September 30, 2014

Kumon Free Trial

I’ve learned about Kumon three years ago when I enrolled my son in his first Summer Class. I always hear good reviews about Kumon because I have mommy friends who enrolled their kids in Kumon. After three years, I finally took advantage of the 2 weeks free trial. I’ve read it online so I told my husband about it. 

Last week of August we went to Kumon to register but my son was not interested. He doesn’t even want to enter the room so we were told to take the assessment next week during the Parent’s Orientation. The staff just asked me about my son’s age, grade level, and if my son can read already. 

I took the Math Free Trial and the starting point is 5A101. I was not happy with our starting point because I know that it is so easy for my son. My son can already spell numbers 1 to 100 and the worksheet is just “find the number and connect the dots. He learned this when he was in Nursery. 

I’m aware that we will start at a level lower than the school grade level because they want to start at a comfortable level wherein the kids would enjoy doing a lot of worksheets. But in my son’s case, he was so bored doing the worksheets and nilalaro lang niya. 

After answering one week of worksheets and attending two days class in the center. I decided not to continue the 2-week free trial, I just feel that Kumon is not what we need. For someone who has a very limited budget, I don’t want to waste P1800 every month for worksheets that are lower than my son’s grade level. (two years below) I don’t know how long will it take before we reach his level. Baka grade 1 na siya wala pa kami sa Division. Well, this is just my opinion. 

For your information, Kumon is not a tutorial center because they want kids to develop good study habits, and to be independent and self-learners. My son was doing his worksheets on his own. Kumon is not a quick fix, so it will take time before you see the improvement or benefits of it. It is not a short-term summer program that you can take every summer.


  1. Kumon's not for everyone as each child has his own learning style. After trying a handful of methods, we think we finally found the best fit for our son -Saxon Math. :)

  2. i would like to try kumon for my 8 year old niece sofia, i hope it fits her.

  3. I want to let my 6 year old daughter try Kumon too.

  4. Sobrang tagal ko ng alam yung Kumon since our neighbor used to work there. I really wanna give it a try. :)

  5. You should have continued... Or ask them what's their plan, maybe they have more for the next days. I heard they're very nice when it comes to reading or to math skills. But then, first impression lasts that's why they really have to impress their customers.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


  6. I chose to enroll my son in Galileo before instead of Kumon, and that worked out for us. It depends din on each kids' learning style e.