January 09, 2014

Find a Hotel That Is Right for Everyone

People have different traveling styles and things that they are willing to spend money on. Some want all of the comforts of home and are willing to pay for a five-star hotel. Some see a hotel as just a place to sleep. As long as it is clean and cheap, those people are ready to go. They would rather spend their money on food, activities, an extra day, or souvenirs. So when you are looking at hotels in Catalina Island, it is important to know what the person you are traveling with values.

The Total Experience

For some people going to a new place means experiencing the culture, food, and everything else that it has to offer. Some go for the tourist stuff; others go for the authentic local stuff. There is no reason why you can’t do both if you have enough time. However, when you have a traveling companion, it is important that you both know what the trip is for. Clear communication will help things go smoothly as well as a willingness to compromise and a sense of humor directed outward will.

The Romantic Getaway

You might be going away so that you can experience each other away from the noises and distractions of everyday life. It is important to reconnect with the people you are without kids, bills, and job stress. That way when the inevitable happens and the kids move out, you won’t be surprised by the new person that shows up in the same skin as your significant other used to wear if it is a little older.

The Place to Stay 

Once you know the purpose of your trip, you will know what each of you wants to spend on the categories involved in that trip. Then you can make a good decision about which hotels in Catalina Island best fit your goals and desires for the trip. After all, if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the room, you want it to be comfortable, and no matter how much time you are going to be there, you will want it to be clean.

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