Friday, July 22, 2016

No Cook Pastillas de Leche Recipe

Pastillas de Leche is a milk candy, of course it is made of leche or milk. We love pastillas de leche but this milk candy is not cheap if you buy this in pasalubong store so even I like this, I seldom buy this milk candy.

Yesterday, I made Pastillas de Leche after tutoring my son. I have skim milk that I haven’t used and it’s in the fridge for so long so bago mag-expire, gamitin na. I bought this because I wanted to make polvoron but I realized pastillas de leche is much easier because I don’t need to cook. 

Yes, I’m so lazy. Lol The nice thing about No Cook Pastillas de Leche recipe is, you only need 3 ingredients. 

3 cups of skim milk (powdered milk) 
1 can of condensed milk (300ml) 
1/2 cup sugar 

All you need to do is mix the powdered milk and condensed milk. I pour the powdered milk per cup so I can mix it well. I thought mixing would not be a problem pero need mo rin ng effort because it is super sticky.

After mixing, you can already form balls or tube but I decided to chill the milk mixture in the fridge for 15 minutes. But I almost forgot about it so, mga 45 minutes siya nasa fridge so when I was forming balls, matigas na siya. Lol! 

But still I was able to form balls and my son helped me in making pastillas. He is in charge of rolling the pastillas in the sugar. 

This is a good bonding with your kids, you just need to practice self-control while shaping and rolling pastillas because you can’t help but eat the pastillas. Store it in a container or put it in sandwich bag for baon. 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

IKEA Graddsas Cream Sauce

It’s been awhile since the last time I cooked steak at home so last Sunday I pan-grilled steak. It is supposed to be medium well pero naging well done. Hehehe! 

Anyway, I remember the IKEA Graddsas Cream Sauce that I bought in IKEA Tachikawa so I prepared this also. It is a versatile sauce that you can use for meatballs, beef or pork dish. 

I just followed the recipe at the back, you need water, cream and 1 pack of cream sauce. Mix and simmer the sauce for 3 minutes. I’m not sure what kind of cream so I just used cooking cream. 

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We all enjoyed the Graddsas cream sauce, ginawang sabaw ng anak ko yung sauce sa kanin. Hehehe! Too bad I only bought 2 packs. We liked this sauce compared to the Gravox sauce that we’ve tried before or maybe because we prefer creamy sauce. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Japan Day 5: Tokyo Disney Sea

If you have kids in tow in Tokyo Japan, a trip would not be complete if you will not visit the happy place on Earth which is Disneyland. There are two Disney theme parks in Tokyo, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is a unique theme park, because it is the only DisneySea among the six Disneyland theme park around the world. We’ve been to Hongkong Disneyland, so we chose Tokyo DisneySea this time. 

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Day before our Disney Trip, my husband inquired if we can ride the Good Neighbor Shuttle Bus to Tokyo Disney Resort in Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. But we were advised that it is only for the guests in Shinjuku and it was fully booked already. So they gave us a map and instructed on how to get to Tokyo Disney Resort from Keio Plaza Hotel Tama. Sayang, it is complimentary ride pa naman.

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According to app, travel time is around two hours so we wake up as early as 4AM. You can see that the sun is starting to rise so Japan is indeed the Land of the Rising Sun. We ate light breakfast (bread) and left at 5AM to avoid the morning rush.

Directions: Walk to Keio Tama Center South Exit. Ride Keio Sagamihara Line Express for Shinjuku. Get off at Shinjuku and ride train to Tokyo. Get off at Tokyo and ride train to Maihama. Get off at Maihama and ride Disney Resort Line to Tokyo DisneySea. The fare is 1000+ yen each, half rate for kids, one way.

The directions look so easy, I thought we won’t be having a problem since we’ve been riding trains for the last few days. But I was wrong, when we get off at Shinjuku, we don’t know where to go. We need to get out to buy tickets and we don’t even know san lalabas. Toinks! 

We asked the staff and he just said “8”. At first hindi namin gets kung ano yung 8 so we checked the map and information. I think there are 10 connecting trains (correct me) in Shinjuku so we need to look for Gate 8 (whatever do you call that). It was a looooong walk even there are walkators, nakakapagod pa rin.

So we rode train going to Tokyo and then transferred train to Maihama. At Maihama, we just went to the counter to ask help for fare adjustment because the tickets that we bought is only for Tokyo. They gladly assisted us and we paid the additional fare. 

The app said, it will take 2 hours but we traveled more than two hours and we still need to ride one more train. We ate breakfast again at Becker’s before riding the Disney Resort Line. Good thing we left early. 

Tokyo DisneySea 

At last, we’re finally here at Tokyo DisneySea. I was surprised when I saw the Ticket Fee because prior to the trip, I checked their price so nagmahal na agad o di pa updated sa website. Well, this is the costliest theme park that we’ve visited so far. 

The park is huge and we only have one day to explore it but we just take one step at a time as long as naeenjoy namin. According to the map, the park is divided into 7 sections, Port Discovery, American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon, Mysterious Island, Arabian Coast and Mediterranean Harbor

Mediterranean Harbor 

We started our tour in Mediterranean Harbor, we rode DisneySea Transit Steamer Line. We have no idea where it will stop, we just rode it. Hehehe! I appreciate this steamer especially if you're tired of walking from one attraction to another attraction.

Lost River Delta 

The steamer stopped at Lost River Delta. I’m not fond of scary rides so I did not join them when they rode the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal SkullThey put a bracelet in my son’s hand after checking the height. I'm afraid that this ride is like Space Mountain of Disneyland. 

After their first ride, they told me that it is not a scary ride so I can try it. But I don't want to ride alone so I suggested to fall in line in Character Greeting, my son doesn’t like the idea because he wanted to go to different attractions but he has no choice, I want family picture. The only downside if you will not avail their photo package, they will only take one picture. Swerte mo na pag galante yung nagpicture sayo at more than one take or else no choice kung panget shot. hehehe! 

Side story: In Hongkong Disneyland, we always carry our bag during photoshoot but in Japan, the staff told us to place our bags at the side. I remember our trip in Sanrio Puroland, I also leave my bag before picture taking. At first, hesitant ako because sa Pinas nga lang, nasa tabi mo na or hawak mo na ang bag mo, kinukuha pa, yun pa kayang 2 meters away from you. Lol. But in Japan, safe naman ang aming bag. There is Raging Spirits but we did not dare to ride. 

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There are also characters that you will meet while exploring the park. 

Port Discovery 

Then we moved to Port Discovery to ride the Aquatopia and Disney Sea Electric Railway

The electric trolley stopped at American Waterfront then we moved to Fortress Explorations at Mediterranean Harbor

There is even a separate map for this, you can see Pendulum Tower, Illusion Room, Explorer’s Hall, Navigation Center, Camera Obscurra, Sundial Deck, Chamber Planets, Flying Machine, Alchemy Laboratory and Cannons

Sail a boat at Fortress Explorations for 100 yen.

Mysterious Island

Then we moved to Mysterious Island and rode 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I was scared at first because it was really dark and you have no idea what will happen but it was a nice ride. The popular attraction here is Journey to the Center of the Earth, we skipped this ride because we love our life, baka maheart attack pa kami diyan.

Arabian Coast 

We’re just eating snacks from time to time but no heavy meals because the restaurants were full din during lunch time. So we moved to Arabian Coast and rode Jasmine’s Flying Carpets, Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, Caravan Carousel and watched a show in The Magic Lamp Theater

Mermaid Lagoon 

Next stop is Mermaid Lagoon, this is the happiest place for kids because all rides are for kids. We rode Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Scuttle’s Scooters, Jumpin’ Jellyfish. Blowfish Balloon Race, The Whirlpool and we watched a show in Mermaid Lagoon Theater. We still enjoyed watching a show even there is no English version of it. We checked Ariel’s Playground too.

We ate at Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen, we loved the food here. After we ate, we saw some Disney Characters again. 

American Waterfront 

We rode steamer again to go back to Mediterranean Harbor so we can ride Venetian Gondolas but no schedule at that time because there is upcoming show daw so we moved to American Waterfront to ride one popular attraction which is Toy Story Mania. I wanted to try this ride again kaso more than one hour ang pinila namin so nakakapagod din. I forget to avail the FastPass kasi. 

We watched a show at Dockside Stage. Puro sideview nga lang kuha but still we enjoyed the show. 

We rode Big City Vehicles and checked different stores.

We’re supposed to go home early because we don’t want to miss the train but when we saw the crowd at the Mediterranean Harbor, we changed our mind and we watched the last show. We have no regrets in waiting, the Fantasmic show is spectacular. I wanted to take video but my memory is full. Waah! 

Then we went home with sore feet and legs, tired but happy. It was really a long day, we reached the hotel before 12AM. Zzzzzzzzzz 

Tokyo Disney Sea Ticket Price 

1 Day Passport 7,400 yen Adult | 6,400 yen 12-17 yrs old | 4,800 yen 4-11 yrs old | 6,700 yen Senior 

2 Day Passport 12,400 yen Adult | 11,600 yen 12-17 yrs old | 8,600 yen 4-11yrs old 

3 Day Magic Passport 17,800 yen Adult | 15,500 yen 12-17 yrs old | 11,500 yen 4-11 yrs old 

4 Day Magic Passport 22,400 yen Adult | 19,400 yen 12-17 yrs old | 14,400 yen 4-11 years old 

After 6 Passport 4,200 yen 4 years old above