June 21, 2011

Lunch at Claw Daddy in Nuvali

Update: No more Claw Daddy in Solenad 1

It was supposed to be my checkup but the doctor was out so we headed to Nuvali just to kill some time before hubby will go to his office.  Mr. Sunshine still was not out but I still thank God because it did not rain when we had our fish feeding session. This is the favorite past time of my son in Nuvali, the fish feed is P15 per pack.

The booth has been improved


A girl gave me Claw Daddy flyer and I eagerly check the menu, I was drooling over the crab so we decided to try this restaurant. There was a promo for all the fathers but too late because it is no longer June 19. We supposed to order the regular “Crabs by the Bucket” but it was not available so we settle for “Big Crabs” P135/100g. The waiter will ask you how you want your crab to be cooked, we chose Singaporean Chili Crab. Other options are typhoon shelter deep-fried crab, butter ginger crab, crab maritess, szechuan crab and steamed crab with lemon butter.

I enjoyed the crab but not really the sauce, there is nothing special. My husband was disappointed because for him Singaporean Chili Crab of Red Crab is much better. But overall, I enjoyed it; this was the first time that I eat in a restaurant wearing a bib and without using spoon and fork, messy but yummy!


Singaporean Chili Crab P875

Ready to eat


  1. Looks delish. I always pass by Nuvali, but we never really stop to have lunch/dinner there. I'm gonna ask hubby to try out the restos their next time.

    Chic Manila Mom

  2. The place looks great, michi! I am writing it down now as one of the places to check out once we visit pinas. Ano pang activities and meron sa Nuvali aside from eating and fish feeding? :)

    Spanish Pinay

  3. what's wrong with the sauce? buti nalang nabasa ko to, gsuto ko kasi itry yan.. hehe baka iba nalang orderin ko! =)

  4. Haven't tried Red Crab and Claw Daddy yet but I've been meaning too! Kj kase si bf ayaw magkamay haha!

  5. @kim- you better try it, parking is free compared to paseo de sta rosa. =)

    @spanish pinay - There's taxi boat, P30/head, iikot ka lang, mga 5minutes ride and bike rental - don't know the price. hehe!

    @chyng - singaporean chili but it's not spicy, sweet ang lasa. well, sabi nga ni hubby, sa red crab daw, sauce pa lang ulam na. hehe!

    @gian- adventure din magkamay. =)

  6. Nuvali sounds like such a nice place. Unfortunately its just too far from our place. =(

  7. I had a great time in Nuvali, I enjoyed the place and feeding the Japanese Koi, he he.. But it was just a stop over going to Tagaytay. Next time I'll try the Claw Daddy!

  8. Claw Daddy at Nuvali is one of the worst RIP OFF experiences of my life. The prices for crab currently are: Medium Crab 500 - 700 g @ 125Php/100g, Big crab (700 - 900 g ?) was priced at 145/100 g while the Jumbo crab was even more expensive per weight (165/100g ?). Therefore, the larger the crab the more expensive by weight. My wife ordered a Medium Singapore Crab. NOT AVAILABLE ! They substituted 2 SMALL crabs ( 300g each) and charged the BIG crab price per weight. The cost for 600g was approximately 890 Php for 2 SMALL crabs. Going by THEIR bigger is more expensive and smaller is less expensive philosophy the SMALL crab should have been approximately 105 Php/100 g for a total cost of 630 Php. RIP OFF !!! I ordered a BBQ Chicken pizza. After extensive searching on the 6 piece pizza (approximately 9" x 6") I was able to locate exactly 4 (small) pieces of chicken totaling approximately 1 oz.
    In the future Claw Daddy will be my 2nd choice ... ANYWHERE else will be my 1st choice !

  9. ^price is really expensive but i just charged it to experience so i won't be disappointed. but i'm having second thought if i will try it again or i'll just go to red crab, i think they have eat all you can promo. thanks for sharing your experience. =)

  10. Clawdaddy is actually under The Red Crab Group of Restaurants :)