May 05, 2011

Asian Hospital E.R. Experience

Last week when my son was not feeling well, we immediately brought him to Asian Hospital without eating our dinner. We stayed there for more than two hours waiting for his stool sample but we did not get any so finally they decided to give us stool collector just in case my son’s poop, we can go to nearest hospital to have it check.
I am used to their E.R. facilities and services but this is my first time to see their room for infants and children. The room has a television to entertain the patient.

If I did not panic, my damage will be P500 for pedia check up and not P1500+ for E.R. check up.


  1. the room looks comfy enought for a child. anyway, i hope your son's ok now.

  2. Ang ganda naman ng ER ng Asian. I hope your son is okay now.

  3. how's your son now mommy mich? i hope he's okay na.

  4. thank's for the concern, my son is ok now. :-)

  5. hi mich! glad to hear that your son's okay.