April 23, 2017

First Snowfall Experience

Living in a tropical country for so many years, there is no doubt that one of the reasons why my son wanted to visit Norway is to experience snow. My first snowfall experience was on our way to Norway too. We’re boarding the airplane in Frankfurt Germany when the snow begins to fall.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a souvenir picture because I don’t have my own camera that time. I was glad that we experienced snow again during our first week in Norway so my mom was able to take a picture. 

When we’re planning to visit Norway, I wanted to book our ticket as early as last week of March but unfortunately, our school calendar is up to the first week of April. I was thinking baka too late na kasi Spring na so I was really praying hard that my two boys will also experience snow. 

Fast forward to our trip, because of jet lag, we were already up at 1AM and we ate breakfast as early as 5:30AM. We were so happy when we saw the snow. excited the kami lumabas. Yehey, the weather forecast is accurate. 

Even though the weather is so cold and we were freezing, we went out to experience snow. I felt that it was also my first time, I was so happy to see my two boys enjoying their first snow experience. We don’t care if neighbors will think that we are crazy at nagpapakabasa kami sa snow. Hehehe! When my mom saw the pictures and videos, she said, kulang daw suot namin. Sa sobrang excited namin kahit di complete basta may jacket lumabas kami. Hehehe!

Click here for the video

God was so good because we experienced snow on our second day and until now, we still experience snowfall. But honestly, it is not easy to go out if the weather is so cold, it takes time to prepare. You need so many layers of clothing, gloves, scarf and bonnet just to protect yourself. This time, I'm not complaining, I'm enjoying the cold weather of Norway until it lasts.