July 21, 2011


I’ve been reading blogs (blog hopping) awhile ago and this blog reminded me of my expiring smart rewards points. Thank you Pinay Mom for the post. I’ve been using globe for more than six years and I just switched to smart when we moved to our new house because it has better signal so I am not really aware of the promos, codes and rewards of smart. But last month, I received a text from smart that I have expiring reward points this August but I did not mind it because it was boarding time already (off to Kota Kinabalu).

But upon reading the blog, I immediately inquired for my points and since I rarely use my phone I only have 39,360 points to redeem. I have 5 choices but because of my points, I’m down to 4 choices only.

1. P50 bill rebate for 12, 500 points
2. 1 24oz drink for 12,500 points
3. 1 regular butter flavor popcorn for 12,500 points
4. P100 movie discount for 30,000 points
5. Free movie ticket for 60,000 points

It is so easy to redeem rewards, all you need to do is Text REDEEM <item code> and send it to 9800. Ex. REDEEM 50. I chose the P50 bill rebate so I have 3 P50 bill rebate and it will be reflected on my next bill. Not bad at all, P150 savings next month.

I’ve checked my husband smart reward points and he has 296,138 points to redeem, hmmm…maybe it’s time to watch a movie in big screen.

       REDEEM 100OFF

and send to 9800

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