October 23, 2017


My husband went back to Malaysia last week and he stayed in The Saujana Hotel and Resort, I already reviewed this hotel before, so check it here. I mentioned in that post that this hotel is quite far from the city center so most of the time my husband will just eat inside the resort.

They have so few restaurants there but he likes eating Japanese foods. Kogetsu is the Japanese restaurant in Saujana Hotel and Resort. Most of the time, he will just order from their menu but last Sunday, he was surprised because they are offering a buffet at RM145.

My husband told me na ganun na rin yung price pag ala carte so sulit daw yung buffet. He enjoyed the buffet so he forgot about his diet. Hehehe! According to him, masarap daw ang teppanyaki. He got a discount too for using his credit card, so from RM145 to RM125. But if I will convert it to PHP, ang mahal pa rin.