April 20, 2018

The Great Geysir in Iceland

The Great Geysir is one of the popular landmarks in Iceland hence it is included in Golden Circle Tour. Geysir or geyser in English means intermittently hot spring that erupts in a tall column of heated water and steam into the air.

It is located in Haukadalur valley and approximately 100km away from Reykjavik. According to study, it became known more than 1000 years ago, though it is no longer active, you can still see the active Strokkur, other hot pools and little geysir around the area.

Geysir is our second stop on our Golden Circle Tour. Surprisingly, it is just a few steps away from the parking lot. Do not forget to read the reminders for your own safety. Take note that the nearest hospital is 62km away.


1. Do take utmost care when walking in the area
2. Respect fences and barriers - for your own safety.
3. Do not break or collect sinter.
4. Do not throw rocks, coins or litter in the geysers.
5. Never stand on the edges or close to the hot springs.
6. Remember that the water is 80-90C (176-194F) it will burn badly.
7. Don’t test the temperature with your hands, it will burn.
8. The nearest hospital is 62km away.

The Great Geysir is no longer active so I did not bother to check it and we just stayed at the Little Geyser and Strokkur. As of this writing, how I wish I check it so I could take a picture, it is once in a lifetime chance din makavisit sa Iceland. But at that moment, our feet were already aching, napagod talaga kami sa ilang oras na lakad namin sa Thingvellir National Park.

Patience is a virtue if you want to see how geysers erupt, it can go up as high as 30 meters. The height of the eruptions vary, we saw small and tall eruptions. For Strokkur, you need to wait for few minutes to see the eruptions. Don’t forget to ready your camera to capture the moment. You can watch our video here.

It was a surreal moment, seeing the Geysir up close and personal. It is not something that you usually see during your travel. So if you are going to Iceland, don’t forget to include Golden Circle Tour and one more thing, there is no entrance fee. Yes, you can see the Geysir for FREE.

Beside the parking lot is a hotel and Geysir Center where you can eat or buy souvenirs. We had snacks at the cafe. I just can’t remember the price because my mom paid for it but one thing I know if you will compute it in PHP, it is really expensive. We just ordered drinks and pastries.

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The Advantage of Having a Camera System with Sensors Installed in Your Car

As modern technology advances, there are now many types of car camera systems available in the market. In our present time, more new cars are being installed with car camera system. Those cars without any camera can have a camera installed to the driver’s advantage. There are many types of car camera systems to choose from such as Backup Camera with visor monitor, Backup Camera with night vision, Built-in digital wireless mounted RV backup camera, and many others.

There are many reasons and advantages of having a camera system with sensors installed in your car

1. With the increase in crime rate, installing a car camera video will provide evidence that can be used for a prosecution.
2. Patrol cars fitted with a camera will also affect the performance of the officers on duty. They cannot afford to be complacent knowing that a camera is recording all activities.
3. The car camera video review is proof and can verify any public complaints against the enforcement officers.
4. The car camera system with sensors acts as a blind spot detector by warning the driver of any cars coming up in your blind spot when turning or changing lanes. Blind spot detection is able to detect cars, trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles that may come within the sensor area.

The blind spot detection technology uses ultrasonic or radar sensors on the side and rear of the car and comes in especially useful in your rear parking. It is also extremely useful for drivers when reversing their car out from their driveway. The blind spot detector will warn them in case their pet dog or child could be behind their car without their knowledge.

Car cameras are increasing in popularity because drivers know that we can’t rely on our rearview mirror to provide us with a complete perspective, and even the slightest blind spots can be disastrous. Having a car camera system installed with a wide selection of parking sensors, backup alarms, and backup cameras, drivers can drive with confidence, knowing that they have the ability to see everything in their path. There is a wide selection of cameras specially designed for different types of vehicles.

The Purpose of Hiding Your IP Address

Many internet users do not know the importance of hiding their IP address. Many do not know the purpose of an IP address. The IP address or the Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to every computer or to a mobile device. The IP address provides our location whenever we accessed any website online and it can track our activity while we visit the various sites. The Internet is not as simple as what most of us think.

There are many reasons why it is important to hide our IP address. We can hide our IP address by using a VPN service, Tor, a Proxy server, or free/public Wi-Fi.

The Purpose of Hiding Your IP Address 

1. If I do not hide my IP address, I will be leaving behind a trace of my identity at every website I visited. I can remain anonymous when browsing online by hiding my real IP address via encryption.
2. When I am out of my own country, I can continue to enjoy streaming as an anonymous.
3. I can stay safe from snoopers looking to access my information because my real location is disguised.
4. I will be protecting myself from lurking hackers when using a Wi-Fi hotspot. Hotspots are open to everyone and are not secured, nor protected.
5. With my IP address hidden, I am can access content not available in my location.
6. I can also by-pass restrictions and hide my internet activity from surveillance and national internet censorship such as school, business, and organizations and protects my online activities from being tracked.
7. By hiding my IP address, internet service provider will not be able to track and hold on to the data generated by my online activities and my online searches will remain private.
8. My online activities will be hidden from search engines which track and store data on my browsing activities. Always remember to clear the cookies after every browsing session.
9. With my IP address hidden, I am guaranteed the privacy to enjoy internet freedom.