December 30, 2013

Some Evidence that Music Has Therapeutic and Beneficial Effects on People

There are numerous worthwhile organizations that have put an inventive spin on charitable good-works and community outreach, and many may provide a service or a resource that is unconventional and innovative. There are some that dedicate time to working with particular populations of often overlooked individuals while some other groups may dedicate their time and energy toward providing services to a common group that are unique or slightly alternative.

There is some evidence that music has therapeutic and beneficial effects on people; this is also said to be true in the case of individuals who suffer or struggle from affliction, defects, or impairments beyond the conventional treatment methods used by doctors and practitioners who may be providing care or prescribing medications for particular individuals. In fact, there is such a compelling case to be made for the positive impact of music, theater, and the arts, that many treatment facilities have adopted programs and therapy models that embrace these entities for the clients that they serve. Some enlist actual musicians or performers to come and visit patients in a hospital or other treatment setting, while some simply replicate the effect through art and music therapy sessions. 

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There are some clever and conscientious individuals who comprise a group that recognizes the instantaneous relief that the arts provide, and that have created their own organization that is dedicated to providing such enrichment in the lives of those who might otherwise be deprived of some such splendor. The group, “sing for hope”, aims to provide a respite to those in distress with song, theater, and art. They perform in unlikely venues for populations that might not be able to afford or access such offerings without this contribution. The performers in the group do not get paid for their service, and they strive to interact with their audience in a meaningful and personal way. The result is inspiration- both through the craft- and through the dedication and attention that each shows to their art as well as their audience members. The provision is not funded by any formal group, and some communities may make donations to the group to ensure continued provision of their artistic expression amid an audience of appreciative and inspired spectators. Other individuals may donate their talent and contribute to performances for these receptive audiences in various regions world-wide. 

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