March 28, 2013

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

When my son experienced Hongkong Disneyland, he always wanted to go back but of course, it is not possible because it is not cheap so when we learned that Sky Ranch is already opened we decided to go here after my son Moving Up Ceremony. After our filling lunch at Santis Deli Cafe we went straight to Sky Ranch. It was scorching hot but my son was really excited to try all the rides. 

First stop is Sky Eye “The Country’s Tallest Ferris Wheel with Majestic View and Amazing Lights”. P150 per person. Of course, I did not join my hubby and son because I’m so afraid of heights. I don’t want to spend P150 para takutin sarili ko. Hehe! While waiting I called my husband.'

Me: Don’t forget kunan ng picture si Ethan ha.
Hubby: Natatakot na nga ko e, picture pa.
Me: Basta kunan mo para may souvenir. Hehe!

Then my son rode this “Red Baron” P50.

After that he wanted to ride the ‘Express Train’, I don’t want to buy ticket because for me it is too expensive, P50 per person isang ikot lang and we wanted to go home na sa sobrang init. We we’re able to convince him na sira yung express train. #liar.

But he made another request “Nessi Coaster”, ok fine. We said this is the last ride and we will go home.

Now, I’ve realized that my son enjoys riding rides, wala yata kinakatakutan. If you still remember our experience in Space Mountain”  we were so afraid, but my son was just ok and wanted to ride again.

Anyway, Sky Ranch is not that huge and some parts are still under construction but for me, nothing special about this place and according to my hubby "parang perya lang rides” and the Sky Eye is not worthy for P150. I hope there’s ride all you can ticket para sulit because if I will pay P50, P100 and P150 for the ride mas magastos.

Sharing with you the Ticket Price.

Parking P50

As of now P50 - entrance fee

March 27, 2013

Lunch at Santis Delicatessen

After Moving Up Ceremony, we immediately went home to change clothes and off we went to Tagaytay to celebrate. We have no definite plan where to eat so on our way to Tagaytay we were thinking for a restaurant and we ended up in Santis Deli Cafe or Santis Delicatessen in Silang. 

We always passed by this restaurant whenever we go to Tagaytay but we’re having second thoughts in trying this Deli-Café because I know the price is steep. True enough the price is not budget friendly but since we are celebrating today we have reasons to splurge.

Coke in can P95 and Santis Iced Tea P95 (I prefer Tokyo Tokyo Iced Tea)
It was lunch time but the place was not crowded, there were only two tables occupied by foreigners. Upon seated, they gave us the menu. My husband order the Menu of the Day (salad + main course) P695 and since I’m not into fresh salad I ordered Grilled Minute Steak P520. #meatlover They do not have kiddie meals and I was checking the price of the pasta, P400+ so I did not order because I know my son cannot finish the meal.

They gave us complimentary bread while waiting and my son ate two slice of bread. Not to mention he really loves bread and butter.

My son enjoyed the green beans

very smooth texture of mashed potato #yummy
The meal serving was huge so it was a good decision that I did not order pasta anymore. We’re all satisfied with our order so even the price is expensive for us we did not have any regrets. (sa sobrang busog gusto na namin umuwi at matulog, hehe!) We will definitely go back again if we have extra budget.

Santis Deli Café also offers fresh meats, vegetables, cheese, chocolates, bread and other products. 

Santis Delicatessen Silang

Km. 52, Buho, Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, 
Silang, 4118 Cavite

March 26, 2013

Moving Up

It may sound cliché but time really flies so fast and I didn’t notice that we already finished one school year. My son graduated last Thursday and now ready to move up to next level. Can you believe that nakapagpatapos na kami ng Nursery and more years to come. Hehe!

When he started school I was scared and nervous because I’m not sure if this is the right time to enroll him and I’m not sure if he is really ready but I know I have to accept the fact that he is no longer a baby. 

The start was not easy; my son was excited to go to school but not inside the room. He just wanted to stay in the playhouse.  He was not interested in doing his assignment especially the writing and reading part. Reviewing for his exam is not his thing so it was really a challenge as a mom. But now, I’m happy and proud to say that he changed and improved a lot. If there’s “Most Improved Student” award, I will give it to my son.

I was surprised to see my son participating in all their activities such as Linggo ng Wika, United Nation, Halloween, Christmas Party, and Family Day. He was so happy singing and dancing. I was really surprised because my son is such a shy boy so seeing him performed in school was a big leap. Little by little his self-confidence, self-esteem, and social skills were developing. 

One of the things that scared me is the pressure; it seems that most people (family + friends) I know were expecting that my son will get a medal. As a mom, I wanted my son to receive an award; there are only three awards in their school, Outstanding, Deporment and Merit Award so I was a little bit sad when he did not get any award. But I have to remind myself “Grades don`t measure intelligence, and age doesn`t define maturity”.

I’ve realized that my son doesn’t need to give me an award to prove himself because I’ve seen his hardwork all throughout the school year. I know how hard it is for him to learn how to write, read and memorize his lessons. Ethan, always remember that I’m happy and proud of you and I love you with or without award. Now, I know you are “Ready for the Whole New World”

Ready for the Whole New World

The first day for you
Who would have thought that we would be
Just like a family
We all joined hands and helped to learn and understand

As the years gone by
Funny how time just
Now you got all you need from me you learned your ABC’s
You can read and write your 123’s
Now your ready ready for a whole new world

Through all of ups and downs, smiles and frowns
You still learned your letter sounds
Now your ready ready for a whole new world

Now today is our last day
And soon you’ll be on your way
And thought the year must end
You’ll remember when
We were all the best of friends
As I watched you grow I will always know

Now you got all you need from me you learned your ABC’s 
You can read and write your 123’s
Now your ready ready for a whole new world
Through all of ups and downs, smiles and frowns
You still learned your letter sounds
Now your ready ready for a whole new world

Now I got all I need from you
Can’t believe this year is through
Ready for a whole new world
Through all of highs and lows
I’ve had a year to grow you taught me all I need to know
Ready for a whole new world

Now you got all you need from me you learned your ABC’s
You can read and write your 123’s
Now your ready ready for a whole new world 
Through all of ups and downs, smiles and frowns
You still learned your letter sounds
Now your ready ready for a whole new world
Ready for a whole new world Ready for a whole new world

March 25, 2013

Day Trip at La Luz Resort

My mom and aunt flew in from Norway; they wanted to have a family outing so I became busy looking for a resort where we could spend our summer outing. I started my search a month ago and it wasn’t easy because all resorts that I inquired were already fully booked and some resorts were not replying.

It was stressful because it was hard to look for a resort that can accommodate 36 people. I was running out of time so I suggested availing a day trip package instead of an overnight stay. Finally, after 10 days of waiting La Luz replied but unfortunately no more rooms available so I just book for day trip package.

Day Trip Package 8-5PM

P850 per person which includes entrance fee, lunch, afternoon snack and use of the resort facilities.
Kids 8 yrs old below are free for the food but still counted for the room accommodations.
50% down payment. Bring the original deposit slip.
Day Trip requires a reservation and no walk-ins

I included breakfast in our package for an additional of P200 per head because for sure we’re all hungry by the time we reach the resort.

Upon arrival, they gave us welcome drinks while waiting to be served. I listed down all our names and plate number of the vehicles. Then they assisted us to our Cabanas, to the office where I need to pay the other 50% payment and lastly buffet table for our breakfast. Actually, we won’t be lost because there is printed name “’Reserve for...on our Cabanas and breakfast buffet.

After breakfast, kids immediately jump in the water while I’m enjoying my nook here.

As early as 11:30AM, the staff called our attention that lunch is ready so we immediately fall in line. Hehe!

After lunch, the kids swim again and take a bath before merienda time.

Enjoying our stay in Cabana while waiting for 5PM. #sinulitangdaytrip Thanks for the treat! #momandaunt


1. Everything is organized, from the reception up to buffet table.
2. The service is good and they always assisted us.
3. Kids 8yrs old below are free of food.
4. Buffet style of food


1. It took them forever to reply on my inquiry through text and email. My sister even called them and they just said “Fully booked na kami til May, sabay baba ng phone” #bastos. Actually, I was not expecting for a good service anymore when we reached the resort but good thing ok ang service nila dun. They just need to improve the way they answer thru emails, phone and SMS.
2. No swimming pool.

La Luz Beach Resort and Spa
Brgy. Hugom, San Juan Batangas
Fax +632 748-8196
Mobile +63 (927) 993-8417 +63 (916) 394-4367

Read: Batangas Resorts 

How to Send Payment in Western Union

Two weeks ago we went to Western Union to accompany my mom; she needs to send payment to one blogger who is selling a book. Since she has no ID, I was the one who sent the payment. It was my first time to send payment through Western Union and it wasn’t difficult.

1. Fill out the 'To Send Money' Form and give it to the Agent including your ID. In our case, there are check marks already.
2. Give the Agent the amount of money that you want to send + service fees.
3. Sign and receive your receipt.           
4. Inform the receiver. Give the Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN, your complete name, amount sent and the country the money was sent from.

March 20, 2013

Handmade Doll

My mom discovered her creativity skill when she went to Norway and one of her hobbies is making handmade doll. She also sells handmade dolls in Norway. Part of her pasalubong to her grandchildren is handmade doll. 

My son loves this doll and he even named it “Kaka”. I don’t know where he got the name but after one day, I’ve got the answer to my question. “Kaka” for kakatayin. Look what happened to this doll. #poordoll

March 19, 2013

Wowa’s Birthday at Max's

If you still remember my old post, I went to Max’s to reserve a room for my mom’s 51st birthday. My mom just came home just in time for her birthday. She was supposed to be here last January but for some reason, she moved her vacation. It was a good decision because she can celebrate her birthday here in the Philippines. It’s been 23 years already since she celebrated her birthday with us. I invited immediate family only so it is like a family reunion.

As usual, we were the first guests. I fetch my grandmother who lives in Victoria, Laguna, so she could attend my mom’s birthday in Max’s EDSA Caloocan.

On our way to Max’s, I received a call because there was a problem with the cake so this was the cake my mom had. It was a baptismal cake, hehehe! They gave me a 5% discount to compensate.

For the food, we had Nachos with Bangus Spread, Soup of the Day, Plain Rice, Pancit Canton, Halabos na Hipon, Beef Caldereta, Bagnet with Poqui-Poqui, Open Fresh Lumpia, Max’s Fried Chicken, Buko Pandan and Bottomless Iced Tea.

It was fun and memorable because we’re almost complete. 

March 18, 2013

Lunch at Racks

We revisited Racks restaurant last week after finishing my mom’s errands and getting my son’s x-ray result. It’s been awhile since the last time we dined here, I love eating at Racks when I was in college because they have meals at less than P100 but that was a decade ago. Hehe! We ordered Racks Classic Pork Ribs (P300+) and Sweet Smoky Ribs (P350+).

I know that they have big serving so my son and I shared on my order since he just wanted the corn.

While waiting for our order, my son asked for pen and he started doodling. The staff saw it and he gave my son coloring paper and crayons. Kudos for the service.

March 15, 2013

Candy Crush + iPad 4

I used to play Farmville, Café World, Restaurant City and other games in Facebook but after deactivating my old account and create a new one I already stop playing games. Last January, I saw one of my mommy friends in school playing Candy Crush and suddenly she said “laruin mo nga at di ako makaalis”.

That’s my first time to play Candy Crush and out of curiosity I started playing last February 1 and I was instantly hooked on this game. On my first try, I immediately reached level 19 using my 5 lives so I thought it was an easy game but it was not because there are some levels that I really lose my patience. Would you believe that it took me days and even a week just to solve one level? Currently, I’m on level 169. 

All my mommy friends in school are addicted to Candy Crush so they always bring their iPad just to continue playing while we are waiting for our kids. We even helped each other to move up. =) 

They always tease me to bring my Ipad so I can play too but I was determined to sell it but after a month of waiting, I finally decided to use my iPad because no one is interested buying it. So I guess this is really for me.

Ipad 4 + Wi-Fi Cellular, 64GB, Wireless keyboard, Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter, Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader, 3M Privacy Filter and Earpods (Company incentive and my husband gave it to me but I told him to sell it since I'm not into gadget.)
But I was wrong because my son claimed it, sa akin na daw yung small tablet niya at sa kanya yung iPad. Waah! As of now, I’m on level 35 on my Ipad and I can’t move on because I need to connect it to Facebook but I don’t want to connect it to my Facebook at baka malost ang aking level 169, dugo’t pawis na puhunan ko dun. hehe! Kay hubby ko na lang kaya i-connect. Hehe!

March 03, 2013

Famous Belgian Waffle

I was blog hopping yesterday and while I was reading Mel’s post about her Famous Belgian Waffle experience, I remember that we’ve also tried this waffle last weekend but because I was so busy this week I forgot to post it. Well, we’re doing some home improvement in our house while my husband was in Cebu for three days so I was in charge to supervise it. Nakakastress lalo na if I need to go to hardware to buy some materials and ended up mali or kulang yung nabili ko and I have to go back again to replace it. It wasn’t easy going back and forth because I have a son in tow.

Anyway, going back to the topic, last Saturday we were in Festival and on our way to the parking lot we saw a crowded kiosk and out of curiosity we checked it. We saw this Famous Belgian Waffle so I ordered one chocolate waffle for the sake of trying. My husband and son wanted country style donut so I only ordered one waffle which is not a good idea because my son ate my waffle. I can’t order anymore because they stop accepting order. Stop production because they don’t have ingredients to make the waffle.  

I was very fortunate that he allowed me to have a bite of it. The waffle was good and one waffle is not enough, manipis lang kasi. The price is from P30 - P55 depending on the filling. But if you’re not lazy you can do this at home, I can still remember my college days, we’re doing this kind of waffle at home kaso wala na ko waffle maker na ganito

March 02, 2013


Hubby just came home from his Cebu trip and as always he did not forget to bring home my favorite pasalubong which is lechon. I’ve tried Ayer and CnT before so I told him to buy lechon from Zubuchon, I want to know if Zubuchon is the “best pig ever” as Anthony Bourdain described.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my hubby hanggang sa nakatulog na ko. He woke me up past 11:30PM to eat my late dinner, (as in hindi ko nagdinner para sa lechon ko, hehe!). My body was so weak and I badly wanted to sleep but my spirit is willing, I wanted to eat my lechon.

Kudos to the packaging of Zubuchon, it is way better compared to other lechon stores. They even put a note how to consume fresh and frozen lechon + recipe too. I wasn’t expecting that it was crispy because hubby transported it from Cebu but according to my husband, the skin is really crispy because he had his dinner in Zubuchon before going to the airport.

Well, as usual, I like it but it wasn’t salty compared to other lechon that I’ve tasted and I want a salty lechon because I’m not fond of dipping sauce. But I will try this lechon again next time if ever I will go back to Cebu again because I wanted to try the crispy skin. Zubuchon is more expensive compared to other lechon, it is P550 per kilo. Zubuchon lechon is generously stuffed with spices and ingredients; no MSG added, artificial flavors or flavor enhancers so if you are into healthy living and doesn’t want salty lechon, this is for you. 

Update: April 30 2015

Hubby bought Zubuchon lechon P600 per kilo before going home from Cebu. Most of the time we reheat it at the microwave but we tried to reheat it at the oven toaster. Surprisingly, the skin was crispy. 

Or you can follow this 

Update 2018: Price is P830 per kilo and no more note on how to consume fresh or frozen lechon.