Friday, July 29, 2011

Banana Treats

Banana is my son’s favorite fruit so we always have this at home but there are times that he doesn’t like to eat this so I have to think of some ways how to prepare it in a different manner. He doesn’t like to eat his pancake on our breakfast so I prepare him Banana Treats”. I just sliced three bananas, put some condensed milk and top it with nutella and peanut butter. He finished half of this and I ate the leftover.


  1. Hmmmm.. sarap naman. Buti dito ako napadaan. Naka-merienda tuloy. Thanks sis. Visit mo din ako huh. Join ka sa giveaway ko :)

  2. Sarap! Sometimes I make peanutbutter sandwich with sliced bananas!

  3. speaking of banana, i just bought a slice of banoffee pie from banapple today! :D

  4. great idea on how to encourage kids to eat fruits

  5. I love bananas! I could eat them all the time. =)


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