Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Prosperity Candle

If you still remember my Typhoon Glenda post, my husband went to grocery to buy candles but the only candles that he saw was this, prosperity candles.

Last Saturday was my birthday so I used it. Some people are candle color believer, in fact I also see this in some churches where each color has meaning like in Candle Chapel in Tagaytay and in Liliw Church.

Some people use this on Birthday, New Year and other occasions. It says in the package, “Light the candles as a symbol of blessings you may receive as you celebrate any special occasion at any season. Keep the candles burning. The candle that melts the quickest will signify the most beautiful blessing you will have” 

In my case, the red candle was the first melted candle. 

1st Red - Love 
2nd Pink - Health 
3rd Yellow - Harmony 
4th Green - Wealth 
5th White - Purity 
6th Peach - Long Life 
7th Blue _ Peace 

My son said, "Mommy, rainbow candle"

"It is said" Candles, when combined with prayer and faith, can produce miracles.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Staycation: Crimson Hotel

Ten days before my birthday, my husband reserve a room in one of the resorts in Batangas. He called and informed me that he already reserve a room for my birthday celebration. But after two days, he called again to follow up the confirmation letter and unfortunately, waiting list pala kami. So he called last Tuesday to check if there’s any back out guests but he was informed that all guests prepaid the reservation already. My birthday falls on long weekend so maybe that is the reason why the resort was fully booked. 

I told him about the Crimson Hotel Rainy Day Promo, he tried to book in the website but he was getting a different rate so he just called Crimson Hotel to reserve a room three days before my birthday. I think it is better to call to avail the promo rate. 

Fast forward to my birthday, since Alabang is not really that far, we left the house past 12nn. We ate lunch first at home to save money. Hehehe! I’ve seen pictures of Crimson Hotel’s lobby but I was still amazed when I saw it up close. Sa sobrang laki, naging playground ng aking anak while we’re waiting for my husband. I thought we still need to wait till 2PM but they allowed us to check-in as early as 12:50PM. Yehey! The staff ushered us up to the elevator door. 

As always, we requested for king size bed but unfortunately it was no longer available so we settled for twin beds which is too small for 3 persons. But anyway, we love our bed, pillows and comforter. It is one thing I always look forward in our staycation. Comfortable bed and pillows. 

Sharing to you the photos of the room. 

We stayed in our rooms while waiting for the Afternoon Tea Time which is 3PM, it is included in our package. We’re excited because this was our first Tea Time experience. Lakas makasosyal. We were asked if we want coffee or tea and after twenty minutes they served the three tiered stand of cookies, pastries and sandwiches. 

Then we went back to our room because my son wanted to swim. It was long weekend so the pool was already crowded. Good thing that hey have big pool but it was hard for me to look for vacant chair. Yes, as in sa chair ng bar na lang ko nakaupo while holding the towel and other stuff. 

We went back to our room to prepare for our buffet dinner at Cafe Eight. They have promo for birthday celebrant, oh yes, I have free dinner. Good thing I have my ID with me that includes my birthday. My son is only 5 years old so he is still free. This was my first buffet dinner in a hotel so I was really excited but when I entered the almost empty restaurant, I felt so sad because the food selection is very limited. I was checking the food station, I think they only have four or five stations and I was really disappointed. 

I’ve tried buffet lunch and dinner in several restaurants, you can check it here and buffet lunch in other hotels like Acaci and Tides so I have high expectations because I know that dinner is much special. Sabi nga ni William Shakespeare, “Expectation is the root of all heartache”. Hehehe! Imagine, natikman lahat ni hubby ang lahat ng ulam, first time yun ha. Good thing I will only pay P1500 for my husband and free kami. 

My plate. Buti na lang may salmon. I love my mango crepe.
The carving station has only roast beef and the beef was dry. I was expecting for seafood station but there was none. I was not impressed with buffet spread, the food is not bad but there is nothing special. Of course the service is very good. It is one thing that you will not experience in buffet restaurants. 

After dinner, the server informed me to wait for my birthday cake. He sang “Happy Birthday” while giving me the cake. Bawi na sila dun, first time experience ko yun e. Hahaha! 

My plate, omelet was not in the picture. I love the walnut twist bread.
After Tea Time and buffet dinner, we still have buffet breakfast. I was not expecting anymore because of our buffet dinner experience but it turned out na mas nabusog ako sa breakfast. I enjoyed it because all my favorite in a breakfast meal was there like bacon, ham, sausage and daing na bangus. 

My son had a last minute swimming before we went home. 


1.Service is very good. The staffs are approachable, friendly and there’s always smile in their face. 
2.I love the pillows, bed and comforter. 
3.There is bidet and phone at the toilet. 
4.Swimming pool is big. 
5.I love that they have promo for birthday celebrant. I got free dinner and birthday cake. 
6.I like the afternoon tea time. 
7. Free wifi. 
8.Free shuttle 

1.No bath tub 
2.No laundry bag, I always bring laundry bag every time we travel but because of my last minute packing, I left it a home. I was confident that Crimson Hotel has laundry bag like other hotels but I was wrong because they only have laundry basket. We called to ask if they have laundry bag and they gave us this. Just good enough for the wet clothes. 

3.The buffet price is not cheap so I hope they will improve on their buffet spread. 

We celebrated our birthdays in other hotels but this was the first time that we received free dinner and cake. We really had a great time in Crimson Hotel.

Friday, August 22, 2014

California Pizza Kitchen

I’ve first learned about California Pizza Kitchen when HSBC had a promo but since Alabang Town Center is far from where I live and I don’t know if their pizza is yummy, I did not redeem the free pizza using my credit card slip.

Every time we go to Alabang Town Center I always see this restaurant but it was only last Sunday that we tried this restaurant after my labtest in Healthway. 

Since it was our first time we just availed the P999 promo + P120 for 1 pitcher of iced tea. The promo includes your choice of salad, pasta and pizza. The meal is good for 3 to 4 persons. 

While waiting for the order, my son was preoccupied with “Create your Own Pizza” activity. The activity is nice because it is not the usual coloring activity. 

He took it home and asked me to cut the pizza. Hehehe! 

Since I don’t eat salad, my husband ate everything. I tasted the pizza and pasta and bigla ko nanghinayang. Masarap pala food sa CPK. Waah, I should redeemed the free pizza. 

I don't eat olives but I enjoyed the olives of this pizza, wala after taste. I could say that the P999 promo is worth it.


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