Resort 
Punta Engaño Road, Mactan Island  
6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines

July 17, 2023

Lunch at Nono’s Comfort Kitchen

Since last year, I’ve been seeing Nono’s restaurant but as usual, it took me a long time before I tried it. It’s been raining for the past few days and sa totoo lang nakakatamad lumabas but I need to go to the grocery. My husband suggested na sa Nuvali na lang kami for a change. 

It was time for lunch so gutom na kami so while we were looking for restaurant, tinatamad na kami mag-ikot so we ended up at Nono’s Comfort Kitchen. There were a lot of diners so feeling ko masarap ang food. 

Upon seated, the staff gave us the menu and as I flipped the menu pages, I told myself that the food is just the same as in other restaurants so we just order to satisfy our hunger. We ordered Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken Solo PHP375, Grilled Pork Chop Solo PHP495 and Truffle Cream Big Plate PHP685 + Service Charge

We were surprised when the staff served the fried chicken in less than ten minutes. Wow, mabilis service. Nono’s Homestyle Fried Chicken is one of their best sellers. “Crispy boneless chicken fillet with country-style gravy and honey, served with dinner roll, corn on the cob, and a choice of fries or rice”.

After a few minutes, they served the rest of our order. The Truffle Cream Big Plate is good for 2-3 persons, nagtataka nga ko bakit big plate inorder ni hubby. The pasta looks simple because it is only truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese but the taste is good so no doubt that is also one of their best sellers. 

When I saw my Grilled Pork Chop, I felt so sad parang ang lungkot kasi ng plating, magkalayo. It is a one-inch thick boneless pork chop topped with lemon and herbed butter, served with mashed potatoes. According to the menu, 20 minutes to prepare but my food arrived in less than 20 minutes. 

After one bite, my face changed because I did not expect that the pork chop is tender and juicy so I sliced my pork and shared it with my husband and son. My husband didn’t mind the pork because he was busy eating the pasta, sarap na sarap din kasi siya sa pasta. And when he finally tried it, nagustuhan din niya and he said, buti daw inorder ko yung pork.

The pork chop is not Nono’s Favorite but this is our favorite, we liked it compared to other grilled pork chops na nakain namin sa ibang restaurant na manipis pa. I hope the taste is consistent because I will order this again if ever we go back to Nono’s. 

Our stomachs were full so we have no room for dessert, I was excited to try their cake pa naman because I read on their menu “The restaurant began with a slice of cake”. But we knew that there will be next time so no need to rush.

Update: August 2023

Just this month we went back to Nuvali to visit the new branch of Landers, we frequent Landers Alabang so we would like to know the difference between the two branches. Well, Nuvali branch is much bigger but it is crowded. 

But before we went to Landers, we had lunch first at Nono's, I ordered the same thing which is Big Grill Pork Chop PHP945, Solo Truffle Cream Pasta PHP365 and Plain Rice PHP45 + Service Charge. For the pork chop, may slight difference na siya, mas malambot yung una namin nakain but we still like it. 

July 14, 2023

Food Trip at Sheraton Mactan Cebu

It’s Flashback Friday so let me reminisce about our previous trip because two days ago my husband told me that one of his colleagues was asking about our Sheraton Mactan and Shangri la Mactan experience and he was searching my posts pero wala daw Sheraton Mactan. I did not post pictures on Facebook except for my story which is only available for 24 hours. So due to public insistent demand, I will continue my Cebu series. Hehehe! 

Let me start with our food trip, we were in Sheraton Mactan for 3 days and 2 nights and we did not go out so we just ate inside the resort. During our trip, the resort is just a few weeks old so the only options are 5 Cien, Buhi Bar, and Sa Sitio Bakery & Bar. The Dip (Nikkei Restaurant) was still under construction so we were not able to try it pa. 

5 Cien

5 Cien is their All-Day Dining restaurant which offers international cuisine. It is open as early as 6AM and closing time is 11PM. This is also where you eat your complimentary buffet breakfast. They have live stations so you can see chefs while preparing your food or drinks. 

Buhi Bar

Buhi Bar is located near the pool and beach, our favorite spot here is the cave. Limited lang yung spot so first come first serve. The bar offers Mediterranean bites with cocktails. Open from 2PM to 12AM.

Sa Sitio Bakery & Bar 

Sa Sitio Bakery & Bar is a coffee shop, deli, and bakery. It is open as early as 7AM so you can buy breakfast, snacks, or even take-outs. I bought bread here before we went to the airport. The closing time is 10PM. 

Lunch at 5 Cien 

We had a morning flight so wala pa 11AM gutom na kami so we went to 5 Cien for our early lunch. The restaurant offers all-day breakfast, appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and dessert. For mains, you have options for Asian, Filipino, and Western cuisine. They also have Kid’s Menu. 

We ordered Wings and Mojos PHP620, Nasi Goreng PHP620, and Adobo Marinated Grilled Chicken PHP420 + Service Charge. While waiting for our food, they serve complimentary bread. 

My son is no longer a kid but he likes the grilled chicken so we asked if we can order from the kid’s menu and the staff said yes. But we had no idea na pangKids din yung plate. Hehehe! 

Dinner at Buhi Bar 

Since we spent our afternoon at the pool, we had an early dinner at Buhi Bar before we went back to our room. They also have a Happy Hour Promo, I can’t remember the name of these beverages but the two drinks are PHP425 + Service Charge. 

For our meal, we only ordered two meals plus extra rice because we had a hard time finishing our lunch meal so para hindi sayang ang food. We ordered Mango BBQ Wings PHP520 and Adobo Rito PHP560 + Service Charge

In-Room Dining 

Set Breakfast 

My husband only used his points to book our room so breakfast is not included in our package so for our first breakfast, we chose “In-Room Dining”. We ordered Punta Engaňo Sunrise PHP840, Daing na Bangus PHP560 and Arroz caldo PHP450 + Service Charge

Punta Engaňo Sunrise PHP840 

Served with garlic rice, pickled papaya, Taboan of the Day 
Choice of chilled juice mango, orange, apple, or pineapple. 
Choice of two bakery items: ensaymada, pandesal, ube pandesal, pan de coco, pan Bisaya. 
Fruit Plate 
Choice of savory items served with two eggs of any style, tocino, longganisa, bangus, beef tapa. 
Choice of coffee, decaffeinated coffee, hot chocolate, breakfast tea, sikwate. 
Choice of whole milk, skimmed milk, soy milk 

Daing na Bangus PHP560 

Pan-fried milkfish, pickled papaya, garlic rice. 
Two eggs of any style: sunny side up, over easy, poached, or scrambled. 

Arroz Caldo PHP450 

Hash brown, pork sausage, chicken sausage, or crispy bacon. 

When our food was served, nalula na kami sa dami so I took a picture of it and we started eating kasi gutom na rin. Nung kalagitnaan na ng kainan, napaisip ako kasi feeling ko may kulang pa, so I compared my list and photo. 

Then I discovered that we received an incomplete breakfast. We don’t have a sunny-side-up egg, I chose a sunny-side-up egg for my son so parang lahat, scrambled egg ang binigay. My husband has no pork sausage, arroz caldo lang ang binigay. Also for my order, we did not receive the fruit plate. 

We did not bother to call the restaurant because we were already full and marami pa kami left over. We just decided na sa restaurant na kami magbreakfast next time. 


We still have breakfast leftover so for lunch, we ate inside the room na lang. We just ordered Sinigang Soup PHP620, Steamed Rice PHP110 per cup, and Kakanin Selection PHP280 + Service Charge.

Mocktails at Buhi Bar

I don’t have pictures of our dinner, so it is either we did not order and ate our leftovers or we ordered the same food. The only picture that I have is our Mocktails at Buhi Bar which we got after playing Seeker’s Game

Complimentary Buffet Breakfast at 5 Cien 

And because of our incomplete breakfast, we decided to eat at the restaurant, brunch na para busog na kami bago magcheck-out. So while everybody was busy eating their breakfast, we were swimming at the pool. 

After swimming and showering, my husband and son went to the restaurant first and I just told them my order. I am not in a hurry na magprepare because I know it will take more than 20 minutes bago maserve yung food pero nagtataka ko at panay tunog ng phone ko. When I answered my phone, my husband told me na buffet na daw kami so bumaba na daw ako. What!?! 

Remember the incomplete order that we experienced? Well, before my husband ordered our meals, he informed the staff about it and we did not expect that the manager will upgrade us to buffet breakfast to compensate for the mistake. Wow! 

We are happy with the upgrade but at the same time we are also in a hurry because we only have less than 30 minutes before the closing time. If we knew na ganito mangyayari, sana pala inagahan namin kumain, hehehe! Well, ito na yung pinakamabilis na hotel breakfast namin. 

Sheraton Mactan 
Punta Engaño Road, Mactan Island 
6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines