Monday, September 1, 2014

Fun with Clay or Play Dough

The first time experience of my son with play dough was three years ago, I bought Play-Doh Cars 2 Mold N Go weeks before his third birthday. He loves Lightning Mcqueen so he really enjoyed his toy but he stopped playing because he ran out of play dough. I checked the play doh in the department store and the price is expensive for my budget. 

Thank God for Pinterest because I found recipe for homemade play dough and my son started playing with his toy again.  You can check the step by step here.  

Inspite of the mess, there are several benefits of play dough like developing the fine motor skills, it enhance the imagination and creativity and it calm and soothe even adults. Honestly, I love playing play doh, I wanted to have this when I was a kid but no money for that. 

If you remember my post last year, we had fun with clay modelling in Nuvali.  

My son received a gift of clay set last Christmas and I bought this book last summer to entertain him. 

Last week I printed this play dough mats from Pinterest. You can print it in regular paper and paste it in old folder or print it in cardboard paper to make it sturdy. You can laminate the paper but I just cover it with plastic cover. I've made homemade play dough again.

We had fun in making dinner, ice cream sundae and cake. 

my work

my work
Click here to download the file. 

1954 Shakey’s Pizza

As I always say, Shakey’s is one of our go-to restaurant if ever we’re in Festival Mall especially now that we have Shakey’s Pizzanatic SuperCard. Two weeks after we avail the pizzanatic supercard, we went back again and tried the 1954 Shakey’s Pizza, according to them “It is made of new gourmet crust, finest toppings and fresh herbs. "The secret is in the crust” 

June 14, 2014
And we agree on that, there is something on the crust that we love it, I can say that it is love at first taste. 

So when we went back in Shakey’s last Saturday, we ordered Deal 1 again + extra rice and we chose 1954 Shakey’s Pizza. Hubby and I were shocked when they serve the pizza. 

Me: Bakit parang may kulang? 
Hubby: Di ba may dahon pa yan? 

Anyway, baka naubusan ng dahon. We ate our pizza and parang naiba, matigas na yung crust. So we were not able to finish it and take-out na lang. Surprisingly, when we reheat it at home, the crust was already soft and chewy.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Roast Chicken + Gravy Sauce

If you’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now, you know that I love to cook “roast chicken”, I think, this dish is included in my menu every month. Yes, even there’s no special occasion because it is so easy to prepare. No sweat at all. Lol 

Two weeks ago, my husband saw this Gravox Roast Chicken with Herbs Gravy in the grocery. 

Hubby: Try mo. 
Me: Ngek, ang mahal naman ng gravy P170, kapresyo na ng chicken. 
Hubby: B1T1 naman, try lang. 

So I bought it and I cooked roast chicken this week so I could try the gravy. I tried instant gravy mix before and I did not like it because it is too salty so I was really nervous at baka di rin masarap. 

The gravy is in liquid form so you can just reheat it in the microwave or stove top. Well, the gravy is just ok but I will not buy this again because it is really expensive for my budget. Anyway, I prefer my roast chicken without gravy.


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