Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Food Trip in Tagaytay

Since we live in South Luzon, Tagaytay is our go to place for food tripping, staycation or if we just want to unwind. There are so many restaurants in Tagaytay and I’ll be sharing some restaurants that we have tried in Silang Cavite, Tagaytay and along the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road. 

1.Leslie’s Restaurants

We dined here for the nth time already; we love the ambiance, view and food. This restaurant is always packed with diners so sometimes waiting time is so long. I don’t know why I always forgot to take some pictures.

We never fail to order their bulalo, of course when you’re in Tagaytay you want soup. We visited their new branch in Sky Ranch last month 

2.Buon Giorno  

I’ve read so many good reviews about this restaurant so we tried it. I love the ambiance, view and food too. It is located in Cliffhouse

3.Josephine’s Tagaytay 

After our Paradizoo, we tried Josephine’s restaurant, just in front of Summit Ridge. Again, love the ambiance, view and food.

4.Mano’s Greek Taverna

If you search the internet, you will always read good reviews about their food and true enough we loved the food. 

5.Viewsite Restaurant

We always passed by this restaurant on our way to Caleruega so last 2011, we tried this restaurant and we love the love the ambiance, view and food. 

We tried this again two months after our first visit but we were so disappointed, it took them more than an hour to serve our food, after numerous follow-up.

6.Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans is one of the favorite restaurants in Tagaytay but we were disappointed with our order when we first visited the place. There’s nothing special about the food considering the price.  

For the second time around, we visited the restaurant and tried the breakfast menu in Bag of Beans and same fate, we were not satisfied. 

But we love their raisins bread. 

7.Hawaiian BBQ

I always want to stay in Boutique Bed & Breakfast but I still don’t have the budget so we just tried their Hawaiian BBQ restaurant. We liked the food, though it is quite expensive but it’s worth the price.

8.Viewpoint Restaurant

Viewpoint inn and restaurant has overlooking view of Taal Volcano so if you want good ambiance while eating, you can try this restaurant. Hubby and son enjoyed their sinigang na maliputo. 

9.JVF Bulalohan 

This is quite far from Tagaytay Rotonda but we have no choice but to eat here. It was Good Friday and most restaurants were crowded. 

10.JT’s Manukan Grille

If you are craving for Bacolod Chicken Inasal you don’t have to worry because there’s JT’s Manukan Grille along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road. The place is huge so it can accommodate big group. 

11.RSM Binalot Sa Dahon 

I know that RSM is serving good filipino dishes so I did not have second thought to try it but unfortunately we are not satisfied with our order. 

12.D' Banquet 

We celebrated Mother’s Day here last year. The meal is affordable and serving is good too. You can also buy Amira’s buco tart and other pasalubong here. 

13.Marcia Adams

We celebrated our wedding anniversary here. The meal is on the pricey side but if you want new dining experience you can try this restaurant. Do not forget to make reservation. 

14.Carlos Pizza

My friend suggested this restaurant but when we tried it, the food was just ok for us but they have a good view of Taal volcano.

15.Breakfast at Antonio’s

This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in Tagaytay though it is already far from Tagaytay Rotonda. The price is expensive but I still recommend the place because most of the food they serve are homemade. 

16.LZM Restaurant

This restaurant is known for its bulalo so that’s what we ordered. The food is good and price is not expensive but service is quite slow. 

17.Tootsie’s Tagaytay 

The restaurant is good for family food trip because the serving is huge. The food is good and price is reasonable. 

18.Santis Delicatessen

Santis Deli Cafe or Santis Delicatessen meal is quite steep but I did not have any regrets when we dined here because we were very satisfied with our meal.

The restaurant sells cheese, sausage and other imported products. 

19.Baek Yuen Korean Restaurant

This is where we celebrated Mother’s Day and we were very satisfied with our meal. It was a nice dining experience at reasonable price. 

20.Lyleth’s Eatery at Mahogany Market

Mahogany market is also popular because of the bulalo eatery there. If you are looking for affordable bulalo you can give it a try. But manage your expectation because the place is open like carinderia and it is in the market. 

I’m still searching for the best bulalo restaurant; feel free to share your favorite restaurant so we can try it too.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Oral Prophylaxis

Last month, the clinic staff texted me that we need to reschedule our dental appointment because the dentist has a medical mission on that date so I replied that I’ll go back to the clinic to reschedule because my son has classes already so weekdays is not possible. 

When I learned that June 19 is a holiday “Laguna Day” so no classes in his schoolI went back to the clinic and reserved the date. It was Friday so hubby is in the office, I was really worried because last year, we had a hard time convincing my son to lie down on the dental chair. But I was glad that my son cooperated. 

Since this was the second time, the dentist already cleaned his teeth. Last year kasi parang toothpaste and brush lang. Dentist said that my son has no cavities and no permanent teeth yet. I was advised to have x-ray if by 8 years old wala pa rin permanent teeth. “Permanent teeth begin to come in around the age of 6 and ends at around the age of 12 or 13.”

Thursday, July 2, 2015

California Walnut Brownies

I’ve been loyal to Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate brownie mix for the last three years because my family loves this brownies. It is so easy to prepare and the brownies is really good. 

Last month while we are doing our grocery in S&R, my husband saw this Duncan Hines California Walnut brownies mix and he said I should try it. I’ve tried other instant mixes of Duncan Hines before like the Devil’s Food and Red Velvet and the taste was just ok so I was a bit hesitant to try this mix.

Anyway, I bought a box and I baked it two days ago. Just like the Ghirardelli instant mix, all you need to do is add egg, water and oil then bake. Surprisingly, we love it! This brownies is not sweet and we like it because there is walnut too. The taste is close enough to Fudge Brownies of Purple Oven.  Now we have a new favorite, I will buy Duncan Hines California Walnut mix again.