June 29, 2011

Yummy Pastel

I received this yummy pastel last night from my girl friend that just came from Camiguin. It is a sort of reward from convincing one of our guy friends not to cancel his Camiguin trip last Saturday. My guy friend does not want to continue the trip because of typhoon Falcon because he has two kids in tow but I was able to persuade him so I have now my favorite pastel from Camiguin.

Vjandep Pastel is the famous pastel and pasalubong in Camiguin so do not leave Camiguin without buying this. It is just a small bun with a filling, you can choose from cheese, langka, macapuno, mango, pineapple, ube and yema. I never tried other flavors because I am satisfied with yema flavor.

Vjandep Pastel is also available in CDO but of course the price is no longer the same but the increase is just minimal. The last time we went to Camiguin, I bought few boxes of this and before going home, we dropped by SM CDO just to buy more boxes for pasalubong.

My husband knows that I love pastel so whenever he sees pastel at the airport, he will buy me one box. Just one box if he is not in CDO airport because it is really expensive. The last time he went to Cebu, he bought me one box and it cost him P250. But it is more or less P140 in Camiguin or CDO.


  1. Yummm.. i wanna try the one with ube flling--- i love ube kasi :)

  2. I have tried this before and it is indeed yummy! =)