February 27, 2014

Zoobic Safari

Honestly, when I was still single I have no interest in visiting zoos but when I had my son I became interested. I feel that kids enjoy seeing animals and how much more if they can interact with them.

So far we have visited different zoos in the Philippines and you can check the list here. One of the zoos that we haven’t visited is Zoobic Safari, I’ve been meaning to visit this zoo but living in Southern Luzon always hinders me.

But finally, a couple of weeks ago we were able to visit this zoo as part of our family outing. Our itinerary is Zoobic Safari + Camayan Beach Resort + Ocean Adventure but for now, I will share our Zoobic Safari experience.

We left the house around 4AM because we wanted to reach the zoo by 8AM and we’ve made it. Actually, the ticket counter was still closed when we arrived. There are different packages that you can avail which you cannot see on their website. If I remember it right, we availed the White Safari Package for P645/4ft above, P545/4ft below and 3ft below is free of charge.


11 attractions (Zoobic Park, Rodent World, Serpentarium, Forbidden/Zoobic Cave, Tiger Safari Ride, Close Encounter, Savannah, Animal MuZOOeum, Aetas' Trail, Hip-Hop-Bay-a-Wak, Croco Loco) for approximately 2 1/2 hours
White Jeep
White Tram
Cold Towel
White Lion Safari Ride (New Attractions)
Zoo Guide

But unfortunately, there was no tour guide so we’re on our own. They just gave us a map and no flyers. #boo If you want more information check the website. Anyway, Zoobic Safari is the first and only tiger safari in the Philippines. It is a 25-hectare amusement park where you can have close interaction with animals.


We started our tour in Bird Walk, Zoobic Park, Rodent World and Serpentarium. We tried goat milk feeding for P30 per bottle. This is a unique experience for the kids, scary at first but fun.

Then we rode the tram to visit the Forbidden and Zoobic Cave.

After that, we went to Tiger Safari Ride and White Lion Safari Ride, a few minutes’ walk from Zoobic Cave. I bought Chicken for P200.

Next stop is Close Encounter, Savannah, Animal MuZooeum, Aeta’s Trail, Hip-Hop-Bay-a-Walk and Croco Loco. I bought chicken for P50 for crocodile feeding.

We finished the tour just in time for Amazing Bird Show which is 10:30AM. Since we’re all tired and hungry, we did not wait for Animal Show 1:30PM and Animal Parade 3PM. We went to Camayan Beach Resort hoping that we could check-in early.

Click here for the video

Day Tour Entrance Rate

Php 495 - Adult
Php 395 - Kids 4 ft. and below
Free       - Kids 3 ft. and below

Open daily including Holidays
Park Hours: 8 am - 4 pm (last admission of guests)

Zoobic Safari
Group I Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222


  1. Looks like you and your family really had lots of fun. I'd love for my kids to try the goat milk feeding. I have no doubt they'll love the whole experience too.

  2. I haven't been to Zoobic Safari but we've already tried Camayan and Ocean adventure. This looks like a lot of fun. I knew we missed out. Hoping we still get to go back to Subic.

  3. This looks fun for the whole family! :)

  4. I love feeding the tiger part of our Zoobic Safari adventure 3 years ago.

  5. I've been to Zoobic safari once and my daughter loved it there.

  6. I haven't been there, looks nice but expensive huh. How big is it?

  7. I love Zoos! However, I find it a little too pricey at Zoobic since it seems you need to shell out a few more bucks to enjoy some sights.

  8. We're planning a trip to Zoobic for our little boy too. Thanks for the preview !

  9. The entrance is not cheap pala no.. sulit ba? We're planning to go but with 4 kids, ang gastos! hahaha

    1. Medyo expensive nga pero worth it naman. So far ito yung best zoo sa PH na navisit ko sa dami ng pd makita at gawin. :)