February 14, 2019

What is your Feb-ibig Story?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Before, Valentine's Day is just an ordinary day to me because I was single and I never thought that this day would become a special day to me. When I was young, I was not looking for love because I want to reserve my heart for the one who deserves it. I’m ready to wait even it will take so long. Coming from a broken family, I don’t want to experience being broken hearted. I know that waiting for the right one is never easy but I rather wait than have regrets later.

When I was still single, one of my favorite songs is “I promise” of Jaci Velasquez so this serves as my reminder to wait.

“So I promise to be true to you
To live my life in purity
As unto you
Waiting for the day
When I hear you say
Here is the one I have created
Just for you

Until then, oh Lord
I will be content
Knowing that true love
Will come someday
It will only come from you”

God makes all things beautiful in His time. I did not look for love but I met my “THE ONE”on an island. We’re schoolmates but we never cross our path inside our University, sa dinadami ng lugar sa Pilipinas sa island pa kami unang nagmeet. It was not "love at first sight" but after 10 months I said yes to my first boyfriend, ex-boyfriend and now husband on Valentine's day.

That was 16 years ago, it is true that “Everything comes to you at the right time. Be patient and trust in the process. Anong Feb-ibig story mo?

“Someday someone is going to look at you with a light in their eyes you’ve never seen. They’ll look at you like you’re everything they’ve been looking for their entire lives. Wait for it”

February 13, 2019

DIY Valentine’s Gift for Kids

Last Monday, I’ve read my son’s assignment notebook and he needs to bring chocolates or flowers on Valentine’s Day. We have chocolates in the fridge but that was our pasalubong from the USA so ayaw ko i-giveaway. Hehehe! So yesterday I just went to the nearest convenience store and bought a pack of chocolate. Of course, I bought our favorite local chocolate which is Flat Tops.

There is no note what they are going to do with those chocolates or flowers but since it is Valentine’s Day, I think they are going to give it away just like last Christmas holiday. They sing Christmas carols and give candies. So since I was in the mood to do some craft, I decided to make DIY Valentine’s Gift Bag.

Just in time, Designer Blog sent me FREE Valentine Printables so I immediately downloaded the Valentine Bag Topper. I bought a Blog Template from their site before and from time to time, I received freebies. Anyway, you can do this project in less than 30 minutes.

Printable Valentine’s Bag Toppers
Small clear plastic or ziplock bag
Chocolates or candies
Stapler Scissors

1. Download, print and cut the Valentine Bag Topper.
2. Divide the chocolates and fill the clear plastic bag. I bought the ziplock bag at Daiso Japan.

3. Fold the Valentine Bag Topper

4. Put the bag topper on top of the ziplock and staple it. Don’t forget to write the name at the back of the bag topper.

That’s it! A simple Valentine gift idea that you can give to your kid’s friends, classmates or teachers.

February 12, 2019

Day 1: North Batan Island Tour in Batanes

Let’s continue my Batanes series. Batanes is one of my dream destinations in the Philippines but few days before our trip, I was not excited and I don’t even want to go because it’s been raining cats and dogs since the holiday season started. I was worried that there may be a flight delay, flight cancellation or we will not enjoy our trip because of the rainy weather.

On the way to the Clark International Airport, I was praying and hoping that everything will fall into place. So I felt at ease when the plane landed at Basco Airport Terminal Building, at last, bucket list checked. We paid the tourism fee and checked-in at Bernardo’s Hotel, the staff informed us that our North Batan Island Tour will start at 12NN.

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We ate our breakfast and rested for few hours so we have the energy for our first-day tour. Since we availed Bernardo’s Hotel Tour Package, we don’t have any problem with our transportation and food. There are so many places that you can visit in North Batan but for our tour package, we visited 8 tourist spots. Watch the video here.

Mt. Carmel Church (Tukon Church)
PAGASA Tukon Radar Station
Fundacion Pacita
Basco Idjang Viewing Point
Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
Valugan Boulder Beach
Cathedral of Santo Domingo de Guzman
Vayang Rolling Hills
Naidi Lighthouse

Our van driver and tour guide fetch us and we went straight to Pension Ivatan Hometel Restaurant for our lunch.

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Mt. Carmel Church

Then we started our tour, the first stop is Mt. Carmel Church or Tukon Chapel. This chapel is located in Chanarian Basco, Batanes, a small church made of rocks just like the Ivatan Stone Houses. A local resident donated a piece of land so those who live in Chanarian has a place of worship. With the help of generous people from Metro Manila, the church was officially opened on May 3, 2008.

Mt. Carmel Church is located on top of a hill so you can see Mt. Iraya, boulder beach, Basco Town Proper, and even the airport. I’ve seen some of the photos of Tukon Chapel and I find it so beautiful so there is no doubt that this became a wedding church destination. Unfortunately, even it is made of rocks, the chapel was destroyed by the typhoon.

PAGASA Tukon Radar Station 

Next stop in PAGASA Tukon Radar Station, this is the northernmost station of PAGASA in the Philippines. You can see Mt. Carmel Church and Fundacion Pacita from this site and it also gives you 360 degrees view of the Batan Island. The place is between Mt. Matarem and Mt. Iraya.

Same fate of Mt. Carmel church, the PAGASA Station was destroyed by the typhoon Ferdie and I’m not sure when it will be repaired since we all know that PAGASA equipment is not cheap.

Fundacion Pacita

The third stop is Fundacion Pacita, if the budget is not an issue then stay at Fundacion Pacita. This is the popular accommodation in Basco Batanes because of the location. This hotel offers the best view of the mountain, sea, and sky. And because of that, this hotel is not cheap too but if you want a luxury staycation, then stay at Fundacion Pacita.

We don’t have a budget for that but we are still lucky to have a glimpse of Fundacion Pacita because it is part of our North Batan tour. We are only allowed to visit the garden and restaurant. Too bad, we were not able to eat at Cafe Du Tukon.

Fundacion Pacita was used to be the home studio of Pacita Abad. She was born in Basco, Batanes. An Ivatan and an internationally renowned contemporary painter. Fundacion Pacita is her legacy to her family and Ivatan people. Her brother, Butch Abad changed and renovated her home studio to a Boutique Hotel.

Basco Idjang Viewing Point 

I have no idea that Spanish, American and even Japanese invaders went to Batanes, pati pala Batanes naisipan nila sakupin. Ivatans built idjangs on elevated area to protect themselves. And Basco Idjang is one of their fortresses.

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel 

Don’t forget to bring your Eco Tourism Fee Tickets wherever you go because they will check that from time to time. When we went to Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel, there is a booth there where they check our ticket.

Anyway, this Japanese Tunnel is a five-door tunnel that is located in the hills of Tukon. It was constructed during the Japanese occupation, it has bunker and water reservoir. Since we have a kid in tow, we did not explore the Japanese Tunnel. It was really dark so better bring your own flashlight, we just used our phone flashlight inside.

Chanpan Beach or Valugan Boulder Beach 

Chanpan Beach or Valugan Boulder Beach is a sacred fishing port of those who live in Barangay San Joaquin. They followed their traditional fishing season which is called Paypatawen. It is from March to May only. The boulders are living evidence of the volcanic eruptions of Mt. Iraya in 325 B.C.

The waves are strong here so it is not good for swimming. The waves of Pacific Ocean and West Philippines Sea smoothens the boulders and gravels. My son enjoyed playing with the stone. He was making a tower of stones.

Cathedral of Santo Domingo de Guzman 

Cathedral of Santo Domingo de Guzman is also known as Our Lady of the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, this is the first parish church in Batanes that was built in early 18th century.

Basco Rolling Hills or Vayang Rolling Hills 

Among the places of North Batan Tour, Vayang Rolling Hills is my favorite spot. Even I’m afraid of heights and strong winds, I still enjoy the extraordinary beauty of rolling hills. I wish my photos can do justice but nothing beats seeing this site up close and personal.

Basco Rolling Hills is just ordinary pastureland of Diptan farmers but for us, this is an amazing view of endless rolling hills. The site gives you a combination of seascapes and landscapes. From afar, you can already see the Naidi Lighthouse and you can also view the major municipalities all at once. Yes, you can see Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat Island.

Naidi Lighthouse 

Our last stop is Basco Lighthouse or Naidi Lighthouse, this is the popular landmark in Basco. It was constructed in March 2003 with 66 feet in height to serve as a navigational facility for local fishermen. The site is an overlooking of Basco town on the east and Basco Bay on the west. This is also a good spot for sunset viewing, but we did not wait for the sunset anymore since we wanted to rest already. It is nice to end the year 2018 in Batanes.

We started our North Batan Tour at 12NN and we’re back at the hotel before 4PM. Some say you need at least 5 hours for North Batan Tour pero ang bilis lang namin, maybe because we had a private tour so wala nang hintayan sa iba.

We paid P7200/per person for our 3 Days Batanes Tour Package (Private Tour). It is a little bit expensive but if you want to save for your Batanes trip, check my post here.

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February 10, 2019

School Field Trip 2019

Since last year my son kept on telling me that he will join his Field Trip on February and I kept on persuading him not to join his field trip because his daddy will have a business trip on that month. Mahirap magcommute ng madaling araw at gabi and we can visit those places naman kahit hindi field trip.

Then last month, the school gave the Field Trip form and when I read the itinerary, I still convinced my son not to join because I find the fee expensive, PHP1790. Ang mahal para sa Kidzania at National Museum, free lang naman yung ibang place. I even told him, yung P1790 na yun sobra pa sa Kidzania namin dalawa and whole day pa kami pwede magstay.

Kidzania Manila 
National Museum of National History 
McKinley Grand Canal - Walking Tour 
Shrine of Jesus WTL (again)

But he really wanted to join and my husband wants my son to join too so ako lang naman talaga ang kontrabida sa buhay nila. My husband always tells me, iba ang lakad with classmates at iba ang lakad with family. Good thing that my husband is available on that day so hindi ko na problema maghatid at sundo. So I paid the Field Trip fee bago pa magbago isip ko. Hehehe!

P.S. As of this school year, the chaperone is allowed na if grade 1 to 3 ang bata. Grrr! I’ve been waiting for them to change this policy, ngayon pa talaga binago. Grade 4 na anak ko so hindi ko pwede sumama. Hayz…

Fast forward to his field trip…

Me: Ethan, don’t forget your passport ha.
Ethan: How about my credit card?
Me: ATM lang yun.
Hubby: Bakit may passport pa at card, san punta niyan?
Me and Ethan: Kidzania.

Yes, may passport at ATM sa Kidzania. May driving license pa nga. Hehehe! I allowed my son to bring his smartphone in one condition “Take Photos”. While my husband and I were busy at PTAA Travel Tour Expo, my son sent one group photo at Shrine Of Jesus WTL so I felt happy at naalala ang bilin ko. So in my mind, this time marami na pictures anak ko sa Field Trip compared last year.

But I was wrong, after the field trip he showed me his phone gallery and guess what? Yung group photo lang ang may mukha niya. Puro painting sa National Museum. Waah! Nakalimutan na niya ang lahat ng bilin ko when they went to Kidzania Manila. So for the very first time, wala na siya tagakuha ng photos and videos. They stayed here from 1PM to 5PM and he was able to do 6 activities; Bank, Pit Crew Training Center, Cleaning Energy Center, Century Tuna Marine Research Lab, Driving, and Newswriter.  Check our Kidzania experience here.

Anyway, since Mckinley Grand Canal Tour is part of their itinerary. We decided to pick up our son at Venice Grand Canal Mall. So after our travel expo trip, we went straight to Venice. It was my first time there, so maganda naman pala. I remembered our trip in Venetian Hotel in Macau. There is a gondola ride but it is too expensive for my budget, P400 per person. Waah! Okay na ko sa tingin na lang, hehehe!

There are so many restaurants in Venice Grand Canal Mall and I saw the Isla Sugbu Seafood City and we’re supposed to eat here kaso sa pagod namin, gusto na namin umuwi agad. Maybe next time I can finally try this paluto all you can.

You can also buy a ticket online to reserve a slot and save time in falling in line.


Grade 3 Field Trip
Grade 2 Field Trip
Kinder Field Trip
Pre-Kinder Field Trip 
 Alice in Wonderland
 Gardenia Plant Tour
 Manila Ocean Park 

* This post contains affiliate link/s. If you decide to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

February 09, 2019

My Philippines Travel Tour Expo Experience and Tips

We all know that traveling is costly but there are ways to save money for your next travel adventures. If you love to travel, I’m pretty sure that you always look forward to travel expo because it is the best time to score cheap plane tickets, discounted hotel and resort packages, affordable package tours and even travel stuff are on sale like luggage, hand-carry bags, packing cubes and many more.

Since we live outside Metro Manila we don’t normally go to travel expo unless we have upcoming travel trips. So when I learned that there will be 26TH PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2019 from February 8-10, 2019, I immediately saved the date. It's been more than three years since our last visit to travel expo.

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26TH PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2019 Experience 

Fast forward to our trip, my husband and I went to SMX Convention Center and we arrived before 8AM. On the way to the parking area, I already saw the crowd outside the SMX so totoo pala na ang dami ng tao. I was a little bit worried na baka matagalan kami bago makapasok kasi late na kami nakarating. But I was wrong because we did not have a hard time, thank God for Citibank credit card and Courtesy Seating.

After we parked the car, we asked the guard where is the line for Citibank credit card holder and then we went straight to the other side of the building. Then I saw the Citicard Courtesy Seating so we did not go out the building anymore. Yey! To register, the staff asked for our credit card and we filled-out a form and she gave our free tickets and flyer. Then we just waited for the opening time which is 8:30AM. Only those who have tickets can enter the travel expo.

Since we’re one of the early birds, we did not have a hard time falling in line. Unfortunately, some of the booths were still closed. Hindi yata sila aware sa early bird sale. Anyway, we immediately went to our target booth and reserved a plane ticket. Since we already have specific travel plans, we only visited 5 booths; 2 airlines, 1 luggage booth, 1 travel bags booth and 1 travel stuff booth. So we were able to book a plane ticket, bought 1 checked-in bag and 1 hand-carry bag, luggage cover and anti-theft bag. We started at 8:30AM and we finished everything after 4 hours, we left SMX at 12:38NN.

If you are planning to visit travel tour expo, check my travel tour expo tips. Check photos and videos here.

Philippine Travel Tour Expo Experience and Tips 

1. Always be prepared

Cliche as it may sound but it is very important that you are always ready and prepared. This will help you to be organized and it will also help other people. Why? I noticed some people na dun pa lang mag-iisip kung saan pupunta, magcheck sa calendar ng travel dates, and they even don’t know their travel details.

A. Have a List  

Some booths may ask for passport information, birthday of the children or any details that they need in order to book your ticket or package tour. So be prepared, list down your possible travel dates and travel details.

B. Research 

Travel Expo always announced their event weeks before so you have enough time to save the date, plan your future trip, check the list of exhibitors and research for rates or prices. I did this before going to travel expo.

I checked the list of exhibitors, kung nandun ba yung airlines, hotels, resorts or store na interested ako. Then I did a mock booking online to check the airfare if ever I will buy online so at least I have an idea if mura ba talaga sa travel expo or not.

C. Bring Eco Bag 

Sa dami ng flyers and freebies, you need an extra bag para di ka na mahirapan maghawak.

2. Come early 

As the quote says “The early bird catches the worm”, it is important to be early so you can get the first dibs and you can avoid long lines. And if you are lucky, you can also take advantage of courtesy seating for pregnant, senior citizen or PWD or if there is a promo or Early Bird Sale from partner companies. I took advantage of this using the Citi Credit Card and Courtesy Seating so I have one hour to check the booths bago pa dumami tao.

3. Plan your route 

In PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2019, there were 994 booths from over 400 travel tours, airline companies, government offices, embassies and even travel related. You will feel overwhelmed sa dami ng pagpipilian. But everything will be easy if you know your travel plans so while waiting for the opening or before starting your booth hopping, check the map so you know where to go first. Take note two floors yan, so mark those booths na plan niyo puntahan.

4. Notebook and Pen 

Don’t forget to bring a notebook and a pen. You will fill-out a lot of forms or you will take down a lot of notes. Not all airlines will print-out your reservation. Qatar Airways gave us a print-out booking reference but Emirates, just gave us a quotation and sinulat na lang namin. After visiting different booths, compare your notes and check who has a better deal, then go back to that booth and buy.

5. Don’t go alone 

Since you will spend most of your time falling in line, it is better to have a buddy, a friend or family so just in case you need to go to the restroom or you want to check other deals, may isa na nakapila at may isang naghahanap.

You can also go separate ways, your partner will visit these booths and you will visit these booths then you can compare notes after. You can save time by doing this. Other booths give out number so no need to stay in the booth for so long, just go back to the booth and check kung malapit na turn mo.

6. Check freebies 

One thing I like in travel expo is the freebies. Yes, aside from the sale, promo or discounts, you can also get some stuff by simply visiting their booth, liking their social media page, sharing their booth on your social media, taking photos or by purchasing at their booth.

7. Look or ask for special deals 

Be observant. Yes, make use of your time. Kaysa mainip ka sa kakahintay, observe other people. You will get some ideas sa kaka-observe mo lang. Lalo na yung mga freebies na bitbit nila or yung mga nabili nila. After buying our plane tickets, pauwi na sana kami kaso ang dami ko nakikita na may luggage na bitbit so hinanap namin and we were able to score affordable Samsonite Luggage and Pacsafe bags. There are more brands there na mas mura pa sa nabili namin like American Tourister, it just depends on your preferences.

Samsonite Handcarry Luggage 
Original Price PHP15,550
Discounted PHPrice P5970
Savings: PHP9870

Samsonite Luggage (Large/30kls) 
Original Price P19250
Discounted Price P10,587.50
Savings: P8662.50

Pacsafe Crossbody Bag 
Original Price: P4490
Discounted Price: P2000
+ 10% promo when I registered (less P200)
Savings: P2690

If you will ask me worth it ba pumila or pumunta sa travel expo?

My answer is yes, travel expo is like a one-stop shop so hindi ka na mahihirapan pa na maghanap ng mga package tours, discounted tickets and sale. You will feel safe din because your are dealing with authorized agents or staffs so for sure hindi scam ang mabobook. Just bring a lot of patience and make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

But when it comes to airfare, I noticed konti lang naman difference nila if you will book online because the rate still depends on your travel dates. In our experience, konti lang difference nung sale nila dun sa nakita ko online before the travel expo but we still booked it because we can pay in Philippine Peso currency, big savings yun kasi ang laki ng foreign exchange currency fee sa credit card namin. If I book online, most of the time USD lagi pag international destination.

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Citi Credit Card Holder Perks 

1. Free Entrance
2. Early Bird Sale on February 8, 2019 from 8:30 to 9:30AM. Simply present your Citi Credit Card at the designated entrance.
3. Free Pantene, Safeguard, & Whisper Travel Gift Pack for a minimum single-receipt of P8000 with your Citi Credit Card on February 8 - 10, 2019. (Straight transactions). Maximum of 1 gift pack per merchant, per client, per day. No split transactions allowed.
4. Get Free Meals at Max’s Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy or Sizzlin’ Steak with your Paylite Spend. Enjoy a free P500 eGift Voucher from Giftaway for every single-receipt Paylite spend of P10,000 to 24,999 or P1000 eGift Voucher from Giftaway for every single-receipt Paylite spend of P25,000 and above.


There is a different line for Citibank credit card holder and nonCitibank credit card holder.
There is courtesy seating so in case you are pregnant, senior citizen or PWD, look for courtesy. seating, you can bring 1 companion only.
No entrance fee for Citibank credit card holder.

Schedule of PTAA Travel Tour Expo 

* Early Bird Sale on February 8, 2019 from 8:30 to 9:30AM. Simply present your Citi Credit Card at the designated entrance. 

February 8, 2019 (Friday) – 9:30AM to 7:00PM
February 9, 2019 (Saturday) – 9AM to 7PM
February 10, 2019 (Sunday) – 9AM to 6PM

Entrance Ticket 
Php 100 – General Admission including children and students
Php 70 – Senior Citizens
FREE - Citibank credit card holder

26TH PTAA Travel Tour Expo 2019 
Halls 1-4 and Function Room 1-5,
SMX Convention Center, Sea Shell Lane,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

3 Things You Need to Budget When Traveling With a Group to Vegas

Planning and budgeting for a large group in Las Vegas is a difficult task. But, if you have an idea of what the group will do while in the city, it will take the pressure off your shoulders. Such a  vacation requires your group to consider some key factors when budgeting. You must have a good plan for all the activities the group will engage in. You need to know how the group will be accommodated, what they will eat, and how they will be transported.  In this article, we focus on three things you need to budget for when traveling with a group to Vegas.

1. The Hotel 

There are plenty of accommodation facilities in Vegas. But picking a hotel that can accommodate a group of people could be a challenge. You need to plan and make your reservations early to avoid the inconveniences. The facility should have rooms for conferences, just in case you need to assemble at one place to plan for the day. Group hotels charge between $200-250 per room. So if you are in a group of 10 people, you need to budget about $2,500 per day. If you will be in Vegas for 5 days. You should allocate $12,500 to accommodation. The goal here is to have all the members of a group stay in one place for safety and planning purposes.

2. Meals

Obviously, budgeting for meals is very important when traveling in a group.  If the facility you will be accommodated in does not serve meals, you’ll need a restaurant where you can go for meals. Many hotels offer buffets that cost about $30 for breakfast. So for 10 people, you need about $300 per person. If you will be in Vegas for 5 days, it will cost you about $1,500. Picking a hotel that offers a group menu is important. It will allow you to dine at the same place. Group menus may be cheaper depending on the hotel chosen. Some hotels offer rigid menus while others allow you to choose what to eat. Lunch will cost about $45 per plate so you need about $450 per day for a group of 10 people. For 5 days, you need about $2,250. Dinner will cost about $50 per person. For a group of 10 people, the budget for dinner should not be less than $500 per day. If you will be in Vegas for 5 days, you need to spare about $2,500 for dinner.

3. Transportation

Las Vegas is a popular vacation destination.  So, you need to make plans for transportation early enough. If you are in a group, you need a Charter bus Company Las Vegas to move your members from the airport to your hotel. You will spent about $750 to transfer members of your group to destinations of their choice. It will cost about $15 to transport each member of the group to a chosen destination. So, for ten people, you need about $150 per destination. If you are planning for a group tour in Las Vegas having a budget is necessary. You need to budget for transport, accommodation, and food. You should also have some spare money to use to pay for entry fees.

February 06, 2019

Food Trip in Bonifacio High Street

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Chinese New Year is over and welcome to the year of the pig. We did not celebrate Chinese New Year but we had food trip last long weekend. Yes, long weekend for us because my son has no classes last February 4 so we’re free for four days. We were in Bonifacio High Street for two consecutive days so we took advantage of it and we try some restaurants na wala sa probinsiya. Hehehe!

Crystal Jade Dining IN 

My sister-in-law’s family was back in the Philippines after 13 years so we had a get-together at Crystal Jade Dining IN. It was our first time to meet my husband’s nephews after they moved to New Jersey, USA. They only stayed for 2 nights in the Philippines so it was really a short visit.

My brother-in-law reserved a room at Crystal Jade Dining IN, the function room can accommodate two roundtables good for 10 persons. Crystal Jade Dining IN is a Chinese restaurant and they have 120 outlets across the globe. They’ve been in the business for more than 20 years and still continue to provide wholesome food - food that nourishes, inspires, and good for you.

We did not see the food menu except for the drinks menu and I can already tell that this restaurant is expensive. Why? Mango juice lang, PHP160 na. While waiting they served nuts. Since it was a family get-together, I did not take photos of the food but we had dim sum, soup, noodles, rice and 3 kinds of viand.

I checked their menu online and I found some of the foods that we ate, yung iba hindi ko makita sa menu. We had Yan Zhou Fried Rice, Braised Beancurd, Birthday Ee-fu noodles, Sauteed Ee-fu noodles with Wild Mushroom and Roasted Peking Duck. The food is good but it is not something that I will crave for.

Operation Hours 
Mon to Fri: 11AM to 3PM and 3PM and 5PM
Sat to Sun: 11AM to 11PM

Crystal Jade Dining IN
7th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street,
Bonifacio Global City

Krispy Kreme 

My son had no classes last February 4 and I was contemplating if we will go with hubby or not. In the end, sumama pa din kami kahit alam ko na matagal kami maghihitay. My husband has a meeting somewhere in BGC so while waiting, we ate at Krispy Kreme. They gave us free doughnuts, pansin ko lang parang lagi may free doughnuts sa branch na ito. I remembered our trip few years ago, they also gave free doughnuts habang nakapila kami.

What I don’t like in Bonifacio High Street, late mag-open ang mga stores and restaurants nila so wala talaga kami magawa ng anak ko. Two years ago, we also stayed here while waiting for my husband, he had a meeting din before our flight to Cebu. But during that time, may mga display sila but now wala. After our walking tour in BHS, we went back to Krispy Kreme and wait for the other stores na magbukas.

Pablo Cheese Tart 

I love cheesecake so I like trying different kinds of cheesecake. Now, I’m addicted to Japanese Cheesecake so when we went to Bonifacio High Street, I was so glad when I saw Pablo Cheese Tart store. Finally, I can taste the famous cheese tart of Pablo. This cheesecake is not the usual cheesecake because the texture is very different.

Past 10AM, we walked to their store and I checked their products. If namamahalan na ko sa Kumori, mas mahal pa pala ang Pablo. I want to buy the Cheese Tart for P499 but I can’t because it can only be stored at room temperature for up to 6 hours, e marami pa kami lakad. So I only ordered Pablo Mini Cheese Tart (plain) so we can try it, P100 per piece. A creamy cheese tart wrapped with a crust. The tart is so delicate so and it can be broken after one bite. The tart is good and it is not sweet. I was surprised because even the crust is soft.

I also ordered Soft Serve Ice Cream in a cup with Sabrel Cheese Cookie P140. Sabrel Cheese is a parmesan cheese cookie with gouda cheese cream filling. We did not like this one, the cookie is too salty for our taste but we still eat it at mahal. Hehehe! The ice cream is just okay and I find it expensive.

Nanbantei of Tokyo 

After my husband’s meeting, it was time for lunch so nagsearch pa kami ng kakainan but we ended up at Nanbantei of Tokyo. We ate here few years ago so revisited the restaurant because we missed it. The interior of the restaurant is still the same but there are few changes on their menu.

Upon seated, the staff immediately gave the menu and served complimentary veggies with sauce and hot towels. I was shocked kasi hindi pa namin nakikita menu, may appetizer na. Last time we ordered the promo meal that is good for three persons but this time no more promo meal. So we just choose from their platter meal, a choice of Yakitori Special, Best Sellers, Seafood Platter and Surf & Turf.

We chose the Best Sellers P1050, it includes Aspara Maki, Tebasaki, Pork Garlic Yaki, Shiso Maki, Negima, Corn and Poteto Maki; a total of 21 sticks. We did not order rice because of the corn and for drinks, they have complimentary hot or cold tea. They have kids meal too, you can choose Kid Chicken Yakitori P120, Kid Pork Yakitori P125, Kid Tori Kaarage P130, and Kid Ebi Tempura P160.

Before they were serving the sticks one at a time but during our last visit, one time serving na lang. I like it better para tipid na rin sa plate and hindi pabalik-balik ang staff. The service is good because we don’t have to call their attention, they will refill our water and tea without asking.

The meal is good for three but we were not able to finish it so take-out na lang yung ibang sticks. While waiting for our bill, the manager gave us a FREE Kid’s meal coupon for our next visit. And after paying our bill, the staff informed us that we have FREE California Maki on our next visit so we need to keep our receipt. Okay na sana kaso we need to revisit within 30 days. So I’m not sure if we can use it pa at ang layo ng Bonifacio High Street.

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There are so many restaurants in Bonifacio High Street so marami-rami pa ang dapat ifood trip. Mas okay pala pag weekday at wala gaano tao. Care to share your favorite restaurant in BGC.