July 11, 2011

Lunch at Teriyaki Boy

Last Saturday, we went to Mall of Asia to check their mallwide sale, it was past 12nn when we reached the mall, so we had our lunch first. I’ve been to MOA for the nth time already but until now I am not familiar so looking for a restaurant is really hard for me so we always stay at the main mall arcade.

We saw Teriyaki Boy and it was not crowded yet so we settled here. We ordered Large Tanmen Ramen PHP260 and their famous Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju PHP198. Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju is a grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce placed on top of steamed rice. I was a bit disappointed with my order because there is nothing special about this dish, and to think it is one of their signature dishes. 

The taste is so bland, can’t taste the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce. I don’t know what happened to their chicken because this is not my first time tasting this. But my husband and son were both satisfied with their Tanmen Ramen. It is seafood noodles filled with prawns, dory, boiled eggs, and vegetables.


  1. not really a fan of teriyaki boy. the next time youre in MoA, try Jatujak. then take your kid to SEbastian's. Heavenly ang icecream dun!

  2. i'll take note of that. =) nagpunta kami sa creamery for ice cream, kaso may party.

  3. I love Teriyaki Boy's Chicken Ju, but not their ambiance. Hope they clean their stores better now because the last time we were there, it reeked of pee. =(

  4. You are right sis! Looking for a nice place to eat in MoA is a headache! Hahaha! I love Teriyaki Boy's Philly Cheese Steak Roll and their Wafu Steak! :)

  5. ^^ MOA branch have good interior and no foul smell. =)

    ^ will try your favorite next time. =)