August 06, 2012

Asian PsorClub goes to UK

We’ve been planning this since May and finally, last Sunday we went to UK. We were so excited because this is the second out of town trip of our group so rain or shine off we went to Tagaytay. Yes, you’ve read it right; we went to UK or Ukay-Ukay in Tagaytay. Hehe! My first and last experience of Ukay-Ukay was in Baguio, I was still in college during that time.

We always visit Tagaytay but I have no idea that there was Ukay-Ukay so after several years; I’ve experienced Ukay-Ukay again. Someone suggested this place because I need gown for Mr. & Ms. PsorPhil event and I don’t have any, the gowns that I have won’t fit me anymore. She said, she was able to find gowns in Ukay-Ukay for their costume party. I also received a gown from one doctor but unfortunately, the gown is too small for me. Huhuhu! (sexy ni Dra. and I’m fat). But I really appreciate the gown because even she doesn’t know me, she gave me a gown, thank you and God bless you! Anyway, I still have two weeks more to buy or rent. Good luck to me!

Let’s go back to Ukay-Ukay! If you have very limited budget, I can definitely say that your money can go a long way because you can find clothes or stuff for as low as P5. I bought a lot of stuff and one of them is jacket, I bought one for my son P100 (Oshkosh) and one for me P50 (Hang Ten). A good steal because we will only use this for our upcoming trip. I don’t want to spend money for something that I will only use once.

If you are rich, this post is not for you but if you are a frugal shopper you can find this Ukay-Ukay before you reach Tagaytay Rotonda. Landmark is McDonalds. Happy shopping!


  1. Nice buy. Me sa sale din namili, but di ukay ukay. I have enough old clothes myself at puede na ko magumpisa ng ukay ukay myself. hi hi

  2. So ukay ukay pala yun. I was wondering what it was. Hehehe! =)