Thursday, May 5, 2016

Economy Class vs Business Class of Philippine Airlines

We are budget traveler so we always book economy class but during our trip in Cebu last week. We had a chance to experience both Economy Class and Business Class. 

We wanted to use our Mabuhay Miles to save money but the problem is, there is an additional $34 fee each to book a ticket (Manila to Cebu) and we can only book premium economy and business class. So my husband bought Manila to Cebu Economy Class Ticket and chose Business Class for our Cebu to Manila flight using Mabuhay Miles. 

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April 20, 2016 

Park ‘N Fly 

We parked the car at Park ‘N Fly, we used to park the car at the airport because it was only P50 per night but they already increased the rate so my husband prefers the Park “N Fly. 


Then we rode the shuttle and off we went to NAIA Terminal 2, it’s been two years since our (my son and I) last travel via plane so I was a little bit worried because of the “Laglag Bala” scam. I even put a binder clip in my bag just to make sure that they cannot put a bullet. 

We asked if there is an earlier flight pero nakaalis na daw. If we did not eat lunch, nahabol siguro namin, lol!. So we waited for our 4PM flight, there was a little bit delayed in our boarding time but at last, makakalabas na rin ng Luzon. 

Economy Class 

My son loves to ride an airplane and he loves sitting in the window seat so I already accepted the fact that I will always sit at the middle seat. 

In the Philippines, Philippine Airlines is the only airline that offers free meals but there is nothing special about their free meals so I was surprised when they served the meals. Wow! Hindi na biscuit, level up na sila. If I remember it right, during our Manila to Cagayan de Oro flight,Dewberry cookies, nuts and coffee lang. Sobrang nakakabusog para sa breakfast flight. Lol Anyway, we enjoyed the Chicken Franks Bunwich Sky Treats

Finally, we landed at Mactan Cebu International Airport 

April 25, 2016 

After few days, we have to say goodbye to Cebu, we took a cab from Crimson Mactan Resort and Spa to Mactan Cebu International Airport

Business Class 

There is a different line for Economy Class and Business Class ticket so waiting time is not a problem. The staff offered me an earlier flight pero wala daw food, I declined. Sayang Business Class ko kung wala food. Lol. 

Mabuhay Lounge 

After that we went to Mabuhay Lounge, it was our first time tapos ang nabasa ko agad “No Wifi” today. There is free wifi in the lounge, malas lang wala siya that day. 

So after getting our table, we immediately check the free food and drinks available. My son was asking me, where is daddy? I have to explain to him that his dad has economy ticket so he is not allowed in the lounge. My husband doesn’t want to upgrade his ticket at sayang daw ang miles.

After few hours of waiting, the staff approached us asking for our boarding passes. Madelay daw kasi flight namin and she will check kung mamove kami sa earlier flight. I gave our ticket but after few minutes kinuha ko ulit. I told her na may kasama ko sa economy flight so maghintay na lang kami. After few minutes, she approached me again and asked me kung ilan kasama ko sa economy. I said, isa lang. Then she asked for the name and boarding pass. 

Fortunately, we were able to get a new flight. She gave me our boarding passes and even my husband’s economy ticket. 

The staff informed us that we can already board the place. I was looking for my husband at the boarding gate, I thought nauna na siya. So we were all surprised nung pagpasok niya ng plane. Nandun na kami at iniwan daw namin siya. Lol 

We were on the first row 1A and 1C and at that time kami lang sakay ng business class. There is newspaper and blanket on top of our chair and the flight attendant served welcome drinks, I chose orange juice while my son water. She informed me about the menu (Grilled Tanigue or Pork Belly) and I chose Pork Belly. 

So this is Business Class, spell SPACE. We have big front seats and more space.

The most exciting part is the food because this time we have hot meals. But since my son doesn’t like to eat the food and busog na siya sa lounge, I asked the flight attendant if she can deliver it to my husband. I gave her the seat number. Thanks!

After eating, the flight attendant gave us hot towels. Then the pilot announced that we’re going to descend na. I did not notice the time, kakakain. Lol 


Upon arrival, we have different carousel for Business Class and Premium Economy. There is priority tag in our baggage so we were able to get our baggage ahead of time. 

My husband called Park ‘N Fly to pick us up. When we’re about to leave I saw familiar faces, mga nakasabay namin sa Cebu to Manila flight, kararating lang. There is really an advantage in having a priority tag in your baggage. 

Those are the differenceS of economy flight and business class. We enjoyed our business class experience and thanks to Mabuhay Miles. 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Duncan Hines: Devil’s Food Cupcake + Classic Chocolate Frosting

For the last two weeks, my son has been bugging me to bake chocolate cupcake but I was so lazy to bake because of the summer heat and I told him that we have so many food in the fridge, ubusin muna.

After our trip in Cebu, we finally baked chocolate cupcake using Duncan Hines Devil’s Food mix P169.95. I’ve tried this instant mix three years ago and if I remember it right, the cupcake was not sweet so when I saw the ready made Classic Chocolate frosting of Duncan Hines P139.95, I bought it too. 

You need 1 cup water, 3 large eggs, 1/3 vegetable oil and instant mix. Just mix the ingredients and pour batter in baking pan. Bake for 18 to 21 minutes at 350F. 

The cupcake is soft and fluffy but as I mentioned before, it is not sweet so it really needs frosting. The classic chocolate frosting is so easy to spread and not overly sweet. My son enjoyed our chocolate cupcakes.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pasalubong from Cebu

When I started traveling, I always buy fridge magnet, key chain or t-shirt with I love (name of place) print for pasalubong or as a souvenir but after few years, I stopped buying those stuff because I realized, I don’t need a lot of magnet and key chain. Honestly, nakatambak lang sila. lol 

Now, I’m more into foods, foods that are not usually available in our place. We were in Cebu last week and we did not leave without buying the famous pasalubong in Cebu like dried mango, dried fish and lechon. 

Metro Supermarket

To save money, I went to grocery to buy drinks and snacks, then I saw dried mango in the supermarket. I know that you can see dried mango in any supermarket in Metro Manila but I still I bought few pieces at P75 each, I’m not sure if it is already cheap, I will compare it kapag nagawi sa supermarket.

Taboan Market 

Before leaving Cebu City, we went to Taboan Market to buy danggit (2 days before our departure). We visited the market during our last visit (2011). From Magallanes Cross, we rode jeep 06A (P7 fare each) then walk towards to the market.

I bought danggit at P500 per kilo at Nino and Kristy Store, you can ask them to repack your dried fish into 1/2kl, 1/4kl and 100 grams which I did so I have no problem in distributing my pasalubong. They will put your stuff in a box so no need to worry sa luggage space, pwede na icheck-in.

If you are asking if it is worth the trip to Taboan market, yes, if you will buy a lot but if not, just buy pasalubong at the airport. 1/4kl of danggit is P300 and 1/4 kl of dried pusit is P350 at the airport. 

Peanut Kisses is famous pasalubong in Bohol but thank God this is also available in Taboan so I bought few boxes of it, P80 and P50 per box. 

Make sure that Taboan Market is your last stop because after going there, you need to take a bath. Amoy danggit ka na, good thing di naman kami pinababa ng taxi driver kahit amoy danggit kami. Hehehe! P100+ taxi fare from Taboan Market to Cebu Parklane. 

Mactan International Airport

On our way to the airport, my sister in law asked me to buy dried pusit so I bought 1/4kl P350 at the airport then I saw this dried mango at P300. I did not see this in the Taboan market o di ko lang napansin. Sayang, for sure mas mura dun.

Of course, we will not leave Cebu without buying lechon. Zubuchon is available at the airport. 1kl is P650. 

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How about you, what is your favorite pasalubong in Cebu?