Thursday, August 9, 2012

Going Green on a Budget

We always think that going green is expensive because we have to replace our existing appliances and consider energy efficient one. It is one of our goals to upgrade our appliances such washing machine, refrigerator and television so we can save more money while saving the environment but we don’t have the budget yet. I know that it is not an excuse because I can still go green on a budget.

I posted before that I’m practicing green living in my own little way and here are other ways to go green without hurting your wallet.

1.Buy less and waste less – a lot of women I know love to shop but if you can control yourself and buy only what you need, you can definitely save more.

2.Donate old but usable clothes, shoes, books, toys and others to charity – make it a habit to declutter your closet and you’ll be surprised that you have stuff that you haven’t use for months or years. Always remember “One man's trash is another man's treasure”. Today is the best time declutter so you can help “Hagupit ng Habagat” people. They definitely need clothes.  

3.Cook more at home – due to busy schedules a lot of people no longer cook at home and they rather eat outside or call restaurants for delivery but if you want to save money, try your best to cook at home. Always plan a weekly menu.

4.No Leftovers – as much as possible do not waste food and turn your leftover into new dishes. If you have leftover food, put in a container or wrap it using cling wrap. Use overripe banana for banana bread, cook fried rice from leftover rice, cook pansit from leftover chopsuey, and turn stale bread to French toast.  

5.Wash full loads of clothes – I have two laundry bins; one is for white clothes and one for non-white clothes. If I see that one bin is already full, it’s laundry time. You can save water and energy if you wash in full load.

6.Set a day to iron all clothes – I used to iron clothes every other week but since I have a school boy already, I need to iron clothes every week. 

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