February 03, 2016

Learning Filipino with Buribox

When I had my son, I have no idea that I will be having a hard time teaching him the Filipino language. My husband and I speak Filipino in our home while my son is learning The English language because he always watches educational videos so even we talk to him in Tagalog he will not understand so we ended up speaking in English too. #nosebleed 

When he started going to school, that is the only time that his Filipino vocabulary increases because of his classmates. We have no problem with school until he reached Kinder Level.

It is really a challenge for us to get good grades in Filipino and Araling Panlipunan subjects. Whenever we study or review these subjects, the calm mom became a monster mom in the end. hehehe! #stressdrilon He dislikes those subjects because he can’t understand all the words and sentences. He is having a hard time composing a sentence in Filipino. 

There are limited resources that you can find in the bookstore and even online so I was really happy when I learned about Buribox last year. I was planning to subscribe this summer but thanks to May of fullyhousewifed.com for the invite to try Buribox. 

What is Buribox?

Buribox is a monthly subscription box that will help you in developing kids literacy, critical thinking and gross and fine motor skills. It is designed for Filipino child so expect that the materials are bilingual and refer to Filipino culture. 

There are 2 subscriptions that you can choose from. 

Toddler Buribox P799 

Recommended age: 3-5 years old 

4-5 New preschool books every month 
Multiple activities/worksheets and art materials every month 

Young Reader Buribox P799 

Recommended age: 6-8 years old 

5 New storybooks each month 
Multiple activities/worksheets and Art Materials every month 

Young Reader Buribox 

My son is 7 years old so I subscribed to Young Reader Buribox, I lived outside Metro Manila so I paid P150 for shipping fee via Paypal. 

We received our first Buribox last month and my son was really happy with his new stuff. The box includes 5 books, worksheets/activities, and art materials. There is a Parent guide to guide you in the different activities. We started our activity after his periodical test but until now we haven’t finished all the activities because we are so busy with homework and quizzes.

I’m planning to continue my subscription after school year so at least we have something to do this summer. I wish this subscription box is available when my son was still in Preschool years because we have more time. Anyway, if you are homeschooling, if you are looking for additional activities or if you are having a hard time to teach Filipino, try Buribox. 


1. We like Buribox because it is a nice way of teaching Filipino. I like the bilingual books because it makes my life easier in translating the story. The box includes worksheets and activities that will help kids in understanding the story. The art materials are already included in the box.

2. If you want to cancel the subscription, all you need to do is log in and unsubscribe. 

Things to Improve 

1. The only payment option is Paypal. 

2. I hope there is an option for me to put comments regarding my delivery. In other online shopping sites, I can put weekday delivery only. So when they shipped the package last January 15, hindi ako makaalis ng bahay ng weekend waiting for the package. I can’t even track the package because there is no tracking number. Lol I received the package January 19. There is a note of 2 -3 days delivery but I want to make sure that I'm home. 

3. Make sure that the activities or worksheets are correct. We’re supposed to receive carabao but we received cat.




  1. This is perfect for my kids, I think teaching them my language help get to closer to Filipino culture. All we have kasi is TFC Channel, Thank you for sharing Sis:)

  2. I will try this out with my Aya. I think the books are so interesting. I'm trying to influence her to love books as much as I do. Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

  3. This looks a fun activity for kids. My son loves to read so I'll check this out. Mahal lang shipping fee, hehe.

  4. Oh yeah this is very useful. Would they have a comprehensive English-Filipino-English Dictionary?

  5. I hope this is still available by the time son is 3. It would be a great homeschool material.

  6. Wow I didn't know about this until now. It's a great pre-school educational tool. :)

  7. I am waiting for my Buribox to arrive. And though at first I had hesitation to use PayPal as payment option, I kinda like it na rin because my credit card provider called me to confirm my purchase. :)

  8. I heard a lot about these! But I can't subscribe yet because my kids will definitely tear those pages so I need to wait a few more years.

  9. It's good to know more about buribox. I will try this with my son on summer.

  10. I'm really curious about the Buribox but still undecided..sulit ba if I pay monthly? Based on your estimate, magkano aabutin ung laman ng box?

    1. Sulit siya kasi yung book pa lang mahal na pagbinili sa labas. Medyo mahal lang shipping fee pag outside Metro Manila.

  11. This is perfect for the kids..I was really planning to get a subscription for my 6 and 8 years old babies..Thanks for sharing! :)

  12. This is great for my 5 year old, I am sure she would love this!

  13. I'm excited to try this with my youngest who'll be going to school this year. I had some difficulties with my teens because we spoke only English at home. They have a hard time in Filipino subjects as a result. Hopefully with our youngest our speaking in both English and Tagalog helps him.

  14. Some people say na it has disadvantage teaching your little one the English language first hand before Filipino. Hindi daw makakabili sa tindahan kapag English hehe. Kaya kami I talked to him in Tag-lish if that makes sense to him hehehe.


    1. Hindi nga marunong bumili sa tindahan anak ko. hehehe! Now, Taglish na rin siya. :)

  15. Great way to start teaching them Filipino.I still dunno if we're gonna start teaching our lo English or Filipino haha she'll be one soon

  16. This is so cool! A monthly subscription of learning materials for the kids! My kids are English speakers. Nasanay sila ng ganon and I totally forgot na they should know Filipino too.

  17. Excited to get my package for my young reader Mariel :-)

  18. I agree, I also received a buribox and the kids love Putot! :)

  19. mukha namang sulit yung 799 subscription fee. But I hope they will add more payment options.

  20. My son loves receiving his Buribox every month. It's a big help in homeschooling him plus he loves the books and the activities. :)