Thursday, October 2, 2014

Important Advices That Will Help You To Be Great Mom For Your Child

Desire to become parents is coming to each couple throughout several years of their relations. They have already proved to each other that they are ready for making family and its’ time for the baby. As soon as woman finds out that she will be mom her life is changing in enormous way. First of all, there are a lot of different processes that are happening with her body when she is pregnant and gives the birth to a baby. Second important change is that it is real challenge for couple, you need to be ready for sleepless nights, frequent crying of the baby even if you don’t know exactly what is the reason of it, increasing of bills. However, the last and the most important change is that now you are responsible for this small creature and all your actions will inevitable influence on him. 

How not to make mistakes, how to be good mother, how to be not just mother, but also to remain personality, how to prevent problems with husband and many other questions will bother you each and every time. However, there are countless moms all over the world and some of them are becoming moms while you are reading this article. You are not alone and countless women in different parts of the world have the same questions as you have and are facing the same problems as you. But a lot of women have already grown up their children in descent grown-ups and they can be proud that they have done everything in right away. 

If you are experiencing and problems during pregnancy or with your baby, you need to know that there are countless sources where you can find a lot of useful tips on this topic. If you are looking for any type of advice for moms all you need to do is to check out in internet. Experience of those women who have already faced the same problems as you is the best help in this situation. It’s normal that you are not perfect mom from the beginning, it’s normal that you have fears and concerns if it your first baby. However, with the time you will become real expert in this field and can even give advices for other moms who need help. Try not to panic in the begging nobody is the expert. However, with the help and support of your beloved people you will definitely become super mom and will feel all the pleasure of maternity. Ability to be parents is great gift, mainly because there is no more pleasure in this life then to give birth to innocent baby from someone you love.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kumon Free Trial

I’ve learned about Kumon three years ago when I enrolled my son in his first Summer Class. I always hear good reviews about Kumon because I have mommy friends who enrolled their kids in Kumon. After three years, I finally took advantage the 2 weeks free trial. I’ve read it online so I told my husband about it. 

Last week of August we went to Kumon to register but my son was not interested. He doesn’t even want to enter the room so we were told to take the assessment next week during the Parent’s Orientation. The staff just asked me about my son’s age, grade level and if my son can read already. 

I took the Math Free Trial and the starting point is 5A101. I was not happy with our starting point because I know that is is so easy for my son. My son can already spell number 1 to 100 and the worksheet is just “find the number and connect the dots. He learned this when he was in Nursery. 

I’m aware that we will start at a level lower than the school grade level because they want to start at comfortable level wherein the kids would enjoy doing a lot of worksheets. But in my son’s case, he was so bored doing the worksheets and nilalaro lang niya. 

After answering one week worksheets and attended two days class in the center. I decided not to continue the 2 week free trial, I just feel that Kumon is not what we need. For someone who has very limited budget, I don’t want to waste P1800 every month for worksheets that is lower than my son’s grade level. (two years below) I don’t know how long will it take before we reach his level. Baka grade 1 na siya wala pa kami sa Division. Well, this is just my opinion. 

For your information, Kumon is not a tutorial center because they want kids to develop good study habits, to be independent and self learners. My son was doing his worksheets on his own. Kumon is not a quick fix, so it will take time before you see the improvement or benefits of it. It is not a short term summer program that you can take every summer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Play Dough Mats

My son had fun when I printed play dough mats last month, you can check my post here.  So just this week, I printed another set of play dough mat and while covering the mats with plastic cover, my son saw it and requested to have a yellow play dough. 

I cooked play dough yesterday while he was in school and he was really surprised when he arrived and saw the play dough in our table. He hugged me and said I love you mommy! #cheesy 

Anyway, we played with the new play dough mats last night. 

Apple tree and Snow Tree

Cactus + Sun

This is my work! :)

Click here for the homemade play dough recipe
Click here to download the play dough mats


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