February 13, 2013

Relive the Art of Love Letters on Valentine's Day

It’s the time of the year again and love is already in the air!  As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we are definitely thinking of ways on how to make it special for our loved ones. How about bringing to life the almost-forgotten form of communication? Love letters, in this case, will never go out of style!

Here are some tips on Love Letter Writing this Heart’s Day:

Touch  and melt a heart

Share your intents with sweet notes using Post-it® Super Sticky Notes in heart shape!  Call that special one with those sweet terms of endearment.  It won’t fail to make them smile. It’s time to be creative!

Praise and make someone’s heart skip a beat

Being appreciated and praised is something that everyone longs to hear. Just put the positive lenses on and look deep within someone’s strength. You may say, “You are my idea of ‘strength,’ Mommy!” “You’re a good man, Dad! One of the best there is!” or “You are made of great possibilities. Keep your hopes up and move mountains, dear!” Remember that simple deeds can drive and motivate people to do better and excel. Be that cheerleader to those tired hearts this Valentine’s Day! 

“Thank You!” from a grateful heart

Not only an exchange of “I Love You’s” can be given on Valentine’s day. A simple Thank You note in Post-it® Super Sticky Note in heart shape can work wonders! You may write, “Thank you for always preparing my baon,” “The world is a better place with people like you. Thanks for being around,” or “Thank you for helping me solve my Math problems, teacher. You are the best!” You may use rubber stamps with cute designs and use colored pens to do this.

Write the things you can’t say personally with a sincere heart

There’s nothing more worth keeping than a heartfelt note. Disclose your heart and say what you want to say. Express your love and those sweet words you are unspoken for and melt their hearts.

Entice excitement by giving incomplete notes

Send them hearty lines in trickles and let your loved ones feel the thrill in looking for the series of your notes. Secretly, distribute and stick them on your loved one’s things and let them be surprised! Have a Post-it® Note within your reach with Post-it® Notes Heart Dispenser and just write what you feel anytime of the day.

Give love and make this moment worth remembering!