July 10, 2013

Teaching a Pre-School Kid

I always say that I’m very impatient so I know that I could never be a teacher but when you have a kid, whether you like it or not you have to teach them. It is really stressful to teach pre-school kid just like my son because he’s not serious. For him, everything is play, play, and play. He will finish his writing exercises basta matapos lang. He doesn’t care kung maganda o panget sulat niya. I kept on telling him, blue to blue, red to blue but he doesn’t mind.

There are times na hindi ko alam kung maiinis ako o matatawa.

Lesson: is or are 

1.The Apples ____ red.

Me: Ethan, is or are.
Ethan: or
Me: No, or is not the answer, you have to choose between is and are. Is or are?
Ethan: are
Me: Ok, write “are”
My son wrote letter “r” not “are”

Lesson: Spelling

Daddy: Ethan, spell dog
Ethan: D-O-G
Daddy: Spell cat
Ethan: C-A-T
Daddy: Spell cow
than: C-O-W
Daddy: Spell lion
Ethan: L-I-O-N
Daddy: How about Carabao?
Ethan: hindi, animals lang.

waah! hindi na animals ang carabao?


  1. ang kulet! funny talaga mga bata. sometimes you don't know if you will laugh or just let it go :D

  2. ang cute!!! mas responsive si ethan sa daddy? mas madami syang nasagot kay daddy kaysa kay mommy. hehehe!

  3. Hahaha! Silly. Ganun talaga kasi they're still young. =)